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And sometimes it's a sad song by lunadragonfly
Chapter 1 : ~ What Life was like through photographs
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A/N Welcome one and all to my Remus & Tonks, epic song fic..

This was meant to be a one-short/song fic,
I kinda, sort of, might of went a little over bored.
I just couldn’t seem to stop writing :D
I hope it’s not to boring and I really Hope you enjoy it.
As it’s been sitting there for over 6months waiting to be typed up.
If you have read My other Remus & Tonks fic’s, then this will be good for you
As this fills in all these missing moment I thought they might have shared.

Most of this fic is memories that Remus is remembering,
Just to give you a heads up.

The lyrics are by Maroon5 ~ The Sun
And we all know hey Created Tonks & Lupin

Well without further a due, I give to you……..

~ And sometimes it’s a sad song ~

Chapter 1 ~ What Life was like through photographs

After Work
Walking home
Fresh dirt under my fingernails
And I can smell hot asphalt
Cars screech to a halt to let me pass


The hot summer sun beat down upon his face as he walked home from a job the order had sent him on. He walk through these streets everyday. Watch how people went about there busy lives.

Car whizzed passed him in a rush to get to their desired destination, and all along he remained invisible. A faceless person in the muggle streets of London.

Turning the corner he walked with the sun now warming his back, looking at street as his home.

The smell of fresh gravel from road works, the aroma that came from “Fiona’s Flower Shop” on the corner, and the smell of fresh bun’s and coffee from the small café he frequented.

All these smells called to him, locked inside his memory.

He made his my way down the street and into a small building. A shiver ran over him as he chilled with the sun light leaving his back as he was shaded by the inside of the cool building.

After slowly walking up two flights of stairs, Remus Lupin enter a small apartment.

A smile spread across his face as he smelled the air, remanence of perfume still lingering in the apartment air.

He discarded his coat and shoes in a hall cupboard, along with his bag. Then moved through the small apartment hall way to the quant living room.

He scanned the room noticing things that had been left lying around in a morning rush.

To the left the fire place lay dormant.

The coffee table that sat in front of the fire place, had a tea-cup with coffee still in it and a breakfast plate with half eaten toast on it.

Remus chuckled, then turned his attention to the deep blue sofa couch, a light blue singlet top was draped over the back of it.

However the most interesting thing Remus saw was his black shirt that was flung over a lamp shade.

“That’s my Nymphadora” Remus said with a smile, as she had been wearing his shirt to keep herself warm.

Remus walked between the Sofa Couch and coffee table. Grabbing the cup and plate as he went past.

After walking passed a black recliner and over to a swinging door, he walked into the small kitchen still smiling.

‘No matter how hard I tried I can never seem to get her up early’ Remus thought to himself

He set her cup and plate on the sink and fixed himself a cup of coffee.

While he waited for the kettle to boil, He absentmindedly looked outside the small window above the sink; the sun still bright in the sky,

‘She won’t be home for hours’

As steam slowly rose from the kettle, a loud piercing noise filled the small kitchen. He turned the jug off and set to making the cuppa, lost in his thoughts of her.

Remus then made his way back to the lounge room with a coffee in hand, and took up a seat in the big black recliner, she had gotten for him not to long ago.

And I can not remember
What life was like through photographs
Trying to recreate images life gives us from our past


Sitting back and sipping his coffee, Remus looked around the small apartment a little more. Taking in just how much she had livened up the living room, since he had moved in.

Although they were only small changes, it seemed to make a big difference.

Photos were dotted generously around the room.

One of James and Sirius tuning into Padfoot and Prongs sat on the second highest shelf of a bookcase that was placed against the far wall, next to the hall way to the bedrooms.

One of Lily and James smiling happily on there wedding day, drew Remus’ attention from the self above.

Looking around some more Remus saw more smiling faces.

This time it was one of Sirius, James, Lily and Himself on graduation day. The picture hung sweetly in a stained wood frame on the wall above the fire place.

Remus smiled sadly as he tried to remember how life was like back then, So care free.

His attention was then drawn to the photos that sat on the mental peace, above the fire place.

One of the photos was of the first order of the phoenix, everyone was smiling at him and waving their hands around.

A Younger Sirius and Remus had their arms over each others shoulders as James had his arms wrapped around Lily, Mad-Eye Moody was there and Dumbledore as well.

Other peoples names and faces had just become a distant memory to him.

Remus sat there and watched the photo with a hollow heart.

Next to that, there was a photo of the second order of the phoenix.

This is where it showed.

People had aged, and there was many new faces. However, not matter how many new faces there was, they couldn’t make up for the faces that where missing.

Those who where left of the original Order, had a haunted look in their eyes, one that can only be gained by war.

Remus shock his head, not wanting to think on a sad note.

There was other photos that caught Remus’ eye.

Ones of birthdays, Christmases and some of Tonks and Himself.

In particular there was one of them sitting in a big old couch.

Tonks lay across it with her head on his lap, the couch sat in front of the fire in the lounge room of number 12.

Remus was entranced in thought as he was watching the fire, while absentmindedly playing with Tonks’ bright pink hair.

Remus smiled

‘Sirius had gotten us that time’ Remus thought to himself

‘Wasn’t till week later when he confronted me about it…’

Remus smile faded

And sometimes it’s a sad song

He could recall the convercation like it was yesterday.

Remember how Sirius had looked at him, a mix of childlike happiness on his warn and haunted face.

“Come on Moony, Just admit it” said Sirius

“I know what you’re like, buddy. I have know you since you were 11years old, there is no way you can lie to me so don’t even try” Sirius put his hand up to stop Remus from talking.

And so it went on for 20 minutes, Sirius pocked and prodded Remus, however he never let him talk.

Finally after Sirius had stopped his rant, Remus looked at him.

“We are just friends and our feeling for one another are strictly plutonic” Remus reasoned.

Sirius’ lost the childlike happiness from his face.

“Bollocks” Sirius exclaimed, his sharp gaze directed at Remus.

“Sirius, Really its..”

“Moony, Moony, Moony, really, how much of a fool do you take me for?” Sirius looked at him questioningly

Remus had never been able to lie to Sirius after their 3rd year at Hogwarts.

They looked at each other, an Sirius saw everything in his eyes.

Sirius knew how Remus felt, and understood.

“It’s not like that” Remus said more for his own benefit.

“Whatever you keep telling yourself, but I say go for it”

Sirius had push for it, kept telling Remus to go for it.

Even in the last hours before he meet his fate, he was still pushing for it.

The kitchen of number 12 was lit with a soft glow, as the fire slowly died. Remus and Sirius sat at the kitchen table together silently drinking a cup of tea.

“You are being stupid, and very Un-Marauder like” Sirius said lazily

“Sirius, I with you’d just drop the subject” Remus gave Sirius a irritated look.

“When have I ever dropped a subject Moony, Come on you and Tonks would be great together, she’s just the sort of women you need, Lots of fire” Sirius smiled evilly

“Sirius please, There is nothing between Nymphadora and myself” Remus stated.


The men looked at each other for a long time, not saying a word.

When out of no where the kitchen door flow wide open, A pink haired flustered looking Tonks stumbled in.

“Snape, Patronus, Harry, Ministry” She babbled between breaths.

With one swift movement, both men where on their feet.

“What” They exclaimed together.

Tonks explained what she knew and without another word they all headed for the door. Remus put a comforting arm around Tonks and escorted up the stairs.

Once they were out of the house, and hidden in a deserted street, Sirius turned to look at Remus and Tonks.

“It’s alright Nymphadora, It will be ok” Remus hashed her, an rubbed his hands over her back, getting her to compose herself a little more.

“Like I said, Liar” Sirius said with a pop, then apparated.

Closely followed by two more pops, and the street was empty.

As Remus sat there in the chair thinking of Sirius tears started to welled in his eyes. As a sadness filled him, like an old love song.

But I can not forget
Refuse to regret
So glad that I meet you


Remus continued to stared at the photo of Tonks and Himself absentmindedly,

Losing Sirius had never changed the way he felt about her though.

If it could have, it strengthened the feelings he felt.

Yet it made it all the more important to push her away, to keep her safe in his eyes.

Yet now he sat there, in their apartment. In his own chair she bought for him, and they were together.

A smile spread across Remus’ face, as a picture of her filled his thoughts.

He could never forget her smile. Or the way she looked at him with her wide eyes, with such a knowing innocence yet a great level of maturity.

To people on the outer, it would seem weird.

The age difference between them.

And to those people who know what Remus was. It would seem dangerous.

But he went against those thoughts, He stood by her. Excepting the feelings he felt for her, and all he needed to see was her smile, and all he needed to hear was her laugh.

Remus could kick himself these days, when he looked back and saw what he had put them both through.

She had been right in front of him the whole time.

Through all the heated arguments they had had, she had stayed with him, picked him out of every other guy.

Tonks stood inside a small café.

With her violent pink and black hair pulled up into a pony tail and casual black muggel clothes, she passed as a everyday London gothic.

Remus stood outside, watching her through the window as a young man in similar clothes stood next to her with a charming smile as they shared a joke between each other.

His gut twisted with unwanted jealousy.

Tonks then took two coffee’s that were placed on the counter, turned and said good bye to the man who had captivated her attention for a small moment.

Remus watched as she walked out of the café and slowly down and over to where he stood.

“Hey wait up” The young man called from behind Tonks.

Tonks waited till he caught up to her.

“Hey I was just wondering” His smile was intense and his bright blue eyes that were framed in black eye liner held Tonks’ gaze.

“I was wondering if you’d like to have coffee with me sometime” Remus felt the unwanted feelings of jealousy twisting at his heart again as the young man used his charm upon Tonks.

Tonks turned to catch a quick glance at Remus.

“Although you seem like a cool kind of guy, I’m going to have to decline” Tonks looked directly at Remus this time.

“Oh I’m sorry” The guy saw Remus and realised what he hadn’t before.

“Two coffees, and here I was just thinking you where an addict like me” He said with a hearty laugh.

“No worries” Tonks said with a smile.

Remus watched in amazement as she told the young man to have a nice day and proceeded to walk over to him.

“Coffee?” she held up one of the takeaway cup of coffees,

Remus accepted the cup out of her hands and took a small cautioned sip of the hot, warming liquid.

“Why did you do that?” He asked,

Tonks stood in front of him cup to her lips as she sipped her coffee, her eyes drilling into his.

“If you don’t know by now you’re blind” Tonks said.

They stood their looking at each other for a moment or two before Tonks moved off down the street, leaving Remus following slowly behind her.

It wasn’t the first time and It wouldn’t be the last time Remus would watch Tonks turn down a guy.

Just to be with him.


So there you go!!!
What do you think?? I'd love a review if you could swing it,
Do apologise if there is spelling errors as sometimes I just dont find them all. Well that is only the first chapter. There is 3 more to come, and they are all written up. So the next one should be up within the next 10days of this being posted. :D

~ Keira-lee

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