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The Golden Trio by hanoverpretz01
Chapter 1 : My Immortal
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A/N: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter. I only own Brooke LeStrange, Richard and Maya Cierra, and Aura Riddle, as well as the plot. 


"Brooke, do you want to go or not? It's as simple as that," an exasperated Draco Malfoy said.

"No... you go. I'll stay here. It's the first time in weeks I've had time to myself, and I want to be able to think clearly for an hour or two."

"Alright. If you say so."

Draco left the room, oblivious to the pain his cousin was in. Brooke let out a huff, and walked over to the mirror to study herself. She had really filled out since that terrible day. She was tall, curvy in the right places, and had a mysterious aura about her. Her hair and eyes were dark, and she looked much like her mother in that aspect.

She flopped onto her bed, and read the note for what seemed like, and probably was, the millionth time.

I want you to know that the memories I have of you and Maya will never change. I will forever be with you, and look forward to that day where I can see you again, and you can see me. However, in light of recent events, it has been decided that I go to Hogwarts under a disguise, meaning that I will not be able to contact you until I am out of school, and my father is well. Therefore, it is with teary eyes that I leave you. All evidence of my former life has been erased, except for the memories, and will stay that way, except for what I have left you and Maya. Know that I will always be with you, and you'll stay forever in my heart.
All my love,

Her eyes filled up with fresh tears, but they didn't fall. Brooke had decided ages ago that she would stay strong no matter what. Even though her best friends had left her, one to go to the famed Witchcraft and Wizardry School, the other into hiding with her father.

Brooke slid her finger through the clasp of the golden heart locket. Slowly, she opened the halves, and saw two wizard photographs smiling up at her. One was of herself and her two best friends, Aura and Maya, and the other of her and Aura.

Both Aura and Maya were beautiful, though they looked different. Aura was a mystery to all, even her best friends at times. She locked away her emotions, and her face was always a mask, except for when she had been alone with the other two. Her hair fell about her shoulders in soft, silky ringlets, and her eyes were a pure blue, that was icy cold at times, and warm and sunny at others.

Maya, however, was a different story. While Aura and Brooke were gorgeous, it was Maya the guys fell head-over-heels for. Her hair was blonde, and stick straight. Her eyes were a sparkling blue, that always looked like the ocean glimmering underneath the sun. Her face was perfectly shaped, her lips a rosy pink, and her skin was crystal clear. Everyone knew she was no angel, yet they all seemed to fall for her.

It had always been Aura who held the girls together, in looks and in friendship. She rarely fought with either of them, and always worked things out between the two of them. She was physically alike at times as well.

She and Brooke had similar hair color, but her eyes were blazing blue, while Brooke's were smoky grey. Aura and Maya had also had similar eyes, but Maya's hair was very blonde. Together they were "The Golden Trio", BAM (Brooke, Aura, Maya).

Brooke sighed, and pulled her head out of her memories. Thinking about them wouldn't make them come back. 

~Flashback (6 years ago, right before Aura leaves)~

"Guys, I have something to tell you..." Aura's voice trailed off into the distance, and she bit her lip nervously. 

Brooke and Maya immediately sat up straight. If Aura was showing any kind of bad emotion, it must be really bad.

"Tomorrow, I'm leaving, and I probably won't see you guys until we're of age."

Both girls were shocked beyond belief, and Maya got up to hug and console her now-crying friend. Brooke, however, took a different approach.

"You're leaving tomorrow, and you just told us now," the incredulous brunette asked.

Aura nodded, tears flowing down her face. "I only found out last week," she sobbed. "I don't want to leave. I like it here, with you." 

Brooke sat in silence for a moment, and then slowly turned to Aura. With a look of cold fury on her face, she silently got up and left the room. As she wrenched open the door, she glanced back at the two girls. She gave a small look of pity to Aura, and swept from the room. 

~End Flashback~

Brooke quickly wiped away the tears in her eyes, and straightened herself up. She had been a back-stabbing fool. She had just had to pretend not to care, and mask  her emotions. Pretend that it didn't matter that her best friend ever was leaving her.

To make matters worse, Maya had left the week after to go to America, where Voldemort wasn't very well-known. She hadn't talked to Maya or Aura since the day Aura left. She had been a weak fool. It was then that she realized she was still crying. Crying was a weakness, and her mother would kill her if she sensed that her daughter was weak.

'Looking into the past will do you no good. Focus on the future, and how you can find Aura and get her back,' she chided herself. Then, she sighed. It would do no good trying to be optimistic. There were thousands of witches in England alone, and she had no idea whether Aura was even still in the country.


Beyonce's Irreplaceable blasted from the stereo, and three girls performed a very energetic dance to the song. They had performed at dinners with famous people, and gotten very good reviews, too. The three called themselves BAM, standing for Brooke, Aura, and Maya, and they were the most sought-after performing group in both wizard and muggle London. They were beautiful, energetic, and amazing performers, but they really just did it for fun. 

The girls whipped and twirled through the air, as they performed their dance, when suddenly Aura stopped. 

“Girls, come on. We want to get this routine out there, and you keep messing up the jump-pyramid. You need to be five feet from the edge so I don’t die when I jump off, and I need ten feet to jump up. Pull yourselves together.” 

The gorgeous brunette and angelic blonde rolled their eyes, making faces at the pretty girl in the middle of the room. For a split second, all three of them made eye contact, and burst out laughing, rolling on the floor clutching their sides, unaware of the occurrences to come… 

~End Flashback~ 

Tears leaked out onto her picture-perfect face. Brooke sighed, and turned to throw herself on her bed. It was no use trying to pretend, she was desperately aching for her two best friends, yet deep inside, she knew she’d never see them again. 

Suddenly, her mother cautiously opened the door. Her eyes were filled with tears that Brooke had never seen before, and she beckoned to her daughter. 

“Brooke, the Dark Lord said for me to deliver this message to you. You are to be in the lead of kidnapping Hermione Granger, who’s one of Harry Potters’ best friends, and bringing her to headquarters to use her as bait. He says to tell you that the only hint you’ll be getting is that it will be easier than you think, and that you will have one partner aiding you in this task.” 

Bellatrix gave her daughter a kiss on the top of her head, squeezed her hand, and turned and left the room silently, leaving the door wide open, and her only daughter in a shock. To Brooke’s surprise, through the opened door, walked one of the two people she was most longing to see. 

Through the door walked a drop-dead gorgeous blonde. The girl stopped short as she noticed Brooke. 

Tentatively, Maya Cierra asked, “Brooke?” 

A/N: So, I've had this idea for a while now, and I'm finally getting around to it. I like it, and will update ASAP. Please read and review!

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