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All Hail The Heartbreaker by define_normal
Chapter 4 : Getting Away With Murder
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It took everything in me, not to scream out in frustration. Throwing the book back onto the table, I let my head drop back, staring at the ceiling. More like staring at the person who was blocking the ceiling. "Good Afternoon Harmony." Sirius greeted, grinning down at me. Shouldn't he be in Hogsmeade?


"Afternoon," I smiled forcefully, quickly closing the book before he could take a peek. How long was he standing behind me anyways? "So whats with all the vampire books?" Long enough apparently. "Essay." I quickly covered up, giving him a small smile. He cocked his head to the side, taking the seat beside me.


We both had gotten over the whole potions incident. But that doesn't mean I have to like him. "How come you aren't at Hogsmeade?" I asked, changing the subject, pushing the few books into my bag. He shrugged, leaning back on chair so it stood on only two legs. I frowned, pushing my bag up my arm to rest on my shoulder.


"Want to go for a walk?" He asked, getting up from his seat. I guess it wouldn't hurt to sacrifice a bit of my pride. Nodding lightly I got up myself, and pushed the chair underneath the table. We both walked away from the library entering the empty common room. "Theres a party in the common room tonight." He announced suddenly.


I looked up at him, my eyebrows rose in confusion. "Whats the occasion? Did all the slytherins die out or something?" He laughed, shaking his head. "I'm not really sure why, James said there was." Of course James would know...


Within minutes we were outside infront of the lake. Neither of us had said a word, silence ringing into the air. I sat down on the grass, looking out at the lake, the clouds were covering the sun, the sky dark like it was about to rain. I slipped on the sunglasses I carried around in my bag, staring out at the lake.


Sirius took his seat once again next to me, I ignored his stare. "Whats with the glasses? The suns not even out!" I didn't want to answer, so I let my shoulders rise and fall. In a quick movement my sunglasses were gone, and now on Sirius's grinning face.


"Hey!" I objected, trying to get the glasses back. He laughed and leaned away, grabbing at my wrists. I laughed, as we both began to roll around, getting closer and closer towards the lake. "What are you guys doing?" I heard the mocking voice of James Potter, Sirius and I stopping immediately.


I heard a few snickers, causing me to look up at Sirius. He was ontop of me, my hands pinned to the ground, yet my sunglasses were still adorning his features. I looked over at Sky's shocked expression, and I couldn't help it. Laughter erupted from my lips, my eyes closing as I broke into fits. Sirius soon joined me, rolling off my wrists now free.


"I think they may have lost their minds." Remus said staring at the two with a wild expression. The two didn't even seem to hear them, as the rolled around in laughter.


* * *


"Sky, I'm just going to stay up here, read a bit." I had been arguing with Sky for the last ten minutes. I wanted to finish my reading, that I had long forgotten since the incidents this afternoon. "No! I'm not letting you. You skipped Hogsmeade, instead of hanging in the common room after hours, you come directly up here. You're coming and thats final."


I had lost the battle, but I wasn't going down without a fight. "For a half hour." I agreed, letting out a huff as I crossed my arms. She grinned, and handed me a pair of jeans and a cute tank top. "Whats wrong with what I'm wearing?" Great, I should've surrended then. Her hands went to her hips, and she pointed towards the girls bathroom.


Knowing better, I scurried off my bed and into the bathroom to make a quick change of clothes. The jeans fit perfectly, along with the tanktop, making me sigh. I hate when Sky is right about things. Grabbing my sweatpants and shirt from before, I exitted the bathroom. "Come on, lets go!"


I had a bad feeling about this.


Music pumping, alcohol being passed, students dancing. I was suprised how I didn't hear it all from upstairs. But then again, we are magical. Sky sent me a grin, dragging me over to where Remus, James, Sirius, and Peter were sitting. There were three empty spots, one next to Peter, the other Remus, and the last Sirius.


I took my seat next to Peter, shooting him a grin. Only twenty eight more minutes. Thats when I noticed, Sirius was still wearing my sunglasses. Frowning, I got up, standing in front of Sirius with my arms crossed in front of me. He grinned up at me, adjusting the sunglasses in the dim light. "Harmony, nice to see you."


I looked back at Sky for help, but thats when I noticed James and his date, Lily Evans, had left along with Peter, Sky, and Remus. It was just us two again.


"I believe those are mine." I motioned to the glasses. He stood up, looking down at me. Curse him for being so tall. Despite the drink in his hand, I knew he had to be a little tipsy. He swayed on the spot, but not enough to fall over. He lifted the sunglasses from his eyes, the cheesy grin still on his lips, and let them rest on top of his head.

I lifted my arm to reach for the glasses, but his hand wrapped around my wrist once again, as he pulled me towards his chest. "Sirius what in the world-" I never got to finish my sentence. The words muffled, by someone elses lips.


I felt something surge through my body, as if all loneliness disappeared. But was I lonely before? Have I always been missing something?


"What was that for?" I gasped, as he pulled away. I was resisting the strong urge to slap him. Yet all he did was grin, making my anger build up even more. Raising my hand that wasn't being held captive, I slapped him hard across the cheek, making such a loud impact, people around us stared.

He thinks he can get away with anything. Sirius Black, god do I ever hate him.


Authors Note: I'm on Hiatus currently. I don't know how long it will take me with chapters, especially when they are in the queue. But I am not leaving! I'm just taking a small break from writing. I also write on other sites, I have over ten stories on the go. Ugh. And school is only days away, can you blame me?
Please leave a review. I don't honestly care if you don't, I just want some opinion. With no opinion, is it really worth writing?

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All Hail The Heartbreaker: Getting Away With Murder


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