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New York's Secret by Avanell 2
Chapter 5 : Discovering the Secret
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“Dad, this is Ron.” She said introducing them. (AN: She’s been calling the Lavoy’s Mum and Dad since a few months after she started living with them)

“A pleasure, Ron. I’m Herman Lavoy.”

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Lavoy.” Ron said. “Ron Weasley.”

The older man’s eyes shot wide open at the name. “I…I’ll go get my wife.” He said before hastening off to the kitchen.

When Herman went into the kitchen, his wife was surprised to see her husband shaken. “Dear, what is it? Are they here? What’s he like?”

“It…he’s Ronald Weasley.”

Chapter V: Discovering the Secret

His wife’s hand quickly covered her mouth to contain her gasp. “No! What…what is he doing here?” She asked. “You’re sure it’s the same one, Ronald Weasley, friend of Harry Potter?”

“Yes, dear. I didn’t notice until he said his name. Remember when we heard the news that Voldemort had been defeated again? Didn’t you say that you knew his parents?”

“Yes, I laughed saying they had the most remarkable red hair I’d ever seen! Of course, you remember that I went to school with Molly. She dropped out after our first year at university. She was going to marry Arthur, as they were expecting and so much in love. I haven’t seen her since she came to visit with her son, William. He already had a full head of red hair – just like his parents.”

“Well, this man certainly fits the description of the Weasleys.”

“Dear, didn’t we also read that Mr. Potter’s friends, Ron and Hermione Granger were engaged to be married?”

Herman nodded. “Yes, and I’d like to know what he thinks he’s doing with our Alessandra!”

“A lot can happen in two years, dear.” Mrs. Lavoy reminded her husband.

Meanwhile, Alessandra had taken Ron into the living room and poured them each a Brandy. “I don’t know what’s taking them so long,” She said after they had sat a few moments.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, love.” Ron said, using the endearment once again.

Alessandra blushed, then smiled coyly. “Well, love, I guess that leaves us alone for the time being.”

Ron blushed as well, but when he looked into her eyes he found himself leaning in for a kiss.

Alessandra had felt the same tug and leaned in to meet her lips with his. Just as they met, someone coughed and they immediately broke apart, the spell broken. For the time being.

“Excuse us.” Herman said apologetically. He smiled, but still intended to get to the bottom of things before the evening was over. He turned to his wife and introduced her to Ron.

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Weasley.” She said wholeheartedly.

It was at the dinner table, when Mrs. Lavoy was serving the chicken that Herman found his cue. “Dear, let me help you. I know it’s heavy, and it’s not like we can levitate the platter to the table.”

Ron nearly choked on the sip of wine he was tasting. His face turned red.

“Ron, you alright?” Alessandra asked.

The tips of Ron’s ears went red, and he hoped they went unnoticed. “Yes, Alli.” He said as he squeezed her hand.

Once they were all seated and served, the meal began. Occasionally Herman would drop words such as “spell” to see more of Ron’s reaction, and by the time dinner was over Ron was a nervous wreck and Alli was suspicious. Before she had a chance to say anything, Alison asked her to help clear the table and let the “boys” go into the den for an after dinner drink.

Alessandra could only watch as her new “friend” and her “father” disappeared from the kitchen.

In the den, Herman went over to pour the two another glass of wine. Ron stood, unsure of what to do. Was this man a wizard? Or was it mere coincidence that he used those words?

When Herman went to shut the door closed, Ron knew it wasn’t the latter.

“I suppose you’re wondering why the privacy.” Herman asked.

Ron nodded. “Sir, do you have a problem with me being with Alli? I know we just met…”

“I know who you are, Ron.”

“You do? But Alli…”

“Alessandra doesn’t know a thing about…well, about the magical world. You see, my wife is a witch. In fact, she knew your mother during their first year at university. Our only daughter is a witch, and she lives with her husband, a wizard, in California.”

Ron gulped half of his wine down. He wasn’t sure he liked where this was going.

“I have to admit, I do not know much about you, except that you helped Harry Potter rid of the Dark Lord. I also know that, last I heard, you were engaged. To your best friend, surrogate sister of Mr. Potter. Hermione Granger.”

Ron sighed in relief. “Sir, you don’t…”

But Herman had already turned to him with a scowl. “I don’t know what you intentions are with Alli. A last minute fling? Alessandra is beautiful, I know that, you know that, but…”

“Sir, please let me explain myself!” Ron burst out as he set down his glass of wine.

Herman nodded, but his frown remained.

Ron tried to speak, but he didn’t know where to start. Instead, he decided to take out his “muggle” wallet and withdrew a picture from it. He handed it to the Dr.

“Sir, I have always loved Hermione and always will. She disappeared more than two years ago in a potions mishap. I came to find her, and before I had the chance, she found me!”

Herman carefully took the picture and gasped as he looked at it. It was a picture of Ron and a woman in their school robes. They were huddled close together, and as the picture moved it showed them embracing one another. His eyes focused on the girl whose hair was wild and bushy, much like Alessandra when she first walked into his office. A tear started to form in his eye as he realized what Ron was trying to tell him. Alessandra was, in fact, Hermione Granger.

The Dr. took the picture and sat down, a sob escaping him. “You…you know who she is. She’s…she’s…”

“The most brilliant, amazing, and beautiful woman I have ever met. I’ve been in love with her since we were kids. When Voldemort was destroyed I asked her to marry me. When she disappeared, I nearly died inside. I’ve been hoping, searching for her. And now I have found her.”

Herman looked at the picture again. He couldn’t recall ever seeing a photo of Hermione Granger, nor one of Harry Potter or Ronald Weasley. He regretted having his wife cancel her post of the American Wizard and Witch Wordly (A.W.W.W.) when Alessandra came into their lives. Had her story been posted? He somehow doubted it; Britain usually closed their stories off the other papers. And he had never imagined to look for Alessandra’s identity in the magical world.

“When are you going to tell her?” He asked.

Ron shrugged then sat down next to the older man. “I don’t know. I don’t know how to even begin. I just know I have found her, and I can’t let her go.”

Herman reached over and placed his hand over the young man’s own. “I’ll do whatever is necessary to help her, to help both of you.”

“Should I explain to your wife?”

Herman shook his head as he withdrew his hand. “No, I will tell her tonight. She’ll be ecstatic. She knew your mother, as I mentioned.”

Alessandra was overjoyed when she and Alison went into the Den. Both men were laughing and having a good time, much to her relief. She and Alison shared a drink with the men, and soon the young couple left.

After they were gone, Dr. Lavoy turned to his wife. “Everything is fine, dear. Alessandra is none other than Hermione Granger.

The next few days were bliss for the young couple as they got to know each other more and shared many romantic moments. Nothing beyond kissing, and Alessandra knew she had found a true gentleman. Monday came around soon enough, and Alessandra had a show to put on. She hadn’t exactly told Ron what she did for a living, and decided to bite the bullet and just show him.
“What’s this?”

“It’s a ticket to where I work. Just show up at this address at six this evening and someone will show you where to go.” She pecked him on the lips and made a silent wish that it would all turn out okay. As far as Ron knew, she worked in fashion. She only hoped what she actually did with the fashion would be okay in his eyes; that he would not judge her.

When Ron arrived at the large, billowing tent that night, he was more than confused. He showed his ticket after waiting as people dressed in expensive clothes pushed their way in front of him.

The man who took his ticket looked at him questioningly. “You know where to go?”

Ron shook his head.

“Alright, I’ll have someone show you.”

The man snapped at someone, then told the person to escort Ron to his seat. Ron obediently followed, and found himself in a large room with an odd shaped stage in front of him. Looking around, he could tell he had the advantage over most. He had a frontside seat. At first the seats next to him were vacant, and he expected Alli to arrive and sit in one of the seats beside him. But she never came, and other people arrived, taking the seats around him. They looked at him questioningly, but never said a word. At half past six, the lights dimmed and an announcer took the stage. Ron hardly paid attention, only learning that some sort of show was about to being.

Music began to play, and suddenly a tall, dark skinned woman walked down the runway wearing hardly anything! She walked down, turned around, then walked back. Ron frowned. What is this?

Another woman took the stage as the first one disappeared. She, too, was scantily dressed. A few more models followed, and then the lights dimmed even more. A rush of smoke suddenly started to form over the stage, centering on a new model who was about to walk down the runway. She was dressed in a tiny bikini, at least, that’s what Ron figured it was, with large wings attached to her back.

The woman strutted down the runway. Hermione?!! Ron thought as Alessandra walked down the runway in her elaborate, scarcely there, ensemble. Ron’s eyes roamed over her body. He knew that body; he had made love to it countless times before. But he and “Alessandra” had only kissed countless times. Yet here she was, showing him and the world her glorious body.

Before the show ended, Ron counted eight times he saw Hermione strut down the runway wearing questionable clothing. He wasn’t sure what to think. Yes, she was beautiful. But the Hermione he knew never had the confidence to think so. He remembered the first time they made love.

Ron, I…” She said, then went to button her shirt back up.

Hermione, You’re beautiful!” He said stopping her. His eyes roamed over what he could see she was perfect.

Ron, I know you’ve probably seen better,”

I’ve never seen anyone. I never did anything with Lavender. You’ve always been the one for me, Hermione.”

A tear formed down her eye. “I thought…”

Hermione, I only went out with Lavender to make you jealous. I thought I could never have you, that you had Krum.”

Ron, you’re all I want. All I need.”

The two slowly discarded their clothes in between passionate kisses. They made love for the first time, knowing that they would never love another.

Ron shook himself from the memory. The people around him were now getting up from their seats, the show obviously over. He had barely noticed, but figured he should stick around and wait for Hermione…Alessandra.

More coming soon...including Sara and the Weasleys.

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