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Will You, Uh... by TheGreenFairy
Chapter 1 : Will You, Uh...
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A/N: Thanks to the fabulous Elysium for beta-ing the story! Oh, and this goes without saying but, I don't own Draco. Savina Belviedere, on the other hand, is a figment of my imagination.

She looked so cute when she was eating.

Savina nibbled daintily at her toast across the table from Draco. He simply stared at her, watching her. She put down her toast and looked up at him. Shyly, she blushed and looked down. A lot of their relationship was completely silent. Sometimes words simply did not fit.

In his eyes, Savina Belviedere was absolutely perfect. She was a quiet, unassuming girl from a plain family. She made no judgments, she was trusting, and never had negative feelings towards anyone. He personally thought it was impossible for her to hate.

He should know best. It seemed that everyone hated him. An almost-Death Eater with a father as terrible as his? Who wouldn't hate him?

Savina Belviedere. She didn't hate him. Not one bit.

"Do you know what today is?" Draco asked sweetly.

With a smile plastered on her face, Savina looked up. Her brown hair fell around her face and she shook it backwards and out of the way.

"Of course," she said in her whisper-like voice. They smiled at each other, looking in each other's eyes. Savina blushed again and returned her gaze to the toast below her.
"I should be going to work soon," she stated, standing up. She walked around the table and kissed Draco's forehead. "See you tonight."

He watched her leave the kitchen and waited until he heard the pop that meant she was gone. Then, he sprang into action.

It was their anniversary. Their third anniversary, to be exact. In the mind of Draco Malfoy, the third anniversary meant one thing.


He was pretty sure, in his mind, the day that he met her, he had wanted to marry her. But, being the wuss he was, he had decided that if he wasn't sick of her by their third anniversary, he would propose.

He was regretting that choice.

Proposal? That took guts. Guts that Draco did not necessarily have. Sure, he had a liver, a heart (which was debatable... but most likely there), two lungs, and a large intestine. But bravery, he lacked.

He had proved that a long time ago.

Savina Belviedere was perfect. Draco wouldn't be surprised if she said no. He wasn't worth her, he really wasn't. Anyone who said differently was delusional. Or Savina Belviedere herself.

Draco's first order of business was purging the house. It hadn't had a good cleaning since he inherited the place, a good six years ago. After the war, his father had been sent to Azkaban. Draco only escaped simply because he never actually did anything. His mother had gone crazy without Lucius, and had been sent to live with her estranged sister Andromeda.

However, Narcissa and her sister were then killed in one of many incidents against purebloods which had occurred after the war. During that time, Draco never left the house. He had known that people would jump him in a second, like they had his mother.

He eventually did have to leave the house (even though he waited about three years to do it). People had scowled at him, spat at him, and purposely shoved into him.

Except for Savina Belviedere.

A writer for the Daily Profit, she had been out getting some coffee when she bumped into him. She had, of course, recognized him, but introduced herself anyway. He questioned her about talking to him, but she told him that she believed in building bridges, not burning them.

Draco didn't understand that, but he did understand that she was being nice to him. She was the first person in three years to show him some compassion. It was actually she who asked him out. It hadnít been a date, per se. She had simply asked him if he would join her while she drank her coffee.

They got to talking, and the rest was history.

And now they were living together, and he had to propose in the most perfect way in order to win the most perfect girl.

The house was cleaned within an hour or so, thanks to the assistance of magic. Next came the flowers.

Draco had never asked her outright what her favorite flowers were. He remembered in their early days of dating, he would send her single roses, to show how much he cared. But, since then, he had never really gotten her flowers.

That would change.

Draco thought of every flower he had ever seen and ordered them from all the florists in the surrounding area. The first batch arrived around the third hour of preparation. The others followed in a timely manner. The entire first floor was covered in flowers, leading in a path to the patio outside. There he formed a circle with the blooms and stood in the center.

Perfect. Just the perfect spot.

He glanced at his watch. Savina worked six hours on a regular work day such as this. Five hours time had passed, only one more hour to finish up. He would have to rush.

Draco quickly placed and lit tea candles all along the path. They filled the air with a vanilla scent. Draco left the rest of the house in complete darkness, so she could only follow the path the lights made. He rushed to change into his finest clothing.

He almost left his bedroom without the most important part. Feeling entirely stupid, he dove under his bed and resurfaced with a small, black velvet box. He shoved it in his pocket and hurried down the stairs before she arrived in approximately two minutes time. He took his spot in the circle on the patio and waited.

There was a pop and dainty sneeze in the distance. "Draco?" Savina called. She mumbled some more words, but he soon heard her careful footsteps. She sneezed almost every five seconds, but she soon rounded the corner and he caught a glimpse of her. As she moved into better light, Draco's smile faltered.

"Savina, are you okay?" he asked.

Her face was blotchy and red. She sneezed once more. "I'm allergic to flowers." She took in his appearance, "you look nice. Are you going somewhere?"

"No, I was... Are you really allergic to flowers?" he asked. She nodded. "Oh..."

She laughed. "It's okay. What's going on, Draco?"

A bit flustered, Draco knelt down awkwardly. "I was... uh... wondering if you would..." He frowned slightly, thinking of the right words. "Savina Belviedere, will you..." He looked deeply into her brown eyes. "Will you, uh... marry me?"

Savina smiled broadly. "Yes," she paused to sneeze, "of course I will." Draco stood up and she threw her arms over him. She sneezed again, this time a bit more forcefully. "Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" he asked, a scared tone to his voice.

"I got some snot on your jacket!"

A/N: This is a prologue to a short story that will be posted soon. That story will be about Savina's journey through the world of wedding dresses, churches, and flowers. I hope you liked this, and I really hope you all read the short story! Oh, and it would SUPER AWESOME if you reviewed too. ;]

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