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Ghostability by hauntedfairytale
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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AN: This chapter is currently unbetaed. I believe my beta is busy with school. Which is perfectly fine. But I felt that if i didn't get this chapter up soon i would have imploded. mhm. yup. lol anyways. . .

To Clarify: Yes, Fred was seen giving something to Malfoy. But, Hermione and George were Obliviated by the Death Eater that was there to cover Malfoy. So, they don't remember the incident. But Fred, on the other hand, we don't know about yet. . . .

Chapter 9

The first two days of class went by quickly. Monday Hermione had Charms and Herbology and Tuesday she had Muggle Studies and History of Magic. After dinner on the second day, she was with Harry and Ginny in her common room when there was a tap at the window. They looked to see an owl at the window and two others close behind.

Harry swore loudly, knowing that it could only mean something bad. Hermione quickly opened the window and each of them received a letter. Harry’s was from Lupin, Ginny’s was from Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione’s was from Fred. She ripped it open quickly. Fred’s writing was sloppy and slanted as if he had written in a hurry. It read:

Bill and Fleur stopped by for a visit and were attacked by Death Eaters when they left. Both of them are alright. They’re both in St. Mungo’s for minor injuries. There were three Death Eaters and bill put up a signal for nearby Order members and the fight was stopped soon after. The Death Eaters have the unfinished Ghostability. They were using it, but it is still able to be contradicted by a simple water spell. I don’t know how they got it. Things are bad here, Mum’s a wreck and the Order is not happy with us for somehow letting the project get out. Please respond. George and I could surely use your words.

Hermione looked up at Harry and Ginny. Ginny had tears in her eyes and Harry looked enraged. Hermione began to pace nervously as her brain kicked into motion.

“We need to go,” Harry said, his teeth clenched. “We have to go to the Burrow.”

Ginny struggled to walk to the couch where she collapsed in tears. Harry rushed to her and held her to his chest. She sobbed into him. Hermione sat next to her and stroked her hair. “We’ll have to get McGonnagal to let us,” she said.

“She has to! I have to be there for my family! I can’t take it here without them!” Ginny sobbed. Harry kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go,” He said, standing up. The girls followed him hand in hand down the winding stairs and out of the portrait.
“Ginny!” Came Ron’s voice.

Ginny spun around to see Ron running down the hallway, clutching his own letter. She ran to hug him. “I’m so scared! Bill could have died!”

“I know. I was just coming to get you,” he said.

“We’re going to McGonnagal to see if we could go home,” Ginny explained.

“I’ll come,” Ron said, ignoring Hermione. Harry nodded to him and they hurried to the Headmistress’ office.

McGonnalgal’s office was not guarded by statues like Dumbledore’s was. A painting of a strange looking man was present instead. “Password?” he asked the out of breath students.

“We-we need the Headmistress! It’s an- an emergency!” Harry gasped.

“No password, no entrance,” the painting informed.

“Is she even in there?” Hermione asked growing irritated.

“Yes,” the painting replied curtly.

“Professor McGonnagal!” Ginny yelled into the painting.

“Do quiet down, child. You’ll wake the other paintings!” The painted man scolded while covering his water colored ears.

Ginny screamed again and a few moments later McGonnagal opened the painting. She looked at them as if she was expecting them.

“Come in, there’s no time to waste. Ginny, Ron, I’m very sorry about the attack on Bill and Fleur. But I assure you that they are doing fine. Now, Hermione, I need to speak with you,” she said and walked them back into her office.

They all sat down in the conjured, straight backed chairs. “Can we go to the Burrow?” Hermione asked before McGonnagal could say anything more.

“Yes.” She sighed then continued. “But first I have a few questions to ask.” Hermione nodded. Ginny leaned on Ron and held Harry’s hand. Her tears had slowed with the prospect of going home. “Did you bring any Ghostability to school with you?”

“No I didn’t,” Hermione responded honestly.

“Also, why does water stop the magic?”

“Actually any substance thrown at the user will ruin it. It would have the same affect as throwing food, perhaps, at someone wearing an invisibility cloak. The solid or liquid substance solidifies the body of the user, therefore giving the attacker an area to aim at. A spell aimed for the substance on the user will reach them. Obviously the project is not finished,” Hermione explained quickly. She then realized that Fred had never said if he and George were alright. She shifted in her seat and glanced at the ticking grandfather clock in the corner. McGonnagal noticed her anxiousness.

“Thank you, Hermione.” The Headmistress stood up and prepared the fireplace for them to use Floo Powder. “Now, everyone, to the Burrow. And quickly!”

Ron then Ginny went through first and second. Hermione, Harry, and finally McGonnagal followed them. When Hermione emerged from the flames she saw Ron and Ginny being squashed in a hug by a sobbing Mrs. Weasley. She looked around and saw Fred and George in the kitchen with Charlie. She stuffed her hands in the pockets of her lightweight sweater and headed in their direction. The floor boards into the kitchen creaked under Hermione’s shoes and the three men turned to her. “Hermione!” Fred said and quickly stepped to her and wrapped her in a fierce embrace.

“How did this happen?” Hermione said quietly as tears pricked her eyes. “How could this possibly be our fault?”

“I don’t know,” Fred whispered, still holding her tight.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright.” Hermione sighed in relief.

“Me too.” Fred pulled back enough to kiss her lovingly. When her broke the kiss he said “We have to fix this. You, me, and George. We have to.”

“I know. But how?” A tear fell from Hermione’s eye. Fred wiped it away gently.

“We’ll figure it out.” George stepped in. “With your brains and our good looks, we’ll fix it.”

Hermione giggled through her tears.

“He’s right. . . kind of.” Fred grinned. “You’re very smart and we can’t work by ourselves on this.”

“Don’t underestimate yourselves, guys. You’re smart as well. Just a different kind of smart,” Hermione assured. She looked back into the living room where Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Ginny, Harry, and McGonnagal were. “Where’s your dad?”

“St. Mungo’s. We’ll be staying here for the night. Mum’s not going to let us out of her sight. But Bill’s doing alright. Fleur as well. Both are talking and eating even though they’re in some pain. They got lucky more Order members were close by. Including me and Fred who know the flaws in the unfinished Ghostability. Their injuries are relatively minor, just a few burns and side affects from hexes,” George explained.

“Wow.” Hermione shook her head. “Your mum seems to be taking it roughly.”

“Yeah. She owled McGonnagal asking for her to send you, Harry, Ginny, and Ron here,” Fred said, watching Mrs. Weasley comforting Ginny.

“She didn’t have to, we found her,” Hermione smiled slightly.

“Mum’s been babying us since we got here. She’s acting like we’re six years old. Hear this Hermione: she made sandwiches in the shape of cauldrons, pointed hats, and wands for dinner,” George stated.

“I bet she’ll make warm milk and tuck us in before bed,” Fred added.

“Oh, let her be. She’s afraid of losing you all. It’s hard enough on her having fully grown children. Now you’re all fighting in wars and getting hurt in them,” Hermione explained.

“She’s right,” Charlie chimed in. He had been folding some of him mum’s laundry for her at the kitchen table.

“I guess,” Fred said as Harry entered the kitchen. “Hey,” he greeted them.

“How are you, Harry?” Charlie asked him.

“Fine. But, erm, is there any way to have an emergency Order meeting tonight?” Harry asked.

“Always.” Charlie put the laundry back in the basket and looked at Harry, concerned.

“But I want Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Fred, and George to stay here,” Harry said, not looking at them.

“No! We’re coming,” Fred interrupted.

“You, George, and Hermione have other things to do,” Harry reminded.

“We can still help,” George insisted.

“You are helping. We need the finished Ghostability. Besides, I want mostly Aurors there for right now,” Harry explained.

Then, Mrs. Weasley came in and insisted that everyone turned in early. She knew that everyone would need their rest for the next day. So, everyone grudgingly went up to their bedrooms. Hermione was staying in Ginny’s room instead of Percy’s old room because Fred was in there. Mr. Weasley’s muggle object collection had grown during that past raids and took up much space in the empty rooms. Only one bed fit in the twins’ old room as well as Percy’s. Charlie agreed to sleep on the couch in the living room in case someone Flooed in during the night.

The house was still and silent. But no one was asleep. No one could sleep with the wonder of what was to happen next.

IMPORTANT AN: The next chapter (Chapter 10) will push the story rating to Mature. But chapter 10 will be the ONLY mature chapter at this time. But I can't rate the chapters individually. SO if you want to continue to read the story but are underaged, send me a review or message and i'll tell you what happened. :) I have no problem doing so.

Also, thanks to all my beloved reviewers! You all rock!! A special thanks to those who have reviewed every chapter! I heart you all! Don't be afraid to visit my blog or myspace. I love hearing from other fanfic writers and fans!! :D
btw, fans and reviewers, this is for you Image and video hosting by TinyPic:D

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