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Stuck in Paradise with Hell by hermyemma
Chapter 4 : Burning of the Last Hope
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Hermione turned over in her sleep. She opened her eyes for a bit and wondered why Harry was sleeping so far away from them. He had been sleeping right next to where she was. She turned again yawning.

Something growled.

She closed her eyes and tried to sleep again. The jewel like eyes of the snake kept coming into her mind for some reason. She opened her eyes. She felt something was close.

She sat up straight.


Four of them. She hated herself as she thought, ‘One for each of us’

For the second time that day, she yelled out, only a bit hoarse since she had yelled before and she had been sleeping quite peacefully.

Draco and Ginny woke up and sat up straight and made as if to turn towards Hermione but then they saw the crocodiles. One more was coming out of the water. This seemed to be something like their territory. Ginny gulped.

Harry moved and sat up a second later realizing everyone was sitting stock-still.

‘Is it-?’ The words got caught in his throat as one of them began running madly towards them. Taking this as a cue, the other four started running and they all scrambled to their feet.

Draco grabbed Hermione by the arms and started to pull her into the forest but one look at the dark, creepy, night foliage, she shook her head.

‘Don’t be a fool! RUN!’ he yelled loudly.

The rest of Draco’s word were caught in his throat as one of the monsters lunged towards Harry who had scooped to collect his glasses. He yelled as it rushed at him and he tripped over it’s scaly body.

Ginny yelled and grabbed two stones. Rubbing them, a spark formed and she dropped it. For one wild moment Hermione thought the sparked stones had fallen on a crocodile but then the thing caught fire and she felt her knees go weak as the boat caught fire.

The crocodiles scattered, afraid of the light.

‘No!’ said Draco softly

Ginny, not realizing what she had done ran over to Harry.

‘Harry, Harry, HARRY!’ she said running towards him.

He hugged her back and said ‘I’m okay, Gin. Honest.’

He suddenly saw the burning fire.

‘What’s that Gin?’ he said a note of fear in his voice ‘is that- a croc or what?’

Hermione almost laughed in spite of the situation and Draco coughed in spite of the situation.

Ginny extracted herself from Harry’s arms and looked round. Her hands flew to her mouth. ‘Oh my God, no!’

‘Is it-?’ said Harry walking towards the burning wreck. Hermione and Draco stood a little further away, Hermione in front of Draco and Draco’s arms were around her waist though they didn’t realize it as they watched Harry move towards the burning boat and Ginny stood stock still, not moving a muscle.

‘Wha-?’ he said faintly barely audible over the soft crackling of the fire.

A wind blew and left them all standing in darkness.


Hermione woke up in the morning with a sense of emptiness, last night’s memories flooding back to her.

When she woke up, she saw Harry standing at the edge of the shore, staring out.

‘Don’t worry’ she said softly, walking up to him and putting her hand on his shoulder.

He didn’t say anything. ‘Yeah, whatever’ he muttered

‘Ginny didn’t mean to-you know’ she said

He didn’t say anything

‘She was just panicked about you. It was scary-last night’

He nodded forcibly

‘They’ll come soon and then-’

‘I KNOW HERMIONE!” he burst out suddenly

Draco stirred behind Hermione and she just stared at Harry, shocked.

A tidal wave lapped at their feet and Draco sat up yawning. With one angry glance at Draco and Ginny, who was still sleeping, he marched off into the forest.

‘Potter’ drawled Malfoy ‘never learned how to control his feelings and temper, did he now?’ he smirked slightly.

Hermione shook her head. ‘He’s just upset. He’ll get over it.’

But Hermione, after just one day, was beginning to feel rather dirty and hungry in her old clothes. Her body ached from sleeping on nothing but a leaf, sand blowing into her face by the night winds. She longed to be home again, being fussed over by Mrs. Weasley and telling Mr. Weasley all she knew about window cleaners and microwaves.

Ginny woke up not much later and immediately wanted to go after Harry.

‘And YOU don’t get caught by a snake’ said Draco, laughing. Hermione stared at him. ‘Or else lover boy won’t be coming to save you.’

Ginny stopped smiling.

‘Why?’ she asked curiously

‘NO-‘ began Hermione

‘Cuz you burnt that boat!’ I mean come on Weasley. He doesn’t want to be stuck here!’

Ginny turned and ran into the forest. Draco chuckled and Hermione went up to Draco and hit him hard.

‘What did you do that for?’ she yelled

‘Because I don’t want to lie and then create more problems. It’s the problem with you guys. Lie first and then regret for life!’ he yelled back at her. ‘Don’t go creating false impressions of happy relationships! I am with Harry! I don’t want to be here. If Ginny hadn’t burnt the boat we’d have been gone by now!’

‘I was right’ said Hermione furiously ‘You haven’t changed’ She turned and sat on the sand. ‘Selfish’ she said turning away

‘Yeah, FINE’ he yelled and stomped off leaving Hermione quite alone on the island. 

Author's Note: Okay guys! How was it? Please forgive me if it was small. I will update soon, but I need your encouragement, reviews and most of all your ideas! So do give em to me in that little box!                              I am not greedy but a rating wont o any harm *hint hint*

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Stuck in Paradise with Hell: Burning of the Last Hope


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