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We all fall down by juliethemuggle
Chapter 1 : We All Fall Down
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I awoke quite suddenly one night. My eyes shoot open. I was freezing. I pulled the covers over me, but it did not good. I was shivering, teeth chattering. I was shaking, shaking madly. It was October, and a warm October at that.

I leapt out of bed and went down stairs to try and warm up. I had stopped shaking, but my voice was still unsteady when I saw a small figure in the couch in front of the fire.

“Rose?” I asked, stepping into the Gryffindor common room. I rubbed the sleep off my eyes and glanced at the clock. 2:30pm. I walked over to the couch she was in and almost shuddered.

Rose had dark circles under her usually bright blue eyes, tear stains on her face and shirt, and she was curled up in a ball, her gaze directed at the fireplace.

“R-Rose?” I asked again, this time more hesitantly. I took a step forward slowly, feeling as if the floor could crumble beneath my feet at any given moment.

Ring around the rosy

She glanced up at me and then her eyes flicked back to the fireplace. I could feel myself shaking again. I quickly made myself stop, which wasn’t easy. I tried to calm myself. I wondered why I had woken up so suddenly, but when I saw Rose I could tell bad news was coming.

For one brief second fear flooded me. It felt like ice on my skin, my bones shook my arms and my legs were unsteady.

But then I remembered what Madam Promfrey had told us. ‘You know when someone gets it. Their face usually pales or is a slight green color, and they are usually lazy and sluggish.’

Rose hadn’t been sluggish, I assured myself, still not completely assured. She was… Fear dripped through my veins. It pounded in my head.

A pocket full of posies

“No. No no no no no. Rose?” I asked again. I sat down next to her and hesitantly hugged her. “You can’t. You just can’t,” I told her. Rose was two years ahead of me, but we were still best friends.

“No, Lily, I don’t,” She answered me, but the ice cold fear never left me. We were sitting in front of the fire, albeit I felt numb, like I had been outside in the snow for hours. Actually, it felt like I was still in the snow; the fluffy whiteness freezing in my hair, the snow finding it’s way to every piece of bare skin, making me shiver…

“Then what’s wrong?” My voice cracked. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. “If it’s not this…disease.”

It had been going on for 2 years now. It wasn’t contagious, although many students in Hogwarts had already gotten it. It was incurable. The disease ripped through the veins, making the patients’ temperatures shoot up like a basketball. Patients were sluggish, incoherent, and in a way, never awake.

“Plague.” Rose corrected me. I jumped out of my thoughts. It took me a minute to process it, but when I did I shuddered. I started shivering. I clamped my jaw shut to stop my teeth from chattering again.

Rose said in barely a whisper, “Hugo…” Her voice cracked now too.

Ashes! Ashes!

My voice was caught in my throat. “No,” I whispered. I didn’t want to know when, or how. Why? Was my only question.

No one had survived the disease yet.

We all fall down!

A/N: Hope you liked it. Please review! Constructive critism is appreciated!! ~Julie

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We all fall down: We All Fall Down


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