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Exactly As He Is by LoopyLooneyLunaLovegood
Chapter 3 : Homage to Dumbledore's Army
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A/N: I promise that the next chapter will be a lot cheerier than this one is. Keep with me, Loves! Also, due to numerous requests, I have made this chapter much longer than my usual chapters! Reviews much appreciated. These are all Jo’s characters, not mine, but I thank her for letting me play with them! =) 

Chapter Three
Homage to Dumbledore’s Army.

     On the Friday following the Battle Of Hogwarts, The families of those who had sacrificed themselves began to arrive. The majority of Dumbledore’s Army sat in the room of requirement finalizing their plan. 

     “I was thinking, we lost a lot of fantastic souls in the battle, so I thought we could pay our respects by making their families honorary members of Dumbledore’s Army. They should know that their children and friends are heroes to us and that we’ll always be in debt to their sacrifice. They should know that we really care and the loss is killing each and every one of us too.” Ginny said, mopping her eyes with the sleeve of her cloak. 

     “Well said, Ginny.” Harry said. He knew exactly whom he wanted to name as an honorary member… Everyone else present muttered an agreement. It was settled. At dinner that night, they would pay homage to the worthiest, the true Dumbledore’s Army.
About halfway through desert, the mini army left their seats to the staff table. 

    “If I could have everyone’s attention for just a few moments,” Neville said. “Dumbledore’s Army would like to take this opportunity to name honorary members. These brave souls risked everything for the well being of the Wizarding World, just to help us leave this world a better place. We are indebt to their sacrifices. They were so willing to help, so determined to succeed, that they gave their own lives. These people are the bravest people to ever walk these halls and, to us, they are heroes. Would Mr. and Mrs. Creevy please stand.” The tiny muggle couple stood, looking close to the verge of tears. Neville could no longer speak, so Luna took over for him. 

     “To Mr. and Mrs. Creevy. Your son was so amazing. Let us hope that he is now happy and safe, away from the evils of dark magic. He was the most amazing man and I will never get over losing my dear friend. We name you an honorary member of Dumbledore’s Army, because it takes a big heart to fight for what you believe in, but it takes an even larger amount of courage to bear with the loss of a child. We want you to know that we loved your son and that you are not the only ones who will be missing him.” Luna was now bawling as hard as Mrs. Creevy. Luna Gave Mrs. Creevy a hug an the two women embraced for several wet minutes. 

     “Next, We would like to name Fred Weasley and honorary member of Dumbledore’s Army.” said Cho. Ginny began sobbing uncontrollably into Harry’s shoulder. He tried to comfort her, but it was no good. She began to cry even harder when cho began to talk about Fred. At the Gryffindor House table, the entire Weasley clan had begun to cry. 

     “Fred was always there for us. He always knew how to make us laugh, and I know I will miss his smile. I just can’t believe he’s gone. We would like you all to know that Fred will not have died in vain if we cherish and keep his memory alive, never forget his laugh, and keep this celebrated Hogwarts legend alive. Fred’s positive attitude kept all of us alive this year and I know that most of us would have given up hope to a end to this war if he hadn’t been there to wipe our tears. I’m just going to miss him…” The Weasley family, now, looked incomplete. It was heartbreaking to see George sitting there alone, his twin passed on. It was Ron’s turn to pay his respects. 

     “I would like to name The Order of the Phoenix as our next honorary member of Dumbledore’s Army.” Ron stopped, drawing breath and observing the room of broken people. For a moment, Harry thought Ron would be unable to go on, but was mistaken. “Without the Order, Many of us would not be here today. Thank you. I just can’t express my gratitude enough.” 

     “We would be honored if the Staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry accepted our invitation to be an honorary member of Dumbledore’s Army. You have been our teachers, confidents, inspirations, and muses for the entirety of our magical education. You have shown us strength and courage, and for that, we can never repay you. It was you who taught us how to fight, but ultimately, how to live.” Hermione Granger said, suppressing tears. She hugged a teary eyed Professor McGonagall and shook hands with an absolutely drenched Rubeus Hagrid. Dean Thomas walked to the center of the staff table and proceeded with the naming. 

     “On behalf of Dumbledore’s Army, I ask that the houselves of Hogwarts accept this honorary membership on behalf of Dobby. Dobby saved my life. I do not know if many are aware of this, but he saved all of our lives. Without him, we would still be in the middle of a war and more of us would not be here to witness tonight’s events. Cheers, to Dobby, a free elf.” Several Seconds passed before Harry realized it was his turn. 

     “To Teddy Lupin, my godson. Teddy is the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, who were killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. Teddy will never know his parents. We make him an honorary member to try to help him understand that his parents never wanted leave him. Remus and Tonks wanted to raise their son together, only in a less hatful world. They went to fight a war in order to raise their son in a better world. It would have been a dishonor for them not to follow their hearts. He will always have us and he will always have me. I want him to grow up with the love of twelve parents, let alone one, and I know he will find that in all of us. I want him to grow up understanding that his parents loved him so much. It is people like Remus and Tonks that give every person the want to wake up in the morning. They gave us this opportunity and made the world a safer place for us to live in. To Teddy Lupin, give him the strength to understand…” 

     Harry had thought that it was over. He now stood facing Ginny, who, to his surprise, walked to the center of the stage. 

     “We would like to honor one more individual. Without him, the war would still be going on. It was his courage, love, perseverance, commitment, and belief that lead us to where we are now. He was in original leader of Dumbledore’s Army. Not only did he teach us how to defend ourselves, but he taught us how live on after devastation. He has had such an influence on our lives that I do not believe any of us truly realize. There is nothing better to describe Harry Potter than an inspiration, and I know he may hate me for saying this, but a hero to be remember for years to come. Because of him, we can finally sleep at night. Harry Potter, will you be an honorary member of Dumbledore’s Army?” 

     “Er...” he began, feeling very hot all of a sudden. Ginny began to clap. Soon, everyone in the room rose from their seats to mimic Ginny. If only they knew what price I had to pay. She made it sound like I woke up and just decided to kill Voldemort one day. I don’t deserve their gratitude. 


      It was midnight and Harry Potter was sitting in front of the large fireplace in the Gryffindor common room, a Daily Prophet on his lap. It had taken hours for the crowd in the great hall to thin out after Dumbledore’s Army had finished their presentation. Everyone had wanted to shake hands with the famous Harry Potter, however, Harry Potter wanted nothing but to be alone. Why hadn’t Dumbledore just killed me as an infant rather than sending me to the Dursleys. That way, the horcrux inside me would be destroyed, and Dumbledore would be able to defeat Voldemort. The prophecy would have been discarded. Harry could not help but think this, even know he know that wouldn’t have been possible. He felt to worthless. Not only did he feel worthless, but he felt guilty. He had hurt Ginny, and he was still hurting her by being with her. He had worried sick for an entire school year; she didn’t know if he was alive or not but she still kept him in her heart. Now, he was hurting her by letting her see him so depressed; it broke her heart to see him like this. Harry Potter couldn’t win over the situation in any way he tried. 

     Voldemort had just cast his spell. Simultaneously, Harry cast an expelliarmus. They met in the center. Then, the room became brilliantly orange. Next thing Harry knew, he was holding the elder wand and Voldemort has dead beneath him. It was then Harry realized something was wrong. It wasn’t Voldemort dead beneath him, it was Ginny. 
      Harry woke with a start. It had only been a dream. Ginny was alive and safe in her bed. Harry needed to walk. It was the only thing that would keep him awake, other than flying on his broom. No. He didn’t have a broom. He had lost it along with Hedwig on the way to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tonks. For now, a walk would have to suffice. Harry crept out of the portrait hole, disturbing a slumberous Fat Lady. He didn’t care, though. He walked down the grand staircase to the first floor. The castle was silent. There were but a few somber ghosts floating about the grounds. Harry took a moment to observe his surroundings. Those who had been spending this last week at Hogwarts had certainly done an adamant job in repairing the historic building. The pillars were now standing again, structures that had been burnt now looked new, and the majestic House Hourglasses were repaired, though empty. Harry look upwards. The school had never seemed so big to him. Someone behind him coughed. Harry turned to see Professor McGonagall striding towards him. 

     “Potter, would it be possible for you to go back to Gryffindor Tower and get some sleep? I almost attacked you!” said an agitated Minerva McGonagall. 

     “Why would you attack me, Professor?” 

     “It’s obvious, I would have thought. I’m patrolling the halls! Potter, we just had a war! I need to make sure the building is safe for those who have those not return to their homes already! Merlin only knows how many angry Death Eaters are waiting to get their hands on you!” she said in a huff. 

     “Oh. Um, I just can’t wait for normality again.” Harry said. 

     “I know, Potter, I know. I can’t wait for it, either.” Professor McGonagall said, sadness in her voice. “Now scat! Off to bed with you before I hex you on purpose!” 

     “Sure thing, Professor.” he said. And with that, he returned to the Gryffindor Common Room. He picked up the Daily Prophet again, and began to read. Across the front page was a large picture of Dolores Umbridge, who was go to trial, for crimes against Muggle-Borns. Harry Scowled. He hated her. He wanted nothing more than to see her writhe in pain. Harry had performed the Cruciatus Curse before and had found it quite satisfactory. But, this, however, may be too tame for Dolores. Certainly something worse would be much satisfying…Harry hoped the worst for her. 

      Someone was shaking Harry. Harry swung at his attacker, his eyes still closed. When he finally opened his eyes to see a fiery red mane inches above his own nose. Ginny. She budged him over from where he lay on the couch and put her arms around him. 

     “Can I ask you something, Ginny?” Harry asked. 

     “Well, that’s not a proper greeting! Sure Harry, ask away.” 

     “Why can’t you just get over me?” he asked, refusing to look in her eyes. 

     “What? I don’t believe you!” she said, outraged. “How could you ever expect me to get over you? Why would you want me to move on?” Ginny feared the worst. 

     “Because.” he began. 

     “Because why?” 

     “I’ve served my purpose.” Harry said, embarrassed. Ginny’s eyes softened. She knew he was feeling down. 

     “Harry, I love you. I know its probably too early in our relationship for me to be even thinking abut loving you, but I just do. You deserve a life, happiness. What would make you think otherwise?” Ginny said, looking him dead in the eye. 

     “Some people just aren’t meant to live, Ginny, and I think I’m one of them.” said Harry. It was true; he could hardly bear himself anymore. Everything has been my fault. It has all been a result of my actions… 

     “Look, Gin, I’m sorry. Can’t we just start the day over? I didn’t mean it.” He lied. 

     “Sleep well, Love?” she asked, kissing his nose, several awkward moments later. 

     “I think so. Did you?” he asked, loving begin so near to her. 

     “My sleep was quite satisfactory. There was only one thing that could have improved it.” Ginny said, loftily. 

     “And what would that be?” He asked, idly. 

     “Your presence.” she replied casually. Harry’s entire body went numb and he took her words as an open invitation to kiss her. 

     “Oi! Will you get off her!” Ron yelled, descending the stairs to the Boys’ dormitory. 

     “Oh Ronald, must you always interrupt us?” Ginny said, annoyed.
Well, Harry thought, this is almost normal! 

I know you’re tired of hearing it, but I’ll mention it again. All was getting well. 

A/N:  So...watcha think? I promise to update as soon as I can! I would like to answer a question a recived in a review.  I was asked if muggles can  get inside Hogwarts.  They can.  Ordinary muggles from the street can't  see it, but If you remember in Chamber of Secrets, Tom Riddle tells Hagrid that Moaning Mrytles parents would be arriving in the morning.  Moaning Myrtle was a muggle born, meaning, her parents were muggles.  This proves muggles have been inside Hogwarts before.  I hope this answers that question for everyone! Now, Loves, leave me a review!  =)

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