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Detention,Where it all started. by ilovseshy
Chapter 1 : Getting Detention.
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A./N.---I own nothing but the plot,sadly.

It was the start of a regular year at Hogwarts, somehow Gryffindor always have double potions with Slytherins first class, for some reason, so that's where we'll start.

“Look at the little mudblood, I guess it's true, she doesn’t have any friends,” Said a very annoying Draco Malfoy. Hermione was sitting by herself because Harry and Ron had stayed back with the order; everyone knew the war was coming closer day by day. They wouldn't let Hermione stay back; they said she worked too hard on her studies to drop out in the end.

“Malfoy go to hell, and I have freinds there just not death eaters like you." Said Hermione.

That made Draco mad but he kept his calm and said, “Some ones got their underwear in a knot."

"Malfoy, how would you know if my underwear is in a knot, Oh YEAH, I forgot that you look at everything that walks, I swear I saw you looking at Ron's ass last year."Hermione laughed.

Draco nearly yelled,” I wouldn’t look at Weasly's ass if hell froze over.”

Hermione laughed at this,"Oopppps, I forgot it wasn't Ron’s ass I saw you looking at it was Harry's. This turned a few people’s heads."Draco just stood there not wanting to make himself look foolish (bad choice), Hermione used this to her advantage and said,” So you admit your gay."

A few people laughed at this but it was too much for Draco. He drew his wand but Hermione drew hers at equal speed. Just a Draco was about to curse Hermione professor Snape walked in and said" Well, well, well, Mr.Malfoy were you about to curse our dear Miss Granger? And Granger were going to hex Mr. Malfoy?"

They both muttered a “yes sir"."Well then detention, both of you back here at seven o clock sharp, DON’T be late, now take your seats.”, again they both muttered a "Yes sir".

Detention Time.

Draco and Hermione were walking silently together when Hermione said, “How could you get me detention on the first day back, you stupid, pure blood prat.

"Me, start it?, you’re the one that said I was looking at potter and Weasly’s asses."Draco said.

"So I started it because I told the truth about your gay ass."

"Yes” Draco stated, "Whoa, hold up did you just call me gay, mudblood."

"Yes I did unless your bisexuals then you’re gay.” said Hermione.Draco just quickened his pace and walked ahead of Hermione.

"Ha, so you admitting that you’re a homosexual gayfer."Draco just kept walking; Hermione ran to catch up with him and decided to press her luck. She walked around him and sang, “Your gay, your gay, your gay."

She was slammed against the wall by Draco, he bent down to her level and kissed her full on the lips and did not stop until he pulled a moan out of her. He said “How gay do you think I am now?"He began walking down the hall again, “Granger you better come on, or you'll be late for detention."Hermione put her hand on her for head and felt a little dizzy but began walking to detention. As Draco walked ahead he smirked, he had shown her that he was not gay, even though he did take a look at Weasely and Potter's asses last year.

A./N.-------I'm a young writer and honestly I'm not that good, so any reviews good or bad would be nice. Thanks to all that read.

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