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Dark Days Pass But Are Never Forgotten by LogicalRaven
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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LogicalRaven here, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long. As most of my loyal readers know, I started this series with a story about James and Lily. From there, I moved on to two Harry Potter stories. One about Harry’s sixth year and one about Harry’s seventh year if anybody is interested in reading them click on my penname above and it will lead you to your destination.

This will be the largest writing task I have every attempted. That is saying something, considering two of my stories exceed 100,000 words. So, if you don’t like long stories, this won’t be the one for you. My goal is to write on this story until book six is released. It will eventually end, but Ms. J.K. Rowlings herself will determine the ending date.

I also have a reputation to compete with, and my pride sometimes gets the better of me. I love updating because I love reading reviews. But as fate would have it, I’m finding it difficult to find the time to write at the pace I am currently writing. Like all writers I love having my ego rubbed, but if you think I’m doing a terrible job flame me. I’m a big girl so I can handle the criticism. I will stay true to the characters that I can promise.

This new story will deviate from my typically style, meaning it won’t be so innocent. IT WILL BE A HIGH RATED PG13! These are the young adult years of Harry and his friends. For those of us who have lived though them, well simply put, these are years where innocence is forgotten. They’ll be some dark moments, they’ll be heavy moments and they’ll be moments that will make your insides all warm and fuzzy.

This story will be updated EVERY SUNDAY. I will do it without question, unless I post otherwise. It will NOT be updated daily, but I swear I will not become a sporadic reviewer.

If you have any questions just ask me…..That’s what I’m here for.

Buckle Your Seat Belt, It’s Going To Be A Wild Ride……

REMEMBER: Read and Review- Nothing is My Own!

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I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man's finest hours, his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle victorious.
--- Vince Lombardi

The end of the war, what did that mean? Harry Potter stared at the letter enclosed in his hands.

Dear Mr. Harry Potter

Congratulations, you have been accepted into Auror training at the Academy of the Ministry of Magic. Your NEWT test scores were some of the best of your year and it would be both an honor and a privilege to have you join the ranks of the English Ministry of Magic.

Your mentor will be Nymphadora Tonks, Class II Auror. She will instructed you further on your upcoming training on your first day of training which will begin on July 1,1998.

Please either decline or accept this offer by no latter than the first of June. We will be waiting for your owl.


December O’Riley
Head Instructor in Auror Training

He sighed, after all this was it. He would soon be deciding what he wanted to do for the rest of life. He glanced around the Room of Requirements remembering the previous year when Cho had handed him her letter to announce her news of being accepted into Auror Academy. Finally he left meeting up with his friends in the Great Hall.

The last week of Hogwarts was quite. Except for a few younger students asking Harry to retell his tale, things seemed almost normal. He had concentrated on being a student instead of being Harry Potter for the first time of his life.

Ron and Hermione’s relationship was also a change. Until recently, Harry had failed to notice how much like the elder Weasleys his two closest friends had become. Hermione straighten Ron’s tie as she muttered something about him being a slob.

The three of them walked down to the lake. It was warm outside as the breeze of summer passed over the students of Hogwarts. They settled by the lake, in the same spot he had seen his father and his friends do once in a pensive.

“Look Harry, another front page,” Ron announced pulling a copy of the Daily Prophet out of his bag.

Hermione gave Ron frown as she shook her head at the grinning image of Harry, “Honestly, you think they’d learn.”

“Learn what?” Harry asked, trying not to focus on the paper.

“To glorify everything,” Hermione sighed as she lay on her belly and twirled the grass between her fingers.

Harry closed his eyes as he leaned his head back against the tree. Hermione was right they had glorified everything. Remus Lupin was correct in saying that everyone outside the walls of Hogwarts knew of the dramatized version of Harry’s victory.

While the truth was plain and simple, the tale was already showing sighs of growing to epic proportions. The Quibber had even published an article claiming Harry was in the reincarnated soul of Merlin the Great. Which had resulted in an offer to join the Order of Merlin, First Class.

“Oh Harry, I’m so proud of you,” Cho said as she had beamed at Harry’s news.

“I don’t know if I’m going to accept,” Harry had confessed feeling slightly guilty for even suggesting turning down such an honor.

Cho had wrapped her arms around his next and seduced him with one of her kiss, assuring him that he had nothing to feel guilty about. He had defeated the Dark Lord and proven himself in the wizarding community.

Harry reopened his eyes, those were better times, since lately him and Cho had a dangerously rocky relationship. It was Parvati had been the one who showed Harry the article in Witch Weekly. On the cover was a beaming Cho Chang with a title that said The Love of Harry Potter .

Harry gritted his teeth as the mere though of it. He wasn’t sure why it had made him so angry, but it had. Cho had sworn to him she only did it because she wanted everyone to know what a wonderful person Harry was, but it irked him.

“Oh my goodness,” Hermione said suddenly noticing the movement on the opposite side of lake.

“What?” Ron asked with a deep breath.

Hermione popped up and pointed, “Seamus is down on one knee.”

“WHAT!” Ron yelped springing up.

Harry knocked his head on the back of the tree he was resting on.

“Seamus is proposing!!!” Hermione said loudly, “Oh my Merlin, Seamus is proposing to Lavender.”

Harry grinned; this was what normal felt like. He was watching his friends move on with their lives without fear. Parvati raced towards Lavender who had tears streaming down her face.

Harry closed his eyes again. He wondered if he’d ever be happy like that. The nightmares still continued, and he doubted they’d ever completely go away. Dumbledore’s words repeated themselves in his mind, over and over. If he wanted he could go back to the muggle world and forget all of this.

He had never been one who handled fame very easily. From the moment he was born his life was recorded in books. Every move he made for the rest of his life would be written. People would study him, and remember him for all of time. Professor Binns would probably teach his first year students next year about the history of Harry Potter.

“What is that prat thinking?” Ron said out loud.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him, “I personally think it’s romantic.”

“You would,” Ron spat.

Harry rose to his feet and dusted the grass off his robes, “Well, we better go congratulate them, I suppose they’ll be a celebration in the Gryffindor tower tonight.”

“Ah, another Bachelor party?” Ron sighed.

“Hopefully it will be less eventful then the last one we attended,” Harry commented with certain bitterness in his voice.

Hermione smiled lightly, “Harry, it’s over. You have to let it go.”

Harry nodded and avoided her eyes. Dark days may pass, but they are never forgotten.


AN: This will be the shortest chapter. I just wanted a quick prologue to let everyone know I’m working on the story. My first chapter will be over 5,000 words, and I have a few surprises up my sleeves.

This Story will be Updated Again 03/06/04

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