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Poison Lips by DontBeSilly
Chapter 5 : Dreaming Wasn't The Assignment
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Severus groaned and massaged his aching temple. He had completed the third, and final, Potions essay for the Marauder’s ‘less than average O.W.Ls’ members; namely, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. However, now he had his own Potions essay to complete.

He took out a new roll of parchment and set it upon the already parchment strewn table. Severus was sitting in the library; he had been ever since classes had let out that day. Thick books and other reference materials were stacked high all around him, practically hiding him from view of all the surrounding studiers, though there were few.
He briefly glanced at a page in Potions to Common Ailments before he dipped his quill in its ink bottle (for the hundredth time) and wrote the first sentence, a catchy thesis statement.

He paused, listening to the scratching of neighboring worker’s quills. The sound was enough to lure him to sleep. It was calming, as was the library, itself, with its large mahogany shelves covered in books of worn green or red dragon hide.

Severus set his quill down. He gently rested his tired head on his palm and felt his eyes close.

“Hey, my little genius.”

It was Missy. She was leaning over to look at his assignment from the other side of the small table. Severus’ breath caught in his chest as he noticed three of the small buttons on her white uniformed blouse were undone, exposing her smooth, snow white neck and a portion of a lacy, black bra. He darted his eyes away quickly, biting his lip.

“Doing work again?” she asked, sitting herself on the far corner of the desk, her hands gripping its edges.

“Yeah,” Severus heard himself say in a voice slightly higher than he would have liked. Misericordia didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she leaned over farther and snapped Potions to Common Ailments shut, and Severus stiffened in his chair. Her skirt, he noticed, was shorter than usual.

“Well,” she said, biting the corner of her own lips and looking up at the ceiling in contemplation, “I guess the library’s not so bad. There are some fun things you can do in here.” She shifted her gaze to Severus and slowly rose from her perch, stepping in his direct view. “Right?” She was kneeling in front of him now, holding his gaze unblinkingly. There was something about the sultry look she was giving him that sent his mind racing. He had gotten lucky once before in this library, in the restricted section, actually, as a second year with a fourth year Slytherin, Tina Barrovitz. But that feeling with Tina, was nothing compared to how he was feeling right now with Misericordia.

Severus was stunned, in shock more-like, that this could be happening, but he kept his eyes fixed on her paralyzing green ones. His whole body felt numb, but strangely alert. His eyes broke her gaze as he shifted them to glimpse at her hands, which had snaked their way up his legs to the button on his trousers. He caught those unblinking eyes again, his heart rate three times its normal pulse, as he felt her long, slender fingers slowly undo the zipper.

“Mr. Snape? Mr. Snape?” A shrill woman’s voice called from over his shoulder. “For Merlin’s sake, wake up!”

Severus’s eyelids snapped open and he slowly lifted his head from his arm; he had dozed off. The candles in the library were already burning out, including his, and the other students had left.

He turned his head to see the librarian, an old witch named Madam Pince who, it seemed, would never retire, shuffling away back to her desk to retrieve her cloak. “I’m locking up the library,” she called over her shoulder.

Severus cursed himself. How could he let his dream go down that slightly dirty path? And how could Madam Pince wake him up once it had already started?

He collected his papers, including his incomplete Potions work, and exited the library in silence. Madam Pince gave him a wary look before she too stepped out of the library doors, and locked them shut with a faint click.

Severus was painfully aware that his heart was still beating much faster than it should have been after a simple trip to the books. He turned the corridor and down the Grand Staircase to head to the dungeons. He was going to ignore his unfinished essay for tonight. He couldn’t concentrate. If Professor Slughorn gave him an ‘F’ for it tomorrow it would be the first in all six years, anyway.

As he shambled down the steps he came across the real Misericordia, with her blouse buttons in tact, though he could still see the black bra through the thin white fabric vaguely, and her skirt its normal length, midway up her thighs. Seeing her embarrassed him slightly, especially after he had just dreamt about her so vividly, and he felt the faintest blush crept up his cheeks.

“I saw you coming,” she said grinning, before she whispered softly in his ear, “on the map.”

Severus laughed, feeling relaxed around his closest friend again. “You’ve been hopeless attached to that thing ever since you found it.”

“Oh, I know. I think it belongs to someone in the castle, actually,” she said, taking the papers from his hand and jumping on his back, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck. He supported her legs around his hips in a piggy-back ride.

“Well, finders keepers, right?” He chuckled, knowing that was Missy’s rule.

“Mhm,” Misericordia mused, “Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs…”

Severus stopped abruptly, “What?”

“That’s who made the map.”

Severus felt his care-free mood ebb away again. He had heard Lupin, Black, Pettigrew, and Potter exchange those nicknames back and forth between one another. He groaned inwardly. Misericordia had found one of their scummy possessions, and he was sure they would want it back. He dropped her legs, and she hopped off his back, not noticing his mood change.

“I thought we could have one last cigarette before we head back to the common room,” she said, extending her hand for the pack Severus kept safely stored in the sleeve of his robes. He passed it to her, but he had no intention of staying for a smoke. He just was wanted to hit his head to the pillow, and possibly, hopefully, wake up without the acknowledgment that this day had occurred.

“I’m tired, actually,” he said apologetically, running his hand over his scalp.

“ ‘Kay,” she said, lighting the tip of the cigarette in her mouth. She blew the green smoke in his face teasingly. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Sev.”

“ ‘Night,” he waved absently, and set down the rest of the way to the common room.

Misericordia slunk to the ground, knees curled up to her chest, the way she always sat, and simply breathed for a while. She didn’t need to move around now that Severus wasn’t having a smoke with her. She played with a buckled on he large platformed boots and glanced over the papers she had taken from Severus. There was only one of them with his name on it, and it contained a total of three sentences. She frowned. The other three bore different names, the names of James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew.

She heard a thud coming from farther along the dungeon corridor, and poked her head around the corner. She couldn’t see anything.

Taking out her new favorite parchment from her boots she tapped it with her wand, whispering what she had discovered were the magic words, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” not that she really needed to say them anyway, since she didn’t know how to wipe the map clean. Scanning the papers corner, which was the Dungeons, she read four names above four tiny dots. Three of those names she had just read atop the papers her friend had written.

James kicked a moss covered wall that was the entrance to the Slytherin Common Room. He gritted his teeth.

“I thought you said you knew the password,” he said turning to Sirius.

“I said ‘the last time I checked’,” Sirius replied.

“And House passwords can change almost everyday,” Remus said. He had come along naturally, he always did. He was the only rational one once pranks or vendettas were declared. On more than one occasion, Remus had prevented those involved from needing the attention of Madam Pomfrey. And, although he would never mention this to James, Sirius, or Peter, he slightly enjoyed the thrill of sneaking about.

“We- we- we better get back,” Peter sputtered.

“Ah, shut up, Pete,” Sirius said clapping his worried friend on the back. “We just need to find someone who would know the password.”

“But only a Slytherin would know that,” Peter persisted, nervously backing away. “Come on guys. We can play Exploding Snaps in the common room.”

“Well, I would rather play Explode-A-Slytherin in that common room,” James said shoving his index finger against the solid stone wall.

“How does Explode-A-Slytherin in the hallway sound?” Misericordia stood, her shoulder leaning on the wall opposite the Marauders, her lips twisted in a smirk. Sirius couldn’t help but smile at her impeccable timing.

“It sounds reasonable,” he said, pretending to think it over.

“Well, you guys think on that one,” Missy said, raising her right hand to her mouth to chew on the side of her ring finger. Sirius guessed this was partly to hide her amusement, which did not seem to mask it very adequately. Her bright eyes were dancing as she peered up through thick, but delicate, black lashes. “But you don’t have forever, because this time,” she grinned, “I can walk away.”

“Oh. We’ll think about it,” James snapped back. He mentally shoved himself off a cliff for what was probably the worst comeback in Wizarding, or Muggle for that matter, history. The smell of dew in the dungeons was getting to him, not to mention the stench of stupidity radiating from every pore in Poison Lips’ being. He heard Remus choke back a snort of laughter and mentally shoved him off that cliff too.

He opened his mouth to spit out a better formulated insult, but Misericordia put a finger to his lips. Her hand was swatted away almost instantly.

“I think these,” she said handing out Severus’ handy-work, “belong to you.” She raised an eyebrow as Sirius exclaimed, “Bloody brilliant!”

Remus looked over his friends shoulders at the parchments in their hands. “Where did you get those?” He asked Missy, his voice stern.

“Severus just wrote them,” she said simply, but she was glaring at Sirius, James, and Peter. “And I want to know why he wrote them for the Gryffindor scum that continually bugs the shit out of him.” Her playfully, sarcastic attitude had gone, turning to smoke like the strands being emitted from her cigarette.

“Gryffindor scum?” James practically shouted. “GRYFFINDOR SCUM?”

Remus stepped in front of James and held his hand to keep him from launching at Missy with his wand. Sirius groaned, he knew what was coming.

“Actually,” Remus said, in almost the same tone as Misericordia, “I would like to know that as well.”

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Poison Lips: Dreaming Wasn't The Assignment


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