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The Potter Identity by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 3 : Confrontions and Denial
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Harry sat down on the floor and fingered the ring again, like he had done so many times, pondering if the ring was what he thought it was. Now he knew for sure...This ring was his wedding ring and the woman he had seen being held hostage was his wife. He didn't know what to do. He glanced to Elizabeth's bedroom and saw her smile in her sleep. He squeezed his eyes shut as tears threatened them and he began to feel guilty. He had had sex and fallen in love with another woman when he was already married, and then he was in love with Elizabeth and married to a woman he didn't even know anymore.

He didn't even know her name. He could only remember that she had red hair.

Perhaps he should tell the police that he wasn't missing anymore...If he did that, he would be reunited with his wife, but what was he supposed to do about Elizabeth? He couldn't just leave her and say "Whoops! I'm sorry! By the way: I'm married!" No. He couldn't ever do that. He rose and searched her apartment for his boxers. He found them under Elizabeth's blue and lacy bra on a coffee table. He pulled them on and entered the kitchen, making himself a cup of hot chocolate.

He heard Elizabeth's delicate voice from her bedroom, "Harry? What are you doing?"

Harry lifted his head and saw Elizabeth sit up in the bed. Harry sniffed and wiped his eyes, "Nothing, baby. Just getting a drink." Elizabeth made a tired sound of approval, plopping back down on the bed, and snored lightly a second later. Harry sighed and began drinking the cup of hot chocolate. What was he supposed to do now...?

Harry looked to the tattoo on his arm and felt it burn lightly. He winced and rubbed it. Something was telling him that it wasn't a tattoo. He rubbed his thumb over the snake and shook his head, not believing how his life was. Now, he wished he hadn't lost his memory. Even though he deeply loved Elizabeth, he wished that he was living safely with his wife, who must be so scared for him. She was probably sleeping in a lonely bed, crying herself to sleep.

Harry set the cup down and sighed heavily. He walked back into the bedroom and shrugged up against Elizabeth in her bed. He whispered, smoothing back her hair as he wrapped an arm around her waist, "Elizabeth...?"

"What...?" she whispered in a tired voice and sighed, rubbing her head sleepily. Harry whispered, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you this evening, but I called the police after we got home and I asked them for the name of who reported me missing. His name is Ronald Weasley. I also asked for the address of my guardians. My aunt and uncle raised me: Vernon and Petunia Dursley. I want to visit them today."

"I'll go with you..." she whispered before falling back into sleep. Once Elizabeth was asleep, Harry pulled his body away from hers and turned over onto his other side. He curled up, facing a window in Elizabeth's room and he squeezed his eyes shut, wanting to see the face of his wife, wanting to feel her by his side.


"Ginny, you have to start taking care of yourself..." Hermione whispered as she squeezed her friendís shoulders, visiting her the next day. Ginny was curled up in a ball at the kitchen table in her robe, holding a cup of coffee in her hands. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were red and puffy. Ron was leaning against the kitchen counter, watching his wife and his sister talk softly. Well, Hermione was really doing all the talking.

Ginny shook her head, "I'm not hungry..."

"Yeah, and you're not tired either!" Ron shook his head at his sister, "You have to not worry about Harry and move on with your life!"

"I can't!" Ginny sobbed, rubbing her eyes. She set her mug down on the table and shook her head, "My husband has been missing for two months! And...A-And I don't think he's coming back!"

"Why do you think that, Ginny?" Hermione asked, squeezing Ginny's arm, sitting down in a chair next to Ginny, "There is always the possibility that he can come back. Don't be so hard on yourself."

"Harry made a deal with Voldemort before he let me go." Ginny said, staring at the table as Ron and Hermione's mouths both dropped to the ground, "They were going to kill me and Harry said that he would trade anything if they would let me go. Voldemort kneeled down next to Harry and whispered something to him. Next thing I knew, Voldemort was standing up and Harry was agreeing! I don't know what kind of deal he made, but I haven't seen him since!"

"Ginny, why didn't you tell us?!" Ron stuttered, sitting down next to his wife. Hermione glanced to Ron and let a worried look spread across her face before looking back to Ginny. Ron asked, "What kind of deal do you think he made?"

"I think he gave up his life for mine..." Ginny whispered, wiping at her eyes as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

Ron whispered, looking to Hermione, "That is the bold kind of thing Harry would do..." Hermione shook her head and turned back to Ginny, "No. I'm not going to believe that this easily. If Harry gave up his life for yours, why wasn't he killed in front of you?"

"I-I don't know..." Ginny whispered, "After Harry made that deal, Voldemort told them to let me go...T-They just drug me out of wherever we were and apparated away with me! They left me in the middle of no-where! And I that was when the aurors found me..." Ron and Hermione were silent, not knowing what to say. Ginny shook her head and sobbed, holding onto her stomach, "He's dead!! He's dead and he's left me with his baby!"

Ron and Hermione both gasped. Ron asked, "G-Ginny, y-you're pregnant...?"

Ginny sobbed, nodding her head, "Yes...I'm pregnant..."


Petunia Dursley stopped cooking her potato casserole when the doorbell rang throughout their home. Her husband was watching television and her son was visiting for the day. She wiped her hands on her apron and entered the hall, opening the door. She stumbled back at the sight of her nephew and a woman she had never met before. She asked, "What are you doing here?"

Harry Potter bit his lip. He asked, "P-Petunia?"

"Yes..." Petunia whispered, bracing her hands on the door. She heard Vernon call from inside, "Who is it, darling?" Vernon rounded a corner and stopped. He hissed, "Get out! I don't want you in my house! Get out! Now!"

"No! Wait!" Harry said quickly, even as Elizabeth tugged on his sleeve, whispering, "Harry, this wasn't a good idea. Let's go..."

"What do you want?" Petunia asked.

Harry swallowed a lump in his throat and said, "I want to know who I am...I thought you could help me. I've been diagnosed with Amnesia. I know nothing about myself except that my name is Harry James Potter. I was born on July 31, 1980, and my parents were murdered when I was a baby...Please help me."

Petunia looked to Vernon who rolled his eyes and nodded his head in an approval. Harry whispered, stepping inside, "Thank you." He looked to Elizabeth and said, "This is Elizabeth Green. She's the one who found me."

"Where exactly where you found?" Petunia asked, closing the door behind their guests. Elizabeth spoke, "I was on a cruise near Spain and I found him floating in the water."

Petunia nodded and walked back into the kitchen. Harry and Elizabeth followed. Harry looked around at the unfamiliar house and tried to imagine growing up in this house.

Harry stopped suddenly and leaned up against the wall in the hallway, pictures flashing before his eyes. He choked on the air as he recovered a memory.

The same large man that Harry had just seen, his uncle, was throwing a little boy with raven hair into the cupboard beneath the stairs. His uncle was spitting everywhere, "What did you do?!"

"I don't know!" the little boy yelled, "One minute the glass was there and then it was gone! It was like magic!"

Uncle Vernon threw Harry into the cupboard and slammed the door shut on him, locking it. He hissed, "There's no such thing as magic!"

"Harry!" Elizabeth said in a worried voice, "Harry, what's wrong?"

Harry grabbed onto his side and sighed, shaking his head, "It's n-nothing." Harry shook his head and continued following his aunt, who had looked over her shoulder at him in a worried manner. Entering the kitchen, he spotted a very large man sitting on the couch, watching a program on television. The man turned his head and narrowed his eyes at him, rising, "What are you doing here, Potter?"

Harry muttered just loud enough so everyone could hear him, "I guess no one is too fond of me around here..." Petunia said harshly to Dudley, "Dudley! Your cousin has been diagnosed with Amnesia. He doesn't remember anything."

Dudley raised his eyebrows as Harry and Elizabeth slowly settled themselves down at the kitchen table. Harry asked, "I want to know everything you know about me. I know nothing except what has come to me in a few memories."

Vernon and Dudley sat down at the table as well as Petunia began cooking in the kitchen again. Petunia began talking, pursing her lips together, "You were on our doorstep on the morning of November 1, 1981. We were told to take you in until you were seventeen by Albus Dumbledore. Your parents were killed on Halloween in 1981 by a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort."

"W-Wait!" Harry stuttered, "W-Wizard...?"

"You don't know that either?" Vernon spat.

"Know what!?!" Harry said harshly, "That I'm some wizard?!"

"Exactly." Dudley snickered, "You were always a freak."

"Please!" Harry begged, "I know nothing about myself! You're the only ones that can help me right now!" Petunia froze in the kitchen and wiped her hands on her apron once more. She looked like a cow as she stood there, frozen, and staring at her nephew. She sat down at the table and began talking in a slightly calm, yet shaky, voice, "Yes. You are a wizard, and when you turned eleven you went to a school called Hogwarts. You're friends are named Ron and Hermione, I think. Wait." Petunia froze and looked to Harry's left hand. She blinked and Harry slowly withdrew his hand from the table's surface, moving it to his lap. Vernon and Dudley spotted the same thing. Elizabeth, however, remained oblivious. She looked to Harry and squeezed his arm in a reassuring way.

Petunia asked, "A-Are you two and i-item now?"

Elizabeth smiled lightly and Harry looked away from her. Petunia swallowed and pushed away the fact that Harry had a wife. Petunia began talking again, "There is not much we can tell you. We weren't...the most polite...people around and you didn't really share with us, but I do know that in your first year at Hogwarts you made a team of some sort, a game and that you were a natural at flying. In your second year you killed a basilisk and saved...a-a girl from her death...In your third year, you met your godfather, named Sirius Black. In your fourth year you were tricked into a tournament, because Voldemort was trying to kill you. Instead, he killed a friend of yours, Cedric Diggory, and in your fifth year, your godfather...died. In your sixth year, your headmaster was murdered and you didn't return to Hogwarts for your seventh year. You didn't tell us why you left, but you left with your friends, Ron and Hermione. W-We haven't seen you since your wedding..."

"Petunia, how do you know all of that?!" Vernon barked. Vernon had had no idea that Petunia had been keeping tabs on Harry in his years at Hogwarts. Petunia turned to her husband and closed her eyes briefly. She sighed, "Albus Dumbledore and I communicated during Harry's schooling."

Harry was staring at the table, at loss for breath. Elizabeth sat frozen in her chair, not knowing what to say to this. Harry whispered, "A-All that happened to me...?"

"Yes, Harry." Petunia nodded.

Harry stood up and walked to a window, placing a hand over his mouth. He wiped at his eyes and whispered, "My life has been so horrible..."

"No, Harry." Petunia said, "After you turned eighteen, whenever you would mail us you always seemed so happy. The past nearly four years of your life have been the best for you."

"That doesn't matter now..." Harry whispered, "I don't even know what happened in those four years."

"I'm sorry. I can't tell you anything else..." Petunia said, "Your room is empty. You took everything you owned when you left when you were seventeen."

"I-I'm almost twenty-two. Right?" Harry asked, turning back. His family nodded and Harry swallowed. Elizabeth looked back and forth from Harry's family to Harry himself. Harry whispered, "Elizabeth, will you excuse us for a moment?"

She nodded and rose from her chair, going out into the hall. Harry muttered a thank you and when she was out of earshot, Harry asked his aunt, sitting down next to her. He placed his left hand over her own and looked into her blue eyes, "Tell me about my wife..."

"Y-You know about her?" Petunia asked.

Harry shook his head, "Only what has come to me in a memory. I don't even know her name. I only know that she has red hair..."

Petunia nodded and actually dabbed at her eyes for her nephew. Petunia choked out, "She's such a beautiful woman."

Vernon said, "Her name is Ginny."

"You've been married for two years." Dudley said. Harry looked to them and swallowed, withdrawing his hand from his aunt's. He asked them in a whisper, "D-Do we have any children?"

"No." Petunia shook her head, "Not that we know of, but you are an uncle." Harry blinked and asked, "W-Who are my in-laws?"

"Ron and Hermione Weasley." Petunia said. She whispered, "Your niece is Jane. She is three..."

Harry set his head on the table and put his arms over his head, feeling tears well in his eyes. He sobbed, "What have I done...?" The three Dursleys looked at each other and Petunia nervously reached out a hand and patted his back. He whispered, "I love Elizabeth..."

"But you love Ginny as well." Petunia whispered, withdrawing her hand from Harry's back. Harry whispered, "Where does she live...?"

Five minutes later Harry said goodbye to his aunt, uncle, and cousin and took Elizabeth's arm as she sat on the stairs, her head in her hands. Elizabeth asked, "So, you're some kind of wizard?"

"I know nothing more than you do right now." Harry said. Elizabeth asked where they were going and Harry said, "Potter Manor. My aunt told me where I l-live, but Elizabeth...I don't think it would be such a good idea if you came."

"What do you mean, Harry?!" Elizabeth asked, outraged. As Harry opened the passenger's door to her car for Elizabeth she hopped in and said, "You told me I could come anywhere with you! Why can't I come now?!"

Harry shut her door and climbed in behind the wheel. He begged her, "Elizabeth, please. Just please don't come with me..."

"Why not?" Elizabeth asked as Harry pulled out of Number 4's driveway. Harry muttered under his breath, "I hope I have a license..." He raised his voice, "I should have told you something when I found out..."

"Found what out...?" Elizabeth asked in a whisper.

Harry wiped at his eyes and shook his head, "I'm so sorry, Elizabeth...I should have told you. I shouldn't have let myself fall in love with you!"

"W-Why...?" she asked, scared. Harry ignored her constant questioning until he pulled in front of her flat. He stopped the car and climbed out. Elizabeth walked to him and cupped his face in her hands, making him look at her. When she tried to kiss him, Harry felt extremely guilty and pulled away, trying to keep the tears from forming in his eyes. She asked, "What's wrong?"

"I love you..." Harry whispered, "I always will. Please remember that." When her lips quivered with tears, Harry had to turn back and kiss her romantically. She was surprised with his quick actions, but allowed it and kissed him deeper. Harry lost himself in the moment and back her up against her car. He ran his hands along her, his tongue trying to reach its furthest point. He stopped and tipped his forehead to hers. Elizabeth whispered, "I love you too, Harry...Tell me what's wrong."

Harry tried. He opened his mouth, preparing to speak, but then closed it. He smiled lightly and kissed her once more, briefly this time. When she saw the smile spreading across his lips, she smiled back. Harry kissed her cheek and whispered, "I'll be back later, love..."

She nodded and went inside. Harry caught a cab and told him the directions to his home and to his wife.


Harry climbed out of the cab as it pulled in front of a large mansion-like home. Harry gasped for breath at the sight of it. As the cab zoomed off, Harry whispered, "This is my home...?"

The front yard was beautiful, overflowing with flowers. Harry reached for the gate, closing off the front yard, and pushed it open. As he took his first step inside, he stopped and held onto the post as another memory took his consciousness.

"Can I look yet?" a red headed woman was asking with a giggle in a beautiful, white wedding dress. Harry whispered, his hands covering his wife's. He shook his head, standing behind her. He took a few steps forward, making Ginny do the same. She was giggling, caressing Harry's hands over her eyes.

Harry whispered, "Not yet." He looked around the front yard and then whipped out his wand. He gave it a wave and added what was needed to the garden: flowers. Harry kissed her cheek and whispered, "Now..."

He removed his hands from her eyes and smiled as Ginny gasped and sprang forward, holding the front of her gown in her hands, "Oh, Harry! It's so beautiful! Is it ours?!"

"Absolutely." Harry smiled, walking forward and kissing Ginny romantically before taking her hand and walking through the garden with her. She touched a few flowers with her fingers and sighed at the smell. She shrugged up against Harry and whispered, "It's beautiful. It's the best wedding present I could ever get..."

Harry swooped her up into his arms in one quick motion and Ginny laughed loudly. Harry asked, "Shall I now carry you across the threshold, Mrs. Potter?"

"Yes. You may, Mr. Potter!" Ginny giggled. Harry bounded forward, up the steps and onto the porch. He opened the front door and stepped inside.

Harry coughed when he came out of it and he looked around the front yard, as if the memory had been played like a movie right before his eyes. He shook his head and stepped forward once more, climbing up the steps and admiring the porch. He gained his strength and knocked on the front door. He heard a man's voice from inside saying, "I'll get it."

Seconds later a red headed man was standing there, his mouth dropping to the ground and eyes as wide as house elves. Ron stuttered, "H-Harry..."

Harry fell against the door way in another memory, whispering to him, "Y-You're Ron Weasley...Aren't you?" Harry squeezed his eyes shut, groaning in pain. He felt as if his insides were being pulled out every time another memory came at him.

Harry and Ron were in an unfamiliar room, which was awfully small and covered in orange. Ron was screaming at the top of his lungs. Harry looked to be about seventeen. Ron was shouting, "When are you going to get it through that thick skull of yours?! We're coming with you! We know what's out there and we're prepared for anything! Now, stop trying to be a hero and let us be your friend! We're coming and you can't stop us."

"Ron, I - " Harry began. Ron shouted again, "Ah! One more thing! Don't you ever hurt my sister again! She's pissed at you for not thinking she is old enough to make her own decisions! She loves you Harry and you're shoving her off!"

"I know, Ron..." Harry whispered, taking his head into his hands. Harry groaned, "I love her too, but it's too difficult to explain..."

Ron asked him, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Are you all right?" Harry straightened up and nodded, swallowing. Ron chuckled, "Nice one, mate. Of course I'm Ron."

Ron tried to drag Harry inside, but Harry jerked his arm away from him. Harry whispered, "No. I'm serious..."

"You don't know who I am?" Ron snorted. Harry nodded and then Ron laughed hysterically, "Nice one. Now, stop playing around. Your wife is worried sick about you!"

"Mr. Weasley! I'm serious!" Harry roared. Ron stopped immediately and blinked. He swallowed a lump in his throat and let Harry whisper, "I've been diagnosed with Amnesia...I have no recollection of my life."

"Y-You've got to be kidding me..." Ron whispered. Harry shook his head and then Ron said politely, "Well, come in, for Merlin's sake. It's your house." Harry swallowed and stepped inside, immediately admiring his home.

Ron took Harry's arm and led him through the living room and down a hall, into the kitchen. A woman with brown and curly hair was sitting at the table, talking with the red headed woman who was at the counter, pouring herself a cup of coffee. The brown headed woman stopped and froze. Ginny, wearing a robe, asked the brown headed woman what was wrong. She pointed to Ron and Harry and Ginny spun around.

Harry took a step back at the sight of her. She was so beautiful...Harry knew, immediately, that he could fall in love with this woman again. Ginny whispered, dropping her coffee mug and clasping a hand over her mouth, "Harry!"

She sprang forward and threw her arms about Harry's neck, hugging him tightly. Harry looked to Ron as Ginny clung to him in sobs and Ron looked at his sister, nodding Harry to hug her back. Nervously, Harry patted her back lightly. Ginny stopped at him, knowing he was different, and pulled away. She looked into his eyes and whispered, "You're not yourself. What happened to you?! What did they do to you, Harry?! You stubborn ass! How many times have I told you that I can take care of myself!?!?! Why did you make that deal with Voldemort?! You know that I would die for you in a heart beat!"

"G-Ginny..." Ron said when Ginny became frightened that Harry didn't answer. He was just staring at her blankly. Ginny began whispering, "No. Something's not right..."

Ron whispered as the brown headed woman rose from the table, "Harry has been diagnosed with Amnesia. He doesn't know who he is..."

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