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Ginny's secret by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 2 : A dinner for two
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Harry returned to his house feeling alot happier.
Knowing that he was going to have dinner with Ginny tomorrow, made him forget about the years chasing death eaters; seeing the pain on the faces of people he loved, the eternal darkness that shrouded him for five years and the constant knowing that the people he was trying to protect could get hurt. He turned round to look at his house.
He hadn't been here since that night that he and Ginny spent together.
The place didn't look to dusty; he suspected that Hermione had been in here cleaning(She always was a bit of a neat freak) but the place looked different somehow, it seemed old and could tell many tales about the things that happened while he was away.
He decided that after all his travelling that he should get an early night.
Dragging his feet, Harry walked towards his bedroom, pulled open the door and went inside.
Laying fully clothed on the bed, Harry fell into a dreamless sleep; something that he hadn't had for a long time.

Ginny awoke next morning, feeling happy.
She thought back to yesterday's events and remembered that she would be going out to dinner with Harry.
She walked over to her mirror and looked at herself. She needed to impress Harry but all her clothes were old and had lost most of their colour. Deciding that she would go to Diagon alley later to buy some new clothes, Ginny went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

She was just about to walk down the stairs to the kitchen when she heard a bang from her brother Ron's room. Ginny decided to climb the stairs to Ron's room. Opening the door, she found Ron on the floor holding his head. He looked up and tried to smile. "Let me guess... you got went back to your apartment where Hermione was... had a fight... and got thrown out yet again" She looked at him and he nodded the smile faded. "Gin, you know me to well."

Harry walked into the restaurant wearing a suede jacket and black jeans. He ordered a bottle of red wine, then wandered over to a table for two. Harry looked around and spotted someone he hadn't seen in a long time. "Neville!" Neville looked around and spotted Harry waving. "Harry its so good to see you." Neville walked over and shook Harry's hand. "Neville what're you doing here?" Harry asked. "Oh me and Luna are celebrating our anniversary... we've been married for two years." He blushed at this piece of information. Harry smiled and replied "Oh Neville that's fantastic, I'm so glad that you and Luna got together." Neville beamed at this information. "We would have invited you but as you were on business and we didn't know where you were so we didn't know how to send the invitation." Neville looked down at his feet and blushed; he felt ashamed not inviting Harry.
"Neville don't be mad with yourself, like you said I was working." Neville smiled at this and replied " Well, I better be getting back to my table, Luna will be arriving soon." Harry bid Neville goodbye and sat back down at his table. No sooner had he sat down did Ginny arrive. She was wearing a red dress and red heeled shoes. Her hair was curled and looked wild as if she had been in the wind. She looked over and smiled at him. She sat down in front of him and started to talk.

"So what do you want to know?" asked Ginny, she looked at him with a look of curiosity. "Erm, how about we start with you, how have you been?" Harry looked at her and smiled, he wanted to keep Ginny in a good mood and not start to shouting again. "Fine, James is my main priority at the moment, he starts play school in two weeks, it will be so much more helpful for work, St Mungoes is a very difficult job." She sighed and looked at her food. " So let me get this straight; your a full time mum, you work five days a week, you live with your crazy family and you look gorgeous... so I'm guessing you have a boyfriend then." He smiled at Ginny; his green eyes alight with happiness. "Well ain't you the charmer, but no, I haven't got a boyfriend...or anything else that says I'm in a relationship." Ginny laughed as Harry's smile widened. "So what have you been up to, mystery man?" Ginny leaned forward; her hazel eyes staring into Harry's green ones. "Well, I've been travelling the world searching for the big...bad...death eaters, capturing them and putting them in Askaban." He leaned closer to Ginny; her breath was on his face, his lips were nearly touching hers...they leaned closer, so close that their noses were touching, and then..."Would you like to order your dessert now?" Ginny and Harry turned to see the teenage waitress looking at them with extreme caution. "No we just want the bill." replied Harry, who now looked thoroughly pissed off. The waitress walked away and Harry turned back to Ginny. "So, when did you fall pregnant with James then." His smile faded when Ginny looked like she was about to cry. "Oh that night, when...when you left me, know." She blushed but was saved by the waitress, who had returned with the bill. "Thanks, we'll pay right away." The waitress stared at Harry for a moment; her eyes travelled to his scar but quickly returned to the floor. "Yes, erm... ok, that will be 5 gallons, 15 sickles, and 20 knuts." She said this while counting up the prices on the bill.
Harry paid the waitress, who left. He stood up and held out his hand to Ginny. She took it and stood up to. They left together; arm in arm smiling as they walked.

Ginny and Harry kept talking all the way to the burrow until they reached the door. The awkward silence made Harry feel uneasy so he decided to make conversation. "So miss Weasley, do you intend to see me again?" He looked down at Ginny, his face full with anxiety. "Yes Mr Potter I will like to see you again, how about next Tuesday?" She smiled up at him, she loved it when he got anxious, it changed his bright green eyes to a leafy green, with a touch of blue. "That's sounds perfect." Harry bent down his eyes keeping contact with Ginny's, then he kissed her; his hands reached up into her soft, silky hair, his body close to hers, until... she broke away. She smiled up at him and answered the question that he was about to say "Not tonight tiger, I'm not sure whether I forgive you or not." Kissing him on the cheek she turned, reached the door of the burrow and opened it. She turned back to Harry, blew a kiss to him which he caught, turned back round and walked inside. She closed the door behind her and Harry was left outside and alone.
He apparated to his house, he felt like nothing could stop him from being this happy. Changing into his pyjamas, Harry climbed into bed and fell asleep, dreaming about Ginny in a wedding dress.

A/N: Thanks to Dom who reviewed my last chapter this is for you. Sorry that it took so long I had a bit of writers block. Please review!

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Ginny's secret: A dinner for two


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