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The True Son by Potter n Mione
Chapter 23 : Unexpected???
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Hermione carefully arranged a thick comforter over her unconscious fiancé before turning to Carrie to seize another coverlet from the girl’s arms, and drape it over the aforementioned freezing lad. Finally, the young woman caressed Harry’s unruly locks and stepped back to allow Minerva to give Harry the traditional athelas tea. The woman obligingly bent over her grandson and, using one hand to tilt his head, carefully dripped the russet liquid down his throat.

            “We have done all we can for him now.” McGonagall sighed, “I wish he hadn’t acted so foolishly…”

            “Harry just wanted everybody to stay safe…” Hermione argued, defending her fiancé. “He knew it would be best if he eliminated the goblet before Carrie went to see Riddle.”

            “The boy went and got himself unconscious again!” Minerva said, vehemently. “I can’t lose him! I just can’t! I’ve lost everybody; he’s all I have left!”

            “Harry has lost people too, Professor.” Ron prompted, “Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Dumbledore, Sirius… and yet he found you. Do you know why Harry chose to destroy the horcrux without assistance? Because of Hermione, Carrie, Elrond, Galadriel, Celeborn, and you. You are his family... and my best mate will always strive protect his family.”

            The group fell silent after this proclamation from such an unlikely individual, and hurried to busy themselves with other tasks. Hermione and McGonagall sat by the ailing lad’s bedside, ensuring he was warm. Galadriel kept the tea hot, and the rest graded papers or studied. The night was once again transformed into a long vigil and the young ones; Ron in particular, soon grew ornery.

            Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all his loyal companions who were pleading with the Lord Eru for his recovery, Harry was struggling in an intense, internal battle.

            “So cold… so cold…” muttered the boy in his delirious state. “Is it winter, already??? How I long for warmth! A hot beverage… yes… and maybe some chocolate chip biscuits too… I’m so cold, I feel like I’m burning up from head to toe!” Presently however, the lad noticed a warm, tingly feeling was spreading throughout his body, and he gradually allowed his tense muscles to relax, as the change took effect.

            The young man’s anxious comrades also became aware of the change, and they hurriedly gathered around his bedside. Though perhaps Minerva was the most apprehensive of all, as she sat on the edge of her grandson’s sickbed with Hermione’s hand in her own. Indeed, this female elf was the first to give a shout of excitement when the boy’s eyes fluttered open, and he pushed himself up… only to stare wildly at his eager relations.

            “Who are you???” Harry murmured, curiously. “Where I am? What is my name???”

            The elves and Ron drew back immediately in distress, and gazed befuddled at one another. Amnesia??? They had not expected this. Yes, the wise elven scholars had not anticipated amnesia at all! Questions soon detonated in their vast, elven minds (A/N: Not Ron’s of course!  He doesn’t have an elven mind.), and they hastened to voice their thoughts.

            “Is it a side effect of the evil magic imbued in the horcrux???”

            “Is it temporary???”

            “What are we to do if this amnesia is permanent??? Harry is the only being who can annihilate Riddle…he can’t just end up in Saint Mungo’s, like Lockhart!”

            “Is my name Harry?” The conferring elves spun around as the now truly lost boy spoke, and Minerva approached him cautiously before reaching to grasp his hand in her own.

            “Yes…” The headmistress began, lovingly. “You are Harry James Potter, my grandson and an elf…” The woman then charily projected herself into the boy’s mind to further examine this… amnesia inflicted upon her beloved grandchild.

            Minerva gasped as she twitched back the curtain of darkness, which usually allowed her to gain access to a being’s memories of his or her life. The elf was extremely disturbed by what she saw…. In general, a person’s brain is surrounded by swirling, misty memories… and yet Harry’s memories appeared to be… frozen in place. The memories seemed similar in appearance to a frozen river… uneven, rough, and there were even areas where the ice was thicker than other places.

            The shaken, bewildered professor swiftly withdrew from this undoubtedly foreign mind, before relating her findings with her mesmerized colleagues and students. The very same question soon rang through all their minds: What had caused such a peculiar, magical phenomenon? The collaborators racked their brains for possible solution… and yet no one had a clue as to what had caused this loss of memory.

 Hermione researched Alzheimer’s, a gradual memory affecting disease commonly found among Muggles…. Ron flooed to the Burrow in order to speak with his dad about wizarding memory loss, telling him it was “a school project”, and found out more about the memory-erasing charm…. While the others conversed with the Hall of the High Elves’ portraits in an attempt to find out if such an event had ever occurred in elven history before.

            Unfortunately, the search turned up futile… the elves and Ron could not find anything similar to Harry’s frozen memories. Eventually, scholars concluded there was nothing that could be done at the moment, so they resolved to continue Harry’s search for the remaining horcruxes, all the while hoping Harry’s memories would somehow “thaw out”.


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