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The Boy Next Door by JoBlack
Chapter 1 : The Boy Next Door
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*Harry will not appear till later chapters. Story in mostly muggle setting. Anything you recognize I don't own.*

Chapter One- Moving

" Mom, tell me again why we are moving to ENGLAND?" a girl of 15 whined.
" I already told you Zoie, and if you ask me one more time I am going to ground you for a month." her mother replied.
Zoie grumbled, and pushed her lond brown hair out of her eyes. She glared at her mother through angry blue eyes.
" But......what about my studies, or my job, I can't just up and leave can I." she despretly tried. She knew her mother would see right through it.
" You don't have a job, and there is school in england." she replied like it was the most obvious thing in the whole United States.
" but..." she muttered trying desperatly to come up with something.
" No buts missy, now stop arguing and get in the car."

Zoie silently looked around the new room she was being forced to live in. This neighborhood was to............ clean.
There was no one to talk to. They all had the same intrest and would believe anything you say.
' Yeah, they would probaly believe me if I said I was a pyscho chicken on the loose looking for fresh meat. Either that of they would have me commited. Damn people don't now sarcasm if it comes up and smacks them in the ass." she angrily thought.
Her family had so kindley informed her that she was going to meet the neighbors tommorow night. The Durckley's or Dumbley's...
' Oh who really gives a shit.'
She started rumaging around though her stuff when she noticed..
" What the hell, Where in God's name is my Good Charlotte cd." she screamed paroined.(sp?)
she then heard giggling behind her door. ' Annoying younger siblings.' she thought furosily.
" Ben, if you don't give me that cd, RIGHT NOW, i will personally make sure that you don't have any hands to steal anything with ever again." she yelled through the door.
Her annoying 12 yr old brother stuck his head through the crack in the doorway.
" Empty threat. You wouldn't harm anyone if your life depended on it. Exspecially me."
* I moved this story from FarronPotter to JoBlack.*

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