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Jealousy Between Twins Over A Potter by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT
Chapter 5 : Been Caught Stealing
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Harry and Fred were sitting in Harry’s room, listening to music, Harry’s head on Fred’s chest. Fred was running his hands through Harry’s hair as he thought about how much he hurt his own twin brother.


He hated himself for it. He looked at Harry who had his eyes closed and he sighed and he sat up and swung his legs over the bed. Harry looked up

‘ What’s wrong George?’ he asked

‘ Nothing’ Fred lied rubbing his hand up and down his other arm.


Harry sat up properly and put an arm round him

‘ Tell me’ he said and nuzzled in Fred’s neck and Fred closed his eyes

‘ Harry’ he said

‘Yes?’ Harry said into his neck

‘ I have done something wro-‘


Just then there was a knock on the door and Harry sat up and grabbed his herboligy book and put it on his lap

‘ Come in’ he said and Ron entered

‘ Hey mate what you doing?’ he said sitting down next to him

‘ Oh George is just telling me some Herboligy stuff as we have a test when we go back’ said Harry turning the page of the book to look casual.


‘ Oh I see’ said Ron and smiled at Fred and his smile dropped to a confused face

‘ Hang on’ said Ron

‘ What?’ said Harry looking up from the book and at Ron and Fred looked at Ron pleadingly but he didn’t notice

‘ That’s Fred Harry. He and George must be mixing you up for a laugh’ said Ron laughing but didn’t realize how much pain and confusion he had just caused.


‘ What?’ said Harry his voice shaky

‘ Its Fred Harry’ said Ron smiling and Harry turned to Fred whose eyes were glistening and looking at the wardrobe at the other side of the room

‘ Are you Fred?’ asked Harry sounding as though he was going to cry

‘ Harry I-‘ said Fred putting a hand on Harry’s shoulder but Harry stood up, tears streaming down his face

‘ How could you?!’ Harry yelled in his face and slapped him hard and ran out the room.


‘ Wow he took that a bit personal didn’t he’ said Ron and turned to Fred who was sobbing next to him. Fred also stood up and ran out the room leaving Ron completely confused.


Harry ran into the airing cupboard and closed it shut and crouched down on the floor rocking back and forth, tears all over his face.


He felt used, horrible, and guilty. So Fred was pretending to be George? That hurt so bad, made him out to be a fool. He had kissed Fred on the chest, that was supposed to be George’s chest. He kissed Fred on his lips, which should have been George’s lips.


George! He had done that to George! Harry raised his head; uncontrolled breathing and hard sobs came from him. He stoop up and threw the door open and ran up the

stairs, running past Mr. Weasley.

‘ Harry what’s wrong?’ he said but Harry ignored him and kept on running.


Mr. Weasley looked out the window and saw Fred sitting under the tree, crying as well.


‘ Uh oh’ he said.


Harry knocked hard on Georges bedroom door. He hadn’t been out of it ever since he had done that to him

‘ George open up!’ Harry said but no one came to the door.


George was sitting on his bed, under the bed covers, tear stained face and fast asleep from the exhaustion of crying. He had put a silencing charm on his door so no one could hear him yell and crash his room.


All the books, which were on the shelf, were now all over the floor, mixed with a broken table and lampshade. He had cast a spell on Fred’s bed so when he went into it, he would wake up with a zitty face and only 8 toes. He also made it so he would wake up in pain.


He heard the pounding on his door and jerked awake, tears which had welded up in his eyes before he drifted off falling down his face

‘ George please open up’ said Harry softly from the other side of the door.


George didn’t move, just shut his eyes, remembering through his headache what Harry had said to him and kissed it in front of him.


‘ George it was Fred’ said Harry again ‘ He tricked me. He said he was you. Oh god please open your door!’ Harry said and kicked the door.


George wondered why he didn’t use magic.  

George remembered Fred telling him he didn’t like Harry back. And then he pretends to be him? He tricked Harry. Anger boiled inside him. Should he believe Harry though? Did Harry and Fred just break up so now he’s coming to him?


‘ Please’ Harry said softly ‘ I’m sorry’


George moved from his bed and walked towards the door and put his hand on the handle and kept it there without turning the doorknob.


‘ George?’ asked Harry.  

‘ Harry’ George squeaked not opening the door. He knew Harry wouldnt know he was there though because of the silencing charm but he kept on going.

 ‘ George it was Fred. He tricked me. I thought he was you! You take my breath away George, you make me full, I can be yours if you accept, I would kiss away you pain, I will stand by you, I-I love you’


George opened the door slowly and saw Harry with a tear stained face, smiling at him. George still felt hurt, angry and lots of other things, though his heart was burning with love for Harry.


‘ I love you to’ said George and threw himself at Harry and hugged him tightly and Harry hugged him back.


George wouldn’t let Harry go but Harry didn’t mind.


‘ What is going on?!’ Ron yelled getting frustrated that he didn’t know anything that was going on in the past month. George kissed Harry and Ron gasped loudly

‘ That’s what’s going on Ron’ said George

‘ Now where is he’ said George and let go of Harry but still held his hand and dragged him downstairs, Ron still staring at the spot where he had just seen George and Harry kiss. His eye twitched.


‘ George?’ said Harry worrying what he was going to do to Fred. He didn’t like Fred anymore though; he just didn’t want George to do anything he might regret.


George walked out the kitchen door past his mother and she looked at them holding hands and her eyes widened but she continued to walk inside.


‘ Arthur’ she said to her husband

‘ I know’ he said


George spotted his twin leaning against the furtherst away tree and walked straight up to him. He let go of Harry’s hand and grabbed Fred’s collar which wakened him and put his wand to his throat

‘ So you were pretending to be me huh?’ said George angrily pulling Fred up and pushing him against the tree

‘ I-I’m sorry’ said Fred

‘ No your not’ said George and threw him to the ground and Harry stepped back, frightened by Georges behavior. He had never seen him this angry before. In fact, he had never seen him angry.


Fred put his hands in front of him, shielding his face

‘ George, I swear I didn’t mean to, I just said I was you so I could-‘

‘ So you could what?!’

‘ Get Harry’s attention! Is that such a crime?’

‘ It is to me’ said George and sat on top of Fred who coughed, losing some of his lung space.


‘ So let me get this straight. You pretended to be me, so you could touch Harry the way your sick dreams want to?! Well he’s not a toy! He’s a human and you tricked him! How could you?!’


George got off of Fred and pulled him up again and punched his face and Fred stumbled back.

‘ George!’ said Harry but George moved forward and punched Fred again and he fell to the ground, nose and lip bleeding.


George started to kick Fred hard in the ribs and he called out in pain.


‘ George!’ Harry yelled and tried to pull him back

‘ No!’ yelled George and pushed Harry off and he sat on Fred’s stomach and began punching his again.


There was a sickening crunch as Fred’s jaw broke and George stopped, breathing hard. He looked at what he had done. Fred’s face was all bloody, his jaw slack, blood pouring from his mouth and he was whimpering.


George stood up and watched his brother roll on his side, so he didn’t choke on his own blood.


‘ GEORGE WEASLEY!!’ His mother yelled and he looked up and saw his mum and dad running up towards their son on the ground.


Mr. Weasley kneeled down to Fred

‘ Its ok son, its ok’ and he began to clean up his wounds with his wand.


Mrs. Weasley was yelling at George

‘ HOW COULD YOU! YOUR OWN BROTHER!!’ she yelled in his face

‘ YEAH WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT HE DID MUM!’ George yelled back at her. He had never once yelled back at his mother and she looked shocked



She looked even more shocked.

Actio broom!’  George yelled pointing his wand in the air and his broom came straight to him and he mounted it and flew off into the sky.



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