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An Unloveable Man by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 1 : A One-Sided Love
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To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. 

-Bertrand Russell

The rain fell down in sheets as she sat under the shelter of a large willow tree. The little droplets of rain fell gently into the beautiful lake before her. They broke the surface of the seemingly perfect body of water in the same way that the river of tears was falling from her coffee-hued eyes. Puddles of mud collected around her feet as she sadly watched the lake before her.

How could someone be so cruel? How could someone be so closed to love? How could she be so helplessly in love with someone like that? It made virtually no sense that one could be in love with someone who would never love.

“Adrienne.” His voice was as cold as the rain droplets that were falling onto her black curls. Her eyes automatically closed at the sound of his bitter voice. This was the man she loved no matter how much he hated to love. She loved Tom Riddle with all of her broken heart.

She didn’t care that no one liked him well, save the teachers at Hogwarts. Adrienne thought that he was charming and so much different than she was. Perhaps that was why she loved him; he was cold and bitter while she was warm and caring. He was also something that she would never have. No matter how much she desired his love, Tom Marvolo Riddle was an untouchable person.

“Tom,” Adrienne acknowledged. She couldn’t bring herself to look into his dark eyes and tell him what she truly felt of him. Oh, yes. She loved him deeply, but there were other things she wanted to say. So badly she wanted to tell him that he needed to let someone in and to love someone.

“Come with me,” his cold voice demanded. She obeyed, knowing that if she didn’t, he would use an Unforgivable Curse. Never was he afraid to use those; it frightened Adrienne endlessly, but her love never faded. She couldn’t stop loving Tom because of his behavior. When one was in love, nothing else mattered. Only the object of your affection mattered.

“I said come,” he ordered. Her feet understood the message and she walked quickly, staying as close to Tom as she could. Though it was raining and his jet black hair was soaked, he still looked as handsome as ever. In fact, it made him seem more desirable, but only if she forgot the fact that he was ordering her around.

“In.” He pushed her through the entryway to the Slytherin common room with much more force than necessary. Something was angering him and Adrienne was likely going to be the receiving end of a rant. Tom’s anger was one of the most vicious things that one could be subjected to. His words had the ability to make your spine tingle and cause horrific nightmares. Oddly enough, she still loved him.

“Calm down,” Adrienne said, trying to keep her voice as even as possible. This seemed to fail when she heard the words come from her red lips. She slowly sat down next to him on the cold leather sofa that sat in front of a stone fireplace that seemed to put off virtually no heat.

“Horcruxes,” he muttered. She cocked her head to the side in curiosity.

“What are those?”

“You can be immortal!” His voice was excited and had a hint of mischief to it.

“Why would you want that?” Her voice shook a bit as she fathomed all of the evil that could come out of immortality. You would watch your children die and the world you once knew fall apart. Her heart would break into more tiny pieces if she was forever young.

“Why would I want that?” Tom’s words were mocking now. A cold smirk was playing upon his thin, pale lips and his eyes gleamed with a kind of malevolence that no one should ever see. It was pure evil the way he was looking at Adrienne. She could feel herself sinking into the overstuffed couch as she waited for him to finish answering her question.

“Yes,” Adrienne said, confirming that she wanted the question answered. Swallowing hard, she hoped that this had not set Tom off.

“I want that because I would never have to worry about time! I would never have to worry about anything because I would have forever to do it!” The gleam in his eyes was becoming not only frightening but mad.

“You would never have to love…” Adrienne said, not realizing she had spoken aloud. She realized this only when Tom stopped talking and held her wrist tightly. She could feel tears of fear welling in her eyes as he gripped tighter to her tiny wrist, shaking her slightly. Anger and fury burned in his beautiful black eyes as she tried to squirm free of his grip.

“What did you say?” he shouted, not caring that the whole of the common room was watching his verbal assault. Her lip quivered as she tried to gather the courage to answer his question.

“I—I—I said that you’d never have to love.”

Time seemed to stand still as soon as those words exited her mouth. She held her breath and waited for an insult or physical punishment for her reply. Everyone knew what Tom did to people who disobeyed him, were ‘below’ him, or simply annoyed him. He used spells and curses on them or tortured them mercilessly. Something still made Adrienne love him, though. It was as though it was something they both needed. Though they were different as night and day, that didn’t change how much in love with him Adrienne was. Tom needed someone to care for him as she would if he let her in.

“Repeat that,” he ordered, his tone low and dangerous.

She shook her head. There was no way that she would say that again. The miracle that his anger would decrease if she repeated her words was zero.

“I said to repeat that.” His nostrils flared with anger as she muttered those simple words again.

“You’re right! I never will love anyone! Especially not you!” His words ate at her heart like acidic chemicals ate at skin. She could hear his heavy footsteps trudging up the spiraling stairs to his dorm as she sat with her arms wrapped around her rib cage. Pulling her knees to her chest, she began sobbing. Her ears rang loudly, as though it was her body’s attempt to block out the words that he had said to her.

It was unreal how much Tom could block out. She loved him endlessly and he wouldn’t even try to love. Her heart rate became faster as her anger kicked in full blast. She had never felt this way. Desperately, she wanted to hurt Tom as much as he had hurt her. It was so unlike her, but that’s what she wanted. She wanted him to feel the pain and agony that was ripping her heart into even more miniscule pieces.

“How could he?” she sobbed to herself as she sat beneath that same willow tree. There was no use staying inside where the risk of seeing him was incredibly high. There was no use staying inside where she couldn’t hide her tears. This was the best place for her: in the rain with only the trees as company.

Though she wanted to push all of the words he had said to her a few moments ago out of her mind, she couldn’t. They echoed about as words would if they shouted in an empty cave.

“I will never love anyone! Especially you!”

Those words…Those words were so cruel. They lingered even as she heard footsteps coming up behind her. She knew precisely whose they were. Tom Riddle. He always came to see the victim.

“I love you, Tom,” she said, not once looking up at him.

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