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The Brothers Potter by Golden_Phoenix213
Chapter 9 : When Potters Fly
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Within the Potter household everything seemed exactly the same as it had always been, two young boys sat playing quietly on the living room floor, their mother sat watching them, a smile crawled across her lips. The only noticeable difference was the appearance of a small cradle perched beside the chair on which she was sat . A sleeping infant, merely a few weeks old was snoring lightly, she shifted slightly her delicate little arm flopping above her head sluggishly.

That was when Ginny heard a cry, startled she looked around, Albus was sat there shock evident on his face, he begun to cry, long high pitched wails. Stumbling to his feet he ran over to Ginny and threw himself at her legs, wrapping his arms around them and burying his head in her lap. Ginny knew what this meant, it meant her son was tired,

“James watch your sister, I’m going to get Al to sleep.” She said to her eldest son who rolled his eyes at her,
“Why what’s she gonna do?” He asked and Ginny looked at him disapprovingly,
“Don’t talk about your sister like that James Sirius Potter.” She said firmly and James nodded slowly, waited till his mother had left the room. Got to his feet and wandered over to his sisters cradle. Pulling himself up onto his tiptoes so he could peer into its depths.

The sleeping infants chest rose and fell steadily with each breath of life, he cocked his head to the side, he liked her when she was sleeping, it was when she was awake he didn’t. It was the way she cried and instantly his parents were at her side, fussing over her, it was when his family and their friends came to see her that they mollycoddled her, merely commenting on the fact that ‘he had grown a lot’ before bombarding her with presents. Marvelling in the fact that she was 'such a good baby'.

Then there was the mobile, the strange device that hung suspended in mid air, floating eerily above her cradle, the sounds it emitted, his parents appeared transfixed by it, the stupid little stars and clouds that rotated slowly as it emitted a tune, not stopping until his sister was lulled into dreamland. The music gave him a headache.

He wondered what it would be like if he touched her, carefully he prodded her in the rib, she shifted slightly, her hand swatting at his fingers, entrapping them under her own, her palm was warm, damp from sweat, her tiny pulse beating weakly against his fingertips. He watched, fear flooding through him, as she begun to rouse, her brown eyes fixed upon him, would his mother be mad at him for disturbing her? He stood, heart racing, waiting for the screaming to begin. But it never, her eyes bore into his, the exact shape and colour of his own.

The corners of her lips moved into a watery smile and she begun to gurgle up at him, James heard a laugh from behind him and wheeled around quickly to see his mother watching him, a moment later his sisters cries sounded and for a moment he wondered why, she had been peaceful moments before.

“What is it Lily sweetheart?” Ginny asked her daughter as she scooped her up, bouncing her lightly as she swayed from side to side gently, still her daughters wailing refused to cease. James felt his palm, still warm and clammy from Lily’s palm, suddenly realisation hit him.

“Mummy.” He squealed, “Give Lilee my hand.”
Ginny, not knowing how it would help knelt down and James placed his pudgy fist into Lily’s, her fingers closed around it and she begun to gurgle, for a moment, before the crying recommenced.

James looked baffled and his mother chuckled,
“I fought it help.” He murmured crestfallen, Ginny pulled her son into her with her free arm,
“It’s not your fault, she’s hungry.” She whispered pulling her daughter into her, “It’s okay Lily.” She cooed as she carried her daughter out of the room. Returning minutes later with both a bottle of warm milk and a content baby Lily who was slurping away at it happily.

James stared down at his hand in wonder for the rest of the evening, he had been so sure that his sister had only begun to cry because he had pulled his hand away.

When his father arrived home that evening, James, as usual flew right into his arms and was spun round, it was their usual greeting, moments later it was Albus’ turn and he too came tottering over to his father, as fast as his pudgy little legs would carry him. Harry spun him round and set him down before setting off upstairs to find his wife and daughter.

Ginny was perched on their bed, gently swaying Lily’s crib when Harry entered the room, his daughter’s eyes flicked to his face and a smile spread across her face, her arms beginning to flail through the air as she signalled she wanted him to pick her up. Ginny sighed,
“I nearly had her asleep as well.” She said, and Harry chuckled,
“What can I say she loves me.” He muttered as he lifted his daughter out of her blankets and she cooed happily as she wriggled in her fathers arms.

Crash! The two looked at each other worried, Ginny flew out of the bedroom, Harry hot in pursuit, as fast as he could go with the infant in his arms. Albus was lay on his belly on the floor, his arms and legs kicking wildly, his eyes closed tightly, it was a humorous sight, James watched his brothers movements clearly amused,
“What happened James?” Ginny asked the toddler who smiled,
“Albus flew.” He said excitedly, Ginny and Harry cast anxious glances at each other, not sure whether to believe their sons story.

“Albie go fly-fly!” Their youngest son cried getting back to his feet and doubling back, clambering back onto the arm of the sofa, flapping his arms and bending his knees as though in preparation for flight. Not quite sure whether to stop their son or watch him, Ginny edged closer ready to catch him if he fell. Her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets as she watched her sons feet leave the leather, leave the safety of the sofa behind, it seemed to happen in slow motion.

Lily’s eyes watched her brother and an amused smile played on Harry’s lips as Albus leapt, high into the air and then begun to descend, his small body plummeting toward the ground, he scrunched up his eyes and held out his arms, Ginny’s breath caught in her throat, she wanted to move, to catch him before he hit the floor but she could not move, horrorstruck as her delicate little son drew closer to the carpeted floor.

It was a big fall for a two year old, and then slowly but surely his body begun to slow, his descending frame hovered in the air for a moment before he fell with a slight thump to the carpet.

His parents were baffled, and then Harry begun to laugh, Ginny rushed to help her son to his feet and shot her husband a look,
“Don’t encourage him Harry. What if he hurts himself?”
Harry shook his head,
“It’s not that.” He begun to laugh harder, tears rolling down his cheeks, Lily begun to join in, gurgling, her arms waving violently, as she bounced up and down in Harry’s arms.

“I suppose you think it’s funny, watching your son plummet to the ground?” She placed her hands on her hips and for a moment the expression on her face was identical to her mothers.
“No, just reminds me of something that’s all.”

Ginny held Albus by the collar as he attempted to dash back to ‘fly’ again,
“Reminds you of what daddy?” James asked curiously and Harry smiled, flopped onto the sofa and placed Lily onto his knee before patting the other one for James to climb up. When both his sons had found space he looked at each of them in turn.

“I’m going to tell you a story.” He said and made the mistake of catching his wife’s eye. She shook her head, her eyes wide and Harry invited her over.

“Perhaps mummy wants to help, daddy forgets parts of it.” He smiled at his wife who nodded and made her way toward them, perching herself beside Harry, Albus clambered over the back of the sofa and plopped himself onto his mothers knee.

“Go on daddy!” James cried impatiently, “Story!”
“Storeeeeeee!” Albus mimicked, and his parents laughed,
“Well,” Harry began, “It all began with a young boy who lived in a cupboard under the stairs….”

A/N Well that's it. After this there's only one more chapter and that's the epilogue. Only question is do you want one? I was to say thanks for all the great reviews this story has gotten to all my loyal readers who took the time to read and review it. Thank you very very much.

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