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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.
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Chapter 23: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. 

Amazing Chapter image by Overdose x3. She rocks my socks. =D

Lily sighed getting into her graduation gown by herself as the other girls in the dorm giggled. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. She wasn’t supposed to go through this alone. She quickly put on her cap and walked down to the common room. Once she reached it she just headed straight up to the other sighed. Knocking on the door that 7th year boys, she waited for an answer. Suddenly Remus pulled open the door also dressed in navy blue graduation gown and cap.

“Got sick of being alone,” He mumbled with a small smile upon his face. Lily smiled sadly and nodded.

“It’s not the same without Jamie,” She said lightly as Remus moved aside to let her in.
“Do you think she’ll be here today,” Said a gruff voice from the corner. Lily and Remus both turned to see Sirius sitting up in his bed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He looked exhausted. Everything was cleared off his bed area expect for a picture frame that was one his bed side table, the picture of Jamie and Rory in it. As he spoke he didn’t look at Lily or Remus but stared at the picture. Lily was briefly saved by James coming out of the bathroom fully dressed in his cap and gown. He kissed Lily quickly on the lips and turned to everyone else.

“You can tell someone’s missing,” He mumbled, glancing over at Tyler’s bed. Lily just nodded sadly. It certainly didn’t feel like graduation day…


“Do you think we should go,” Tyler said lightly as he watched Jamie stare at herself in the mirror. She had hung up a banner that said, “Congrats, Grad!” In her room at the Hogs head. They decided to stay there until school was over and they could head home to their parents.

“I want to be there to support Lily, Sirius, James, and Remus.” Jamie sighed, “But…”

“You don’t want to deal with the rumors or anything else,” Tyler finished for him. Rory was stumbling around the room in attempt of walking. She finally landed on her bright yellow sundress that Tyler had bought for her birthday. Rory giggled and smiled. Rory tugged on one of her long pigtails which Jamie had charmed to grow fast. Jamie slowly pulled a brush through Rory’s hair and stared at the little girl’s face in the mirror. Rory smiled at her mother and Jamie decided.

“Now should I wear a yellow sundress to match?” Jamie asked Tyler and Rory, “Or the blue?”


Lily sighed as she sat down with the rest of the Es. She looked around and her gaze rested on the S’s. Two seats, right next to each other were empty. She glanced around the hall. Her parents weren’t here due to the fact they were muggles and her best friend wasn’t here due to a horrible board meeting. She glanced several seats down to see Sirius doing the same thing she was moments ago: looking for Jamie. Once he went over and over the hall again and again his face finally fell. She wasn’t here, and probably wasn’t going to.
Sirius immediately came up with a plan. After the ceremony he would floo to the Leaky Cauldron. From there he would walk to couple of blocks to Jamie’s parent’s house. If she wasn’t there he would beg them to tell him where she was. If they still refused he would wait until Lily sent her a letter, then he would follow the owl on his broomstick. It wasn’t exactly a foolproof plan, but what other option did he have? He needed to meet his daughter; he needed to be with Jamie.

He glanced around at his classmates. With the threat of Voldermort growing there were only about seventy people graduating about forty classmates went home for Easter, and never came back. Graduating would be 29 Slytherins, 14 Ravenclaws, 6 Hufflepuffs, and 21 Gryffindors, 23 if you included Jamie and Tyler.

Sirius heard the procession music start and stood up. They would all be receiving their diplomas, and then there would be speeches.

“Greg Abbot,” Professor Dumbledore called out, “Ravenclaw!” There was a round of applause. Dumbledore called out the next name, and the next.


Jamie snuck in the door during applause with Tyler on her right and Rory at her left. She was wearing a light blue dress that made her look gorgeous. Rory was in her bright yellow sundress. She breathed a sigh of relief as she took a chair in the back corner. She made it before any of her friends went.

“Sirius Black, Gryffindor. Most detentions in the history of Hogwarts,” Professor Dumbledore yelled out, and Jamie clapped politely, to not draw attention. Sirius had a huge grin on his face as he shook Professor Dumbledore’s hand. He looked happy, Jamie noticed, without a daughter to take care of. She bit back her scream of ‘Go Sirius!’ Tyler clapped too leaning back in his chair.

About six people went before Professor Dumbledore yelled, “Lillian Evans, Gryffindor, and Head Girl.” Many people clapped, and James whooped. Jamie felt sadness overcome her for not only not being up there getting her diploma, but also not being able to cheer her friends on. Polite clapping was all she was aloud to do. Tyler placed his arm around and smoothed back her hair. They listen silently.

“Remus Lupin, Gryffindor, Prefect,” Professor Dumbledore called. Remus had a grin on his face as he took his diploma. Jamie saw a woman who looked very much like Remus a few rows ahead of her clapping very loudly and looking quite proud. Jamie smiled as she wished her own parents were in the crowd. They had sent them a letter telling them all about what had happened with the school board and how Jamie and Tyler didn’t want to take part in something that the school board was so involved in. Her mother was furious that they weren’t taking part of something they worked so hard for, but their father was proud of them.

“James Potter, Gryffindor, Head Boy,” Professor Dumbledore shook his hand quite happily, whispering in his ear, “You almost beat out Mr. Black for detentions.” James grinned and pumped his fist in the air as he got down from the stage. Three people went before Professor Dumbledore called out,

“Jamie Smith, Gryffindor, Valedictorian,” The hall fell silent, most of the parents waiting for a child to take the stage. However Dumbledore continued, “And Tyler Smith, Gryffindor, the only person to ever take eight years to graduate Hogwarts.” Tyler grinned happily as the crowd stayed silent. Finally Sirius and Lily stood up together and began to clap as loud as possible. Several students followed their lead and soon almost every 7th year was standing up clapping, even a few Slytherins. Dumbledore didn’t even attempt to quiet them down but just clapped along with them. Once everyone was seated, ten minutes later, he continued. “Now,” he continued after calling the last name ‘Zack Xenon, Ravenclaw.’ “We shall hear from Valedictorian, Lillian Evans.” There were several claps and several confused parents who were sure that Albus Dumbledore had said Jamie Smith was Valedictorian.

“Hello, and welcome to the graduation of this years Hogwarts class,” Lily said smiling brightly glancing over the crowd. Her glaze stopped in the very back as she heard a baby’s giggle and quiet call of ‘Lily!’, and looked towards the mother. There, grinning up at her, was Jamie, Tyler right next to her. “Now,” Lily said throwing her note cards up in the air and smirking, “Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a mistake.” Lily raised her own hand and waited until ever single person’s hand was in the air. “Now the real Valedictorian, Jamie Smith, had the title stripped from her by the board because she made a mistake. Because they found out that she had a child they took away the honor.” Lily’s voice quickly lost the bitterness that it had had once she began to talk about Jamie.

“If you knew Jamie, even just by passing, you knew she was the most amazing person. She was nice to everyone. However if you were apart of the lucky few who knew her with her daughter, Rory, you knew the true Jamie Smith. You saw her devoted acts towards, Rory. She always put Rory first and was never willing to compromise Rory’s happiness.” Lily wiped a small tear from here eye, “But enough of me talking about her. Here she is, Jamie Smith, you real Valedictorian.” Jamie smiled as Lily said all those wonderful things about her, but looked shocked at the thought of going on stage. Tyler gave her a gentle push and she began to walk up to the stage, her clicking heels the only noise. She held Rory close her side as she walked, knowing she couldn’t do this alone.

Once Jamie reached the podium, her gaze rested on Sirius who was staring at Rory intently, his eyes not blinking. She hugged Lily and Lily kissed Rory on the head. “Do you want to say anything,” Lily whispered to Jamie.

“No,” Jamie said lightly, “Not really.” She turned and said into the microphone, “Once this speech was really important to me. Even days ago it seemed like a tragedy that I wasn’t aloud to participate. Now I have no idea why, but I no longer want to say anything but congratulations guys. You all did it.” Professor Dumbledore quickly walked over and handed Jamie her diploma.

“I’m so proud of you Jamie,” He whispered in her ear, while giving her a hug. Jamie hugged him back while he gave Rory a kiss on the top of her head. “I told you it was only see you soon.”


“Well she is adorable,” A fifth year Hufflepuff said to Jamie. Jamie thanked her quietly as she walked away to congratulate her brother.

“I need to talk to you,” A voice said behind Jamie. She spun around and was not surprised to see Sirius there, his hat in his hand, his gown already pulled off.

“I figured so,” Jamie softly replied as he led her outside the Great Hall and into the Entrance Hall. They stood there for a moment just staring until Rory stuck her arms out towards Sirius.

“Daddy,” She cried, “Daddy, Daddy!” 

A.N.: HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Don't you all just hate me for stoping there? Hehe. I sorry. I love you all =D. Okie dokie well thank you all that reviewed last chapter and I hope juss as many, if not more, review this one.

Guess what?! I started making graphics. I made a gallery at the dark arts and I would love it if you guys checked it out and told me how to improve. I've been doing this for about a week so take that into consideration here it is:

go there and look, please! I will make graphics for anyone, but I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

Alright I love you all!



“You say it like its so damn complicated!” Sirius yelled breaking the peacefulness that the other couples strolling had created.

“You say it like its not!” Jamie screamed right back.


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How To Save A Life: Chapter 23: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.


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