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So Far Away by EricaChristine
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Well, here it is, the sequel to Reforming a Prankster. You might want to read it first so you can understand this one...With that being said, I hope you enjoy. I will be posting a new chapter soon! OH! And warning, if you don't like Mary-Sueness, then don't proceed. I warned you! :) Enjoy and review.

So Far Away ~ Sequel to 'Reforming a Prankster'
By EricaChristine


To the outside world, for those who actually saw it, there was a massive area of grass. Every season it would change, winter it would freeze and all you could see was white. Spring, the frost melted, and the grass flourished by the showers of rain. By the summer time, it was beautiful, a sea of green, flowers of all kinds for miles, or what seemed like it. The only living creatures that set foot on this land were a few deer and rabbits. Other than that, if a man wandered far enough he would find it, but wouldn't really knew what lay underneath.

Only a small group of people knew what was really there. There, being several hundred feet underground, five people took residence. Not by choice, but for their own safety, to hide from the horrible thing that was slowy but surely taking power in the wizarding world...Lord Voldemort.

Why were these three people, out of all the other wizards, hiding from him? Two of them had their fate almost sealed by this man, but chose to take a different route, leaving their lives behind. Not only to save themselves, but those who they love. And had grown to love.

But if you walked across this patch of grass, you would never know that deep down, underneath it all, there were lives being affected, and relationships slowly breaking apart. Why are these five different from anyone else who is suffering? They aren't, but this is their story. How five lives can change in an instant when a man, driven by power, threatens to take away from them what they cherish most? Their dignity, lives, and the ones they had to leave behind.

If you asked them where they were, the couldn't tell you. For all they knew they could be under a massive building, in the desert, or very well next door to their own homes. They had no clue. This was for their own safety, which also included no correspondence with any of their loved ones.

The oldest of the five, being the one who knew the man they corresponded with the most, didn't know where they were. One minute in Kings Cross, the next in a room no bigger than his classroom.

Literally, it was one room with two smaller rooms adjoined. The main room, where two couches and a table sat, was where they all sat. Studying, laughing, crying, and complaining, was all done in this room. The kitchen was just a small section in the right corner of the room. A counter with a sink, stove, and small refrigerator. Next to that was the bathroom, which was no bigger than a muggle telephone booth. A toilet, and a small shower stood in there. Next to the bathroom was a room a bit bigger, where two cots lay in the middle pushed together, and a trunk on either side. This is where the couple slept, their baby sleeping in the middle.

The other one slept on one of the couches, while the oldest, her father slept on the other. This had been their way of doing things for who knows how long. That was another problem, no one knew how long they had been there. Their watches had broken, leaving them with an uncertainty of even what time of the day it was.

Once a month, they would receive a letter, the only correspondence they were allowed to have. It was from a wise old man, one they all loved, he had wanted to keep them safe. The letter wouldn't go into great detail of anything. It would just basically give an overview of what was developing with Lord Voldemort, and usually it was nothing. They all grew tired of hearing the same things over and over again. "We think we may have his location pinpointed..." The oldest would read out loud, and the others would roll their eyes. They had heard the same thing the month before.

And, as if it were a tradition, each would go back to doing whatever it was they were. Not even giving the letter a second thought. The first few times he had sent them with the information, they were excited. It meant that if they knew where he was, they could defeat him, then they would be able to come out. But after months, they lost all hope.

So, if you walked over the spot where they were living underground, you would never know that lives were changed instantly right where you stood. Instead, you would go back to your life. With it's troubles, happiness, worries, and joys. Not even giving a second thought to the patch of grass you stood on.

Within all of the hearts of these people, anger kept itself. The one who came into this a boy, was now a man, fathering a child of his own. He had left his plush and comfortable life behind, giving up his family, and gaining a new one. This one included his girlfriend, their baby boy, an unexpected friend and her father.

The young woman, who bore the child, learned quickly how to be a mother. It was something very new to her, and she would cry to her baby, telling it that someday it would meet its grandmother. She missed her mother terribly, and they all had experienced her wrath when she cried about it.

The oldest had been weary of this whole situation. But grew to realize that he was doing this for his daughter. He wanted her to be safe, and not have to grow up with the people he had. Deep down he kicked himself for not getting her out of it sooner, but knew that things happened, and they have to work with what they have. Or don't have.

He would often look at his daughter. See the pain in her face, imagining all the tears that ran down her face over the months. She didn't cry anymore, in fact, she didn't say anything either. Not a word would come from her mouth unless it absolutely had to. Her father wanted to shake her, but knew that she needed to just think. It was the best thing for her. They had all given up on trying to give her pep talks. She simply wanted to be left alone. Little did they know, that along with not speaking, she didn't feel anything anymore. She could think of what was waiting for her out there, but no emotion would stem from it anymore. The thought of her new love, her best friend, and her mother didn't phase her. She didn't realize how much harder this was going to make it for her to be back out in the world.

All of them noticed this, but knew that it was better not to mention what she was missing to her. The had tried once, and later that day had found her sobbing in the bathroom, muttering something about not wanting to live anymore. They had pulled her out, and cleaned her up, then left her on the couch, to stare at the wall.

To this day, they didn't say anything to her unless it had nothing to do with Voldemort, her friends back home, or her mother. Who was in St. Mungos because of Voldemort.

One day, they assumed it had been a year, they received a letter from their correspondence, Professor Dumbledore. They all looked upon the oldest man in shock. They had just recieved a letter a week earlier with the same information, and they never got another so soon.

He opened the letter slowly, glancing at each of them sitting in front of him. "Hmm?" was all he said, he ripped it open finally and scanned the letter quickly, then had to read it again.

They could of swore he read it twenty times before a reaction came across his face. His mouth dropped, then formed into a smile. "You are never going to believe this!" He announced.

This was the letter that changed all of their lives...again...

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