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Resistance by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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“I really, really, really don’t like that smile,” Heidi said as Liv crawled into her lap. Liv gurgled as David’s grin didn’t fade. She could hear the wind whistling outside, causing her to become a bit nervous. David’s grin faded when they heard a loud crash. Liv’s cries broke the air and Heidi held the baby close.

“David…” Heidi said.

“Shh!” he hissed.

“We have a search warrant!” a thundering voice said, causing Liv to cry even louder. Tears began to fall from Heidi’s eyes as she looked to David, who was pointing to a window on the tent.

“I’m not going, Dave,” she said.

“Heidi! Just do it! I’ll be right behind you!” he ordered. She held Liv tighter to her chest and looked at her husband defiantly. This only seemed to make the baby cry more; she always cried like this if her parents argued in front of her.

“Please, go,” David pleaded. Heidi saw how desperate her husband was at this point in time, but it was too late. The Ministry officials were standing in the bedroom, looking at the Bingleys with a sickening look of triumph in their eyes. The room fell into a deadly silence, including Liv, as the officials drew nearer to Heidi with their wands at the ready. Liv clutched onto Heidi’s shirt tightly as she kissed the top of her daughter’s head. Her eyes never left the heartless men who were looking her up and down.

“Don’t touch them,” David said. He stood in front of his wife and daughter and pulled his wand from his pocket.

“David,” Heidi warned. He turned to face her for a brief moment, and she saw a flicker of rebellion in his eyes. To say the least, this frightened her. David had never been one to rebel.

“Back away,” David commanded. Oddly enough, they backed away. David smirked.

“Now leave and never come back.” Again, they followed his command and scurried away.

Liv started clapping at her father’s accomplishment. A smile was creeping upon Heidi’s full lips as David grinned with pride in himself. He took Liv from his wife and bounced her on his hip, causing the baby to giggle.

“How did you do that?” Heidi said, still in shock at what had happened.

“They’re not really Ministry officials,” he said. That was all he had to say for Heidi to be relieved.

“But we still have to leave because they will tell the Ministry,” he added grimly.


The street that they had landed on looked eerily familiar to Heidi. Liv looked around her mother’s head with a thumb in her mouth. None of the Bingleys dared to open their mouths, not even Liv. It was as though the child could sense the tension between her parents.

“Here,” David mumbled as he fumbled with a key ring and walked up to the towering building before them. So badly, Heidi wanted to ask where they were, but from her husband’s tone, she knew it was a bad idea to say anything at that moment.

“Our flat is through here,” he ordered, pointing down the hall. Swallowing hardly, she walked down the hall as both she and Liv soaked in their new surroundings. David pushed ahead of them and unlocked a door. Heidi looked at the door—number 356—and smiled sadly. It was the apartment that she and David had purchased when they first married. When she found out she was pregnant with Liv, they moved to the house that they had just evacuated a week or so before.

“David,” she whispered. It looked very similar to the way it had when David and Heidi had lived there. There were the same paper thin walls, the same awful and stained flooring and the same cheap artwork. Heidi’s maternal side kicked in and she looked to David furiously.

“I am not letting our daughter live here,” she told him as more of a command than a suggestion. Her voice burned with anger.

“Well, she’s going to have to until I figure out what our next move is.”

“No. She. Is. Not.”

“Yes she is, Heidi. Just for a few nights.”

“No, no, no. David, our daughter is not staying here for any amount of time.” She turned to walk out the door with Liv and their duffle bags when David stopped her.

“Just stay; you’re sure to be murdered cold heartedly if you don’t stay with me. And Liv is under that ‘you’re’.”

“Where’s the man I fell in love with?” she said with a different kind of fury in her tone as she walked through the hall and to the bedroom.

“Heidi…” David said, but it was too late. She had already shut the door and sat down on the bed with Liv.

“It’s okay, love; Mummy won’t let anything happen to you,” Heidi cooed to Liv as she held her daughter to her chest and kissed the baby’s brown curls. Liv drooled on Heidi’s chest, but Heidi took it as a loving gesture and smiled. Lying down on the bed with Liv on her chest, she smiled. If David was going to be a jerk, at least she had her daughter.

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