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The Brothers Potter by Golden_Phoenix213
Chapter 8 : Naming a Flower
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Ginny found herself being led toward a conjured wheelchair, the twinges in her stomach were becoming more and more unbearable every second, she knew there was no waiting, her baby daughter was on her way. Surely Harry would realise, why did he have to be working, she would have much preferred it if he were standing beside her, by her side, supporting her.

She may have been brave but no matter how strong or brave a person may be the excruciating pain involved with bringing a life into the world is unbearable, the pain unimaginable to those who had never done the task themselves and even the near endless limits or magic could only lessen the pain and not eradicate it completely.

She squirmed with discomfort as the midwifes magically floated her out of the wheelchair and onto a freshly made bed.

The question she had been waiting for since her waters had broken and she had known there had been no chance of her returning home that day was finally asked,
“Is there anybody you wish us to contact?” The midwife beside her asked, she nodded, wincing at the stabbing pains,
“My husband, he’s at the ministry.” She grimaced through the pain, the midwife nodded,
“And his name?” Ginny scowled, she did not mean to appear rude but the pain was getting unbearable, she knew there could be hours left but the build up was the worst.

“Harry Potter.” She said through gritted teeth and the midwife nodded although her eyes did flitter in wonder for a moment.
“The healer shall be along shortly, Mrs Potter.” The midwife smiled, “Just in case there should be any complications, we are not trained in that side of medicinal magic you see.” She explained, although Ginny could not really care less at that moment.

A tall woman, sleek black hair cascaded down her back in a ponytail, even through her streaming, half closed eyes Ginny would have recognised the woman anywhere.
“Healer Chang. We weren’t expecting you.” The midwife said rather surprised, at those words Ginny attempted to sit up but failed as the most painful contraction so far rumbled across her stomach.

“How are you feeling Mrs. Potter?” Cho asked politely,
“Just fine!” Ginny answered shortly, wincing at the pain, Cho nodded curtly and conjured a clipboard out of mid air,
“What medication has she been given?” She asked the midwife who shook her head,
“None yet, she’s not far enough along.”
“But of course, no I feel those fancy charms and potions are best effective if left to the last second.”
Cho smirked, as if the idea of leaving Ginny in pain for as long as possible was exactly what she wanted.

A second healer appeared round the door looking rather flustered,
“Mrs. Potter your husband was out on business but I have left the message with a Mr. Ron Weasley he said he shall get it to him as soon as he can.”

Ginny nodded, rather deflated that Harry wasn’t going to be bursting through the door anytime soon,
“Mrs. Potter, it is procedure that the healer asks you some questions, just for the records.” The midwife said and Ginny nodded, Cho dismissed the midwife assuring her that she shall be called for if she was required and pulled up the chair beside the bed.

“Mrs. Potter.” She began, “I believe that this is your third child with your husband Mr. Harry Potter?” She asked and Ginny nodded uncomfortably, where was Harry? How could anybody leave her alone with this woman?
“I am also at liberty to believe that both of your existing children are also those of your husband?” She asked, a malicious gleam in her eyes as she waited for Ginny’s answer,
“Of course they are.” She snapped defensively, Cho seemed defeated for a moment as though she had somehow been hoping to uncover some dirty secret or scandal.

“I am also correct in assuming that this baby is a female? And that the due date has been exceeded?”
Once again Ginny nodded, her eyes narrowing as her intense dislike for Cho grew excessively.
“During your course of pregnancy did you stick to the recommended dietary requirements?” She asked and Ginny nodded, she had dismissed the diet recommendations on several occasions but surely a Chinese here and there and a few glasses of wine couldn’t mean anything. Could they?

“I can be assured that you are not lying Mrs. Potter as the tests taken after the birth will prove if you have been fibbing.” She said in a childish voice and Ginny resisted the urge to smack her,
“A glass or two of wine here and there and maybe more take-aways than I should have.” She admitted and Cho nodded, her wide smirk returning as she made notes.

“Your body has been behaving as normal during pregnancy?” She asked, and Ginny nodded, “No history of allergic reactions to any food types?” She asked and Ginny shook her head, Cho’s smirk faltered again.
“I believe that is all.” She finished getting to her feet as the midwife burst in once more.

“Mrs. Potter, reception have informed me that your husband has arrived.” She said and Ginny instantly lit up, Cho passed her results to the midwife, who addressed her,
“Healer Chang, would you go and fetch Mr. Potter and bring him down to his wife.”

Cho nodded, and the midwife began to examine Cho’s notes. Before Cho had completely left the room she could have sworn there was an evil twinkle in her eye. The midwife vanished the chart into thin air muttering about it “All being in order.” and turned back to Ginny.

“I apologise for leaving you alone with Healer Chang, sometimes she can get a tad snappy with patients, but she’s a darling really.” The midwife smiled,
“Will…is she going to be present at the birth?” Ginny asked and the midwife smiled,
“Healer Chang will not be involved directly with the birth but yes she shall be present in the room at the time.”

Ginny frowned as the pain in her stomach begun to cease slightly, the birth she had imagined had not involved her husbands ex-girlfriend being present, seeing her at possibly her most embarrassing, most vulnerable moment.

She was however torn from her thoughts where she was hexing Cho when the door flew open and Harry burst in a grin plastered across his face, Cho sidled in behind him a rather glum look on her face and Ginny felt a new sudden respect for her husband.

Several hours, severe pain and a substantial amount of screaming, pushing and deep breaths, a remarkably exhausted Ginny was holding her newborn daughter. Her brown eyes were identical to that of her brother James and there were slight red curls already formed on her head. “She’s beautiful.” Harry whispered to his wife who smiled and nodded in agreement,
“Our little…” She broke off, she had never gotten round to deciding on a favourite name for her daughter.

“Up to you.” Harry said tracing a finger over the sleeping baby’s cheek, she stirred slightly but remained asleep.

“She looks so peaceful, delicate.” Ginny whispered to Harry who could not tear his eyes away from her.
“Shhhh, she’s waking up.” She muttered, their daughter begun to stir, her brown eyes gradually opening, the couple could have sat there and watched their daughter forever but rather they were disturbed by a midwife peering round the door to address that Ginny’s parents had arrived.

Mr. And Mrs. Weasley entered James and Albus in tow, Albus eyes gleamed in delight as he spotted his sister and James merely suppressed a smile.

Mrs. Weasley leant in close over her alert granddaughter who stared unknowingly out at the world,
“She has your eyes dear.” She said and Ginny nodded, “And the Weasley hair.” She added, “I swear Ginny any more children looking so much like you, you could pass them off as the milkman’s.” She laughed heartedly, “Sorry Harry just joking you know dear.” She added apologetically, “She has your nose actually Harry dear.”

“Arthur come look at your granddaughter.” She muttered to her husband who stepped forward, a curious Albus in his arms.
“Liely.” He cried excitedly making little grabs for her,
“What did he say?” Mrs. Weasley asked and Ginny and Harry laughed,
“I think he said Lily.” Harry answered,

“Liely!” Albus cooed again and the baby seemed to smile at this.
“I suppose that is settled then.” Harry said firmly, Ginny propped Lily up to face her parents,
“Mum, Dad, James, Albus. I want you to meet Lily Potter.”

a/n: i swore swore swore i would not have Cho has a healer as its too common but i just think it fits. i apologise if this chapter does not meet your expectations but it was a bit rushed as i'm lucky to be able to get to my computer lately. If you will just leave me some critical comments at how to make this chapter better and more believeable i shall get round to editing it asap thank you =]

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