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Chapter 6 : Uninvited Guest.
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Chapter 6: Uninvited Guest.

Remus was the first to floo to Grimmauld place followed by Tonks who was just wiping off the soot when she was knocked off her feet and landed on Harry “sorry Nym” Harry said “I’m never going to get the hang of that I’m going to travel my own way from now on” Harry stood up and helped Tonks to her feet.

“Harry have you tried your way of travel yet” Tonks asked.

“No but here goes” and with that Harry disappeared.

“Remus where’s he gone” Tonks said.

“I don’t kno..Ahhhhh” Remus jump when someone tapped him on the shoulder when he turned around he found Harry on the floor laughing his head off “I’m glad you find it funny how did you go and come back without making a sound and where did you go anyway”

Harry stopped laughing and got up “it’s a lot smoother way to travel than apperating so I don’t make a sound and I went and said a proper good bye to my relatives” Harry said and started laughing and then noticed the look on Remus face. “Don’t worry Remus there still alive”

“Harry its not that it’s just you can’t apporate out or in of this house it’s got an anti-apporition charm on this house” Remus said.

“Remus like I said I didn’t apperate” Harry said while walking up behind Tonks and putting his arm’s around her “Remus do you want to know something really good” Remus nodded “next time I meet old Voldy he wont be runny away from me, he is going to regret the fact that he has destroyed my life up to now but not anymore” Harry said with a serious face. They were interrupted at that moment by Mrs Weasley.

“Harry what are you doing with your arm’s around Tonks” Mrs Weasley

“hello Mrs Weasley I’m giving my girlfriend a hug is that a problem” Harry said with a smile on his face while Mrs Weasley looked shocked but before she could answer the kitchen at Grimmauld place became a stampede ground for three red head boys and one girl followed by a bushy brown haired girl.

“HARRY” they all screamed.

“Hey guys how are all of you” Harry asked but before anyone of them could answer Mrs Weasley had broken in again.

“ALL OF YOU UP TO YOUR ROOMS NOW” Mrs Weasley shouted “I will not have you running around this house it doesn’t belong to any of us it belonged to a man that was stupid enough to get killed now get to your rooms I want a talk with Harry” Mrs Weasley didn’t notice the anger building up in Harry but everyone else in the room did.

“SHUT UP NOW” Harry shouted and the room started to shake “how dare you speak of my Godfather that way, he was a better person than most people I have met and he didn’t hide in fear he went out fighting and it wasn’t his fault it was mine. So don’t you dare say another bad thing about Serius or you will think Voldermort was a kitten and this is my house so I say what is right and wrong” everyone in the room shivered accept Tonks.

Tonks went over to Harry with tears in her eyes “sweetheart calm down you have had a long day it wasn’t your fault it was Voldermort’s”.

“Nym it was my fault” Harry said.

“HARRY JAMES POTTER IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT” it was Tonks turn to shout “now listen to me I am not having anything else ruining your birthday so you go and get washed up and change and come back down then we are going to have a party now go”

“Sorry Nym” Harry said and gave Tonks a kiss and went out the kitchen when he was gone Tonks turned and looked at the people in the room.

“Molly he is an adult now” Tonks said stopping Mrs Weasley from interrupting “you wont stop us being together I care for him to much for you to ruin so get off his back, isn’t he allowed some happiness in his life now you all listen to me we are going to stand by Harry to the end and if you don’t your wosre than that thing that calls himself a lord” Tonks finished and sat down at the table.

“Tonks is wright mum” Ron said “I said I would be by his side and that is what I planned to do and I’m going to take the fight to Vol Voldermort with Harry”

“Mrs Weasley we are all with Harry in everything he does” Hermione said and every one nodded in agreement “you shouldn’t be angry at him and Tonks, Harry acts older than he is, Tonks don’t take this the wrong way but you act younger than you are, they are a good match and not to be rude but no one has the right to stop Harry being happy, the only thing I got to say is Tonks you better take care of him he is like my brother”

“well” Harry said from the door “I leave for five minutes and find every one taking a stand against Mrs Weasley now I know you all got the guts to go to the end with me and get rid of our problem that calls himself Voldermort” everybody laughed except Mrs Weasley “Mrs Weasley we have a right to stand with the adults to fight against Voldermort its our future so lets not let him ruing it, now lets get everything ready for this party”

“Harry dear I’m sorry I shouldn’t have shouted I’m just still upset about Serius as well” Mrs Weasley said and then Harry looked sad all of a sudden. “Harry dear what’s wrong”

“Mrs Weasley” Harry said “ever since I’ve known your family you have always been like a mother to me its just I like to have one of those rib crushing hugs on my birthday if that’s ok” Mrs Weasley didn’t need to be asked twice and gave Harry one of those famous hugs when she released Harry she looked into his eyes.

“Harry you have been a part of this family since you became friends with Ron and I know that is the way we all feel” Mrs Weasley said “now lets get all your presents set up and I will start some dinner and get the birthday cake ready what do you think kids” they all cheered and Mrs Weasley took Harry to the side “Harry you have done so much for this family I just want to say thank you” and gave him another hug.

“Mrs Weasley you have done so much for me it was the least I can do” Harry returned the hug “now let’s get this Party going is there anything you want me to do”

“No Harry dear you go and catch up with your friend” Mrs Weasley said “and Harry you got a good girl”

“thank you Mrs Weasley” Harry said and returned back to his friend Hermione, Ginny and Tonks were chatting and giggling the twins were playing chess against Remus and Ron was watching “Ron I hear you finally got the guts to ask Hermione out” Ron went bright red and the guys all burst out laughing.

“Well Harry when did you start seeing Tonks” Ron asked it was Harry’s turn to turn red.

“You two have got two very attractive young lady’s” Remus said “now lets finish this game and get a drink CHECK MATE, Ron teach your brother how to play this game please.

“No fair you cheated” Fred said

“You charmed the pieces not to listen to us” George said

“Shut up you two Remus kicked your butt fair and square” Ron said “Harry can I have a word in private please”

“Ye sure mate” Harry said “lets go up to our room” they made there way up to there room when they got there Harry sat on the bed while Ron was walking back and forth “Ron what’s up mate”

“Harry you don’t mind me and Hermione going out do you” Ron said with a worried look’

“Of course not” Harry said “we’ve all been wondering when the two of you would get together” they both laughed.

“Cheers mate” Ron said “so how did you and Tonks together”

“How about we go and discuss this over a butterbeer” Harry asked

“I think that is a brilliant idea mate lets go” so both of them went down to the kitchen.

When they got back to the kitchen the table was covered in food and a massive chocolate cake. “Ok everybody take a seat food first then Harry can open his presents” Mrs Weasley said. Everyone took there seats Harry sat down ext to Tonks and started piling the food on his plate it was one thing Harry couldn’t get enough of, everyone at the table were laughing and joking, when everyone had finished and it wasn’t a surprise when it was Ron who was the last to finish they all left the kitchen and made there way to the front room.

As Harry had finished the presents a familiar old man stood in the door way “Happy birthday Harry” Dumbledore said “its good to see everyone enjoying themselves” everyone in the room new that something change inside of Harry the moment Dumbledore had arrived, Tonks and Remus both had very worried looks on there faces as Harry stood up, everyone was wondering what was wrong except Remus and Tonks.

“Now for someone who is supposed to be smart and powerful you don’t listen to warnings that well” Harry said.

“Harry you can’t speak to Professor Dumbledore like that” Mrs Weasley said

“Mrs Weasley” Harry said in a calm voice “it is rude to interrupt please don’t do t again, now where was I” everyone in the room could see that Harry was calm when talking to Mrs Weasley but when he turned to face Dumbledore he was beyond angry “it must be the old age did you not hear what I told you at Grinngotts old man” Dumbledore looked at the floor with sadness in his eyes “what no answer, cant remember or just don’t want to answer well let me remind you what I said, if you come near me before or if I cool off you will regret it, that was what I said did I not old man” Dumbledore nodded “then why did you com…” Harry stopped there and looked at Dumbledore with a questioning look “Remus get everyone out of this room now no Questions just get everyone out that includes you”

“Harry what wrong” Tonks asked

“Tonks just go please” Harry said Tonks noticed the worrying look and left with the other’s Harry sat there watching Dumbledore he noticed that he was starting to smile. “Good evening tom how are you” Dumbledore lifted his head and Harry could see that it wasn’t the eyes of Dumbledore but the eyes of Voldermort.

“Harry” Dumbledore/Tom said “how good to see you looking so well, do you like my little trick the old fool couldn’t keep me out this time either, he is so weak Harry I controlled him last time as well before you stopped me when you were a baby and when we met at the Ministry he couldn’t then why do you follow him if he was stronger then people you cared about would still be alive”

“Tom” Harry said “you have answered all the question’s I needed answered, now leave or I will force you” Dumbledore/Tom started laughing then stopped when Harry got up “ok the hard way it is but when we meet in person again I will not be so kind” and before Dumbledore/Tom had a chance Harry aimed his both his and his fathers wands at Dumbledore/Tom “REPULSUSMINDUS” and the body of Dumbledore hit the floor.

It had been twenty minutes since Harry had sent a spell at Dumbledore/Tom but once Dumbledore’s body had hit the ground Harry walked over to check that Dumbledore was ok. When Harry finished checking he levitated Dumbledore over to the settee and waited for Dumbledore to come around.

Harry was sitting there in the room when a knock came from the door “come in” Harry said. Tonks and Remus came in both with worried looks on there faces.

“Harry what’s happened” Remus said while checking on Dumbledore.

“Ill explain once Professor Dumbledore comes around” Harry said while walking over to Tonks and giving her a kiss.

“Are you ok sweetheart” Tonks said.

“I’m fine” Harry said “just hope Professor Dumbledore is ok”

“I’m feeling much better thank you Harry” Dumbledore said while sitting up “what was that spell you did because I have quite a nasty headache”

“I’m glad you’re ok Professor” Harry said “I’m sorry for what I had to do, the spell is one that makes your mind impenetrable from now on, but your headache will only last a few more minutes”.

“don’t worry my boy I’m very grateful thank you we will talk about that little spell of yours later” Dumbledore said and Harry nodded “I suppose you would like some explanations” everyone nodded “what I am about to say will shock you and it will upset you all, especially you Harry, I am afraid to say that Voldermort is stronger than me he was when he first came and he is now and because off this you lost three people you loved Harry I was not strong enough to stop him taking over me, he made me make the decision to change the secret keeper for your parents witch coursed their Death’s and the reason for Serius to be sent to Azkaban and the reason for you to take lessons off Snape” Dumbledore was stopped there by Harry.

“Professor what do you mean the reason to take lessons from Snape” Harry said.

“he was to make your mind weaker Harry to make it easier for Voldermort to get in your mind” Dumbledore said “it was Snape job to do it, he rejoined his forces after Voldermort came back, I am sorry Harry I was not strong enough to stop this”. Harry had been quiet through this and Tonks and Remus was worried what he was going to do.

“Professor could you tell me where Snape is right now” Harry said in calm voice.

“Harry” Dumbledore said “we need to plan what we are going to do about Snape”

“Professor I will ask one more time where is Snape” this time everyone heard the anger in his voice this time.

“Harry if I tell you where Snape is what are you going to do” Dumbledore.

“Bring him here that is all and get as much information as possible” Harry said

“He is at Hogwarts” and before anything else could be said Harry vanished on the spot. “How did Harry just apperate the wards on this house should have stop him, I think Harry and myself are going to have a chat, do you know anything about this you two”

“Professor” Tonks said “he has his own way of travel it’s not apperation, you should let Harry explain all this when he get back”

“I am back” Harry said coursing everyone in the room to jump.

“Can you stop doing that Harry I’m going to have a heart attack” Remus said While Tonks was laughing.

“Harry what have you done to Snape” Dumbledore said.

“I knocked him out, he should come around soon” Harry said.

“What spell did you use Harry” Remus asked.

“Well the spell has not got a name but if it did it would probably be” Harry stopped for a second then got a huge smile on his face “its called my hand hurts his jaw is broke that’s the best name I can think for the spell Professor” everyone was laughing once everyone had stopped laughing it was Dumbledore who spoke first.

“ok Harry” Dumbledore said “lets put him in the basement and put him in the cage that Remus use’s when there’s a full moon and leave him there so we can enjoy the rest of your birthday” Harry levitated Snape’s body without the use of any of his wands “Harry we are going to talk about how you are doing this tomorrow”

“Professor” Harry said “lets put it this way next time I come across Tom it will be finished once and for all” with a that Harry headed to the basement with Snape while the other’s followed when they started going through the kitchen everyone there looked worried “don’t worry about this pile of shit he isn’t worth worrying about” Harry opened the door to the Basement and placed Snape at the top “Professor would you like the pleasure” Dumbledor walked over to stand behind Snape.

“Harry how about we do this together” Harry nodded “ok then on three ready” Harry nodded again “one, two, three” both Harry and Dumbledore kicked Snape together coursing Snape to go hurtling down the stairs hitting every step before coming to a complete stop at the bottom looking like a pile of rags, Harry levitated Snape into the cage and locked it, all the children started laughing while all the adults looked confused except for Remus and Tonks. Dumbledore turned to Harry “now lets go back to the lounge and enjoy the rest of this party”. With that everyone left the kitchen and headed for the lounge.

Harry was sitting next to the fire with Tonks sitting on his lap chatting with Ron and Hermione when he noticed Ginny sitting by the window looking sad “Nym I’m just going to speek to Ginny I’l be back” Tonks got up off his lap gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

“don’t be to long I want to get that body up to bed and give you your birthday present” Tonks said

“I wont” Harry said “I just want to see what is bothering Ginny” Harry made his way over to ginny “hey Ginny mind if I join you”

“hi Harry no I don’t mind” Ginny said “how have you been your looking better”

“great thanks” Harry said “so you goinig to tell me what’s bothering you or am I going to have to send Tonks and Hermione over to bug you” they bothe laughed.

“your going to think its stupid” Ginny said while looking out the window.

“no I wont come on you can tell me I wont say a word” Harry asked.

“well you know I had a crush on you” Harry nodded “well don’t take this the wrong way I got over that, there’s nothing wrong with you but your not boyfriend material in my eyes, I just see you as like a big brother now same as Hermione but even you wont be able to do anything about what‘s bothering me”

“Ginny I’m glad that you look at me as a big brother but I cant help if you don’t tell me” Harry said “so get to the point and I can see what I can do”

“well I miss my boyfriend”

“ok so why don’t you see him” Harry ask

“Harry my mum wont let us leave the house and he cant come here” Ginny said

“well tell me who it is and I can see what I can do” Harry had a idea who it was.

“its Neville but like I said you cant do anything”

“well Miss Weasley I bet you I can” Harry said with a smirk

“Harry if you can I will do anything you want me to”

“well you can do one thing”

“what I’ll do it if you get Neville here” Ginny said while getting realy excited.

“ok” Harry said “give me two minutes I’m just going to chat with Professor Dumbledore” Harry got up and went over to Dumbledore who was talking to Remus.

“Harry” Dumbledore said “enjoying your birthday”

“it great thank you can I ask you something Professor” Dumbledore nodded “can I drop out of classes this year I don’t need to take them but I will explain the reason for that when we have our chat but I want to start up Dumbledore’s army again and few other thing”

“I don’t know Harry” Dumbledore said “but we will discuss this when we have our chat, is tomorrow morning ok with you”

“thank you Professor that is ok”

“ok then now go back to your friends and enjoy the rest of your party” Harry nodded and went back over to Ginny who was still by the window.

“What did you want to talk to Professor Dumbledore for Harry” Ginny said when Harry sat down next to her.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow” Harry said “now come with me a minute” they both got up and Ginny followed Harry into the hall “now don’t move ok I will be right back” with that Harry disappeared Ginny had been standing there for five minutes when Harry appeared again

“how did you do that Harry”

“long story but lets go back and sit with the others” and they both went back in Tonks stood and waited for Harry to sit before she sat on his lap and Ginny sat on the end of the settee with Ron and Hermione was sitting on and started chatting again but Ginny was starting to look sad again “Ginny what do I have to do to make you smile on my birthday”

“Sorry Harry you know why” Ginny said

“Ron” Harry said

“ye mate”

“if you could pick a boyfriend for Ginny who would you choose” Harry asked

“well it would be out of two people” Ron said with a smile on his face “one of them is already taken but I know my sister doesn’t like you like that anymore mate so that would leave one and that would be Neville”

“Ron I’m so glad that you think I would be a good choice for being Ginny’s Boyfriend what do you think Gin” Neville Longbottom said while standing behind the settee, Ginny just sat until she leaped off the settee and throwing her arm’s around Neville everyone in the room started laughing.

The party continued into the night until everyone went to bed except for Harry, Tonks, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Ginny who were all sitting in pairs watching the Fire and chatting. Harry was looking at his Friends Hermione who was laying down with her head on Ron’s lap while he played with her hair on one settee, Ginny and Neville were laying down on the other one with his arms rap around her and then looking down there was Tonks with her eyes closed and looking beautiful he thought “guys thanks for a great birthday but I’m off to bed I am shattered and I’ll take Tonks up to ,so good night guys” Harry stood up with Tonks in his arms while everyone said goodnight. Harry just laid Tonks on the bed when she opened her eyes.

“hey birthday boy” Tonks said with a smile “do you want your present now” Harry didn’t have time to reply before Tonks pulled him down on top of her and pressing her lips against his, Tonks pushed him on his back and straddled while still kissing she could feel his hands running under her shirt touching her skin making goose bumps rise all over her body, then she felt his hand grab her bum cheeks and pulled her harder down on his crotch where she felt a large bulge she gasped pushing herself up with her hands on his chest “Harry” she said breathlessly looking into his emerald eyes and noticing his smile. “don’t please because I don’t know if I will be able to stop. I know we said we would wait till we got married if we got married to each other but I want you so bad, I realy like you” she was stopped then by Harry putting his finger on her lips.

“Nym” Harry said “I know we have been only together for four days but you have made me so happy you give me more reasons to make sure I win, I’m not going to do anything you don’t want to do because I don’t want to loose what we have ok” Tonks nodded “but you got to remember I haven’t been this fare with someone before so I’m as nervous as you but remember this I like you not what you are” Harry was stopped there by Tonks hugging him with tears in her eyes.

“I love you Harry” Tonks said and they both froze.

“Nym did you just say you loved me” Harry said. Tonks lifted her head with a worried look in her eyes she nodded “did you mean it” she nodded again “Nym them three words are the best birthday present I have ever had” Harry said with a smile on his face “I love you to” and with that he gave her a kiss and Tonks happily returned it.









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