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Stuck in Paradise with Hell by hermyemma
Chapter 3 : Hermione's Saviour
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Chapter 3: Hermione’s Savior

‘No worries’ said Draco ‘Me and Harry are an important part of the Auror Department. They’ll know we have been missing since last night. And Granger works there. When you don’t attend Hogwarts, they will check up on you.’ he told Ginny

‘That’s all fine Draco’ said Hermione ‘But they should know where to look for us. It can take ages to find us’

‘Always the optimist, aren’t you?’ smirked Draco

‘I’m only saying that don’t get your hopes up too high because it might be ages!’ exclaimed Hermione

‘Yeah, well, they should know, we were on a ship and where could we have floated off? An island maybe?’

Hermione sighed frustratedly. ‘We could have left the party early!’ she said, her voice rising

‘Stop arguing you two!’ yelled Ginny.

Draco and Hermione looked around at her, surprised.

‘Yeah, give it a rest’ said Harry ‘Besides, both of you great masterminds are forgetting one very important thing! We have the boat! We’ll sail off as soon as the water in it dries out and we get some good rest because we don’t know how far we have o go. So we’ll collect some refreshments and stuff and then move! For Merlin’s sake!’ he shook his head

‘Oh fine!’ pouted Hermione. ‘I and Ginny are getting something to eat then!’

‘Then be considerate and get some for us as well, Granger. Because we both will have to do the rowing’ drawled Malfoy.

‘Let’s go’ muttered Ginny catching Harry’s eye and preventing another battle from happening right there.

‘Yeah’ said Hermione ‘lets go’ she said.

‘Girls’ muttered Draco shaking his head. Harry laughed.

There was a forest kind of place a little behind the shore where Harry and Draco soon fell asleep under the shade of a few trees.

Hermione pushed aside a piece of foliage from her way and asked Ginny, ‘How long do you think we are going to be here?’

‘Like Draco said’ said Ginny ‘it won’t be very long I guess, seeing as you three work for the ministry. Hogwarts will be first to know that I’m not there though. Dad said that many Ministry officials can take a day off without pre-informing. Some time during the day, they can owl in but-’

‘-We do have to think though. I am sure Ron will notice our absence’ said Hermione worriedly.

‘He probably has though’ said Ginny, glancing sideways at Hermione ‘He’ll check up with your parents first though. And then the Ministry. that’ll take awhile. Then they’ll have to register your case but then they’ll find out we’re missing too.’

‘Hey!’ said Hermione ‘those are cherries! They’ll be good!’

‘Great!’ smiled Ginny and they both beamed for awhile before they proceeded to pick them.

‘Um Gin, I was thinking that you collect these and I’ll go ahead and pick some other stuff up. We all don’t want just cherries. Pity we don’t have our wands. I could’ve cooked some of these mushrooms’ she said looking at the ground ‘like when we were searching for Horcruxes.’

Ginny suppressed a shudder. ‘Horcruxes’ she whispered. Hermione didn’t hear her.

‘So I’ll go okay? I’ll come back here. If you are done then you could go back to the boys and I’ll meet you there’

Ginny nodded.

Hermione hummed the tune of When You’re Gone and realized how much she loved Ron really. ‘He should’ve come forward sooner’ she thought, amused ‘ages ago, really. I wonder what he’s doing right now. If he had too much firewhisky then he was probably being scolded by Mrs. Weasley right now.’ She laughed to herself. ‘He does realize I’m not there doesn’t he? I mean, I hope they find us sooner. I don’t want to be stuck here with that Malfoy. I don’t know. Harry and Ginny are convinced of his righteousness.’ She shook her head a little. ‘I was there. He has changed. And his hair is lovely. Platinum blond. She lifted a strand of her own brown hair. Blondes were supposed to be stupid’ she laughed out loud. ‘God!’ she said out loud ‘I am thinking about Malfoy!’

She stopped smiling.

She was standing all alone.

In a forest.

And right there, in front of her, was a huge…snake.

It hissed softly.

‘Harry?’ she said uncertainly. She had been thinking so much to herself, she had’nt realized where she was. Harry could ward the thing off in Parseltongue.

It was large, huge. Thick as a tree trunk, it’s eyes gleamed oddly in the dull sunlight filtering through the trees.

It suddenly grabbed for her. She shrieked loudly. It hissed menacingly again. Its fangs, bifurcated were long and dangerous looking.

She yelled louder than she ever had.

She heard footsteps and shrieked so loudly into the snake’s face, she was shocked for a moment before she realized that snakes don’t have ears.

It was Draco, closely followed by Harry.

Harry began speaking in rapid parseltongue and the snake looked round in wonder, almost. It hissed back and Harry hissing back, stepped forward and the snake dropped Hermione immediately and Hermione fell what seemed like 7 feet before landing into Draco’s arms.

He was looking very pale but relieved at the same time. Considering both of their hairs, her shrieks had woken them up. Harry was watching the snake slither away. Hermione looked into Draco’s grey eyes. They had the claming effect of grey clouds-nothing too bright or dull and they had a furtive energy behind them as well…like a brewing storm.

He stared back into her chocolaty eyes. He wondered how he had never really registered how brown and bright her eyes were. There was a saturated mixture of warmth, excitement and for the present fear and relief.

There was a scramble of bushes behind them and Draco quickly set Hermione down. Ginny appeared through the foliage panting and said, ‘’Mione!’ She rushed over and hugged her. ‘I thought I heard you screaming! I was so terrified! But I couldn’t get you! Thank God you’re okay’ she finished. The four started walking back and as Harry filled Ginny in on what had happened, Draco and Hermione walked together into the setting, orange glow of the sun.

As the stars above became more prominent and Hermione thought of Ron and felt guilty that she had misjudged Draco. She shocked herself that she had thought about him twice today. She wondered what was happening. If there was a way she could get Ron to know that she was okay…she wanted him to know.

She turned over on her large leaf and faced Harry, ‘Call Kreacher Harry! He’ll be able to inform the others and probably get us out of here. We can’t apparate and even if we could, we don’t have wands.Call him!’

‘Kreacher?’ Harry spoke into the darkness. Harry called again, with more urgency.

But there was no reply. 

Okay! That was numbuh three! So how was it? How are you guys liking it so far? Please review. I also would be glad to have any ideas so I can validate quicker (I have 4 ready so gimme ideas for 5 and 6)
Thabks you guys!!!!!!!

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