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A Life Turned Upside Down by xXxsquirtxXx
Chapter 3 : The Letter
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Harry ached, that was one thing he did know. Forget ached, he hurt, throbbed, felt like screaming. He wished he was numb, he wished this had never happened, that his parents hadn’t died…

That he had never been born.

Harry rolled over and found that he was lying on the floor and it was dark. He placed a hand out to get himself up and found that the carpet was sticking and felt disgusting. It was matted with blood; his blood.

Harry grimaced and looked up at his alarm clock; just after mid night. He hadn’t been unconscious for that long. Harry eventually managed to lift himself off the floor and hobbled over to the light switch however, he found that increasingly difficult.

Harry reached hard for the light switch just inches from his finger tips and felt himself falling forward. Harry just managed to support himself with aid of the wall, to prevent himself from further injury.

Harry was about to move to his bed when he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror, he gasped when he saw the reflection portrayed in the mirror. It showed a Harry Potter he was not familiar with, one whose face was covered in cuts, bruises and blood, where his eyes were in the centre of two huge great black circles and the eyes themselves looked tired and weak.

Harry shook his head and hobbled over to his bed, relieved that it was generally more comfy than the floor. As he lay down carefully on his back trying to ignore the pain he was in, he remembered the letter he had pocketed from the owl that had educed this pain earlier.

He sat up and looked at the handwriting on the front of the envelope and found it to not be familiar, it wasn’t Hermione’s loose curls, Ron’s chicken scratch or even Sirius’ poor penmanship; no it was new - from a different sender.


That was what was scrawled across the envelope in neat handwriting which sent shivers down Harry’s spine; Harry suddenly became aware of who this could be from and what it could contain.

“It’s got to be better than this.” Harry scolded himself as he looked at the envelope.

“Here goes.” He took a deep breath and flipped the envelope over to open it, as he opened it he found a neatly folded piece of parchment inside. He pulled it out and opened it timidly.

When he opened the parchment up he found the same beautiful handwriting filling the page. Harry felt a chill go down his spine as he scanned to the bottom of the letter.

From your mother,


Was this someone’s idea of a sick joke? Was this really a letter from his dead mother?  Harry couldn’t really comprehend what was going on but he just decided to read it anyway.

My dearest Harry,

This may come as a bit of a shock to you but I am writing this from beyond the grave. Yes, I am dead and will have been for sometime. This is not some sick and twisted joke Harry, this is real.

I don’t know where you are now or whom you’re living with but I can probably assume you are not living with the person I would hope you were. But that is because you won’t know of him. Until now.

The person in question is not James Potter, Sirius Black or Remus Lupin but your biological father. Your biological father is not James Potter.

Harry looked up from his letter and gasped. This had to be a joke right? It had to! Harry re read the previous line your biological father in not James Potter.

Harry couldn’t believe it, but he had been told he looked like his father and had many of his characteristics so how could James not be his biological father? Inclined to find out more, Harry read on.

I know this may come as a shock to you after all you look and have so many of James’ characteristics.

“Did she just read my mind?” Harry muttered out loud blinking hard at the paper.

 But you have been covered by a concealment charm so that you do in fact look like a Potter. James was not able to have children of his own but to avoid confusion he just called you his own, you see the Potter family demand a child from each generation and it must be a boy. You may have a girl but at least one boy must be conceived to allow the Potter family name to continue.

So anyway, the reason why James claimed you as his own was also because we were very much in love and as your father was already missing James could not bare the thought of you growing up without a father.

Your father was not the most popular man at school; yes he is a wizard, as it happens James detested your father until I sat both men down and had them agree to become allies after all they were both fighting for the side of the light.

‘At least he’s not evil’ Harry thought sarcastically.

Your father went missing just hours after you were born and he was gone for months; kidnapped by the Dark Lord himself. But you know what kept him going Harry?

It was you.

The thought of his son waiting for him back at home was what kept him going; not giving into the Dark Lord or that devious rat Lucius Malfoy. I admire your father for that, all those months with them and he still sticks with the side of the light; I don’t know how he did it.

Anyway, I suppose I ought to tell you who your father is. If you are attending Hogwarts then you will have already met him and I can imagine that him being him he would have assumed you were James’ son and treated you horribly…

“Please don’t let it be…” Harry spoke softly

 your father is one Severus Snape – Potions Master at Hogwarts.

“NO!” Harry screamed and instantly clapped his hands to his mouth in shock hoping no one had heard his out burst.

Please, if you have already met him and he has been a brute towards you out of instinct, give him a chance. He loves you son and I bet he misses you dearly.

I have sent a letter not too dissimilar to this one to Severus and I hope he will take the first move and build bridges between you two; I always wanted you to know your father but sadly I wish your father really was James and you didn’t have to go through all of this. I know your father has a temper and can be vile at the best of times but I just want you to have someone to depend on and to take care of you.

Please make an effort with him; for me.

I love you dearly my son and so does James and no doubt so does Severus,

From your mother,




Harry couldn’t believe it. Snape was his father? He wasn’t a Potter?  What was he going to do? Was his ‘father’ going to contact him after all his mother had said that she had asked him to take the first move. Was he supposed to sit and wait?

But then again, Harry wasn’t exactly thrilled about having Snape for a father after all he hated him and vice versa. Harry flopped down onto his bed out of desperation and sighed but as soon as he had sighed his eyes clamped shut and he was asleep.

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