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Neville's Secret by hpfreak41
Chapter 1 : Neville's Secret
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'Neville! You must have a look at my room! You'll love it!' Luna grabbed Neville's hand and dashed to her room. When they were nearly there, Luna covered Neville's eyes with her hands, then 'Dung Dung Dung Dung!' cried Luna.

Neville opened his eyes then was amazed by the painting on the ceiling. He gazed at his own portrait, jaws dropped. 'The is amazing!' he exclaimed, 'Best drawing I've seen in my entire life! You're awesome, Luna!'

Luna grinned from ear to ear. 'I painted it myself last summer. I was so loney and decided to paint your portraits on my ceiling so you guys can always company me. And I can look at you when I can't go to sleep. And first thing I see in the morning, are all your faces! Lovely eh? I told you you'd love it.'

'Oh, Luna,' muttered Neville, 'I'd like to show you my room as well... I think it's time to show it to you...' He was slightly blushing.

'Show me what?' Luna asked eagerly. But Neville didn't answer, he looked up, pretend to admire the lovely drawing on the ceiling. 'Please... Tell me please!' But Neville replied shyly, 'You'll know what's in there when you come tomorrow...'

Neville went back home. That night, he couldn't go to sleep. He kept fidgeting. He thought, 'Had I made the wrong decision this morning? Should I wait longer before showing it to Luna? Will she love it, or find it stupid?'

The next day, Neville leaded Luna to his room. When they had reached the door, Neville's pace slow downed. In the bottom of his heart, he was struggling, 'Oh, should I show it to her? I can stop now and pretend my grandma's busy in my room if I don't want to. Should I? But she'll find it out anyway, so should I? What if she she find it silly, we'll never be friend again... Oh, should I? Should I?' He hesitated, then pushed the door open...

Luna gasped. 'Oh, Neville! This is sooo sweet!' Neville kept looking down. 'This is the best room I've ever seen!'

What Luna saw was a 'Luna-Land' - drawings and photos of herself everywhere! And there's cupboard placing every single present Luna gave Neville. Luna then sighted something in the cupboard, she stepped forward, picked them up and said, 'Neville, my shoes! How come they're here?'

Neville muttered to the floor, 'Oh, I saw them in the corridor at the end of the term, and I thought I'd give them back to you, but...' he paused for a while, then added quickly, 'I forgot.'

Luna giggled, 'Oh, Neville, look at me!' She walked towards Neville and raised his chin. She then said very seriously, 'Tell me, are you in love with me?'

Neville was slightly taken back, as Luna was so ingenuous. He slightly nodded his head then looked down again, his face as red as an apple.

Luna smiled, 'Me too...' then flung her arms around Neville.

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