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After Life by CuteKrazyKay
Chapter 34 : Saying Goodbye
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      Harry took a deep lingering breath before opening the steel gate in front of him. His hands met with the cool steel, tingling his skin as he pushed it open and walked through and began to make his way up the concrete pathway. It was a beautiful summers day, the sun shining brightly in a cloudless blue sky, sunbeams floating through the trees that surrounded the pathway. Turning right as he met a crossroads, Harry squeezed the flowers he was holding tightly in his hand, as though at any minute he may drop them as he trembled slightly. He didn’t pay much attention to what was around him, his eyes fixed on one set point ahead of him, each step feeling heavier, each beat of his heart more pronounced. After walking a fair distance up the pathway he paused and glanced down at the ground and his eyes met with a grave and he read the name carved into the stone. ‘Sirius Black.’ With a sad smile he lay a flower down upon the grave and moved to the next one. ‘Neville Longbottom’ Harry felt the air catch in his throat as he remembered his friend and how quickly his life had been ripped from him, laying a flower down gently upon his grave. Next followed ‘Salazar Slytherin’ a man who Harry had never trusted or liked but had proved his nobility when he dived in front of a killing curse that was meant for someone else and he lay a flower down upon his grave. ‘Draco Malfoy’ came next. Harry stared at his grave for a moment, he always felt uneasy when he reached this grave, so much mystery surrounded the way Draco had died as nobody had witnessed it. With a heavy sigh he lay a flower down upon the grave and slowly, as his heart began to beat uncontrollably he moved along to the next grave. A stinging built behind his eyes as he read the name carved in white marble stone ‘Mollie Granger Potter’ Harry sat down in front of her grave and placed some of the flowers upon it and stared at it sadly, a tear trickling down his cheek. A cool breeze rustled through the surrounding trees. Harry closed his eyes, letting the breeze wash over him like a wave, the smell of freshly mown grass lingering in the air. 

     “So I die huh? Well I guess that figures” came a soft voice. Harry’s eyes shot open, thinking he must have been dreaming as the sound of that voice made his heart pound so hard inside his chest he thought it was going to explode. But they’re in front of him; standing behind the headstone his eyes fell upon her shimmering golden blonde hair, soulful honey eyes and kind smile. “Hi” she said softly. 

     Harry staggered to his feet, his breathing quickening as he stared at her before him. He rubbed his eyes, that were damp with tears and blinked a few times before looking at her again, expecting her to have disappeared but she still stood before him, smiling brightly. “Am I dreaming?” he asked. She shook her head. “Mollie?” he asked taking a small step towards her. She nodded. “How? Are you a ghost?” he said gazing at her in awe. 

     Mollie chuckled. “No, I’m not a ghost, I’m from the past” she explained and Harry looked a little confused. “It’s the morning of the day the portal is due to open, I snuck out while, you were all asleep when I left, so I went to the closest Port of Algathon and here I am” she explained with a smile.    

     Harry looked a little stunned for a moment before smiling adoringly at her. “Well when you get back I’m going to be annoyed with you,” he said jokingly. 

     “Noted” Mollie said with a giggle. For a moment they gazed at each other longingly, before Mollie glanced down at the white marble headstone with her name on it. “How long have I been gone?” she asked. 

     “Ten years” Harry replied sadly. “It’s actually ten years ago today that you died” he said another tear trailing down his cheek. 

      “I thought you looked different,” Mollie said resting her hands on the marble headstone. “You look really good,” she said with an air of sadness in her voice. 

     Harry smiled brightly at her but Mollie bowed her head slightly as she recognised the sadness brewing in Harry’s eyes. “I’m married” Harry said awkwardly. “To Ginny, we have a son, James” 

     Mollie smiled widely, her eyes glistening with tears. “I’m glad,” she said sincerely, glancing down at the ground as she felt a tear glide down her cheek. 

     “Hermione got married too…to Ron” Said Harry calmly. Mollie shot him a stunned look.

     Not having looked at the graves surrounding her own, Mollie had not expected to hear Ron's name. She felt an eagerness to discover what had made her sister marry somebody that had been making her miserable and she felt saddened as she realised that Draco probablly had not made it through the battle, leaving her sister to find comfort in somebody that was familiar and also alone. 

     “I don't think its going to last though" Harry said. "She's spoken to me about getting a divorce...but she's okay, you’d be proud of her, all of us, we defeated Voldermort…It turns out I was a horcruxe too” he said with a weak smile. 

     “I guess we really were meant for each other then” Mollie joked wiping away her tears. 

     Harry smiled at her lovingly. “I miss you” Harry said suddenly, Mollie glanced up at him. “I mean I really really miss you, more than I can say” he said sadly moving towards Mollie, as he reached her he reached out his hand, it was trembling slightly as he moved it closer to Mollie’s. As he linked his hand through hers he smiled and breathed uneasily. “This is so weird” he whispered. 

     “I know” Mollie whispered back. 

      Unable to control the urge inside of him any longer Harry threw his arms around Mollie and pulled her close to him. His body tingled as he felt her hands wrap around his neck. They gazed into each other’s eyes; Harry leaned forwards, his lips pressing gently against Mollie’s. He kissed her passionately, devouring her mouth, his hands running down her slender body and resting on her hips. Suddenly he pulled away, but kept Mollie wrapped in his arms. “God I shouldn’t be doing this” he uttered regretfully. “But the last time I got to hold you were cold and still and dead in my arms, you were taken so quickly I never really got to say goodbye” he said as tears ran down his face as he kept his gaze away from Mollie who had also started to cry once more. As he looked back up into her glistening honey eyes he sighed heavily and kissed her lips delicately.  

     “I wish things could have been different,” Mollie said tenderly. “Because I love you so much Harry,” she said softly kissing him tenderly. “I hope you can forgive me for leaving you” she said shakily. Harry kissed her once more, his hands running through her silky soft hair. “I should go” she said forlornly, holding on to Harry tighter, he could feel her fingertips pressing deep into his skin, unwilling to let go.  

     “I don’t know if I can let you go again,” Harry said fearfully. 

     Mollie nodded and pulled away from him slightly. “It’s time for us to say goodbye,” she said strongly trying to hold back her tears. Placing one last tender kiss upon Harry’s lips, Mollie freed herself from his arms, but he clutched her hand as she turned away. With their arms outstretched and hand linked together they stood opposite each other, gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly. “The one’s we love never truly leave us Harry” Mollie said softly with a tiny smile. “You’ll always find me in your heart” 

     Harry nodded and smiled back at Mollie, squeezing her hand tightly. “I love you,” they both said together causing them to both laugh a little. With one last squeeze Harry let Mollie’s hand slip out of his and their arms returned to their sides. As they both smiled at each other it was clear to them both, that there was to be no more tears, no more words, no more laughs. It was their last goodbye. They savoured the moment between them, as they looked at each other adoringly, their love for each other filling them up completely. Then with their final smiles they both turned away, not looking back as they headed in opposite directions knowing that they had done what so many people never got to do. They had said goodbye. 

A/N – Hello Readers! Well that is it! The end! I can’t believe I have finished my first ever fan fiction. It’s rather a sad moment to be honest. Well I’d just like to say a big thank you to Harrypotterfreak1, Saphira88, Hermione24, CuteCaitlen, WishfulThinking14, Slytherangodess, Gangsta_lover, HarryPotterFreek1 and everyone else who has read the story, stuck with it till the end and left me such wonderful reviews, it really means the world to me, so thank you so much!!!!  There will possibly be a sequel posted. I did start one but it just wasn't right and i didn't have the same passion for it as i had for this story, so i'm starting it over and if i like it it will be posted :-) As usual please leave a review if you have time and Thank you for reading!!!!

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After Life: Saying Goodbye


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