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Deadly Roses by DracoIsMyFerret
Chapter 8 : Meeting Uncle Volde
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((Back to Hermione and Draco!))

Chapter 8:

The first thing that Hermione saw when she opened her eyes was the big black tunnel that was lying in front of her. Inside, she heard many voices. Some dark and high pitched, some sweet and sickly. She turned her head and saw that her mother was no longer at her side.

In a panic, Hermione began to twirl in circles to try and spot her mother. She finally saw her vividly in the shadows beside the big opening of then tunnel. Speaking to someone behind a big, frightening tree. With a sigh of relief she began to hasten to where her mother was standing. She then slowed to a quiet walk, as to not barge in on her conversation.

“Mum?” Hermione asked in a low whisper.

Her mother snapped her head and looked at Hermione. A look of relief flashed over her face, “Oh! Hermione! You scared me, Sweetheart! I’m sorry for leaving your side, I just saw Severus standing over here all by his lonesome and decided to come and see what was troubling him.”

Hermione eyes darted to the dark figure as her mother said ‘Severus’ and glared with all of her strength.

This was the man who killed Dumbledore! The greatest and most honorable man in the entire wizarding world. Her eyes flashed at him darkly as he stepped out of the shadows, “Miss Granger? I had no idea that you were the Dark Lord’s niece! Had I known, I would have been more civil with you. I must apologize for all of the things that I have tormented you with in the past.”

She watched as he starred at her with realization. How dare he say this absurd apology to her? She knew for a fact that if he did not know that she was the Dark Lord’s niece he would not apologize to her in the first place.

“Well, Severus,” she said, her voice full of loathing, “Maybe you should have been nicer to those of us who are not in Slytherin house. You never know when it can come back and bite you in the arse!!!”

“HERMIONE!!” Her mother said in a high pitched shriek, “I cannot believe you! I did not raise you to disrespect others this way! Apologize this instant, young lady!!”

Her mother looked at her with shock and disappointment. The look that Hermione could not stand. She hated to disappoint her mother this way, but sometimes things are much more important then having your parent’s approval.

As she opened her mouth to apologize against her better judgment, Snape beat her to the punch, “Oh, do not fret, Libbi. She does after all have a point. I was a rather strict and firm teacher and should not have been so rude to her and her friends! I shall apologize once again.”

Hermione looked in utter disbelief. It was damn near horrifying for Snape to admit that he was wrong. She looked at her mother and saw that she was laughing at something.

“Severus,” Libbi said with sarcasm, “You? Firm and rude? Never!”

Hermione watched as her mother laughed with Snape as if they were old friends, “Mother? How do you even know snape?” she asked with a shaky voice.

Libbi looked at her with a look that simply said ‘Are you serious?’

“Well, Dear, Severus and I were in the same year at Hogwarts. So, naturally were tops of our class and inevitably partners in every single class that we had together.”

Snape looked at Hermione with a look he had never given her before.

Affection, “Miss Granger, as I said before, had I known that you were Libbi’s child I would have respected you a good deal more. After all, I was your godfather when you were born.”

Hermione jaw about hit the floor at that last comment. She was about to scream when a flash of green light lit up the sky. Her gaze went up as a great big version of the Dark Mark lit up the sky. Her mother sighed in happiness and began to walk into the tunnel with the other Death Eaters. Hermione, herself, was rooted to the spot.

Suddenly, her mother stopped in her tracks and turned around and laid her eyes on Hermione, “You coming, Mione? We mustn’t be late!”

After finally snapping out of her trance, she ran forward and began to walk at her mother’s side. Unable to stop her body from shaking in fear. What was going to happen, after all? Was he going to force them to get the Dark Mark? Or had her mother already had hers?

That question buzzed in Hermione’s mind. Why hadn’t she ever thought to ask her mother that before? Naturally, since her mother was so close to Voldemort she would have had his notorious symbol on her body somewhere where no others could spot it in fear of turning her in.

“Mum?” she asked slightly above a whisper, “Do you have the Dark Mark?”

Libbi looked up at her startled, “Oh no, Honey!” she looked at Hermione as if she had lost her mind, “We are family! Not followers! Therefore, we do not have to get the Dark Mark. We do not follow him. We are with him. Understand?”

Oddly enough, she did. More then she thought she would.

She was about to reply when they suddenly stopped. In front of them were the Death Eaters, all kneeling in a circle. In the middle was a black throne-like chair. In it, was Voldemort himself.

Hermione had a sharp intake of breath when she saw his face. He looked the same as before. But, she had never been in his presence without Harry and Ron by her side. She turned and looked at her mother, whom at that moment had tears in her eyes at the sight of her long lost brother.

As she looked around she saw that they were the only ones still standing outside of the circle. Then she remembered how her mother said they were not followers, but family.

Finally, Voldemort’s red eyes fell onto them. A smile (a real smile) appeared on his face. He stood out of his seat and began to float towards them.

Out of instinct, Hermione took a quick step back. Her mother saw this and grabbed her hand to tell her to not be afraid, ‘Fat chance!!’ Hermione thought to herself as Voldemort stopped right in front of them.

It seemed like an eternity before he finally spoke, “Libbi! My baby sister! You know not how much I missed you so! It’s been too long and to finally see you again is like a dream come true!”

Hermione watched as her mother’s tears ran down her peach face. Voldemort seemed to have tears in his eyes too. Hermione found herself blinking several times in order to see if that one fact was true and really happening.

It was.

“Tom!! I’ve missed you so much!!” her mother said with happiness in her shaky voice before pulling Tom in for a fierce hug. She saw that he too was hugging with the same amount of force. He shut his eyes and tears fell from the side of his left one. It was an unbelievable sight that Hermione would not have believed had she not just witnessed it.

After a few minutes of embracing each other, the brother and sister released one another and smiled. Finally, Voldemort turned to Hermione, “Ah. Yes, my dear niece, Hermione Granger. I should have known had I paid more attention. But, my focus was on your dear friend, Potter. Yet, here you stand before me and I must say, with all of my heart, that I deeply regret all that was done to you by my followers in the past.

You are my niece and I’ve longed to see you since I got word that you were born. But, with my line of work, I’ve been on the run.” Hermione smirked at that thought.

‘Yeah, you kill people. Some line of work!!’ Hermione thought to herself in sudden hate. She hated this man but promised her mother to speak to him with respect.

He smiled and opened his arms to her. Asking for a hug. Hermione looked at him with surprise and looked at her mother, who signaled for her to go to him. With a deep inaudible sigh, Hermione walked into his open arms and hugged him, expecting for him to be cold and evil.

But, he wasn’t. He was warm and full of life and happiness. She could not sense any evil in him at all in that moment.

He stepped back and smiled at her, “Know this, Dear Mione,” he said with a voice full of love and emotion, “I will never use you to get to Harry. I swear to Merlin!”

She felt her eyes widen and her mouth fall open. That was definitely something that she did not expect. She was sure he would ask for her to help him. But, he had just said he would never do that.

Hermione would never admit it, but in that moment she had a twinge of respect for Dear Ol’ Voldemort.

Just a twinge...

She felt a small smile playing on her lips and she made a decision. She would not turn him over to her friends, but she won't help them find him either. She knew at that moment she'd give him a chance.

"Uh, what should I call you?" Hermione asked in a small voice. Full of fear.

He looked at her with love and care, "Well, you may call me what you wish. Just please not Lord. Only my followers call me that. Of course, you could always call me Uncle Tom or Uncle Voldemort. Either one works for me," as he gave her a real smile, Hermione felt herself thinking twice about using him to have Draco and Snape punished.

Snape she won't mention. But she did have a score to settle with Malfoy.

'Later!' She thought to herself with a smirk.

"Tom?" asked Libbi, "Are you certain that you are alright with us being here? I mean, I didn't think you would be so caring towards Hermione considering that her father, my husband is... well... a muggle."

Her face held the expression of hope. Hermione knew that her mother did not want anything to happen to her father. Neither did Hermione. She knows that if she has to lose her dad to be here, then she'd rather not be here.

Voldemort just smiled, "Libbi, Sis, my father was a muggle too. So I cannot honestly hold that little mishap against Hermione. And as I told you in the letter, I will not cause any form of harm to your husband. He will be perfectly fine and under my protection. As are you and Hermione. I give you my word."

Libbi smiled and embraced him with another hug. Hermione rolled her eyes and looked around. They were outside in a forest it seemed like. It was pitched black except for the fire behind the circle of death eaters. As she looked at the circle, she saw a few she recognized.

'Mcnair, Lestrange, all the Malfoy's (including Draco I see), Goyle, Crabbe, the Zabinis, Snape, and a bloody hell of a lot more!' thought Hermione to herself as she looked around, 'I have to tell the Order! Wait, I can't! That would be betraying my family! Oh, what am I going to do?'

She found herself sighing as tears began to well up in her eyes. Her life as she knew it before is ruined and she cannot go on like she did. How will she explain to her friends that she can't help them because she's related to the most evil man on the planet?

'My life is officially over!'

((Ok, I refuse to write more unless I get more reviews! muwahahaha))

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