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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : a vampires beginning
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A/N - hi everyone this is our second ever story which we finished writing around an hour ago :-) we hope you enjoy it, it's more funny then even angels have nightmares, but it also has more romance. we both hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did writing it.

disclaimer - we own ....nothing. well we own muggle mobiles (that cars to everyone!!)


A young girl of 14 sat at the window of St Mungo’s hospital. She had been here for a couple of days and she still hadn’t seen her mum and dad, they sent a letter promising that they’ll come see her soon, but they still hadn’t arrived. 

She stared down at the people walking past the hospital; she was a couple floors up. The people walking past didn’t notice the hospital that was because they were muggles and didn’t notice anything from the magic world.

She was looking up at the sky when a healer came into her room carrying a bowl of soup.
“Hi Lucida, how are you feeling?” the healer said

Lucida didn’t answer

“Ive brought your breakfast” the healer put the bowl on the table over Lucida’s bed, 
and walked over to her.

“You have to eat Lucida, you need to build your strength up”

“Im not hungry” she mumbled as she continued staring out of the window, as she brought her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them, sighing heavily.

When the healer left Lucida moved from the window and walked over to her bed, she picked up her jumper put it on and pulled the hood over her head, she then turned to the mirror in her room and looked in it, only her reflection wasn’t there. 

She cursed at herself for not realising for the fifth time that day that she had no reflection. 

It was a big shock when she first saw no reflection in the mirror, she freaked out and started crying, she realised that she must be changing she didn’t want to but she couldn’t stop it.

She backed slowly away from the mirror and walked towards the door. 

She opened it and poked her head round the corner. 

When she saw noone coming down the corridor she walked down it and turned a corner. She was walking down the corridor, which was Dai Llewellyn ward, when she saw a group of four people, two of them had red hair. 

They burst out of the door behind them. She backed away a bit so they wouldn’t see her, and she watched what they were doing. 

After a while they started to walk down the corridor, talking and laughing, when they passed Lucida they smiled and carried on walking. 

Lucida started to move towards the door that they had come out and as she got close to the door she heard a woman shout out about how a bite wound should not have muggle remedies put on them.

Lucida opened the door and walked in.

She looked around the room and saw a red haired woman, standing over the bed of a red haired man, with a short man who was wearing a bowler hat.

Lucida stood there watching them, she heard the woman say “now Arthur I don’t want you to use any more of those stupid muggle medicines ok? I don’t want your bite wound to get infected”

“Don’t worry Molly I wont unless ... Can I help you dear?”

The people had turned towards Lucida who had walked over to them. 

“Erm … erm ... I was wondering erm … is it true that you got bitten?”
“Yes it is” said the man 

“Did you get bitten by a animal?”

“Yes a snake” 

Lucida smiled 

“Its nothing to smile about, he could of died. And take that hood of when your inside its rude” Molly said sternly

“Oh no I wasn’t smiling about that its just …” she turned back to face Arthur as she lowered her hood “ … I got bitten by an animal too, so now do you change into a snake now?”

Arthur laughed, “no dear I don’t, although I couldn’t imagine being a snake, imagine eating rats and mice” and he screwed his face up and laughed. 

Lucida laughed but stopped suddenly and looked down.

“So what animal was you bitten by?” the other man asked 

“A …bat” she whispered and she quickly put her hand to her neck where the teeth marks were, she was told that these marks will never heal

“A vampire one?” Molly asked

Lucida nodded as she looked down and started to cry

Molly put her arm round Lucida and embraced her in a hug “there, there” she said, “How long ago were you bitten?” 

“About three days”

“I take it you still haven’t got used to it then”

Lucida shook her head

“Haven’t you got your parents coming to see you?”

Lucida shook her head again “they’re never going to come see me” Lucida couldn’t lie to herself anymore that they would come see her, they weren’t the type of people that would allow a vampire in the family

“So you don’t have anyone who would come see you?”


“We know someone who’s a vampire, we can get him to come see you if you want?”
Lucida looked up at them and nodded

“What’s your name then?” Arthur asked

“Lucida!” someone shouted from the door

Lucida turned to face the door and saw the healer standing there her hands on her hips “you're not meant to be out of your room”

Lucida started to walk towards the healer when Arthur shouted out “feel free to come visit me anytime Lucida”

Lucida smiled and walked out of the door with the healer. 

As she got in her bed, she smiled knowing that she had new friends, ones that would accept her for being a vampire.


A/N - so what does everyone think? let us know next chapter will be as soon as we can post it

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