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The Potter Identity by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 1 : Amnesia and Tattoos
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Author's Note:
Disclaimer: I got the idea from the Bourne movies!
Little Note: Harry does not know his name till the middle of the chapter!


Elizabeth Green hummed lightly as she kicked up sand, walking along the shores on an island.

She knew not where she was exactly, but was basking in the happy thought of being away from work, from the stress of her life back home in London.

She was on a cruise, and her ship had made a stop at an island, letting the passengers swim along shores. She had been desperate to get away from her parents and had taken refuge in a small cove around the corner.

She lifted her head to the sky and let the sun kiss her neck, her blond curls flowing down her back gracefully. The sand felt coarse and soothing on her legs. She lay down and closed her eyes, feeling a warm blanket drape over her body. Elizabeth sighed lightly and thought of how peaceful a nap would be, so she let herself become somnolent, unaware of everything around her except for the gentle wash of the waves and the heat on her skin.

When two blatant children began to inch closer towards Elizabeth's cove, she groaned and rose, leaving her body's indention in the sand. Irked, she continued to stroll down the sand until she found a new spot.

She rounded a corner, letting the waves wash up on her feet, sinking into the sand, and saw a body floating in the water some distance out.

Perhaps it was just a man floating on his back, looking up at the sun, but as Elizabeth saw the clothes coated to his body with the water, she narrowed her eyes and ran forward.

Maybe he needed help...

She ran into the water until it was up to her thighs and then she dove down, swimming as fast as she could to the body. The grainy feel of the water coated her mouth as she gasped, and her eyes stung with the salt. As she swam further and further, she noticed the crystal blue water changing into a light red. She approached the man's body and looped her arm around his waist, pulling him back towards the shore.

He was unconscious, and he had a long stream of blood running down his forehead. Elizabeth pulled his body up to the shore and looked to him, his long and black hair sticking to his head, mixing with his blood, and his clothes sticking to his body, which she noted was very muscular. She opened and closed her mouth, not knowing what to do.

She checked his pulse. It was faint and distant, then she checked his breath. No more than ten seconds... she noted to herself.

When the absence of breathing became clear, she began performing rescue breaths. She breathed a total of six times before the man coughed up water and rolled onto his side, gasping for breath, choking loudly.

The man grasped his throat, coughing, and sat up. Elizabeth asked quickly. "Are you all right?"

"Y-Yeah..." Harry Potter choked out, rubbing his throat. He looked around the island and narrowed his eyes. "What happened? Where am I? Who are you?"

"M-My name is Elizabeth..." she began unsteadily, helping him to his feet. "I found you floating in the water and went in after you. We're on an island outside of Spain on a cruise. What's your name?"

Harry straightened up and rubbed his head, blood coming off on his fingers. He winced and rubbed his fingers as the salt and blood mixed, making a grainy mixture.

"M-My name..." he looked to Elizabeth and immediately realized how fleetingly beautiful she was. She smiled lightly and Harry shook his head, wincing again at the pain. "I-I don't know..."

Elizabeth looked him in his green eyes and found herself gasping for breath at how stunning he looked, even when he had blood trickling down his forehead. She shook her head and asked, "What do you mean you don't know your name? You really don't know?"

"Y-Yes..." Harry stuttered. "I-I don't know..."

"Do you know what you were doing before you came here?" Elizabeth asked, helping him as they walked forward, back towards the people from the cruise ship. "Do you have any idea who you are?"

"N-No..." Harry shook his head.

Elizabeth pursed her lips together and said, "Come on. Come with me, and we'll get you cleaned up."

"T-Thanks, I guess..." Harry said and began limping forward. Elizabeth came back to his side and took one of his arms, wrapping it around her shoulder. She said, holding half of his weight, "Come on. I'll help you."

"T-Thank you," Harry murmured, limping along the beach as this woman in a bikini helped him. Harry chuckled as he limped to the people splashing around in the water, "What made you go on a walk by yourself?"

"Well, it's good to get away sometimes," Elizabeth shrugged with a chuckle. "I'm with my parents on this cruise, a vacation if you will. It's not much of a vacation when all they do is bicker about your nonpaying job and how fantastically well your love life is going."

Harry nodded, deciding to not say anything. As he had no idea what she meant with no past memories to recollect. He found his mind blank of everything.

When two people froze at the sight of Elizabeth along side a limping man, Harry got the feeling that they were her parents. He choked out a question, "Is that them?"

"Yes," Elizabeth nodded and she walked faster towards them. The two adults ran forward and gasped at Harry. Elizabeth's father shook his head. "Dear God. My boy, what happened to you?!"

Harry shook his head and choked out, "I'm sorry, sir, but I don't know."

"Well, we have to get you aboard the ship. They can help you," her mother said, helping Harry. Harry finally spotted the large white cruise ship some distance away from the island. Harry saw a white flash before his eyes, and he fell out of Elizabeth's arms, yelping loudly. Elizabeth gasped, "Are you all right?"

Harry grasped his left arm as a searing pain shot up it. On his knees, Harry ripped the sleeve of his long shirt to expose a large tattoo of a snake on the inside of his left arm.

Harry hissed in pain, groaning, "What is that...?" before he felt his back hit the sand and everything went blank.


"But why would a tattoo hurt like that?" Harry heard Elizabeth say as he woke up slowly. He kept his eyes closed and listened closely while he sighed against whatever bed he was on, feeling so comfortable. An unfamiliar voice spoke, "I don't know. Perhaps he recently got the tattoo and the skin is still sore. We will take care of him until we make port in England. Now, Miss Green, you said that he doesn't know who he is?"

"That's right." Harry heard the voice of Elizabeth again. She spoke and Harry found her voice extremely calming, "He said he doesn't know how he got to the island and he doesn't know his name."

"It's probably amnesia," the other voice spoke again. "He must have had a pretty strong impact somewhere. He'll wake up soon. I'm sorry, but the ship is full and we don't have an extra room. Finding a place for this man to stay will be difficult."

"Well, maybe not." Elizabeth shrugged. "I have an extra bed in my room. I don't think he'll mind staying with me."

"All right," they said. "He's free to leave here whenever he wakes up."

Harry heard a door open and close, and he assumed that the person had left. He heard footsteps and then he felt his long black hair being brushed away from his forehead. He sighed under her touch, but then began to worry as he heard her gasp loudly and curse, "Jesus, he's been through a lot!"

Harry opened his eyes and found Elizabeth staring at his forehead. He narrowed his eyebrows and asked, sitting up, "What is it?"

"T-The scar on your forehead..." Elizabeth said, nodding her head towards his forehead. Harry touched where she was motioning to and felt a thin line beneath his fingers.

He outlined a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

He narrowed his eyes in confusion and asked. "What does it look like?"

"A lightning bolt," Elizabeth said and she placed her hands on his thighs as Harry turned towards her and just smiled sadly. She had a worried look about her face. She asked, squeezing his thighs gently, "Do you know what it's from?"

"No..." Harry whispered, looking down.

Elizabeth smiled lightly and said, "Well, I don't know if you heard, but youíre welcome to stay in my room if you want. It's only me, and there is an extra bed. My parents are a couple rooms down from me."

Harry smiled to her and nodded. "That would be nice."

He slowly stood up, and Elizabeth helped him out of the medical room. "Listen, thank you for doing all of this. You really don't have to."

She nodded and said, "I know, but I want to."

Harry chuckled and said, "I think I'm going to have a great time getting to know you."

She smiled and they walked out together down the hall. "This ship must be pretty nice."

"It is," Elizabeth said, smiling as she led Harry up the stairs and out onto a deck where the sun was shining down. Harry paused for a moment and looked up to the sun, smiling. She asked, "What is it?"

"It just feels nice out here," Harry smiled, shrugging his shoulders. "That's all."

They walked in silence around the ship and up to the highest deck where first class was staying. Elizabeth walked down the hall to the furthest room and opened it with a key card. She opened the door and led Harry into a large room. There was a kitchen off to the side and a small living room, and then to the back there was a sliding door that closed off the bedroom and bathroom. However, the door was open and straight to the back, there was a balcony which Harry knew would have the perfect view of the sunset. Harry smiled. "This is pretty nice."

"Yeah," Elizabeth said. "My parents like to travel with luxury and they think that I do too."

Harry chuckled and walked to the balcony and sighed. "You don't seem like the calm and relaxing type of person that you make your parents out to be. You seem to be...full of adventure."

"I'll take that as a compliment," she giggled and walked to the bed she hadn't been sleeping in. She fingered the clothes brought in by the maids for this un-named man and said, "Here. Some clothes were brought in for you. The bathroom is just over there."

Harry turned around and saw the jeans and t-shirt for him. He smiled and nodded a thank you as Elizabeth slowly took a step away. Harry watched her for a minute, not knowing if she would leave or if he should go into the bathroom. After a moment he took off his dripping cloak and let it fall to the floor, pulling his shirt above his head. Elizabeth clamped her mouth shut, trying not to look at his body and turned around, trying to suppress a giggle. Harry picked up one of the towels on the bed and dried his chest, unlooping his belt.

Elizabeth murmured, quickly leaving the bedroom half. "S-Sorry..."

Harry chuckled to himself as she walked into the kitchen and looked away. He said to Elizabeth, "Sorry, I don't set much by a bathroom."

"N-No." She blushed. "It's perfectly all right."

Harry reached his hand into his pocket and felt his hand close around a few things. He brought them out of his pocket and narrowed his eyes at the long piece of wood and a gold band. Harry murmured at the stick of wood, "What the hell...?"

Harry quickly turned around and peered into the kitchen. Elizabeth was busying herself with a snack. Harry walked to one of the nightstands and opened a drawer, dropping the stick of wood into it. Harry then looked at the gold band in his hand and narrowed his eyes as he read the engraving on the inside of the ring, whispering, "Harry, our love will last through anything."

He lowered the ring and whispered, "Harry..."

Was Harry his name...?

He set the ring next to the piece of wood and closed the drawer slowly, thinking hard. He dropped his pants as he continued to think, before he felt a pain rush through his head. He sat down on the bed and held his head in his hands, groaning. Elizabeth asked from the kitchen, "Is everything all right?"

"Y-Yeah." Harry winced. "J-Just a headache..."

He yelped loudly as he saw a flash of green light rush before his eyes. It was almost as if a memory was being played right in front of his eyes.

"No! HARRY!" a woman was screaming. Harry lifted his face to the woman on her knees being held by her hair by other people. The Harry in the memory seemed to know what was happening, unlike the Harry reliving the memory who didn't.

He was begging. "NO! Please! Please don't hurt her!"

"What would you have to trade?!" one of the people holding the woman with the fiery hair hissed to him as he pointed another stick of wood at her head. He begged again as he was chained to a wall, sobbing. "Please don't! Don't hurt her!"

"Harry, please..." she begged with a sob as one of the people struck her on top of the head. She fell to the floor and Harry shouted, "NO! Don't touch her!"

A man with a pale white face and red eyes strode forward, snickering. Harry begged with him. "You can't! I'll do anything! Anything. Just leave her out of this. Please!"

The man with red eyes snickered and knelt down in front of him as Harry struggled against the shackles. "Anything?"

"That's right!" Harry spat. "Anything!"

The man leaned forward and whispered into his ear. Harry all the while kept eye contact with the woman across the room, sobbing in pain. When he pulled away and rose to his feet, Harry nodded and cried, whispering harshly. "Yes! I'll do it!"

"Hey, hey, hey!" Elizabeth said, grabbing onto his arm. "Are you all right?"

Harry blinked and looked around. He found himself on the floor with Elizabeth crouching down by his side. He whispered, "W-What happened?"

"I-It was almost like you were hallucinating..." Elizabeth said, scared. "It sounded like you were telling someone to not hurt another someone...W-Were you seeing a memory?"

"T-That's what it felt like..." Harry whispered. He rubbed his head and whispered to Elizabeth. "I think my name is Harry..."

Elizabeth smiled, trying to lighten the mood. She helped him to his feet. "Harry. I like that name."

Harry swallowed and stuttered. "Thanks, I guess. Listen, Elizabeth, you really don't have to do all this for me. I'm serious."

"I know you are," she smiled. "I am too."

Harry closed his eyes, swallowed, and nodded, pulling on the dry pants. He sighed heavily and walked out onto the balcony. Elizabeth watched him with admiration and, after a moment, as Harry stood staring out at the ocean, she walked forward and leaned against the rail with him. She asked, "You really don't remember anything?"

"No..." Harry whispered. "Now, the only thing I know is what I learned in that memory I saw."

"I know it's not any of my business, but what did you see?"

"I-I was chained to a...a wall...a-and there was this woman on the other side a-and they were hurting her. I told them I would trade anything for them to not hurt her, and then this man came forward and made a deal with me...And I agreed to it..." Harry whispered, turning to face Elizabeth. She was looking at him intently, her blue eyes glistening with tears. She pursed her lips together and asked, "Do you know if you were in love with this woman?"

"I don't know..." Harry said, looking down. He shrugged his shoulders. "I might have been."

Elizabeth swallowed and then nodded, turning away slowly, feeling guilty. She had been trying to hit on someone who was in love with someone else...

Harry tilted his head to the side and asked her, "Hey, are you all right?"

"Yeah," Elizabeth nodded. "I'm fine. Why in the world were you chained to a wall?! You must have been in so much trouble!"

Harry shrugged his shoulders and whispered, "For some reason, I feel like the life I don't remember is full of trouble. I feel like I'm the kind of person who causes pain on others just by being around them."

"No," Elizabeth shook her head. "Don't say that. You're not causing me any pain. Pain is complete opposite of what I'm feeling right now."

She clamped her mouth shut and looked away, blushing. Harry blushed lightly and smiled, looking out to the sunset. She asked him after a moment, "Do you think your memory is going to come back after time?"

"It might..." Harry said, shrugging his shoulders once more. "It might come back in memories like that one did...But I have a feeling I don't want to remember my life. What if I find out its so horrible I wish I didn't know?"

Elizabeth smiled as Harry turned towards her, a frightened look about his face. Elizabeth shook her head and brushed his hair out of his eyes, "I know we just met, but someone as kind as you couldn't possibly have had such a horrible life."

Harry smiled lightly and walked back inside, saying, "I hope you're right."

Harry turned back to her once he was in the bedroom and he scratched his head, chuckling, "You might think I'm insane for asking you this...but do you believe in magic?"

Elizabeth turned around and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I think there is a certain magic that everyone wants and can find with one lucky person, but other than that I don't know...Why do you ask?"

Harry shook his head. "No reason."

Elizabeth clapped her hands together and sighed. "Well, we missed dinner, so I think I'll order some room service. What would you like?"

Harry turned around and said quickly, "Oh, please don't offer so much."

Elizabeth laughed and said, "It's all right. If you haven't noticed, money isn't that hard to come by in my family."

Harry smiled lightly and whispered, "Thanks, Elizabeth...For everything."

She nodded, tucking a strand of her blond curls behind her ear. "No problem...Harry..."

"You were right." Harry said as Elizabeth was sobbing on his shoulder. "This movie is sad..."

"Well, of course it is!" Elizabeth sobbed, wiping her eyes on Harry's sleeve as they sat on the couch in her room, watching the movie Titanic. Elizabeth cried as chaos was taking place on the monstrous ship. "I can't believe you haven't seen this movie! Everyone has. It always knows how to touch a girl's heart."

Harry smiled and then snorted. "But don't you find it kind of ironic that we're watching a movie about a sinking ship while we're on a ship at this moment."

Elizabeth laughed through her tears. "Yes, but you chose it! Mind you!"

"I remember seeing some of the others..." Harry said as he watched the two main characters, Jack and Rose, rush to the back of the ship as it rose out of the water. Elizabeth smiled as she lifted her face to Harry, shrugging up against him. She teased, "Not very many guys would agree to watch a romance movie with a girl."

Harry chuckled and shrugged his shoulders and then found himself staring down into Elizabeth's face. He smiled and whispered, brushing her curls out of her face. "Thank you, Elizabeth..."

"Of course, Harry," she smiled. Harry found himself ignoring the cries of people from the movie, and instead staring into Elizabeth's blue eyes. He smiled brightly and placed one of his hands over hers, squeezing it gently and slowly leaning in. Their noses brushed and Harry tilted his head to the side. Their lips were so close; he could smell the peppermint of her breath.

Their lips had just brushed when the telephone rang. They both stopped and let out a nervous laugh. Elizabeth muttered, "Excuse me..." and she rose to cross the room and answer the phone. Harry watched her go, admiring her body in pajamas. She made eye contact with him and blushed, looking the other way when she began talking to her parents on the other line. Harry jerked his head back to the movie, where the ship was slowly sinking, and acted as if he wasn't listening.

Elizabeth smiled as she talked to her parents. "Harry and I were watching a movie."

There was a moment's silence and Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "No, Mother! One minute."

She pulled the phone away from her ear and placed it over her shoulder as she murmured to Harry, "Sorry."

Harry nodded an "okay," and Elizabeth took the phone and locked herself in the bathroom. Harry chuckled at that, and then found himself straining his ears to listen to what Elizabeth was saying in the bathroom.

"No, mother! He is not. Trust me, I can tell! He's very kind and he wouldn't ever do anything to hurt someone."

Harry bit his lip, knowing that she was talking about him.

"No! I'm not going to ask him about his tattoo. He doesn't remember anything. He had a flashback and found out his name is Harry...No, I'm not going to question him about it! He'll come out when he wants to...Mother! I'm twenty-one! I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thanks!...Well, I'm willing to take my chances!...He's very polite. You haven't even met him properly!...That's right. This is my decision...Mmm-hmm. Goodnight."

She came out of the bathroom and placed the telephone back in its cradle. She blushed when Harry smiled at her feebly and she rolled her eyes. "Parents..."

Harry laughed softly and nodded as Elizabeth settled herself next to him again. Harry didn't try to resume where they had left off...

Harry chuckled after a moment and asked, "So, how long is this cruise, anyway?"

"There is three weeks left," Elizabeth said, staring at the television. Harry nodded, feeling slightly relieved that it wasn't over in a few days.

He didn't want to leave the ship...

He had no where to go, and he didn't know anyone.

The only person he knew was Elizabeth.

Everything he now knew was with Elizabeth, and he found himself admiring her every second. She was beautiful, kind, and, none-the-less, she saved his life. He found himself very attracted to her, even though he knew her for a little more than ten hours.

The movie finished shortly after and she asked, "Would you like to go on a walk?"

"Sure," Harry said, rising to his feet and stretching. She went into the bedroom and grabbed a long, satin robe. She slipped it over her shoulders, over her satin nightgown, and motioned towards the door. Harry walked towards it, Elizabeth following behind him, and he reached for the door handle, opening it for her.

They walked down the hall and down the stairs until they reached the main floor and went out onto the deck. Harry smiled up to the starry sky and let the wind run wild through his hair. He smiled, breathing in the salty scent. He whispered, "It feels so great out here."

"Yeah..." Elizabeth whispered, walking down the deck. Harry caught up with her, and they walked along the railing, looking out to the ocean. She took his hand and walked faster, saying, "Come on, to the front of the ship. You can see everything from there."

They found themselves laughing together as they raced to the front of the ship. When they reached it, they burst out laughing and Harry found himself lifting Elizabeth up and spinning her around. He settled her back down and felt that urge to kiss her again.

This time, he placed one of his hands on her shoulder and took in a deep breath before placing his lips on hers. He felt her body become mush against his and he felt that - maybe - she would fall down if he didn't hold her. So, he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her body to his.

He felt Elizabeth's arms snake around his neck and pull his head closer to her's. He kissed her again, short and sweet, and then found his lips lingering longer and longer on her own. As she toyed with his hair, he began urging her mouth open with his jaw. He felt her knees wobble as his tongue entered her mouth and began roaming it.

Harry found himself not caring about how beautiful the night was as he kissed her more passionately, not wanting to draw away.


Harry was tossing and turning that night, moaning in his sleep. The satin covers wrapped around his legs as sweat formed on his bare chest and on his forehead. He moaned loudly.

A cloaked man was breaking down a door, and as he strode into the house, a red headed woman was bounding up the stairs with a small child in her arms, the baby wailing loudly. A man screamed. "Lily! It's him! Take Harry and run!"

He could distantly hear the woman wail to her husband from the landing. "James!"

A man, who looked an awful lot like Harry, was in front of the cloaked one, another stick of wood raised at him, and he was threatening him, trying to defend his wife and child upstairs. The cloaked man raised his own and hissed. "Avada Kedavra!"

The other man dropped dead on the ground, and the cloaked one strode forward, stepping over the dead man's body. He climbed up the stairs and found the nursery where the woman began pleading with him, crying loudly. "No! Please! Take me instead! Please! Not Harry!"

"Stand aside!" the cloaked man hissed, raising his wand.

The woman continued to plea, protecting her child in the crib. "Please! Take me! Have mercy! Not Harry!"

"Avada Kedavra!"

The woman dropped dead on the ground as a jet of green light hit her chest. The cloaked man snickered and stepped forward, looking at the child in the crib. The child was just gurgling, playing with his toes. The cloaked man raised his wand once more and laughed. "Avada Kedavra!"

Instead, the jet of green light backfired and hit the cloaked man. All of the sudden, the man disappeared in a mass of mist. The child in the crib sat there as if nothing had happened, a lightning bolt scar glowing bright on his forehead.

Harry bolted upright in his bed, panting. He jumped when he saw Elizabeth standing by his side, worried. She said, "Harry, everything is okay. You just had a nightmare."

Harry panted and looked to Elizabeth's shadow in the bedroom. He must have woken her with his screams. He gasped and shook his head as tears rolled down his cheeks. Elizabeth sat down on the edge of Harry's bed and asked, stroking his hair. "What is it?"

"M-My parents..." Harry gasped. "T-They were murdered w-when I was a baby..."

"Oh my..." Elizabeth gasped, watching Harry wipe the sweat from his forehead. She tried to ignore his muscular chest heaving up and down, gasping for breath. She winced, "That's horrible, Harry..."

Harry squeezed his eyes shut and winced. "God...I don't want to sleep if it means reliving a memory every time!"

"Harry, you won't relive a memory every time you go to sleep," Elizabeth said, stroking his hair. She edged up on his bed and told him to lie down. Harry threw the covers back, revealing himself in his boxers and lay down, shaking. Elizabeth rose and wetted a wash cloth. When she returned, she sat down behind him and put his head in her lap. She soothed him by running her fingers through his hair and dabbing his forehead with a wet cloth.

Harry shook his head in her lap and gasped, opening his eyes quickly. "I can't close my eyes...Every time I do, that man is there..."

"What man?" Elizabeth asked. Harry shook his head and moaned, "The man who is always trying to kill me."

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The Potter Identity: Amnesia and Tattoos


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