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The Brothers Potter by Golden_Phoenix213
Chapter 7 : The Birth and Death of Heroes
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Simple Disclaimer- Simply i own nothing here it all belongs to JK Rowlings amazing imagination.

Ginny couldn’t remember falling asleep but at some point she must have, she blinked open her eyes, she was still in her parents house and was lying on the sofa, the last thing she remembered was giving the children their dinner and wondering how her mother had ever managed to take care of seven children.

“Any news?” She asked Harry who was perched at the kitchen table reading an extremely engrossed Albus a story from the ‘Acclaimed Works of Beedle the Bard’. He jumped slightly and shook his head,
In the moment he had turned attention away from his son he had wriggled down off his lap, grabbed the book and begun to toddle off to “Fwind Tweddy!”

Ginny suddenly recalled something she had forgotten in the days events,
“By the way I found out where Albus got the ‘bad man’ from.” She said and Harry suddenly straightened up, his eyes alert as he waited for his wife to explain,
“Teddy told him a story, but surely he didn’t tell him about…” She broke off her gaze lingering on the just visible scar on her husbands head, under his wife’s gaze he consciously raised his hand to his forehead and rubbed it lightly.

“Nothing we can do about it now.” He muttered absently and she nodded, sighed and sunk down into the chair beside Harry. The two sat in silence with only the noise of the children breaking the air as they ran around the house.

A resounding crack broke the air and a rather out of breath Mr. Weasley stepped through the door a huge grin spread across his face, the expectant eyes of his daughter and son marked him from across the room,
“It’s a boy alright, seven pounds six. Bit of a problem with the birth, but Hermione’s fine.” He added at the extremely worried look that had flitted over Ginny’s face for a moment. “Ron said feel free to go and visit when you like.” He said and Ginny nodded getting to her feet.

“I’ll go now and take Rose.” She said as she headed out of the door to fetch her niece, when they appeared less than five minutes later, Ginny turned to Harry, “Would you mind staying with the kids a little longer?” she asked and Harry nodded.

“I’ll go visit Ron later.” He answered and Ginny smiled as she kissed him on the cheek, took Rose firmly by the hand and stepped, though half pulled by an extremely eager Rose, into the fireplace and within moments, Harry was the only one sat in the kitchen.

“Rosie!” Cried Ron as soon as his daughter came into view, upon spotting her father she shot right for him and into his arms, she really was a daddy’s girl. Ginny and Mr. Weasley followed Rose over to where Ron was stood, the door of the room behind him was closed and through the small window and open curtain they could just see tufts of brown hair.

Ron appeared unable to speak as he scooped up his daughter, a sloppy grin plastered across his face,
“Mum’s in there with her, thought I’d give them a bit of privacy. It got a bit too emotional for my liking” He said to Ginny and his father, his voice full of happiness and higher pitched than usual. Ginny nodded and ran a hand over her own stomach, it would be her here next and Hermione had already proved that she could go into labour any time now. The elated look on her brother’s face told her he would never really forgive her if she stole his wife and sons thunder and gave birth that day too.

The door handle turned and it creaked open, Mrs. Weasley’s round beaming face emerged followed by the rest of her,
“Rosie.” She addressed her granddaughter, “There’s somebody who wants to meet you.” She said smiling, Ron set down his daughter and she scuttled into the room now that her mother was in clear view.

“Why don’t you go in too Ginny, she’s been asking where you were.” Mrs. Weasley chuckled holding the door open as Ginny stepped through the doorway.

Hermione had definitely looked better, but there was something about her, she had just had a rather complex birth but still she looked serene, still as pretty as Ginny had ever remembered her. The small bundle of blankets in her arms, encasing her baby son, the newest edition to the Weasley family. Little Rosie wandered over to her mother and scrambled onto the chair beside the bed. Hermione grinned at her daughter as she leant over to look at her baby brother.

“Rosie I want you to meet your baby brother Hugo.” She said and Rose’s eyes lit up merrily, Ginny sidled over not sure whether to break the shared moment between mother and daughter. Hermione turned her gaze onto her and beckoned her over,
“This is your aunty Ginny.” She said to the sleeping bundle, he was adorable, even at a mere hour old, his small eyes scrunched up, minuscule freckles were already splattered across his nose and tufts of auburn hair were visible on his head.

“Hello Hugo.” She said, the small baby begun to stir in his mothers arms, his brown eyes blinking as he woke before letting out an ear splitting scream, footsteps followed by both Ron and his parents bursting into the room,
“It’s alright, he’s just woken up.” Hermione said laughing at the expression on Ron’s face, Ron’s sheepish grin emerged once more.

A healer popped her head around the door,
“Mrs. Weasley.” She said and both Hermione and Mrs. Weasley looked round, the healer laughed lightly,
“Mrs. Granger Weasley.” She corrected and Hermione nodded, “Your parents are on their way.” She said and Hermione nodded unable to stifle a grin.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley muttered something about going to greet Hermione’s parents, Ginny suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable like she really was invading in on a family moment, Ron cradled his son to cease his screams whilst Rose told Hermione about the picture she had drawn that afternoon.

Slowly she backed out of the room and closed the door gently behind her. Her parents were a slight bit ahead of her down the corridor and she didn’t want to disturb them either.

The Burrow was drenched in silence when she arrived when she arrived back and found that Albus and James had fallen asleep on the sofa, James still clutching Teddy’s toy broomstick, Melanie was sprawled out on the floor a book lay open across her chest, falling and rising with every steady breath.

Teddy sidled into he room behind her and headed over to where James was lay, the broomstick slack in his grip, he pried it from his fingers then turned to Ginny with a wide triumphant grin.
“It’s taken me all day to get this back.” He said keeping tight hold of it and keeping a weary gaze on James as though at any second he might wake up and snatch it back.

Ginny watched Teddy as he backed away his eyes still fixed on the sleeping James, it amazed her how far he had come over the past eleven years, it seemed like only last week that his parents had been killed at the hands of Voldemort’s Death Eaters and the thought still brought tears to her eyes, Teddy had never really understood why his parents had died or for what cause but the one thing he had been told of time and time again is that both of them were brave, loving and truly remarkable people who died fighting for what they knew was right and in order to make the world a safer place to live.

Her eyes flitted to a substantially large portrait hung proudly over the mantelpiece, inside its frame was a teenager no older than twenty, his eyes darted backwards and forwards across the canvas and a mischievous grin was spread across his face, not a day went by, that Ginny was aware of, where her mother would not stand and stare at the portrait as silent tears slinked down her face. Written on the bottom just inside the gold frame where the words, “Gone but never forgotten. Fred Gideon Weasley. R.I.P.” The very words brought tears to her eyes, she had not been present at her elder brothers death but those who had been said he died like a hero and died the way he lived, with a face and heart full of laughter. She patted her stomach and whispered in a voice that only she could hear.

“You would have loved your uncle Fred, he was a born mischief maker just like your brother James.” She couldn’t manage anything more, tears were beginning to form behind her eyes and she had a sensation in her throat as though she had swallowed an extremely large, immovable tablet.

Looking down she saw Teddy standing beside her, his eyes also fixed on the portrait, on Fred’s brown eyes, “Do you miss him?” He asked Ginny who swallowed back her tears and nodded,
“I was lucky I never really knew my parents.” He said, his voice quiet, Ginny could see unshed tears forming behind his eyes. “It helps a bit I guess, I think about them all the time.”

Ginny nodded as she knelt down to his level, which wasn’t easy in her current predicament,
“I wonder about what they were like sometimes. Were they clever, their favourite smell, foods, if they loved me.” He said and Ginny recoiled in shock a little at the last part.

“Teddy of course they loved you, they loved you very much.” She said, a slight tinge of hurt in her voice at how somebody she loved so dearly could say something like that.
He scowled a little,
“Then why did they die, why did they leave me?” He asked and Ginny sighed,
“They died because they loved you, they died fighting to make you safe, they didn’t want to see you grow up in the world they had to.”

He frowned, “They didn’t see my grow up at all.” He said rather harshly,
“They were heroes Teddy, heroes, we lived in dark times eleven years ago.”
At the word heroes his eyes lit up, “What did they do? Grandma told me about something called the Order.” He said and Ginny shook her head,
“The Order of the Phoenix.” She frowned, she wished it could have been somebody else having this conversation with him, when he was older, when his young mind could take it.

“Was a society set up by Dumbledore, you know about Dumbledore?” She asked and Ted nodded, “To fight against Voldemort, you know about him too?” She asked and once again he nodded, fear clouding over his eyes. “Your parents where in that society, they were on the front line during the war.” She didn’t have to continue, his eyes were wide in amazement.

“My parents were heroes. I’m going to go to Hogwarts and make them proud,” He grinned and shot off his broomstick flailing around wildly behind him, Ginny got back to her feet, looked at the portrait of Fred and smiled,
“I blame you for this.” She said jokingly and for a second she could have been positive her brother winked at her.

The next day Hermione and baby Hugo were out of hospital and back at home, their newborn a reminder to why you really should never have kids as Ron said when he met up with Harry the following afternoon, but no matter what he said there was always that glow in Ron’s eye whenever he spoke of his son.

Rose was besotted with her brother saying she wanted to take “Huggy” to nursery with her and then could never fathom why this made her parents reel with laughter. Ginny’s pregnancy seemed to be far from over even a week later as her due date drew ever closer, by the morning before the date she was due it become extremely tiring.

James had resumed his moody attitude whenever the baby was mentioned, scowling and becoming mischievous.

The due date came and passed and Ginny was growing incredibly frustrated, she was now so large that even walking was becoming a struggle, the third day after she was due she decided she had had enough and ended up flooing over to the maternity hospital to have the process speeded up.

“Mrs. Potter the baby will come in due course.” The healer said, “Using magic to force a baby to arrive before they are ready can be extremely dangerous.”

Ginny scowled and sighed, she would have to wait till her daughter chose to greet herself to the world.

However she had just turned on her heel to head back to the fireplace to leave when pains shot right up the side of her stomach and moments later the floor surrounding her was water drenched, she could not help but suppress a grin as the healers and midwife realised what had just happened.

“Very well Mrs. Potter it would appear that your baby is on its way.”

A/N: I know the title makes very little sense here but i have another fic in the pipeline follwing the Weasley-Potter children through Hogwarts and it links in with that story slightly.

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