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All Was Well by JustSuperNmenuncle
Chapter 1 : "Our Fathers Famous Last Word's"
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"Our Fathers Famous Last Word's"


“DAD! I thought you said you actually passed your test?” A redheaded girl smiled, clutching her head as though she'd injured it while her redheaded father ‘parked' the car. The girl looked in the mirror and saw her mothers smile matched her own.


"I did pass my test." The man exclaimed in slight annoyance, stepping out of the car and squinting his eyes, a little, at the rising sun.


"Confunded the examiner, more like," grunted a smaller boy. He knew his father as well as, both, his mother and sister did; the difference was, however, that he always spoke his mind- a trait he had inherited from his father.


"Rose, are you sure you have absolutely everything?" Questioned the man's wife, who tried desperately to change the subject as she knew her husband had always worked hard to understand and to 'fit in' to the muggle world she had grown up in.


"Hermione of course she has everything you helped her pack" Laughed the man as he looked for the pay and display machine. "She takes after you so stop WORRING"


"Well I'm sorry Ronald if I take our daughters education seriously." Hermione Weasley replied sarcastically as Ron rolled his eyes. "Hugo, go and help your father get the ticket at that yellow box over there." She said pointing a place a few meters away. Rose noticed both her father and mother smiling throughout this exchange. "Now Rose if you need anything-"


"Let you know. Yes, yes you've told me a hundred times mum." Rose finished, watching Hugo help her dad with the ticket machine, looking rather clueless as her mum ran her fingers through Rose's soft curls.


“And don’t listen to your father when he says he’ll be disappointed if you don’t end up in Gryffindor- we’ll both be very proud of you, wherever you end up.” Hermione said reassuringly. Rose didn't get a chance to respond because Hugo and her Dad appeared in there mists; out of breath from having a race to them.


"Now that is why you should never race your dad Hugo" Ron said beaming proudly; having beaten his son. "Your old man has still got it."


"Now, if you're quite finished, we should make a move or we'll be late." Hermione interrupted, covering a small snigger. She never let on to her husband that she had always enjoyed his child-like antics. Suddenly Rose felt the eyes of the muggles and magical folk upon her and her family; Rose gave a weak smile and shhed her cat. Kings Cross was really a magical place the first of September.


She had, obviously been to King's cross station before. She had gone every year since her cousins James, Fred and Fred had started Hogwarts but for some reason this time things felt somewhat different, more magical than the other times. This year when she looked out for first years she was imagining how it would be like to be in class with them; instead of how James and the Fred's were going to prank them. She smiled as she could sight Fred one (known as Arthur, which was his middle name) with his father Percy. Rose could already tell that they had been there for a while; punctuality had always been a big deal for Percy. Fred two (known as Remus) was the son of George Weasley, the fourth eldest brother of Ron. The two Fred's had both been born on the same night, thus they were called Fred as a tribute to George’s twin brother that was sadly murdered in a battle, only nineteen years ago. 


She knew they weren't waiting for James Potter because the Potters always turned up at the last minute. Both Ginny and Harry were never one's for punctuality; or so her mum had constantly told her. Rose couldn't wait to see Al, who was also eleven, so he would be starting Hogwarts too and it would be nice to see a familiar face in the crowd of strangers, especially as her and Al had always been so close.


"Come on, Rose." Hermione said suddenly, awaking her from her thoughts. "We need to get onto the Platform." Rose instinctively listened to her mum with out argument; something that both her and Hugo always did. Their mum had always been the one to discipline, whereas Rose knew that she could get away with almost murder if it was always up to her dad. The family of four walked quickly to a barrier stood between platforms 9 and 10. Rose’s Mother took hold of Rose’s trolley and held the hand of her daughter and they both gathered speed, as they ran towards the barrier. Rose clenched her eyes shut and flinched but no collision came; when her eyes had reopened fumes from a large train danced through the air and she could just make out a sign that read “Platform 9 and ¾, The Hogwarts express.”  


As the excitement rushed through her, her dad appeared too, holding the hand of Hugo, whom let go the minute they were through the barrier. The atmosphere was pregnant with the anticipation of a new start. Children and parents stood together saying there final farewells. Old friends were greeting each other warmly and Rose couldn't wait to get started on her journey.


"Mum, when’s Lily getting here?" Wondered Hugo, whom had not yet learnt that the Potter's were always late.


"In a little while my sweet." Rose’s Mum smiled down at Hugo. "A wizard family is never early or late they arrive exactly when they need to." Her Dad was smiling as well, now, Harry had always said that when the Potters were very late.


"Never mind that, they still have a little time left; lets get to where we said we'd meet them" Ron said linking arms with his little Rose. It was then when Rose caught sight of a small boy with blonde hair and grey eyes. He, like her, looked like a first year and she wondered whether they’d be in the same house; Rose didn’t know why but this person had caught her eye more than any of the other first years she had seen that day. The boy seemed to be talking to his parents, looking fairly worried as he glanced around the platform nervously. Their eyes met for one brief second when…


“Hi,” The disembodied voice of Albus Potter said through the thick vapour of steam. Rose beamed at him and as their parents started talking about parking she asked Albus the burning question.




"No I'm a Potter; my father was the chosen one- we don't get scared!" Al said.


"So you’re terrified then..."


"Absolutely" Al said smiling brightly. "But just think, Rose, we're going to be at Hogwarts; this feels like an adventure all on our own.


"As long as it's an adventure you embark as Gryffindors..." said Hugo.


“What like you?" Lily questioned wandering up behind him. "Hu, you aren't going to make a Gryffindor your scared... loads of things like pigeons"


"Well you can never be to sure what there going do." Hugo said defensively.


"And spiders" Lily said counting the things Hugo was scared of on her figures.


"Hey, my dads scared of spiders and he was in Gryffindor..." Hugo’s ears were starting to turn a violent shade of red. "Well what about you? You'll probably be in Hufflepuff because you’re too kind and caring to be a Slytherin and probably not smart enough to be a..." He trailed off.


"Hugo Weasley now I know your not going to tease me about my cleverness...  I beat you at sums last term when your mum was teaching us."


"Yeah well I blame my dad for my mathematical prowess!" Hugo stated in a low, defeated tone. “And I will too be in Gryffindor- you just wait and see.” Just then Harry and Ron had returned, free from any of the luggage they had before.


"If you're not in Gryffindor, we'll disinherit you," Ron said, clearly he had overheard the last part of Lily and Hugo's argument. "But no pressure,"


"Ron!"     Hermione said in a disbelieving, yet furious tone that famously meant that she meant business. Rose felt a small lump form in her throat. She had of course, always known how important it was for her dad that she would end up in Gryffindor. The house that he had been in and the rest of the Weasley family. She knew that her dad cared about her and that, when it came down to it, he would be happy for her wherever she ended up but the fact still remained that he would be prouder if she was in Gryffindor and for that reason alone she was sure she wanted to be in that house.


"He doesn't mean it," Both her mother and Aunt Ginny told them. Rose looked at Hugo and Lily, who were in hysterics but then turned to Al. His eyes were too petrified with the same worry, Rose guessed, as her own.


While Rose had inherited her looks from both her parents, Albus Potter was an exact replica of his father, Harry. Although he always had the indefinable air of being well cared for; even adored. He had the same slight body, messy jet black hair, the same shaped face and mouth and him alone, out of Harry's three children, had inherited his Grandma Lily's eyes. His nose, like hers, belonged to a Weasley but everything else was pure Potter.


For a fleeting moment Rose wondered if he'd inherited the talent for trouble from his Potter side as well but the contemplation was interrupted by her father pointing to the boy she'd been looking at earlier.


"So that's little Scorpius," Ron said under his breath. Rose heard Al laugh behind her as her father addressed her. "Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie." She nodded solemnly; her dad didn't usually use that serious tone on anything other than his work or Quidditch related matters. "Thank God, you inherited your mother's brains." Rose stopped nodding. She hated when he said that; because it reminded her she had the wizarding world looking to her to be as brilliant as her mother. She didn't like thinking about that. It reminded her or poor Helena Ravenclaw before she ran away.


“Ron, for heaven’s sake,” Said Hermione sternly, though she had an unmistakeable amusement in her voice. “Don’t try and turn them against each other before they’ve even started school.”


“You’re right sorry,” Ron said but then added. “Just don’t get too friendly with him though, Rosie, your granddad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pure blood.”   


Then she looked over again at the boy her father wanted her to beat; and for a moment their eyes met. He gave a weak smile, she was about to do the same when her cousin James came crashing through talking about Teddy.


"Our Teddy! Teddy Lupin! Snogging our Victoire! Our Cousin." James explained loudly as though it were some kind off a conspiracy. Rose however didn't hear what was said after that. She was too busy thinking about what her dad had just said to her and everything about what was said about the Malfoy's in the past. In the commotion of James announcement she decided to take another look at the boy she was suppose to beat. But he was gone probably on the train which is where she needed to be as well.


"-Share a room only when I want the house demolished." She heard her Uncle Harry say to James, who was now looking a little defeated. "It's nearly eleven, you better get on board." He added looking down at his watch- which had belonged to a distant family relative.


Rose then rested her gaze upon her parents. Even though she had been waiting for this moment a long time she couldn't deny that she'd miss her parents. The constant bickering and her father's lame jokes and the midnight games of chess they always had; even the arguments with her kid brother. She’d miss the way her mother always had time to engage her in intellectual conversation about anything and everything from muggle literature to magic theory. She'd miss her dads cooking. And sitting together as a family for meals; while her mother threatened them all with dishes she wanted to try out on them. But most of all she'd miss how protected she was as the centre of her parents and Hugo's universe. The four of them together; even stronger than they, the golden trio had been at their height, her dad had said. But now she was going to step out of that shadow and start her own story. Her own life at Hogwarts. She was scared and excited all at once; there were so much to do and learn away from home. But as her family hugged her she realised that she had already learnt the most import magic from her family. The magic of Love, and Friendship and laughter. The magic that even muggles and squibs could weave. The magic that everyone should feel but few do. That magic she was sure would end up being the hallmark of her time at Hogwarts.


"Oh, I'm going to miss you," Her Mother said finally. "I hope you'll be alright."


"Off course she will be 'Mione" Ron stated, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "With your brains, my chess ability your stubbornness, my passion for Quidditch, your bravery and my dashing good looks- where could she possibly go wrong?" Her mother shot her father a look that Rose realised she'd miss. But she rallied herself with being practical.


"Dad's right mum. I'll be alright. And it's not like I'm going to go on a quest for the Philosopher's stone or hiding a dragon, is it?" Rose smiled. "Besides I have lots of people watching out for me; Al, James and the Fred's, Hagrid even professor Longbottom. I'll see you at Christmas." Rose said, more to herself than anyone else.


"Yes, I suppose you're right." Hermione grunted sounding unnaturally child-like, which was exceptionally unusual for her. "I guess I'll just miss someone to book review with." She laughed, giving Rose a hug and then a kiss on the forehead.


"I'll write all the time." Rose assured her mother.


"Oh no, not those great big novel things that your mum used to write?" Ron looked as though he'd rather not have a twenty inch piece of parchment to read every evening until Christmas. Rose smiled inwardly at this and then turned to her dad for a hug as well. "And I'll miss our midnight chess games that we always have- now I’ll have to settle for your mother, instead." He whispered.


"You always win anyway, there's no difference." Rose replied.


"Well you're better than your mum- at least you were a challenge."


"Bye Hugo, keep an eye on mum and dad for me. You know what they’re like" Hugo nodded. "And you remember all the 'signs' I told you about when they want some 'alone-time'" Hugo nodded again.


"Yeah, even though you won't tell me what they do or why they need so much of it..." Rose blushed.


"Well, you'll know when you’re a little older." She said giving him a quick hug. Sooner, she thought, if you forget the things I told you.


"You better hurry," Hermione said, almost tearfully. "The trains about to leave." Rose nodded and then began to turn away from them. "Oh and remember if you-"


"Need anything- yes mum you'll be the first to know, promise." Rose smiled and her mother returned it. "Bye, love you all." She then blew a kiss at the three of them.


"Love you too, sweetheart," Hermione echoed.


"We'll miss you," Ron added.


"I won't," Hugo smirked, though Rose knew that it was all a front and that Hugo would, indeed miss her. As she got on to the train and her Aunt and Lily waved at her, she noticed that Al was talking to his father with a serious look on his face.


She guessed he had finally told his dad the fear that had been on his mind all summer. Rose knew that he feared being in Slytherin, more than anything else, because she shared the same worry and they had both discussed it last week. She had urged him to talk to her Uncle Harry about it and Rose could only hope that he'd follow her advice.


"Yeah because you really tell your dad what you feel," He'd always snap.


"Well," she'd snapped back as they were swimming in the glorious Cornish sunshine "It's different for girls and their dad."


"No it's not and anyway you don't tell your mum either." Al had replied.


He had been right; she had never expressed any concerns about Hogwarts to her parents. She could only hope that even though he replied the way he did, he would still at least think about telling his dad. When Albus Potter finally turned around, his eyes were filled with wonder.


"What was that all about?" Rose asked out of the corner her mouth as she waved to her parents.


"Nothing... Tell you later" Then he noticed they had an audience of students and parents and demanded "Why are they staring?" Rose started to cran her head out of the window the same time Al did.


"Don't let it worry you" her dad reassured. "It's me." he said pointing to himself. "I'm extremely famous." He said flicking his hair like a girl on a shampoo bottle. And as he did so the train started to move.


Only her father could do it. Even though her heart was breaking at the thought of leaving her family; her dad had made her and everyone laugh. It felt like it was his gift to her; a shining memory of family life. The joyous laughter of the family that echoed in her heart making her feel like she could do anything. And at that moment she needed to cry; she made her excuse to Al and looked for a bathroom because even though she had tissues in her hand luggage she didn't want Al to see her get herself in a state.


As she shut the compartment door firmly behind her, she could already feel the tears streaming from her face. The narrow corridor was already practically deserted of students. It was getting more and more difficult to see by the second; her tears seemed to be blinding her and she just hurried down the train as far as she could, desperate to get out of sight before anyone would see her. They weren't tears of sadness as such. Just tears that needed to be...




"Watch where you’re going Weasley can't you see I was walking here?” Said a cold voice. Rose looked at him with the same amount of coldness; but her puffy eyes and hankie had given her away. Then noticing she was upset enough already, he added "I'm sorry, reflex action, I always blame other people." Then he smiled an uncertain smile and helped her up.


"Thanks" she said as she brushed off her robes. Trying not to imagine the first impression this was giving him. "Well bye Scorpius" Rose said turning in the direction of a bathroom, she hoped.


"Yeah, bye Rose" Scorpius smiled and because he knew her name she felt a smile form on her lips, as well. And right then, halfway to the bathroom, she didn't feel like crying. She felt like freshening up and then making a new friend.


When Rose had finally found a bathroom, she placed the lid down and sat. The tears had already stopped, so now all that was left was to make her face look relatively normal again, before going to look for Al. At Longbourne (Her home, which named after a place in one of her mother’s muggle books) and The Green Gables (a summer home in Cornwall for, both the Potters and Weasley’s to go whenever it was summer or there was too much hassle from the press) Rose would always sit in the bathroom to hide any tears and when she looked decent again she’d leave and carry on with her day as normal.  


After she had recovered Rose slipped out of the bathroom at the end of the train. There where children acting childishly everywhere. But none of them were Al or even James and the Freds. As she searched from compartment to compartment she hoped that her cousins hadn't hidden underneath their invisibility cloak. Every compartment was filled with people she didn't know. And all seemed fascinated when she popped her head around there door. When this happened she smiled sweetly and covered her face with her cascade of hair. Then she saw what she thought she was looking for; a compartment that was empty. As she slipped through the door she closed her eyes waiting for her cousins to say 'Surprise' but it didn't come. Instead she got a surprise when a small voice said…


“Hi” Rose turned around sharply at the unfamiliar voice. When she turned she saw Scorpius Malfoy sitting, on his own, in a strange sort of position. When Rose looked closer she could see a corner of a book, one that he clearly didn't want anyone to see. Her face was burning red with embarrassment. At least it’s not my ears, she thought. It took her a while to figure out why she hadn’t recognised his voice sooner but when he spoke again she realised it was because he sounded warm instead of his cold and unsure tone he had used earlier. “Sorted it out then?”


“Sorted what out?” It may have been because of the shock that she had a tone that was somewhat short.


“You know earlier,” He paused but when Rose’s face of confusion did not change he chose to continue. “You were crying,” His tone now seemed a little frustrated. It had already become clear that he found it hard when it came to saying anything nice to people, thus was upset when Rose hadn’t understood him the first time.


“Oh,” She said in sudden realisation, feeling stupid. “That. Yeah, I wasn’t really crying, crying.”


“Yes you were,” Scorpius retaliated with a small smile curled on his pale face.


“Oh shut up, you weren’t exactly skipping for joy when I saw you either.”


“Well someone the size of a pea happened to have bumped into me,”


“That wasn’t my fault!” She said in outrage, wondering why she had ever even considered becoming friends with him. She had also taken into account what he had said about her being small. She was off course shorter than most her age. Even Hugo was almost taller than her. She had to force back a smile when she remembered Al’s nickname for her ‘Minnie’ shortened from her middle name Minerva. He had said that she was short and Minnie and that’s where it had begun but now, being older, Al hadn’t used it for years.   


“I wasn’t the one who wasn’t looking where I was going.” He pointed out.


“Well in case you hadn’t noticed I was a little bit preoccupied.”


“Oh yeah, I remember the tears- the ones you swear didn’t exist.” They stood together now nose to nose and then they spontaneously both burst into peels of laughter.


After a while they calmed down enough to form sentences. "We're as bad as our fathers aren't we?" Scorpius smiled.


"Yes we are" Rose smiled sitting down in a ladylike fashion.


"Ok" Scorpius smiled "time for formal introductions?"


"Ok I'll go first" Rose said stretching out her hand. "I'm Rosemary Minerva Weasley"


"Ha, you’re not a pea, you’re a Minnie." Scorpius smiled broadly. Rose sent Scorpius warning look. "Sorry" he said soberly extending his hand. "I'm Scorpius Draco Malfoy" It was Roses turn to grin now. "I know my names are funny my parents are in my opinion, mental- So, how come you knew my name earlier, Minnie?" Scorpius asked after they'd finished laughing again.


"Well Skip," Rose said pointedly. "Skip?" Scorpius mouthed crumpling his nose; but Rose continued. "My dad pointed you out on the platform and declared that I had to beat you in all our tests."


"That's funny my dad pointed you out and said the same thing. Something about your mum’s intelligence had to be diluted by your days so it should be easy for me." Rose didn't smile at this even though Scorpius was smiling broadly.


"Why do are parents have to be like that?" Rose asked seriously.


"Like what, Min?" Skip asked.


"Like they hate each other..." Rose sighed with pure frustration.


"O that..." Scorpius signed no longer smiling "Well my dad said that the Weasley's and Malfoy’s don't get along because of some blood Feud from about a Century ago. And ever since we just don't mix.”


“You sound like my dad." Rose said gloomily. "Don't get too friendly with him" Rose said mimicking her father.


"Hey, that's what my father said that and... well never mind"


"Let me guess," Rose smiled enjoying herself. "Did it have something to do with marriage?" Scorpius nodded. "You know I think our dads don't get on because they’re too much a like at times..."


"Well Min, I don't think they'll like us in here together, like this," Scorpius said.


"Nope but you know what Skip, I don't care."


After a brief pause Scorpius asked. "Min?"


"Yes, Skip?"


"Why do you keep calling me Skip?"


"You weren’t exactly skipping for joy when we met so it's kind of ironic... And well, it kind of suits you, why don't you like it?" She answered.


"Actually I think it's growing on me" Scorpius sighed looking at her. "Just we Malfoy’s aren't the 'nickname' kind."


"I suppose Scorpius is a nickname in itself." Rose smirked, covering her mouth with her left hand.


"What do you mean?"


"Never mind," Rose smiled as she decided she'd like to keep this joke to herself.


"No really tell me...”


"No, honestly- it's nothing." Rose persisted, still laughing inwardly at her private joke.


"I thought we were..." Scorpius trailed off.


"Thought we were what?" Rose asked in utter bewilderment.


"Friends" Scorpius, said obviously embarrassed.


"Oh right," Rose said. Rose thought about the idea of making a new friend so quickly and she felt the happiness bubble up inside her. "Erm- yeah I guess we are."


"Good" Scorpius smiled "because if we weren't you would have to stop calling me Skip. And actually no calling me Skip in public it's just between us, ok?"


"Same goes for Minnie- I don't exactly want the entire school to start calling me that, either." Rose agreed, looking at her finger tips. "My dad wouldn't be happy if he knew I was here and not just because you're a Malfoy either."


"Why's that?"


"Because I can get away with murder with my dad as long as it has nothing to do with a boy. He's worried that I’ll fall madly in love with some idiot and never spend Christmas with them again- something about what mum used to do and it running in the jeans." Rose explained. "Not that I want to fall in love- eleven's a bit young I reckon." She added quickly at the nervous look that was now forming on Scorpius's face.


"Yeah" Scorpius nodded and blushed. "... err... my dad always said your mum was crazy about your dad and would follow him anywhere..."


"Well according to my Uncle Harry, they always used to do his head in with their constant bickering."


"Anyway we're getting off the point Min, why say that Scorpius is..." he didn't get to finish his sentence because just at that moment Albus Potter came breezing in and he didn't look happy.


"A stupid name even by Malfoy’s standards" Al Potter smirked.


"Don't be so mean Al," Rose said defensively. Rose gave Albus a warning glare. "His name might be a little unique but there's nothing wrong with that hey Sk-" She was going to say Skip but came to an abrupt stop when she realised it was only supposed to be a secret between the two of them.


“Whatever Rosie,” Al said, as though he didn’t really care. “Anyway, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere and then I come in here and see you talking to this plank!”


“Well actually, not that it is any of your business, but I went to the loos and when I went down the whole bloody train to find you and you weren’t anywhere to be seen, I thought I’d have a little chat with Scorpius here- seeing as I’m the only polite one out of the two of us.” Rose had said this in a bossy tone that was identical to the tone that Hermione had always used at her age.


“Come on then,” Al said, ignoring Scorpius and dragging his cousin by the arm. “James and the Fred’s have something to show us.” Rose, who didn’t want to let her cousin down allowed herself to be pulled away.


“Bye Scorpius,” She waved, sweetly.


“See you,” Was his short reply. When Rose was sure the she and Al were out of earshot of Scorpius, she turned to her cousin.


“Why did you have to go and do that for?”


“Do what?” Al said, as though he were oblivious.


“Drag me of like that!”


“Save you, you mean?”


“Save me? Save me? Save me from what exactly? The perfectly pleasant conversation I was having?” Rose asked in disbelief.


“He’s bad news Rose and you know it.” Al said protectively, he had always looked out for Rose even when there was no reason to and Rose figured that Hugo wasn’t too innocent in all of this.


“How is he bad news?”


“You know the story, Rosie, and you don’t want to go mixing with people who think muggle borns are scum!”


“Come of it- that was a long time ago- even Draco Malfoy’s got over the whole blood thing- he married a half blood. Mum’s forgiven him and I know dad hasn’t but what’s that got to do with Scorpius?” Rose was getting angry now. Yes she knew the story but her mum had always told her not to judge Scorpius by his father’s standards.


“Just stay away Rose,” Al said as if it was final, entering a compartment that had James, Fred and Fred looking at what appeared to be the Marauder’s Map.


"Hi" the three chorused stashing the map behind them. 


"Oh honestly" Rose sighed. "We know you have the map..."


"Are you guys planning a prank?" Al asked eagerly, he was always trying to be one with the big boys. 


"That's for us to know..." said (Fred) Arthur.


"...And you…" (Fred) Remus continued


"...To find out!" finished James.


"Not this again can you please try and not behave like your triplets for once." Rose pleaded. She had, had enough of them and this triple act over the past eleven years. It had started innocently enough, when the Freds and James were little they always had play dates. Then one day when they were about three they'd realised the pleasure of pranks and the power they had to be cute by finishing each others sentences. It was a power they withheld to magnificent effect, especially on their grandmother Molly. Last year when they'd started Hogwarts, Uncle Harry had been ready to hand the cloak over to James but James and the Fred's had said that they'd 'set their hearts' on having the map instead. Everyone knew why; they wanted to live up to their namesakes and the only way they could do that was with the map. But Rose didn't mind it meant that she and Al had the cloak.


Rose then took out a copy of the newest addition of "Hogwarts: a History" She hadn't "completely” forgiven Al yet for his rude intrusion on her previous conversation with Scorpius and she certainly couldn't talk to him right now. Instead she opened her book to the latest chapter, which had been printed eighteen years ago. "Hogwarts: A History- The Golden Trio." As she read 'The Golden Trio Years' and noticed all the times her parents where mentioned. Scorpius’s dad wasn't mentioned until later on in the chapter but she knew he was alluded to. As the train sped on she wondered how alike his father, Scorpius was and whether they'd end up being friends. She was upset at herself because she hadn't asked him if he was nervous or even what house he wanted to be in. That would be a telling factor, she felt. Every now and again Al or her other cousins would try and engage her in conversation. She ignored them but softened later when they each bought her a chocolate frog each as a peace offering.


As they all munched on sweets, James and the Freds huddled in a corner talking in hushed voices, one by one they went to change into there robes, which Rose had, had on ever since this morning when her mother had ironed them. Al and Rose slowly started talking again and by the time the Hogwarts Express came to a sudden halt, they were talking about Quidditch and their argument lay forgotten.


"Sorry," Al said finally, as Rose and him exited the Compartment and made their way to the end of the train. "About earlier," he continued weakly. "I was only trying to look out for you- I didn't mean to be such a prat." Rose was touched at this sudden apology. She knew how hard it was for Albus to say that one word and the fact that he had just said it, even though she had clearly already forgiven him meant a lot.


"No, I'm sorry- I should have known that you only had my best interests at heart." Rose smiled, cupping his shoulder reassuringly as they made there way of the train.


"Mates?" Al asked suddenly.


"Always," Rose replied, beaming wildly.


As they stepped off the train they saw Hagrid and Grawp waiting for them. Grawp was standing waving and being greeted by all the returning students... Some of them had saved him their packed up sandwiches and were throwing them into Grawp’s mouth. When Anastasia Finnegen’s sandwich bounced off him and landed on Fred everyone laughed as Fred went red and the first years didn't know where to look or which giant to be scared of, Rose and Albus went running over to embrace their second Godfather.


“Hagrid, How are you?” Rose said in a voice of joy as Hagrid had released her from a tight cuddle and moved onto Al.


“I’m fine thanks. ‘Ow are the pair o’ you two?” He said, as his eyes glistened in wonder.


“Great thanks, really excited, Rose is a little nervous though.” Al said in a voice that sounded horribly arrogant. Rose rolled her eyes at this continuous habit he had of trying to be cool in front of anyone that wasn’t his age. 


“Me, nervous?” Rose questioned incredulously. “You’re the one that’s nervous!”


As Hagrid let go of them Rose spotted Scorpius looking over at them. He was by himself at the corner of the group. He looked all small and a lone; she smiled at him and, to her surprise and annoyance, he didn't smile back.


"Nuf now you two" Hagrid said happily. "See ya on Friday."


"Firs’ years follo’ me..." Hagrid said to other first years. As he started to walk there was a path of first years in his stead. Rose started walking behind Hagrid but slowed down as she got to the lake. By the time they got to the lake and saw the castle for the first time Al and her where walking with Scorpius. All three of them watching the castle and not talking. Because what could be said when you see the place that haughted your dreams in childhood but since the receiving of your letter inhabited your nightmares.


As they stood in a line by the lake, for the boats, they watched the giant squid weaving in and out the moonlight for the enjoyment of those watching students. They were so engrossed by the sight that they forgot to watch the cue.


Suddenly they were at the front, there was only one boat left and Hagrid bid the to get in or they'd not be sorted. Rose looked down quiet shocked that the boat was so small and the lake was so dark. Even though the Castle was shining like a beacon of hope; Rose couldn't help feel but feel a little uneasy. Al and Scorpius in a boat Oh joy she thought as she sat down and they started to move with a jerk. She looked over at Scorpius but he adverted his glaze like she was something foul from under his overprized shoes.


"I've already asked Al this," Rose said after a few minuets of awkward silence. "But are you scared Sk... Scorpius?"


"No but why should I tell you if I were?" he said in a cold arrogant voice.


Rose was taken back by this sudden cold shoulder. "Why are you being like this? I thought we were going to be friends..."


"You know why" he sneered looking at her with such cold distant that even Al noticed.


"Excuse me but she's been nothing but nice to you, which is more than you deserve!" Al said angrily, jumping to his cousin’s defence. Suddenly the boat started to rock. Luckily Scorpius jumped up a split second after Al and caused the boat to stay balanced and kept upright.


"And answer me this POTTER" Scorpius yelled making everyone look at them. "Why should I care what the likes of YOU think?"


"Can you two PLEASE sit down your rocking the boat," she said then smiled at her use of a musical lyric... Her mum had been correct anything was possible at Hogwarts even movie lines.


"Oh yeah, I forgot you're a Malfoy and Malfoy's like to be arrogant idiots who care about absolutely nothing- cold your family- is it nice to have a dad who doesn't care!" Al didn't seem to hear his cousin and usually he was a nice person but when someone insults or speaks to a member of his family like that he sure as heck could get pretty personal. And he had hit a soft spot, Rose could tell that a mile off. 


"My dad an arrogant idiot?" Scorpius shouted. "All your dad ever did was wear his scar like a crown"


"Leave my dad out of this," Suddenly and urge to punch Scorpius rose in Al’s chest- first Rose, then his dad, who the hell did he think he was?


“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT UP MY FAMILY FIRST!” Scorpius yelled, with such anger that the boat shifted a little more.




“Honest guys, I REALLY think we should just sit down- the boat is really rocky.” Rose said in a scared sort of voice, as she eyed the boat carefully looking out for any other signs of rocking.


“NO GOOD REASON? NO GOOD REASON? Is that a joke, after what she did- after what she said?” Scorpius said in disbelief as a flicker of pain shone in his eyes, only for a Millie-second. By this time Rose stopped looking down at the boat and listened intently to Scorpius; she was unaware of anything she had said to make him dislike her and she disparately racked her memory to try and figure it out.


“What are you talking about? Are you really as thick as you look because that really is unfortunate?” Al said acidly, giving him room to respond.


“I heard you talking- better not ‘mix’ with the likes of me, eh Rose? Not good enough for your precious family.” Rose now understood why he was off with her- he heard Al talking and assumed that she had agreed with him. “Precious family, with their precious hero, Harry Potter.”


“One more comment about my family and I’ll- I’ll-”


“You’ll what?” Scorpius said, daringly. “I’m not scared of you Potter- come on; give me your best shot.”


Suddenly Rose was sick of the pair of them. Without thinking where she was she stood up and was about to scream blue murder at the pair of them for being like that, when Al and Scorpius throw a punch at each other. All they knew was that one minute they where standing and the next they were swimming, as their sudden movement had caused the boat to flip and drop them into the icy cold water. Rose found herself swimming in her brand new robes; though she was a good swimmer, the weight of her clothing and the continuous screaming proved to make a simple task, such as swimming, all the more difficult.


“Someone do something, help me!” She cried, she was petrified to the very most. Her heart was racing and the thought of dying was one of the only things that passed through her mind. “If I survive this, I’ll hex the pair of them and make them wish they had never been born!” She screamed so loud that everyone must have heard her. Then aware that they were both behind her she spun around, still at the surface of the lake.


They both seemed to be swimming very fast to her, as though it were some kind off competition in a sporting event not an attempt to rescue, both with looks of determination on their faces.


"I'll save you Rose," They were shouting. But she had had enough of them. She started to swim towards the pair of boys who were still speeding towards her, as though she were a finishing line. When she had reached them, they both tried to grab her like she was a damsel in distress.


"Don't you dare touch me,” She said sourly. “Either of you" she shouted before she sped off towards a nearby group of girls. "This is your entire fault she heard them shout as they started to splash at each other as the three girls managed to pull Rose onto the boat.


“Are you alright?” The girl nearest to her asked. She had green eyes, straight brown hair and an unmistakeable mischievous grin.


“Yes as well as any body could be when the boat they were in had three jerks then toppled over!” She said still yelling in frustration, yet a hint of her voce sounded amused.


“Three jerks?” Another girl questioned her blue eyes still clearly visible in the moonlit light.


“Yeah,” She began, calming down slightly. “One to leave the quayside and two to rock the boat and give me a chance to catch up on my swimming,” She said pointing over her shoulder to Al and Scorpius who were being lifted back into the boat by the giant squid. They then started shouting to Rose that they were sorry and it was his entire fault. Then to the astonishment of all they started to push each other again and shouting "NO I DIDN'T IT WAS YOU!" there was another splash and for the second time that night Al and Scorpius had landed in the water


“Who are they anyway?” The last girl asked, scrunching up her eyebrows. 


“Well the guy with the black hair is my dear old cousin, Albus Potter and that little ray of sunshine is Scorpius Malfoy.” Rose said, pointing the two of them out,, as they decided to resume their fight in the water. The three girls giggled slightly at Rose’s frustrated sarcasm.


“So we have al beef jerky and skip chicken jerky; I say we go veggie girls.” The girl nearest to her said, as the rest of them burst out laughing. “Debby Weed, by the way, but my friends call me Debs.” She said pointing at herself. “And this is Haley Samuels” Debby pointed at the girl with brown eyes and tanned skin. “And this is Anita Cole.” The girl with piercing blue eyes waved at her and gave a warm smile.


"Hi I'm Rose Weasley" Rose said with a weak smile as she started to shiver.


“We know who you are!" Debby said honestly. "I've seen pictures of you in witch weekly..."


"Oh" Rose sighed. Sometimes it really bits being a child of the 2/3's of the golden trio.


"Would you like a blanket?" Beamed Haley; starting to grab for her bag.


"How much have you got in that back of yours?"  Debs asked.


"Enough..." Haley said distractedly as her arm disappeared into her bag "my mother was a witches guild and she says be prepared... what if I wanted to sleep? Or saw an animal in distress or someone fell into a lake because of happy and cheery over there!" The girls giggled. "And anyway," She added as she handed Rose the blanket. "This was an idea my mum got from yours," She smiled looking at Rose. "But I don't suppose my mother’s is as good as that one."


"Does it work?" said Rose matter-of-factly.


"Well obviously," Debs said.


"Then my mother’s charm is as good as yours." She said. "You don't happen to have a cup of tea and some food in that bag of yours?"


"No we ate all her food on the train." said Debs distractedly looking at Scorpius and Al as the giant squid put them in Hagrid’s boat instead.


"I have some thing if you want?" Piped up a small voice, and then from out of another bag came some sandwiches and chocolate. Rose almost cried with joy.


"Though I don't know if you'll like it," Anita continued, handing over a 'Dairy Milk' chocolate bar. "It's all muggle stuff- two non magical parents, you see?" She said sounding a little uneasy, as though she were afraid that her being a muggle born might be a problem.


"Are you kidding me," Rose said in genuine enthusiasm. "Dairy Milk is my favourite! My mum's a muggle born and we have muggle food all the time- my Gran always gives me a bar of Dairy Milk when I go over." Rose informed them, as she opened up the rapper in delight. "Not that she likes to, mind. She's always a bit fussed about my teeth. She used to be a dentist, you see."


Rose broke a few squares of the chocolate and then offered it around the group. The taste was so sweet and she immediately felt calmer; but whether that was the chocolate or the company of three amazing girls instead of two argumentative boys, she didn't know. As she nibbled into her chocolate, her hair began to drip.


"Suogarato," Muttered Debby, as she took out her wand and pointed it to her hair. A moment later the dripping stopped and her hair was bone dry. The other girls looked at her in amazement- she had conjured a perfect drying charm. "Only magic I know," She said honestly. "My mum hates wet hair- it's the one thing she wants to drum in to me, other than to hate muggles but off course the drying charm is the only thing I'll ever take any notice of."


Rose just sat there in astonishment, looking at each of the girls in turn. "Do you lot have everything?"


"What can I say? Apart we suck but together we make one ultimate team!" Debs said putting on the most angelic face she could muster.


"Rosie" she heard Hagrid calling; she turned to look at him. "You ‘k?" Rose nodded; because she knew she would be ok. "Arr tha's good; you know you three make it nine people to fall in the lake." Hagrid laughed. "And it's funny it's Al that wen’ in too because the firs’ lot to go in there were Lily and the Marauders- Then Denis Creevy- now you three," he smiled. "I'll have ter keep an eye on you three... Landin’ in the lake is always a sign of 'trouble makers' Funny tha’ your parents didn't..." he trailed off. "Anyway we’re gettin’ closer ter land."


As the moonlight reflected of the cold water and caused the lake to glitter and twinkle, the large group of boats hit the banks of the lake and on the edge of the castle grounds. The castle looked even more magical up close, like a huge siluet backed onto the navy sky, as the stars flickered from behind it. The lights switched on, from within the castle made the windows illuminate. Their wasn't a single first year whose mouth didn't drop at that moment, nobody spoke but gaped pointlessly at the magnificent piece of history that stood before their very eyes.


"Righ' firs’-years over ‘ere- c’mon firs’-years, follow me, c’mon this way!” Hagrid bellowed as he advanced slowly to the castle, turning every now and then to do a quick head count. Rose noticed with pleasure that Hagrid had lost his oversized coat to Al and Skip. Still bickering they moved closer to her and her new friends.


As they got closer she moved so she was the opposite side of her friend. The girls looked for the reason for Rose moving and found the boys looking hopeful and moving closer. The three of them moved so they were like a human wall between Rose and the boys. Then they glared at them and the boys sank away; silently agreeing not to go anywhere near Rose for a while.


"I can't thank you girls enough for tonight" Rose beamed. "No problem" the girls said in unison. They giggled before Haley said. "But what if were in different houses..." The girls stopped moving. They'd didn't need to ask what she meant. They all felt it. They had a bond of friendship but being split into different houses could strain friendships to breaking point.


"Doesn't matter" Anita said "Clearly, were friends, come what may." She smiled. "Besides it could be a good thing if we were sorted into different houses." Then the four of them linked arms and started walking to there new life, leaving the boys miserable, and still arguing, in their wake.


The rest of the walk was a quite one; every now and then each of the girls would exchange looks to see what the other one was thinking but Rose knew that they were all thinking about the same thing. What if they were separated, would it matter? She had read enough of her mum's history books to know what happens to the best of friends when separated by house and she suddenly found herself worrying an even deeper worry than maybe being in Slytherin. This thought, however, was interrupted by the sudden halt of Hagrid at the front of the castle door.


As Rose walked into the entrance hall she caught her breath. Her parents had been right it was amazing. She shouldn't been surprised by the scale of it; but the fact that her grandparents’ house could fit into this space with room to spare was quite amazing. The light from the torch danced off the stone walls creating a warm glow. She smiled as she approached the man standing before her. It was nice to see that 'Uncle' Neville had recovered from his sun burn. With a pang of sadness she realised he was no longer 'Uncle' Neville but Professor Longbottom.


"Hi," Neville began, smiling down at the group of first years that stood in front of him. "I'm Professor Longbottom, Head of Gryffindor and your new Herboligy teacher. Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry- I hope you all like it here, I loved Hogwarts but lets hope your stay here is a little less eventful than mine," He smirked slightly. "It's nice to see some familiar faces," He said, taking a glance at Al and Rose. "Right, well, when we go into the great hall, you'll all be sorted into your houses. Don't worry," He added at a few scared faces. "I was really worried as well but it really is very easy- you don't have to do much. While you are here your house is like your family. Between sharing dorms, classes and tables you'll begin to know them better than you know yourself. A member of your house achieves something you gain points- do anything wrong and you'll loose points, the house with the most points at the end of the year wins the house cup! Any Questions?"


"Can... An... You dry... dry... us... Pl... Please... sir!" the small voice of Al echoed through the entrance hall.


"How, may I ask did you to fall into the lake?" Professor Longbottom looked interested.


"It was their entire fault," said Rose on the other side of the hall. Professor Longbottom looked at his young friend and smiled.


"You as well Rosie?"


"Actually, it wasn't my fault it was his?" Scorpius sneered, trying to get as far away from Al as was possible within the huge jacket.



"No it wasn't it was..."


"Enough" shouted Professor Longbottom. "Mr Potter and, my guess, Mr Malfoy..." Scorpius nodded. "Well, I'll dry the pair..." there was a small cough from Rose. “Three of you; however if I find that you two have been fighting I will put the pair of you in detention. This castle has seen enough fighting we don't want any more."


"Sorry professor Longbottom" Skip and Al chorused. "Good to hear it! Exaresco!" he said pointing his wand individually and with a warm orange glow the three of them became dry and warm like they'd never landed in the lake.


"Now we have that sorted out" Prof Longbottom said in a clear authoritative voice. "We shall proceed to the sorting." With a flick of his wand the grand doors opened and as he walked in, Rose could see her Uncle Neville enjoying the sound of the gasps of the new students.


But this was just a passing observation until the Hall took her breath away. The ceiling in Hall showed the nights skies bright stars. It reminded her of her mothers and father's library on the top floor of the Gables. Her mother had told her when she was young that the one at Hogwarts was more amazing. She hadn't believed her until this instant. There were more candles than she'd ever seen floating in space above her head. Even more than were at her Grandma and Grandpa Weasley's 40th anniversary party; as organised by her Aunt Fleur. Every eye in the Hall was on them, the new comers. As Rose walked forward she saw her cousins giving them a thumbs off. She could muster up a small smile.


Then she caught sight of it; the thing that would shape her destiny. It didn't look remarkable. You couldn't just see that it was singed from the final battle. But it was still there; like it had always been. Doing what it needed to do. Wearing its 'battle scars' like a badge of honour if that was even possible. Then as the person in front of her stopped; she bumped into them. Then everyone turned to look at a man, a legend, Professor Kingsley Shacklebolt. He had been minister of magic for a decade, head master since he stepped down, but STILL the man was just pure cool. When they suddenly came to a halt in front of the three-legged stool, where the pointed wizards hat sat.


Again she turned to the hat, as did everyone else in the room. The first years stood in silence as they wondered what would happen next, each with a more bewildered look than the other. After a few moments of silence the hat twitched and there was a rip towards the rim of the hat and it formed a mouth, which sung:


If we look back in History,

When I was just first made,

I was sewn by brave Gryffindor,

And on his head I stayed.


Then Hogwarts School was founded,

By three other than Gryffindor

There was Slytherin and Hufflepuff

And then clever Ravenclaw.


They had in common, O yes they did,

They wanted to mould young minds,

But then differences finally up rose,

They wanted to teach different kinds.


And there was me, I could talk,

But I had very little to do,

That’s when they gave me a job,

To sort young students like you.


So I sorted the fair to Hufflepuff,

The bold and brave to Gryffindor,

The ambitious to Slytherin,

And the smart to Ravenclaw.


So that’s what I do, I sort,

But as the years have gone,

I divide and I split but even now

I fear that this is wrong.


So here’s a message, remember this,

The school will crumble if we fight,

So let this be a lesson to all,

We must get along and unite.


Now I shall do the job I was given,

I’ve never yet been wrong,

So fit me snug onto your head,

And I’ll tell you where you belong.



When the sorting hat had finished his song, the whole great hall erupted in cheers as they began to applaud maniacally. Her mum had told her that the sorting was very simple but Rose had never believed her and chose to believe her prankster, cousin, James who had always told her it was difficult. She breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered that the hat was simply going to sort her. However, the thought of standing up in front of all these people scared her, to no end.


“Right then,” Everyone fell silent as Neville Long bottom picked up the hat in his left hand and had a scroll of parchment in the other. “When I call your name, you will stand up sit on the stool and I will place the sorting hat on your head and you will be sorted.” Rose’s gaze reverted to Al who had a look in his eyes that only screamed fear, she felt it to and offered him a the first smile since before the lake, he smiled encouragingly and thankfully back to her and the gaze back up to Neville. “Ok then, Neal Andrews,”


A small, scared looking chubby boy, that Rose had seen on the train, when looking for Al, began to walk up to the stool. He sat down and Neville placed the hat on his head. The hat seemed to be muttering something in his ear and after a few seconds it shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!” The hall burst with claps and the boy, looking extremely pleased went to sit on the Gryffindor table.


“Brittany Anders,” Neville called and a girl went and did the same thing as the boy had done but this time the hat shouted, “Hufflepuff,” She looked relieved and then skipped merrily to the Hufflepuff table and was greeted with applause.


Billy bag, went to Hufflepuff and then, “Anita Cole,” The girl from the boat stood up and went to sit on the stool, now she was in the light of the Great Hall, Rose could see her curly black hair fall on her shoulders and her eyes were even more piercing indoors. Hers and Anita’s eyes met and she mouthed ‘fingers crossed’ and she crossed her fingers. The three other girls mirrored this as they crossed their fingers too. After a few seconds the hat came to a decision. “Hufflepuff,” The Hufflepuff’s applauded as they had already made three new members. Anita gave one last smile to her friends before making her way to the Hufflepuff table.


Innocence Copper went to Ravenclaw, Sarah Dean, Hufflepuff. Gregory Duhurst was the second Gryffindor and Flint went to Slytherin. Violet Finnigen, the daughter of Lavender and Seamus Finnigen, went to Gryffindor and Belle Garden, part veela, went to Ravenclaw. Rubilious Gland, Slytherin and Gwendolyn Green and Joshua Hopkins went to Ravenclaw. Michael and Mindy Hunter, twins, went to Hufflepuff as well as Tom Jenkins. Miles Jones was a Ravenclaw and Elizabeth King, a particularly grumpy looking girl, went to Slytherin, as did Maria Lindsey. Joseph lions went to Ravenclaw and then…


“Scorpius Malfoy,” Scorpius began to walk slowly and a slight flicker of fear shone in his eyes as his and Rose’s eyes met. He gave a smile and a nod, which she returned and from that moment she knew they were friends again. “SLYTHERIN!” The hat screamed, which made Rose and Scorpius jump as they were in their web of thoughts. There were cheers from the Slytherin table and he went to sit down, after giving Rose another discreet nod, which she understood to mean that they should keep their friendship a secret.


Lloyd Miles, Slytherin and then Rose held her breath as Neville announced the next name. “Albus Potter,” Rose was scared for him as Al went to sit down and the hat was placed on his head. He looked terrified and she knew her eyes reflected his. She knew how worried Al was and that was what made it harder for her. She watched as he clenched his eyes shut at the hat’s verdict. “Gryffindor!” It screamed; both Rose and Albus beamed wildly at each other as they sighed relief.


Sam Rhodes, Ravenclaw and then “Haley Samuels,” Haley got up, her brown hair was now tied up and her eyes looked scared. “RAVENCALW!” The hat shouted. Disappointment rushed through Rose, Anita had been in Hufflepuff and now Haley was in Ravenclaw, already at least one of them would be separated. She looked over to Anita who was clearly thinking the same.


Fern Sandell Slytherin and Summer Thomas, child of Dean and Luna Thomas went to Gryffindor. “Rose Weasley,” a flicker of fear shot through her body and she was paralysed, after jab in the ribs from Debby she walked over to the stool and the hat was placed on her head. “Ah,” The hat whispered in her ear. “Another Weasley, like your mother I see, not a bad mind, not a bad mind at all- be good for Ravenclaw, very good but plenty of courage as well, inherited that from both your parents but where to put you. I put your mother in Gryffindor but I still think she would be good as a Ravenclaw and you seem the same- I think we’ll put you in GRYFFINDOR!” The last part was announced to the whole Hall, she felt relived and bounced of the stool and over to her cousin, who was applauding like everyone else. When she got to her seat and they announced “Tiara Debby Weed,” she was shocked to see Debby stand looking angry, clearly not liking being called by her first name. That’s when she realised that three of the girls had already been separated. IF Debby went to Slytherin they would all be split apart. That’s when the hat said what all the girls and Rose had been praying he wouldn’t say, “SLYTHERIN!” All the girls looked disappointed, especially Debby who was now reluctantly walking over to the Slytherin table.


Ashley Wood went to Hufflepuff and the Callum Young became a Gryffindor. And with that the sorting was finished. Rose looked over to the Slytherin table and her eyes met Scorpius’s. He gave another nod and she returned it. And that was how it happened. That was how their Secret friendship started. Rose smirked at the thought of her father’s face, if he ever found out. How the world would be if they discovered the one thing that hadn’t ever happened- not for centuries. A Weasley and a Malfoy had become friends and this is the beginning of out story…                               


Seven years later…

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