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New York's Secret by Avanell 2
Chapter 4 : The Big Date
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Thank you means a lot. Please keep them coming :)

Chapter IV: The Big Date

“Bloody hell! Harry!” Ron thought. In all his excitement, he had forgotten to phone Harry and Ginny to tell them the news. They were the only two who knew the reason for his trip. Knowing they would still likely be up, he called the cell phone Harry had gotten before Ron left for the states.

“Hello?” Harry answered, sounding somewhat sleepy yet anxious. He knew it was likely Ron.

“Mate! I found her!”

Harry’s voice picked up. “Already? You found Hermione?”

“Yeah, it was bloody brilliant! I was having coffee and trying a bagel when she came over to help me. I, er, I’d spilled some on myself.”

Harry laughed.

“Mate, she looks smashing!” Ron closed his as he spoke the words. She had looked amazing. Different, but still amazing.

“You sure it was her?” Harry gulped right as he’d said it. He hadn’t to meant Hermione wasn’t smashing, she was beautiful. He only hoped Ron hadn’t found a look-a-like.

“It’s her, mate.” There was no doubt in his voice. “She speaks almost like an American, but I know her smile, and her freckles, and that dimple just below…”

“I get it, it’s her. Well done! When are you going to bring her home?”

“Mate, that takes time. I’m having dinner with her, though. In fact, I’ve got to run. I need to find her place.”

“Just hail a cab. I think they’re yellow or something over there.”

“Tell me about it! Those things are all over the bloody place. You’ll tell Ginny, right?”

“Yeah, she’s over with Molly right now, but I’m expecting her home any moment so I won’t need to floo them. Best wait to tell everyone else once you know more.”

“Right. Hey, how is Crooks?” Ron asked.

Harry laughed. “Geez, Ron, I never knew you’d come to care for the beast. He’s fine, running around all the time. I think he actually misses you.”

“And Hermione even more, maybe he knows I’ve gone to find her. Well, that’s it for now. I don’t want to be late. Good night, then,”

“Night, Ron. I’m so happy!”

The call ended and Ron headed out of his hotel room after checking his hair one more time. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with black slacks. The shirt had been a Christmas gift from Ginny last year, she told him she’d picked it out because it matched the color of his eyes, or some nonsense like that. This was the first time he wore it.

Time seemed to pass quickly, and before either of them knew it they were finished with dinner and had ordered desert and a second bottle of wine. Lucky for Ron, Harry had insisted upon brushing him up with muggle news and events so that, just in case, he could talk amongst muggles as if he were one himself. Ron knew a bit about muggle technology; during the Horcrux hunt the Trio had stayed in a number of muggle places and then, upon his and Hermione’s engagement, he’d spent a good deal of time with her with her parents.
Alessandra, who Ron was now more certain than ever was Hermione, was completely smitten with Ron. She’d never met a man like him, and was even more delighted that he seemed oblivious to her being a model. Throughout their meal they’d discussed politics and her life as a student studying Psychology, and even a couple of books they both liked.

Little did Alessandra know, but Pride and Prejudice had always been her favorite book. She’d picked it up at the Lavoy’s while packing for a trip and couldn’t put it down during her flight to Milan. Upon her return home a week later, she purchased a DVD based on the book and fell in love with Colin Firth, the actor portraying Mr. Darcy. She then enjoyed him ‘replaying’ his role in Bridget Jones’ Diary. Looking across the table, she realized Ron Weasley was no Mr. Darcy. Ron was humble, unsophisticated, yet perfectly perfect.

Hermione had read the book to Ron during the Horcrux hunt, during nights when they were alone. Ron had proclaimed Darcy an idiot because he didn’t kiss Elizabeth when he had the opportunity, and that Elizabeth was obviously perfect in every way the sun shone.

Hermione thought Ron was such the romantic when he said that, so she had kissed him on the cheek, blushing afterward. Ron smiled at the memory.

“What?” Alessandra asked him, bringing Ron out of his thoughts.

He winked at her and told “Hermione” again his perspective of the situation. Alessandra smiled and reached over the table to lay her hand on his. Ron blushed, but he didn’t care. He was with “his Elizabeth” – his Hermione.

After dinner, the two decided on a walk through Central Park, which immediately sent Hermione into a flashback.

“You alright, love?” Ron asked, regretting that he’d let out the endearment so soon. He’d already been holding her hand, and squeezed it gently.

She stopped and smiled back at him. “Sorry, it’s just this place…”

“What about it? You can tell me.” He gave her hand another squeeze. He could see the tears starting to form in her eyes as she contemplated telling him something, as was apparent by the way she was now chewing on her lip.

“I…I don’t know if I can. We just met…”

“Please tell me. You don’t have to worry.” Looking deep into her eyes he could see the effect he had on her. He willed himself to hold back, but failed. He leaned forward and gently brushed his lips against her.

Her eyes fluttered close and she kissed him back. Before she knew it, he pulled back. Her chocolate colored eyes opened again and she stared into the depths of his dark blue eyes. Then she told him. She told him about waking up in Central Park with no memory, and how fortunately lucky she was to find the paper and then Dr. Lavoy. She told him about living with the Dr. and his wife, who had taken care of her like a second daughter (their only daughter was grown and living in California with her own family).

“Sometimes I just wonder,” She told him. “I wonder who I really am.”

Ron felt his own tears welling as he leaned in and kissed her again, this time passionately. She melted under him as he drew her close to his body, one arm circling the small of her back, the other gently caressing her neck. “It will be alright. We’ll…I’ll help you.” He promised in a whisper.

She trusted him. She knew not why, only that she did.

It was hours later that Ron escorted Alessandra back to her flat. The doorman greeted them and gave Ron a once over. He hadn’t been on duty when Ron came to pick her up, but the gentleman on duty before had mentioned she had another “date.” While neither man liked the previous man, Stephen, before, they noticed something different about young Mr. Weasley. And the look on Alessandra’s face made them like him all the better. He smiled and saluted the young couple as they walked into the elevator.

Moments later the two arrived at Alli’s front door.

As she opened the door, Alessandra turned back to Ron. “Would you like to come in for a drink?”

Ron blushed, but didn’t want to come across as someone eager to get into her knickers. He had to play it cool, no matter how much he wanted to hold her in his arms and profess his love for her. “No, that’s alright. I should be headed back.”

Her smile disappeared.

“However, I would like to see you again. Are you free anytime tomorrow?”

The smile returned. “I’d like that very much.” She paused for a moment. “Actually, tomorrow I am supposed to have dinner with the Lavoys. They’re like family. Would you like to come with me?”

Ron smiled. One date and she was already asking him to meet with the two people who had given her so much since she “arrived” in the city. “Tomorrow it is. What time shall I meet you?”

She gave him a time to meet, then the two said goodnight. But not without Ron leaning forward and kissing her again. She melted into his kiss, then into his arms. Perfect, she thought.

After Ron left, Alessandra took Snowy into her arms and went to prepare for bed. As she snuggled next to her kitten shortly after, she fell into sleep and her dreams began.

Meanwhile, on his way back to the hotel, Ron was thinking of how Hermione was the same in most ways, but there were obvious differences. Somehow being “Alessandra” had given Hermione’s personality a bit of freedom that Hermione struggled to enjoy most of the time.

The next day, while Ron was busy taking in the sights, Alessandra was busy at work. She’d had a restless night, dreams of what she thought might be her past worried her for the first time. Now that she had met Ron, what was to become of the man she had dreamt of?

Of course, she never saw a face; in her dreams his features were always hidden. Was he real? Her therapist had once suggested “he” signified something else, or perhaps protected or prevented her from getting into a relationship before she knew of or remembered her past. Perhaps she dreamt of “him” again because she had now met someone. Sighing, Alessandra focused back on her work.

Sara was growing restless. Where was Ron? He hadn’t been to work in over/nearly two weeks, her boss explaining that the young man simply needed some time off. At least, that’s what she was told when she first asked. Now the rumors were starting to flow, something about the Ministry. Sara wanted to get to the bottom of the matter, and decided to take matters into her own hands.
That evening she decided to take Ron’s work to his father’s office at the Ministry. Getting in was rather difficult, but she persisted that she was bringing some files for Mr. Weasley, never explaining that they were for Ronald Weasley, rather than Arthur Weasley. Finally, they had her wait outside Minister Weasley’s office for over half an hour before the aging man finally opened the door to his office. His assistant had already gone home for the day.

“I’m dreadfully sorry, Miss, I completely forgot someone was waiting for me.” He said with a genuine smile. “Now, you have something for me?”

Sara nodded. “Yes, I have some files for your son, Ronald, but no one could tell me where to bring them. Since you’re his father, I thought you might know how to contact him.”

Arthur was confused. He knew his son had taken some time off, but didn’t know any of the details. Harry and Ginny had explained that he just needed time to look for Hermione, which was enough to satisfy him. But he had no idea where his son was; for all he knew the lad was locked up in his apartment.

“I can see that he gets them,” He promised. He led the woman out, then went back to his office where he sat down at his desk and sighed. This was not good. He could tell Sara had her sights set on Ron, and knew his son well enough that he would not let go of Hermione...wherever she was.

That night the Lavoys were busy preparing for their guests. Alessandra had called them earlier that day to ask if it was all right to bring a friend with her. She didn’t go into explanation, other than that he was a charming man she met the other day.
It was just after six when the two arrived. When Herman Lavoy opened the door he saw Alessandra dressed beautifully and holding hands with a handsome young man with flaming red hair. He wasn’t the type he expected to see with a the young woman who was now an international model, and was actually quite relieved.

“Dad, this is Ron.” She said introducing them. (AN: She’s been calling the Lavoy’s Mum and Dad since a few months after she started living with them)

“A pleasure, Ron. I’m Herman Lavoy.”

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Lavoy.” Ron said. “Ron Weasley.”

The older man’s eyes shot wide open at the name. “I…I’ll go get my wife.” He said before hastening off to the kitchen.

When Herman went into the kitchen, his wife was surprised to see her husband shaken. “Dear, what is it? Are they here? What’s he like?”

“It…he’s Ronald Weasley.”

AN: I don’t remember any of the specific scenes of Pride and Prejudice (don’t own that, either,) as I read (and loved) the book over 20 years ago. I thought the ideas was fitting for Ron to mention, considering his own past with Hermione.

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