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Barbed Wire and Roses by Queen Witch913
Chapter 8 : Truth Or Not
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A/N: heyy guys! Just so you know, I’m not gonna delete this story anytime soon. And I do have two other stories that I’m working on too. So don’t push me to update this. I don’t have to write it and everyone saying to update makes me not want to write or type or anything. So, yeah… dont be all grrr arrgg with me about it… and I don’t own Harry Potter or anyone… other than Riley. JKR owns everything else…

~ ~Chapter 8: Truth Or Not

Hermione entered potions the next day with Draco and Blaise. Harry and Ron glared at her. She leaned towards Draco and whispered “If looks could kill, we’d be dead right now.” In response, Draco snaked his arm around her waist and smirked at the other two members of the trio. They sat at a table clean in the back.

Ron got up and marched back to where they sat. The three didn’t notice him until he cleared his throat.

“Do you want something, Weasley?” Blaise said in a monotone.

“Hermione get up to your seat now!” he demanded as his ears and face started to turn red.

“Actually,” Draco said pulling Hermione out of her chair and on to his lap, “she’s sitting with us from now on. So you and Scar Head will just have to deal with it.” Ron glared at them for a few more moments before turning and walking back to his own seat next to Harry.

“Ronald can be so immature,” Hermione said returning to her own seat. “They’re both bloody gits.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Blaise reassured her. “They aren’t going to bother you. Draco and I will take care of it if they do.” Draco nodded in agreement as Snape strutted into the classroom.

“Today you will be taking notes on a reviving potion. If it is done incorrectly, it has been proved to do the exact opposite of reviving someone. You will brew this potion next class with a partner and you will both be trying it. So be very careful while brewing it…” Snape continued to talk as he wrote notes on the board. Hermione copied the notes as Draco and Blaise played a muggle paper football game. Ron kept glaring daggers at the three the entire class. Hermione ignored him and just kept copying the notes. She knew they would be useful for Blaise and Draco both.

At the end of class, Snape spoke. “Miss. Granger, I would like you to stay after class. Everyone else is dismissed.” Harry and Ron stared at him as if he had just announced his love for Professor McGonagall.

“Professor, Hermione hasn’t done anything wrong,” Ron said frantically.

“Mr. Weasley, I do not believe this matter concerns you. Now, get out of my sight and to your next class before I give you detention for the rest of the term!”

“Blaise and I will be in the common room for our free period,” Draco said before leaving. When everyone had exited, Snape closed the door.

“What class do you have next?” he asked leaning against his desk.

“Free period,” Hermione replied moving to a desk in the front of the room.

“Dumbledore has informed me that the results for the blood test came back.”

“And?” Hermione already knew the answer, but there was no harm in being positive.

“And I am your father,” Snape replied. “but you do realize that no one can find out for multiple reasons, right?”

“Yes, but Draco and Blaise already know.”

“I highly doubt they’ll say anything.”

“I know the wont because if they do, when they’re sleeping, I’ll shave their heads, turn their skin hot pink, and leave them naked in Filch’s office.”

“You truly are my daughter.” Hermione smiled. Once again, everything seemed like it was perfect, but the two had no clue that anyone was trying to spy on them. Outside the door, Ron and Harry both had their ears pressed to the door.

“Can you hear anything?” Ron asked looking at Harry.

“No. You?”


“What do you think they’re doing?”

“I don’t know. What do you think they’re doing?”

“Do you think they might be having an affair?” Ron gasped at this thought.

“How could you think that?!”

“Well, do you have any other explanations?”

“No,” Ron huffed.

“Do you suppose Malfoy knows?” Harry asked with an odd grin.

“Maybe we should inform him,” Ron replied with the same grin.

~ ~ ~Heads Common Room

“I wonder where she is,” Draco mumbled.

“Snape was talking to her. Relax!” Blaise practically yelled. Someone knocked on the portrait. Blaise and Draco looked at each other. It definitely wasn’t Hermione. Draco got up and opened the portrait to find Ron and Harry. They pushed past Draco and entered the common room.

“What?” Draco asked crossing his arms.

“Where’s Hermione?” Harry asked smirking slightly.

“Not here, now leave.”

“But do you know where she is?”

“Yes! She was talking to Snape.”

“She is going out with you, isn’t she?”

“What’s your point, Potter?” Draco sneered. Before Harry could answer, Ron chimed in.

“Hermione’s having an affair!” Blaise jumped up, but Draco spoke.

“You two just came here to cause trouble and mess things up between Hermione and I, but you have no proof that she is having an affair with anyone.”

“If she was just talking to Snape, she would be back by now, wouldn’t she?” Harry asked smirking once again. Draco stayed silent. “Exactly. You get my point.”

“Leave” was the only word Draco said to Harry and Ron. They turned and left without another word.

~ ~ ~

As Hermione was returning to the common room, she passed Harry and Ron.

“Whore,” Ron spat as they passed.

“What was that, Ronald?”

“I called you a whooooooore. But that’s being nice. You’re a filthy low life who is so desperate to cheat on someone you like so much.”

“What? What are you talking about? I am not cheating on Draco.”

“Sure you’re not.”

“I’m not!”

“Then where are you coming from just now?”

“Snape kept me after class! You saw that!” Hermione shouted at them.

“For what?” Harry asked with a smirk.

“That’s none of your business.”

“That’s because having an affair with him!” Ron yelled back before he and Harry walked away. Hermione stood there dumbstruck. After a moment she went to the common room. She entered to see Draco and Blaise in deep conversation. They stopped talking when she entered. Blaise looked at her thoughtfully while Draco turned his head away in disgust.

“What’s wrong?” she asked approaching them. Blaise looked at his feet.

“Where were you?” Draco asked still not looking at her.

“I was talking to Snape.”

“It couldn’t have taken that long!” Draco yelled standing and looking down at her. “Where were you really at?”

“I told you, I was talking to Snape,” Hermione said pleadingly. “Why are you being like this?”

“Why won’t you tell me the truth?” he countered.

“I am! And if you trusted me at all, you would believe me!” She was crying, but she never once broke eye contact with Draco.

“I’m not sure if I can trust you.” Hermione shook her head in disbelief at his statement and ran to her room. Blaise stood to follow her but when he reached the stairs, he turned back to Draco.

“I don’t know you anymore. Normally, you wouldn’t believe Potter or Weasley over anyone. Especially someone that cares for you as much as Hermione.” Draco left so Blaise continued to Hermione’s room He didn’t bother knocking, he just walked in. “Hermione? Are you okay?”

Hermione looked up at him. She laughed while she continued crying. “At least someone’s still talking to me.”

“Yeah. I am 100% on your side. Draco isn’t himself. He just let Potter and Weasley get to him.” She looked up again.

“What did they say?”

“That you were having an affair. Why?”

“Because I passed them on my way here and they accused me of having an affair with Snape! Those bastards! At this rate, the whole damn school will know by tomorrow!”

“Look at it this way; if the entire school believes that you, the Head Girl, are having an affair with a professor, who just happens to be your father, then they are ALL mental.” Hermione had to laugh at that. “And you’ll always have me and Ginny and Riley. But right now we better get to herbology.”

“Right now, I am really glad that we have all the same classes,” Hermione said standing up and picking up her bag.

They walked to herbology in complete silence. They were the first ones there which meant they had their pick of seats. Hermione headed straight for the back. Blaise followed without any complaints.

“Another bright side to this, no one will know until next class.”

“And this is a double period.” The class started after everyone else entered the greenhouse.

~ ~ ~

“That’s one thing I love about herbology,” Blaise said as they walked back up to the castle, “no homework most days.”

“One thing I hate about all classes,” Hermione sighed, “they end.”

“Come on. Let’s get this over with.” They entered the transfiguration classroom. Everyone, including Draco, looked at Hermione in disgust. “What are you lot looking at? I know I’m having a bad hair day, but it’s nothing to gawk at! Honestly!” He winked at Hermione and put his arm around her shoulders. She let him lead her to the table in the back of the classroom.

Draco was seated in front of them. He turned to look at them but Hermione turned away. Blaise looked him right in the eye. He leaned towards Draco.

“You know she didn’t do anything wrong,” Blaise whispered. Draco looked at him for a moment then nodded and turned to Hermione. But before he could say anything, Harry and Ron jumped in.

“Are you going to admit that you’re having an affair?” Harry asked with a smirk.

“Why should I admit to something that isn’t true?” she countered.

“Just stop with the bloody lies!” Ron snapped. “You’re having an affair with Snape! We know you are!” Draco spun around to look at the red head.

“Weasley, are you listening to yourself? You just accused Hermione, who has been your best friend for the past six years, of having an affair with Snape, the head of Slytherin house!”

“What is going on here?!” McGonagall was standing in front of them, her mouth drawn thin. This wasn’t looking good for Hermione or Snape.

~ ~ ~

“Head master, I hate to bother you at this time of day, but I believe this is rather urgent. It seems that two seventh years believe Professor Snape is having an affair with another student in their year,” McGonagall said as calmly as possible.

“Minerva, who exactly believes this?”

“Potter and Weasley.”

“Do you believe them?” Dumbledore asked.

“Their story is reasonable.”

“Then shall we have them tell it to me?”

“Right away.” McGonagall retrieved the pair of them quickly. They sat down and waited for Dumbledore to speak.

“I would like for you to tell me what it is you believe without using your classmate’s name. Is that understood?” Both of the young men nodded. “Okay. Let’s here it then.”

“Well, our classmate has been acting odd lately,” Ron started.

“And they won’t let anyone try to help them,” Harry continued. “But they have had to stay after Snape’s class a lot lately.”

“So, today we asked them about it and they kept making excuses. They haven’t told anyone the truth.” There was a knock at the door. McGonagall went to open it and Snape stepped in.

“You wanted to see me, Head master?”

“Yes, Severus. Please, have a seat.” Snape sat down in the unoccupied chair. “It seems that Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley believe that you are having an affair with a student. They have a reasonable story. Perhaps you would like to hear it?”

“Yes, why not? I could use a good laugh.”

“Professor Snape! This is a serious matter!” McGonagall snapped.

“I assure you that I am being as serious as I can with this situation.”

“Now,” Dumbledore cut in before anything else could be said, “I would like for you to use the name of your classmate.” Neither of them spoke. “Boys? Are you going to tell us?”

“Yeah,” Harry said. “Hermione has been acting different lately and she refuses to talk about the reason why. During class, Snape has been treating her differently. He no longer singles her out like he used to. But he’s also been keeping her after class a lot. And Hermione won’t tell us why.”

“Head master?” Dumbledore nodded, knowing exactly what Snape was asking. “Listen here, you two. Miss. Granger and I are not having an affair. We were simply discussing private matters.”

“Then why won’t she talk to us about it?” Ron asked.

“Maybe you have overlooked the fact that you haven’t been treating her properly. Now, if we’re here, I have a class to prepare for.” Snape stood and left. He headed for the Great Hall. It was lunchtime. He hoped he would find Hermione there, but when he entered he didn’t see her anywhere.

~ ~ ~

Hermione was walking to the library. She had finally gotten away from everyone. Ginny, Riley, Blaise, and Draco were all in the Great Hall, so no one would bother her. She entered the library and headed for an empty aisle of books. Hermione looked through the books on the shelves for one that caught her interest. In the end, Hermione was between the book shelf and the wall.

Hermione ran her finger along the spines of the books. None of them seemed interesting. She sighed and headed for the front of the library. As she passed the shelves, someone reached out and pulled her into the darkness with them. Hermione almost screamed but realized it was Draco.

“Have you ever snogged someone in the library?” he whispered huskily in her ear.

“No. Have you?” Hermione turned to face him.

“Nope.” Hermione quirked a brow. “Madame Pince always catches me before anything can happen.”

“We’ll have to change that then won’t we?”

“How do you intend to do that?”

“Hide behind here. She’s coming.”

“Miss. Granger? I thought I heard another voice back here.”

“No, it’s only me.”

“Well, then I guess I’ll leave you to the books.” The old librarian walked back towards the desk in the front of the library.

“That was smart,” Draco whispered, reappearing.

“I know. How could it not be? I’m always usually here, so she doesn’t expect me to do anything wrong.” Draco placed his hands on her hips as Hermione put her arms around his neck. “Now what should we do?” Draco looked behind Hermione. His eyes were wide with fear showing in them. She turned to see two dark figures. They raised their wands and muttered a curse. Then everything went black.

Hey guys! Hope you liked it. But I might not update very soon.... I'm trying though.... I need to write the chapters... And I'm thinking about a sequel... And i have another story to work on too, so please dont rush me...

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