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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 4 : Happy Birhtday To You
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Lost Memories 3
Gryffindorgirl 153

“Ginny!” Ginny turned around to see Hermione running up to her before the doors of the lift closed.

“Hermione,” Ginny greeted when they both got into the lift. “I thought you had to stay after for a while,”

“I’m sure Jenny can handle those paper work,” Hermione said clutching the straps for her shoulder bag. “Plus, it’s only a few signatures, and I wouldn’t miss my god son’s birthday,”

Ginny and Hermione exited the lift, and went into separate fire places to floo to the Potter Estate, where they currently live. Harry used some of his inheritance to buy their own house – well I wouldn’t really call it a house since it has 4 floors, and about 10 large bedrooms. Of course, 2 of them were already used, and 8 were mostly quest rooms. Ginny of course, didn’t really like the idea of a big empty house for 2 adults and 3 children, but Harry said that he wanted a big family so eventually Ginny gave in and gave in.

“Gin is that you?” They heard Harry’s voice coming from the kitchen when Hermione and Ginny appeared in the fire place at 4.

“Mummy!” A little boy, who was turning 1 year old, came walking slowly out of the kitchen with a wide smile on his face and drool coming from his mouth. His arms were outstretched, and he was taking small careful steps on the carpeted floor towards his mother who was bending down smiling at her young child.

“James,” Ginny smiled. James Potter looked exactly like his father and was beginning to grow the same messy hair. His eyes were emerald green and he didn’t get anything from his mother. The little boy looked behind his mother and squealed even more.

“Mione!” He squealed happily clapping his hands in delight. James stumbled and fell into his mothers arms and Ginny scooped him up and carried him over her shoulder. Harry walked up to his wife and gave her a small kiss then greeted Hermione with a peck on the cheek.

“When are my parents coming?” Ginny asked after she handed James over to his godmother. Hermione started bouncing him up and down, making him smile and clap his hands over and over again.

“In about thirty minutes,” Harry said checking his wrist watch. “Fred and George said that they’d be here in 10 minutes, Ron is getting from work at 5:30, Charlie is apparating here at around 6:00, followed by Bill and Percy will be here with your parents. Remus and Tonks should be here when Ron comes, and everyone else shall be here at 5,”

“Thanks honey,” Ginny gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and proceeded to the kitchen to make sure everything was perfect for her son’s first birthday.

“Harry,” Hermione said, James still in her arms. “James is becoming more like you,” She said smiling at the toddler. “No doubt he’ll soon grow up with large interests in Quidditch, love Defense against the dark arts, and with both your tempers,” She gave a small laugh. “He’ll be one hell of a kid,”

“Thanks Hermione,” Hermione handed his kid back to Harry and James yelled “Daddy!” and started giggling.

“Oh, you know Ron has been asking about you,” Harry said to her after he put James in his play pen. “He tells me you never answer his letters,” Hermione sighed and thought about how desperate a guy can get. “I think you should just tell him,”

“It’s not so easy Harry,” Hermione told him. “He’s been my best friend since we were in 1st year,”

“Then he’ll understand when you eventually reject him,” Harry said. “I mean, you can’t keep running from him forever,” He told her.

“Okay,” Hermione said. “I’ll tell him tonight then,”

“Good,” A grin formed on his face and they both joined Ginny in the kitchen.


“Happy birthday to you,” Everyone chorused. “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear James, Happy birthday to you,” Everyone clapped their hands and the little boy made a move to blow his candles but instead, he was spitting all over his cake. Everyone broke out in laughter, and Harry blew out James’ candle for him.

“Time to open your presents James,” Ginny said to her son and she took him from her husbands arms and walked over to a table not far from where they were and took a small box giving it to her son to rip open. “This is from Grandma and Grandpa,” Ginny said to him while settling the toddler in her lap with her arms around him so he wouldn’t fall. James took the small box by the small red bow taped on the tom and started pulling it off with amusement in his eyes.

“No, no sweetie,” Hermione said walking over to her godson. “Open the gift,” She instructed holding the little boy’s hand and using it to rip open the wrapping paper to show a small white box. James giggled and held the box in the air, as if it were some prize he won. Hermione laughed at James, and took his small hands while guiding him as he opened the box to reveal a normal sized gold snitch. “Look!” Hermione said taking the golden ball in her hands. “It’s your first snitch,” Hermione said as she let the snitch fly around while James followed it with his eyes as it started fluttering around him.

“Mum!” Ginny exclaimed angrily. “You got him a snitch?”

“Well Ginny dear,” Molly Weasley said placing her hand on her daughters shoulders to calm her down. “It was your father’s idea to get him his first snitch since your father knew that he’d have a great interest in Quidditch,”

“Mum,” Ginny groaned. “What a perfect combination. Fred and George bought James a miniature broom! And now, Harry is going to teach him how to fly!” Her husband has always been planning to teach his little boy how to fly and now he had the perfect opportunity. Ginny on the other hand, thought it was dangerous to have a one year old boy riding a broom stick when he can barely balance while walking.

“Okay okay!” Ron said from next to his baby sister. “My present now!” Ever since Ron came, all Hermione ever shared with him was a ‘hello’ and ‘how are you doing’. She knew what was coming and wasn’t sure how to handle it. Of course everyone wanted them to be together- actually, expected them to be together, but after Hermione’s 7th year of Hogwarts, it just didn’t feel right at all.

Ron handed his nephew a large box that was neatly wrapped with a blue ribbon tied around it. Ginny set her son in the ground as he took the tip of the ribbon and pulled it eagerly. James used his tiny hands to rip the gift wrapping paper before throwing it around him, squealing with delight. Ron had bought James his very own set of miniature magic cars. With just a flick of a wand, the cars would automatically zoom around to amuse the kid.

After the table was empty, toys surrounded little James as well as gift wrapping paper, the guest continued to play with their children that were invited, or socialize with their other guest. James was busy playing with the magical cars that his uncle Ron has given him as well as the snitch zooming around his head.

Hermione was sitting by the deck watching James play in front of her since Ginny had to go check on the twins and Harry was busy cleaning up the mess that the other kids had made in the garden. “James, honey-“Hermione said bending down next to James and taking the car from him. “No,” She said sternly. “These are toys and they don’t belong in your mouth,” Hermione took James’ bib that was placed on the table and wiped the drool that was coming from his mouth. “And this either,” She said taking the golden ball from his mouth.

“Hullo `Mione,” Ron came up to his friend holding a cup of fire whiskey and sat on the bench attached to the deck.

“Hello Ron,” Hermione replied after cleaning James up and wiping his spit from his toys. “Fire whiskey?” She said before looking down at the drink in his hands. “I thought Ginny threw all the fire whiskey out for today,” She said sitting down next to him. Even though she was rather annoyed with his actions, he was still her best friend.

“Well, Fred and George snuck some in,” Ron told her before taking a sip from his cup. “I chose to enjoy it while it lasted,” Hermione laughed and silence came between them as she gazed at James who was now trying to catch the fast snitch. “You haven’t answered any of my letters,” Ron said looking at his best friend.

“Oh, about that,” Hermione said looking down at her hands. “I’m sorry Ron, I’ve been really busy at the Hospital and all,” She explained. It was no lie, she was busy and she never had the chance to answer him back.

“Yeah, being a healer must be tough,” Ron said. “So how about it?” He asked her. “Would you like to join me for dinner this coming Friday night?” Hermione hesitated. She thought that she could answer him but when the time came, she found that words were easier said than done. Ron was just staring blankly at her waiting for her answer, and to Hermione, it was as if 4 hours passed with Ron just sitting them and waiting for her answer.

“Well,” Hermione started. “i-uhm,” At the moment, she wished that she answered his letters instead of having to face him like this. “I’d love to,” Hermione was shocked with the words that came out of her mouth. She didn’t mean to say it, she didn’t want to either, but it just slipped out. A grin formed on her best friends face and she mentally slapped herself for saying that.

“Great,” Ron said standing up. “I’ll pick up up at 7:30 on Friday night,”

Hermione stood up too and smiled nervously. “Yeah, okay- great,” After Ron left her there since his mother called him over, Hermione slumped down next to James and started slapping herself slightly. “James, tell me,” Hermione said. “What is wrong with me huh?” James just stared at Hermione with his big green eyes and pointed a finger at her nose. “Why did I say yes,” She groaned. James just put both of his small hands on either side of Hermione head and leaned up to give her a wet kiss on her nose. “Aw, thanks James,” Hermione said smiling. She took the sleeve of her shirt and wiped James’ drool off of her and picked him up in her arms. She gave him a kiss on his forehead, and James settled in her arms, resting his head on the crook of her neck.


Ginny was upstairs in the twin’s room when her husband came walking in with a soft knock on the door. He found his wife standing there with the youngest twin Lily Potter. “Gin?” Harry said softly so he doesn’t wake his daughters up. She put Lily down in her white crib that was next to her sisters and Ginny walked out of their nursery and towards her husband. “You wanted to talk to me?” He asked her. Ginny nodded and she led him to their bedroom so no one would hear their conversation.

“Did Malfoy become a spy for the order?” She asked him sitting down on the edge of their large bed.

Harry looked baffled with her question but eventually replied. “Well, yeah,” He said. “He started working there about 2 years ago,”

“How did he get injured?” Ginny asked her husband.

“How did you know he did?” Harry asked. “Was he put in your department in St. Mungo’s?”

“Yes, but not under my care,” Ginny replied. “Under Hermione’s,”

“And this is bad?” he asked her.

“Do you remember that time when they went out in 7th year?” Harry nodded. “Well, they didn’t break up because they wanted to,” Ginny said. “They broke up because they lost their memories of when they were together,”

“What?” Harry said completely confused.

“You see,” Ginny explained. “During that time, Lucius Malfoy found out about Draco’s relationship and threatened to kill them both if Draco didn’t end things now. Obviously, they both loved each other and they couldn’t break up just like that,” She continued. “So they cast their memories away in two lockets then traded it with one another,”

“So if one of them opens the lockets that they have the other will regain the memory?” Harry asked putting two and two together.

“Exactly,” Ginny said.

“And that would mean that both of them would be in danger again,” Harry said and his wife nodded. “So what are we going to do?”

“Well, right now, we can’t really do anything,” Ginny said. “Draco is under Hermione’s care since she was the Healer that first tended to him when he came to St. Mungo’s. His injuries are severe as well and will be staying there for a while,”

“How come you never told me?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry Harry,” Ginny apologized. “Blaise and I promised Draco and Hermione that we wouldn’t tell anybody about this unless we needed to. The plan was for everyone to think that they broke up because they weren’t getting along to great,”

“Blaise? As in Blaise Zabini?” Ginny nodded.

“Hermione and Draco needed someone to actually know what happened. Hermione chose me and Draco chose Blaise,” She explained.

“So I reckon he knows about this too?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, and he doesn’t know what to do about this either,” Ginny told him. Harry sighed and put his arm around his wife comfortingly.

“It’ll be okay Gin,” Harry said. “I’m sure we’ll find a way,” After a few moments of silence between the married couple, Harry stood up and brought his wife with him. “We better get back to the party,” He said.

“Harry,” Ginny said before they exited their bedroom. “You will not teach or let James how to fly until he is in Hogwarts,” She said sternly. “Do you hear me? Hogwarts,”

“Oh c’mon Gin,” Harry said. “At least until he’s 3,”



“Fine,” Ginny gave in knowing there would be no other way to end this argument.


“So I hear you’re tending Malfoy in the Hospital,” Ron said to Hermione while the adults were all gathered around a table eating dinner. The kids were in the living room playing with James and the toys lying around. Ginny kicked Harry’s leg after Ron had said this and gave him the ‘you-told-him’ look.

Hermione nodded. “Well yes,” She said.

“Is he still the same as before?” Ron asked her with interest. He apparently hasn’t forgotten what happened between the girl he liked and his sworn enemy in 7th year.

“Of course,” Hermione scoffed taking a piece of meat in her mouth. “Still the cold ferret we once knew,” Most of the people laughed and some chuckled at Hermione’s comment.

“He spies for the order now did you know?” Arthur said to Hermione. Arthur worked at the ministry and was still a member of the Order of Phoenix. The organization has still been going since Voldemort has not yet been defeated.

“Yes,” Hermione replied. “He told me that Voldemort attacked him since he found out,” She started wondering why everyone suddenly started getting a big interest in Malfoy.

“Are his injuries bad?” Molly asked. “We were suppose to pay him a visit, but the Aurors were getting piled up with assignments that they haven’t found the time,”

“They are,” Hermione said. “It seems to have no magical cure for it,”

“It’s sad that when he finally knows what side he’s on,” Percy said from next to his father. “He gets attacked and nearly killed,”

“Say,” Fred said. “Weren’t you and him an item when you were in 7th year?” Hermione froze and the memory that entered her mind replayed again. She wondered why everyone had the idea that they went out in 7th year, and why did the memory seem so real. It’s like the feeling that she had that night, came back to her heart and she felt love.

Ginny, from under the table kicked her brother in the shins. “She doesn’t like to talk about it,” Ginny said sharply. “hush!” Fred looked at his sister weirdly and went back to his food that was nearly done.

“Why does everyone think that we were an item then,” Hermione asked looking around. “For all I know, I still hated him,” Everyone around the table raised their heads and looked at each other. Hermione sat there with her hands on her lap looking down confusion written all over her face. “What’s going on,” She whispered.

“Y-y-you don’t remember?” George asked from next to her. Hermione slowly shook her head and her brows knitted in confusion. Forks and spoons dropped around the table and everyone was silent. Ginny kicked Ron and whispered ‘this is your entire fault’ to him.

“Hermione,” Harry said from across her. “They were just playing around, don’t stress it. We know that you’d never go out with Malfoy,” Just as Fred was about to say something as well as Ron, Ginny gave a loud ‘Shush’ and everyone fell quiet. Hermione offered Harry a small smile but didn’t believe a single word he said.

“Mummy!” James said running into the dining room. “Mummy!” He said. Behind him, a stack of cards were following behind him, levitating in thin air and as he walked each card would take itself from the deck and place it behind the deck making a trail of floating cards. Ginny picked her son up and noticed the trail of cards following him. Her eyes widen, as did everybody else. James giggled while clapping his hands together and pointed to the cards following him. “Cards!” He squealed. The cards that were trailing behind the little boy dropped to the ground as James pointed his small finger at it.

“It’s his first sign of Magic,” Charlie said amazed. “That was amazing!” Silently, Ginny gave a small sigh in thanks to her son; now no one was thinking about Draco and Hermione anymore. Right then, an owl came swooping from the open window to the table in front of Hermione dropping an envelope on her lap. She took a piece of bread from the table and gave it to the owl before it flew off.

“Who’s it from?” Harry asked. Hermione shrugged and ripped the envelope open to see one of her co-workers handwriting.

Room 3447; Emergency!

Ginny saw the look on her friends face and asked, “What’s wrong?” Hermione stood up before walking to the living room to get her coat and her bag.

“I’m sorry Ginny, but there’s an emergency in the hospital,” She said. Hermione bent down and said bye to James then walking to the fireplace, grabbing a handful of floo powder and vanishing before them leaving the letter that was sent to her. Ginny walked over and picked it up before saying,


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