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Moonlit Nightmares by MickeyMadison
Chapter 8 : Angelique Kincade
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter VIII – Angelique Kincade

Curiosity got the best of you as you made your way over to the crowd. You timidly squeezed your way to the center and were a little surprised to see Lily sitting next to a girl wearing brand new Gryffindor robes. You successfully deducted that she was new.

And you now understood why the majority of the crowd was boys. The girl sitting in front of you was pretty, very pretty, you admitted. She had long, sun bleached blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She was tall and thin, reminding you of an American doll. Her smile was one of movies and she didn’t mind sparing you one.

“Lacelin!” Lily grinned at you and motioned for you to sit next to her. Silently, you obeyed. “I want you to meet Angelique Kincade. She just transferred here from Beauxbatons.”

You smiled at her, though it was a tired one. “Nice to meet you, I’m Lace--”

“I ‘eard ‘er.” Angelique replied. “Lacelin? Interesting name.”

You frowned a little and quickly replaced it with a forced smile. “I guess so.”

“I’ve never been to ‘ogwarts.” Her accent was thick, but you gave her props for having such good English. “It’s so…drab.”

Lily laughed, but it sounded nervous to your ears. “Well, Hogwarts is older than Beauxbatons.”

“I don’t think that’s it.” Angelique said with a wrinkle of her nose as she surveyed the walls around her.

“Um, Lily….” You tugged at her sleeve. “I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“You’re leaving?” Angelique asked, her eyebrows arching gracefully.

“I’ve had a long day.” You said with a wane smile. “Good night.” You got up from your seat and stumbled your way back through the crowd.

“Good night, Lacelinen!” you heard Miss Kincade say over the crowd’s low hum. You cringed a little, but ignored it and headed up the stairs.

x – x – x

The next morning you were annoyed to find Angelique sitting with Lily, talking animatedly about something or another that honestly, you didn’t care about. You sat next to Jodie, who was across from them, and began to put food on your plate. Jodie seemed a little put out that Lily wasn’t talking to her, so you decided to make conversation.

“How’s the tryout decisions coming?” you asked casually, even though you really were anxious to know.

Jodie looked at you, smiling. “We’re going to make the final decision tonight. So it should be posted tomorrow morning.” She then winked at you. “You have some guys on the team really rooting for you though!”

You blushed some. “W-who?”

Jodie looked around and then whispered, “James and Sirius. Of course, I am too but I can’t admit that because I’m captain.”

“Jodie, you just admitted it,” you whispered, smiling at her.

She blinked. “Oh hopscotch!” She swiped her fist towards the table lightly in an ‘Oh shoot!’ type movement, but accidently made an uppercut to the scrambled eggs on her plate. The food splattered, hitting her, yourself and, to your horror and humor, Angelique.

She let out a short, high pitched scream and jumped up. But at that time Remus had been walking by and she collided with him, both toppling to the floor. The Great Hall began to quiet as people turned to look.

“Let’s go!” Jodie hissed to you as she hopped over the bench, grabbed your arm, and ran towards the door.

You almost fell climbing over the bench at such a pace but caught your balance and ran after her. She didn’t stop until you reached the girls’ lavatories. You hid behind the sinks where you sank to the floor and began to laugh.

“I didn’t mean to do that but it was so funny!” Jodie said and you laughed more.

“This is bad, but I don’t like her.” you admitted.

“Me either.” Jodie grinned.

The sound of the door opening caused you two to immediately clamp your hands over your mouths.

“I can’t believe ‘er!” the undeniable French accent echoed in the bathroom. “That was very rude and on purpose!”

“I’m sure she didn’t mean it,” Lily said softly. “Jodie can be a little clumsy sometimes. She didn’t know you’d run into Remus, either.”

The sink was turned on; you guessed she was going to clean the egg off her face. “Who iz that Remus?”

“He’s in our year.” Lily explained. “He’s smart and a nice guy.”

“And very cute.” Angelique added in a dreamy tone. “I could easily fancy ‘im.”

You couldn’t help but get ruffled, but you remained silent.

“Um….” Lily thought quick for an excuse and then blurted out, “He has a girlfriend!” she laughed nervously.

“What?” Angelique asked in surprise. “Who?”

Yeah, that’s what I’d like to know. you thought, knitting your eyebrows together.


You covered your mouth as you began to cough. As soon as Lily said your name, you had begun to choke on your spit.

“That girl you introduced me to last night?” Angelique asked in disbelief; that just ruffled your feathers more.

“Yes!” Lily laughed shakily. “Her and Remus are quite smitten!”

Just keep digging that hole deeper, Lily. you thought with a sigh.

“Oh, that iz too bad.” Angelique said in a faked sad tone. Soon the two girls left and you and Jodie snuck from the bathroom.

“Since when do you and Remus go out?” Jodie asked with a snicker as you rushed to get your things from the common room. “We don’t!” you said, blushing. “Lily made that up!”


“I…don’t know.” you admitted. Why did she?

x – x – x

For the rest of the day you tried to talk to Lily, but every time you’d see her alone, before you could get a single word out Miss Kincade would suddenly be there, directing Lily’s attention from you. At break you found the now familiar scene between the two girls, so you sought out Jodie.

But to your dismay, she had called a Quidditch meeting on the pitch. With a sigh, you walked over to the large oak tree and sat at its trunk. You glanced up at Angelique and Lily who were walking towards the lake, neither noticing you at all. You pulled out your potions book and began to work on the homework assignment for that night.

After about five minutes you were aware of a shadow coming over you. Obviously a person, you looked up to see who it was. Your stomach did a back flip when your eyes met those of Remus Lupin.

“Why are you sitting alone?” he asked with a quizzical look, his head tilted slightly to the side.

“Oh…well….” you turned your head to look at Lily and Angelique without saying a word. You sighed. “I just wanted to get some work done.”

Remus blinked and started to step back. “Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt—”

You smiled, shaking your head. “No, it’s all right.”

“Are you sure?” Remus asked, still looking as though he was offering to leave. You nodded and he smiled, sitting next to you. “What are you working on?”

“Potions.” you said with a tedious strain on your tone. “That mini-essay we have to write tonight is difficult.”

“I could help, if you’d like?” Remus offered, looking timid.

You couldn’t help but blush a little, and then more from the embarassement of blushing at his statement. It was a never ending cycle. But to stop it short you nodded and smiled, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear. “I’d really appreciate that.”

He took your book in one hand and skimmed the page, beginning to point out things and generally summarize the lesson for you, pausing occasionally for any question you might add. It was new twist on studying and you wished he would always study with you. You found yourself actually paying better attention instead of your normal routine—a hum in your mind instead of the text.

But what you hadn’t realized was the awful look Angelique Kincade was gracious enough to give you.

x – x – x

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