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The Vase of Flowers by RupertsPheonix
Chapter 1 : The Vase of Flowers
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Disclaimer:  This is JKR's swimming pool, and I'm just dipping in my toes.

The Vase of Flowers

Susan Bones sat in the Hufflepuff Common Room, trying to study for her next Herbology exam. The information was in front of her, written neatly on a scroll of parchment that lay unrolled in her lap, but she could not seem to store any of the facts.

When peeled, shrivel figs are used as an ingredient in Shrinking Solution.

Susan murmured this back to herself, but it still didn’t seem to make any type of mark on her mind.

Plenty of other things are marking my memory, though, she thought bitterly. Almost immediately after thinking this, she pushed the thought away hurriedly. There is too much work to be done here at Hogwarts to think about those things, she reminded herself. She had exams to study for and spells to practice with Dumbledore’s Army later. She didn’t have time to think about what was going on outside of the walls of the castle; it hurt too much to think about the things she couldn’t change.

When peeled, shrivel figs are used as an ingredient in Shrinking Solution.

Susan drilled this fact into her brain, pounding it into the walls of her mind. Every time she thought she had it, it’d slip away again, replacing itself with another heart-wrenching thought.

Justin is at his hearing today… And all you can do is sit here and read your class notes? a voice in her head asked sharply.

I am sure he’s fine. He’s a good wizard; they’ll see, she argued.

But the heading of yesterday’s issue of The Quibbler flashed in her mind.


Susan snatched the parchment from her lap and stood. She couldn’t stay in this Common Room anymore, not where she’d shared so many wonderful memories with her friends. Her friends… The friends that were either stuck in Azkaban or waiting to be there. The friends that were suffering because they were different—because they were born by Muggle parents.

Susan clenched her fist, wrinkling the notes she had so carefully taken hours ago and walked, heavy-footed, to the seventh-year girls’ dormitory. She opened the door quietly, dropped the crinkled parchment and walked in. Upon seeing her comfortable bed, the overwhelming feeling of sleep hit her.

I can study later. Besides, I already know the material, she convinced herself, already slipping into her welcoming and cosy bed. She wrapped the blanket around herself until she felt warm and snug. Susan rolled over to better situate herself, but instead of feeling more at ease, she felt a cold wave of guilt run down her spine at the sight she was faced with.

The flowers, the beautiful flowers that Justin had sent her for her birthday two days ago, were held in a striking vase on her bedside table.

“Justin,” she murmured softly. “Oh, Justin…”

Knowing she would never be able to sleep now, Susan sat up and stared at the assortment of flowers.

Justin Finch-Fletchley was one of the best friends Susan had ever had, and he was certainly one of the kindest wizards she’d ever known. Even in the midst of his own crisis (and the Ministry’s purity nonsense was a crisis), he had taken the time to not only remember her birthday, but send her a vase of wonderful flowers, too.

Stop it, Susan, she reminded herself. Stop thinking about it. You can’t change it. Okay, remember that when peeled, shrivel figs are used as… Shrivel figs are used as… Are used as what?

Susan was searching frantically now for her notes, but she could not remember dropping them while crawling into bed. She shuffled the bedspread around, but the parchment was not there.

When peeled, shrivel figs are used as…

Susan sat down after several minutes of searching and resignedly turned back to the vase of flowers.

Justin and all of the other Muggle-borns were sitting outside of some courtroom, no doubt surrounded by magical guards, waiting to be damned and condemned to a life of mere, tedious existence inside the dark fortress of Azkaban.

It wasn’t fair. And there was nothing anyone could do about it. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was the power source behind the Ministry now; Susan and the rest of Dumbledore’s Army were sure of that. No one else was cruel enough, nor, as Neville had stated many times during meetings, dim-witted enough, to think of accusing other witches and wizards of stealing magic.

The whole idea made Susan sick to her stomach. She wrapped her arms around herself and felt the tight skin just above her left elbow; it was her scar, the mark she had received for talking back in Muggle Studies a few weeks ago. She traced it, remembering how she had told the Death Eater (as she did not refer to them as professors) that the Muggle-borns she knew were ten times the wizards and witches that they were. The pain inflicted on her was well worth the pride she had felt in herself for finally standing up for her friends and for her beliefs.

Then, while staring at the flowers and reliving the story of her scar, it came to her. When peeled, shrivel figs are used as an ingredient in Shrinking Solution. Along with this sudden memory jog, another though came to mind.

I can help.

It was as though Susan had just woken up. She realised that by helping Neville restart Dumbledore’s Army and by creating a stronger resistance to the Death Eaters, she was making a stand and fighting for not only Justin, but for all of the currently mistreated Muggle-borns. With that thought in mind, Susan stood, took a long whiff of the flowers Justin had sent her, and set out to find Neville.

She set out to make a difference.

A/N: Hey, guys! I hope you enjoyed the one-shot.  I was feeling a little lazy in the writing department so I did another one-shot to get me back into the groove of it all.  That means that, hopefully, I'll have another chapter to one of my on-going fics up soon.

Anyway, I'd really like to see what you have to say about this one, so leave me a review please!  Thanks (as always) for reading!


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