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The Glory of Friendship by blackthoughtsredwriting
Chapter 1 : Trust
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People ask me why it's so hard to trust people, I ask them why it's so hard to keep a promise.

Harry walked down the deserted corridors of Hogwarts hoping to find a way to rid himself of the anger that was now building up inside of him, waiting to erupt from him like a volcano.


He never thought that Hermione and Ron would have kept something like this from him.


It seemed like everyone was hiding things from him these days, treating him like some little kid who didn't deserve to know what was going on because they were afraid that he was to weak to handle the truth.


Harry would have predicted it from all the others, but Ron and Hermione? Never.


He was hoping to get rid of some the sadness and anger inside of him but no relief came to him.


He finally decided to go to the one person he knew he could trust, Ginny.


Ginny like himself had only recently found out about it and when told not to tell him, she yelled at them and came and told him.


Harry found her sitting next to some of her giggling girlfriends, who all giggled even louder when they saw Harry, at a table in the Gryffindor common room and beckoned her to follow him.


She got up and excused herself from her friends as Harry made his way back out of the portrait hole.


"What do you want?" Ginny asked in a curious polite voice.


"To talk to you," He replied, "You're the only person I can talk to anymore without wondering if I'm being lied to or decieved."


"You know they would have told you if they could have," Ginny said, "I know that it is something that you needed to know but if they were swore not to tell then they can't just tell you no matter what it is."


"Then why didn't they," he said heatedly, "Why was I the last person to find out, like always?"


"Because everyone knew you would have risked your life to save him," Ginny stated, "You would have done something reckless and we need to keep you safe because you are our only hope at defeating Voldemort."


"I don't give a damn about Voldemort anymore," Harry shouted, "Hagrid is dead and I could have saved him."


Harry stopped and he felt like a damn in his chest had just exploded. Harry sunk to the floor as he began to cry, letting out the last few hours of all the feelings that he had been feeling ever since he had been told that Hagrid had been captured, almost rescued, and then killed.


Ginny hugged him and pulled him closer to her as he let out all of the anguish that he felt.


Harry relished this moment even though he knew it wouldn't last because Ginny holding him was all that he had ever wanted.


"I will miss him too," Ginny started, "But that is no reason to end your friendship with them. You have no idea how special and important you friendship with them really is. You have something special, something most people don't have."


"Yes but how can I trust them?" Harry asked, "They promised me that they would never hide anything from me and they did and besides you have friends and you love them. What's the difference?"


"I can't make you trust them, that's for you to work with," Ginny said, "But you have something with Ron and Hermione that I will never have with any of my friends."


"Yes but they lied to me," Harry said, "They could have told me and I could have saved Hagrid and don't say that I couldn't because you know that I could have."


"I'm not saying you couldn't have saved him," Ginny said, " Just remeber that they have been with you since the very beginning and they love you. It would be shameful to end your friendship over something that seems so trivial in comparison."


"I feel betrayed," Harry said quietly, "And that's a hard feeling to let go of."


"I understand," Ginny said, "But you know in your heart that they would never lie to you unless they absolutely had to, they would never keep something from you unless they absolutely had to."


Harry was finally beginning to understand what Ginny was trying to tell him.


Harry stood up and said, "Maybe I should go and talk to them."


"Maybe you should," Ginny said standing up beside him.


She looked into his eyes and he looked back, and before he knew it he leaned over and kissed Ginny.


It was like all the doubts he had had about Ron and Hermione, all the pain, all the anger and sadness, was blown away with that one kiss.


They broke apart at last and stared at each other.


"Thank you," he said walking away from Ginny who stood in the spot he had kissed her at with a look of suprise, shock, and ecstatic happiness on her face.


He found Hermione and Ron in the common room looking put out and dejected.


When Harry sat down and they saw him smile he saw them relax a little even though their facial expressions didn't change.


"Look, how many times are we going to have to ...." Hermione started but Harry interupted her.


"Look there is no need to apologize anymore," he said, "I should be the one apologizing for being such a prat about all this."


They looked at him thinking he had lost the last bit of insanity that he still had.


"I realized a lot of things tonight," he said, " And I realized that you two have been there with me since day one and you have never given me reason to doubt you before now. I realized that you would have told me if you could have."


As if Hermione already knew about Ginny and everything else she said, "What else have you realized?"


Ginny walked up to them and he grabbed her hand, "I realized that no matter how much I distance myself from the ones I love, it will only hurt me in the end. They are always going to be in danger even if I do distance myself from them."


Hermione smirked as if she had know all along. Harry had a hunch that her and possibly even Ron and Ginny had planned this whole thing.


He was glad with whatever they had done though because it made him realize and change his outlook on friendship and trust.


He knew now that the glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, or the kindly smile, or even the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to you when you discover that someone else belives in you and is willing to trust you with that friendship

"Anyone up for a spot of Quiditch?" Ron asked.


"That sounds great," Harry said smiling.


Ginny kissed him on the lips and said, "I'll race you there."


They all took off running, not bothering if they would get caught, not bothering about the long forgotten argument as they raced through the halls, out of the entance hall, and into the glorious sunset.




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The Glory of Friendship: Trust


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