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A Time For Us by tom_feltons_godess
Chapter 1 : A time for us
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A/n:Here's another ficcy for yall hope yall like it ^_^~Jaymee
Disclaimer: I own nothing except for what you don't recognize

* * *
There was the sound of a twig snapping in half, Hermione turned around terrified. She felt horrible. As if she were betraying her friends and everyone she cared for by standing there, in the middle of a small clearing in the woods, waiting. Could she help it? There was no way she could ignore her heart, breaking more and more everday as the one she loved was torn farther away from her. She loved him. Nothing, not blood, nor wealth could ever change that. She loved him so much it hurt her. He pulled her out of bed in the mornings and dragged her through her day. She wanted to live for him, and he for her. She wanted to cry out, to somehow get through to the fighting wizards that this war...this hatred was utterly stupid. Brothers had become enemies, friends and family were being torn apart and all because of who parented one. Hermione hugged herself. How could anyone stay sane in such conditions? She hated the violence. Hated the stench of death that greeted her everywhere she went. But what could she do? How could she stop the madness.

"Hermione?" Hermione jumped, startled and pulled out her wand, ready to hex the intruder into oblivion.

"Easy," The voice said again. Hermione dropped her wand into her robe and ran towards the hooded figure. She threw her arms around him. He smelled of sweat and his fingers were caressing her hair felt oddly cold. She pulled back.

"What is my patronus?" She asked.

"An otter," The voice replied correctly and drew her body back against his. He wrapped his cold arms around her, and basked in the warmth radiating off of her small body chill of the night. Hermione pulled back slightly and ran her fingers gently along his handsome face. She felt something wet and sticky near his temple, even in the darkness she knew it was blood.

"What happened?" She asked and softly continued to stroke his face, taking care to avoid his wound.

"Nothing of importance," Draco murmured and cupped his hand over hers, pressing it harder to his face. He took that same hand and brought it to his lips, kissing her fingers.

"Please be careful," Hermione breathed.

"I'm trying. It's mad out there."

"Must be, how did you get away?"

"They think I'm searching for Potter."

Hermione scowled. She needn't ask who the 'they' he was talking about were. She knew exactly who 'they' were. The ones who had taken him from her. The ones who had branded him for life. She took his hand and pushed up the sleeve on his cloak. She could see the mark faintly, as a bit of moonlight was cast upon it. It stared back up at her menecingly, tainting his beautiful pale skin. She traced the mark lightly with her fingertips and felt Draco grimace slightly.

"Does it still hurt?" She asked looking up into his hooded face.

"A bit. It's still pretty fresh."

Hermione nodded and looked back down at his arm and then back up at him. She reached up and pulled back the hood on his cloak. In the faint light of the night she could see his tired face, deep purples under his eyes from lack of sleep. He looked older to her. She reached up and touched him again. She loved the feeling of his soft blemish free skin beneath her fingertips. She ran her fingers through his hair, it felt slightly wet at the roots from his persperation. Hermione looked up at him and then hugged him tight. She burried her face in his chest, loathing the smell of blood on him, and let silent hot tears run down her face. She felt Draco encircle her with his arms and press her body closer to hers. Neither of them said anything. Hermione felt like a little girl as Draco rocked her slowly, kissing the top of her head repeatedly.

"Why can't they all just dissappear?" She whispered.

Draco said nothing, but stared out into the darkness, hearing distant shouts. His heart ached hearing her talk like that. Why COULDN'T they all just dissappear. It was like that old muggle story Romeo and Juliet Hermione had once told him about. Two families torn apart because of an ancient grudge. They had, in essence, forced the fate that had befallen their kids on them. Was that what this future had in store for these them? Was all the hatred surrounding them going to end up in their deaths? Draco shuddered and forced the thought from his mind. He couldn't live without his Hermione. He hugged her closer to him.

"One day day there'll be a time for us," He said and put his finger under her chin, pulling her face up to look at him.

Hermione shook her head and said thickly, "That day won't ever come."

"You shouldn't say that," Draco said and lowered his face towards hers. Their lips grazed and he said, "As long as you still have my heart, and I yours that day WILL come. I guarantee it."

Hermione nodded, and silently prayed that he was right. She closed the tiny gap that lay inbetween their lips and kissed him. His lips felt cold, as did the rest of him, against her soft warm ones. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her insides turned to mush as he sucked gently on her lower lip, his hand sitting gently on her hip. She kissed him until her head swam and she was forced to come up for air. She burried her face in his shoulder and wept again, quiet sobs escaping her swollen lips. She knew he had to leave soon. Draco rubbed her back soothingly as he felt her warm wet face against his neck.

"Please don't cry," He said quietly, his voice cracking, "You're breaking my heart."

"Mine already is," She whispered.

"Don't say that," He said and held her out infront of him. He pressed his lips against her forehead and drew back in, crushing her tiny body with another tight hug. He ran his hands up and down her sides in a desperate manner, knowing he should probably get going. He gently began pulling back...

"No!" Hermione cried and hugged him tighter.

Draco swallowed the lump in his throat. "Hermione..."

"No Draco please...not yet," She said and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss him. He kissed her back, every cell in his body screaming out his love for her. He kissed her for a long time, pulling back slightly for air then going back in for more. Again he attempted to free himself from her.

"No! Don't!" She said, her eyes producing massive amounts of tears which streamed down her face in rivers.

"Stop..." Draco breathed, prying her hands from around his waist.

"Please don't leave me, please don't.." She cried desperately looking up at him. Draco took in every aspect of her appearence, her big brown glossy eyes swimming with tears, the scratches on her pale face, her brick red swollen lips, her hair...shaggy and framing her beautiful face. He felt his insides erupt with the love he felt for this girl...this woman infront of him. He suppressed the urge to kiss her, knowing if he stayed any longer, he wouldn't ever go back. He couldn't do that to her. He couldn't drag her into the dark world he was currently living in. If anything he wanted to keep her as far away as he could from it. Without a word he quickly kissed her lips once more. It was a tiny kiss, one that would be easily forgotten to any other person, but it was enough to make Draco and Hermione's stomaches flutter with butterflies. It was completely satisfying, but it was enough, for both knew that if they lingered much longer, they would surely be seen. Draco pulled the hood of his cloak back up and pulled the silver mask out of his pocket. Hermione watched as he put it on, her beautiful Draco transforming into a Death Eater right before her eyes. Draco held out his hands to her and she took them in her own. He rubbed her smooth palms with his fingers, and eyed her face once more.

"It will come Hermione, one day" He said and brushed stray locks of hair out of her face.

She said nothing.

Draco kissed her hands before dropping them, and walking back towards Hogwarts.

Hermione watched his dark figure go until she couldn't see him anymore. She swallowed hard and forced back her tears. He said it would come. And it would. All that was left to do was to wait. To wait for a time when all the fighting would stop. A time when one could walk out of his house and not be afraid to be cursed or killed. A time when little kids would play outside happily, anticipating their first year at Hogwarts. She believed him. A time for them would come.
* * *
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A Time For Us: A time for us


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