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My Marauder by Cadyn Black
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Okay chapter 2! YAY! I am so excited for this story and this is when things start to happen. Trust me it gets A LOT funnier, and random! 

Disclaimer: NOT MINE! JKR is brilliant and I play with her characters lives. Well not Rory, she's mine! HA! You can't have her! also Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is not mine, *gasp*

Chapter 2

I sat in the car with my mom driving the old truck my dad had and we started towards Kings Cross station, yep I convinced her to let me go! 

“Now Aurora are you sure about this?” she said as she pulled into a parking space. Oh too close, I thought maybe she would just accept this, but no, not my mother. 

“Yes mom I am positive and anyways we have our deal, just till Winter break then we’ll talk again.” I said nodding my head, I saw her eyes staring at my hair and a look of sadness held in them, she has got to be kidding me. I pulled the handle to open the door and stepped out into the noisy lot of the train station. My mom had to help me pull my trunk out but soon we were walking to platform 9 and ¾. I looked around and actually noticed how many kids had crowded the station. 

“Okay now just walk straight between the walls and then you’ll see the train.” my mom instructed me, I nodded and gave her a hug before I saw her cry. I grabbed the handle of my trolley and pushed it forward and gained speed, as I grew closer to the wall my heart started to panic but when I should have made painful contact I stumble through and past the smoke I saw it, I saw the great Hogwarts Express. 

I found a lone compartment and somehow managed to put my trunk up on the rack but held onto my bag that held stuff I would need for the long trip, says my mom that went to Hogwarts 18 years ago. I pushed my glasses up higher on the bridge of my nose and pulled my dark brown hair into a ponytail before pulling out Twilight. Yes I, Aurora Grayson, famous blonde bombshell was wearing glasses with my hair magically dyed a dark brown. This look was my natural look, the way I was supposed to look if I never became famous and had to fit into the Hollywood status of how pop singers were ‘supposed’ to look, a.k.a. fake. 

I smiled to myself before opening to the first page. As the warning bell rang three guys opened the door to my compartment and sat down in silence knowing I was there. I didn’t give any acknowledgement that they were there and I just kept reading my book, getting into the good part. I guess they decided that I didn’t exist, or matter, because they stated talking not two minutes later. I just focused on my book not wanting to draw attention to myself. 

This system of ignoring each other work for about half the ride and one of the guys just came back after he left for a few minutes and the guys broke out in loud laughter at whatever had happened. Not five seconds later the door crashed open and even I couldn’t help but look up and see who had made the loud ruckus. There stood a pale, red-head with the greenest eyes ever, but those eyes were glaring with so much disgust to the boy that had just come back. 

“POTTER!” she screamed. “What have you done to my boyfriend!” 

“I did nothing to you precious Matthew.” he spat back, I saw the back of his messy black hair and the hair of the other boy sitting next to him smirking, I knew that hair and the true smile that the boy had, OH MY MERLIN! Okay what to do? I could hardly think while the red-head, Evans I gathered from the screaming. She was up in the boy’s face, Potter whom I knew-well sort of, I knew his best friend. She quickly glance at the other two boys and passed me but stopped. 

“Oh hi.” she said. “How did you get stuck in a compartment with these idiots?” 

“Um they just came in here.” I shrugged. 

“Well then you must come back with me to my compartment, trust me you don’t want to sit with them.” she said and I made to stand up, hey I might as well try to get some friends while I’m here right? So I stood but the train jumped and I fell back into my seat and dropped my book. As I reached for it another hand got it and his dark gray eyes stared at the cover, I took it from him slightly avoiding eye contact and muttered a thanks before following the girl out into the hallway and down the train. 

“So what house are you in, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you?” she asked. 

“Gryffindor, sixth year.” I said 

“What how do I not know you? I’m a Gryffindor sixth year, too.” 

“Oh I’m new, I just got sorted over the summer so I wouldn’t have to do it with the first years.” I said as she opened a door to her compartment. 

“Okay. Well everyone I saved this poor girl from sitting with the Marauders. That is Bethany, another Gryffindor sixth year.” she said pointing to a tall brunette with deep blue eyes. 
“And this is a fifth year Ravenclaw, Jill.” she said pointing at a short girl with black hair and grey eyes. “And I’m Lily.” she smiled. 

“Hi, I’m Eden.” I said and sat down next to the girl named Jill. They all broke out in chatter about something I honestly didn’t care about, nor knew about, so I pretended to listen but let my mind wander, but it wandered to places I didn’t want to think about, Sirius. 

“Hey Lily, who was I sitting with and why are they so bad?” I asked 

“Ooooohhhhhh” Bethany said stretching out the word so it sounded like trouble. 

“You honestly don’t know? Everyone that knows about Hogwarts knows about the Marauders.” Jill said. 

“They are a…special group.” Lily said through gritted teeth. 

“Yeah special when it comes to pranks. And James Potter’s fascination with Lily over here, never leaves her alone. Personally I would find it nice to have a guy so into you that he stalks you, but not in a creepy way.” Jill said with a thoughtful look on her face probably dreaming about a guy she likes doing that for her. 

“Their pranks aren’t funny, they completely embarrass people and don’t even get me started on the idiot that has to proclaim his love for me at every dinner, and constantly asks me out!” Lily said getting more angry by the word. 

“Sore subject?” I whispered to Bethany 

“Yeah.” she said trying to calm Lily down, she was defiantly high maintenance. 

“But what about the others? I mean they are a group, so who are the other members?”
“Well you have Remus Lupin, who we think is the actual brains behind the operations, he’s the tall bronze haired one. He has the sweetest eyes and loves to read and usually isn’t the one to pull the pranks and he is so sweet and kind.” Bethany said smiling, yeah she defiantly had a crush on him, and by the way she described him I could see it too. 

“Then you have Potter’s right hand man, practically brother, and best mate, Sirius Black. He is the womanizer of the school and every girl knows it but they can’t help but like him. I mean I was actually surprised to see him in the compartment and not off with a girl trying to get into her pants…” Bethany trailed on. No way that is totally not like the Sirius I know, or well knew. 

“Yeah well just wait you’ll see him in the common room, it’s like watching animals.” Lily said shuddering. I fell back into my thoughts about how Sirius really is, I mean come on I just can’t see the guy I met over the summer doing that. 

The girls continued to chatter on about something but all my mind was on was Sirius and apparently how different he actually is. I changed absentmindedly into my robes with the Gryffindor crest on them. 

As the train stopped I followed Lily, Bethany, and Jill out to the horseless carriages. The ride up to the school was slightly bumpy but when we turned the corner and the full view of the school was seen, my mouth dropped and I thought this is now my home, and I smiled to myself. 

We followed the hoard of students into the door and into the Great Hall. Jill ran over to her table and joined with other friends and we continued on to the Gryffindor table. 

“Lily would you care to meet me in the common room later tonight?” a deep voice said behind us and Lily groaned. 

“NO!” she yelled and continued on without looking behind her, must have been James. 

“He just can’t leave me alone for one bloody moment can he?” she muttered as she sat down. A few moments later James and Remus walked by.
“Yeah he met some girl over the summer, he really seems taken with her.” I heard Remus mutter. 
“Yeah but new year more girls I give a week to forget about her.” James said waving around the Hall slightly.
“I don’t know the way he talked about her…” they continued on further down the table and I stared at my empty plate thinking who are they talking about? 

“Welcome new students and welcome back old ones! A reminder from our caretaker, Filch, that anything purchased from Zonko’s joke shop is not allowed and for a full list of items they are posted on his door. And remember students the Forbidden forest is off limits, the name is for a reason. And now let’s start the sorting!” the great old man said clapping with a jolly look on his face, that would be the greatest wizard of our time, Albus Dumbledore. 

A stern looking woman stood at the head table looking down at the awaiting midgets, first years. Thank Merlin I didn’t have to be sorted with them. 

Okay sorting takes SO long! I don’t think I have ever sat through anything so boring and be so hungry to actually consider trying to bite my plate or napkin! 

“Now let the feast begin!” the old man said clapping his hands and the food appeared. 

“Thank you!” a boy yelled down the table, I glance over to see who had done what I was thinking of doing, and that boy was Sirius and I couldn’t help but laugh. After that I got a disapproving look from Lily, all well suck it, I like to laugh at stupid things, she will just have to get over it! I love how brutally honest I am! 

I grabbed some chicken and salad and ate till I was stuffed and I watched as Lily and Bethany struggled to stay awake as we walked to the Gryffindor Tower. They tried to give me a tour but it ended up with me just following them to the common room because they started to do a drunk walk trying to not fall asleep, yeah these girls defiantly weren’t party people, I could tell. 

The portrait to get in was of a rather large lady but she insisted on being called the Fat Lady, why anyone would want to be called that I have no clue, but more power to her. 

The girls showed me up to the dorm and that’s where I met the other two girls that stayed there, and let me tell you they are polar opposites from Lily and Bethany. Alana and Whitney, both blonde, leggy, and busty, they actually introduced themselves as gods gift to guys, yeah they are just asking to be slapped! 

I unpacked a bit and set my pajamas on my bed, that was next to Lily’s, and over heard Alana gloating about her Louis Vinton purse. I glanced over my shoulder and smirked at what she was holding. I dug a little deeper in my trunk and grabbed the bag I was searching for and held it behind my back as I stepped over to Alana and Whitney, Lily and Bethany looked up. 

“Wow, that is a convincing knock-off.” I smiled pointing at her bag. 

“It is NOT a knock-off.” she gaped. 

“Yeah it is, this is a real Louis Vinton purse.” I said holding mine out, which was real, 

“You can tell by the stitching.” the look on those two’s faces were priceless. “Wanna hold it?” I asked and Alana reached out for the purse but as soon as her fingers touched the leather she pulled back as if in pain and I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. 

“Yeah, don’t touch my stuff without asking me first, unless you want that to happen. Now you might want to go fix your hair.” I said reaching out to her static afro but she slapped my hand away and ran into the bathroom closely followed by Whitney. The three of us cracked up and Bethany high-fived me. Even though I was positive I just made two enemies I really didn’t care because I had Lily and Bethany that were nice to me. 

They all went to sleep right away after that but I wasn’t tired yet so I grabbed my book off my bed and walked down into the almost vacant common room. I found a lone corner that got some light and sat on the comfy chair with my legs curled up and opened the book. My eyes followed every line taking in each word as I got sucked into the story. 

“Rory?” I jumped from the sound but didn’t lower my book. 

“Rory?” The voice said again and I lowered the book and met warm gray eyes. 

“I’m sorry I don’t think I am who your looking for.” I said 

“Yes you are, your Rory.” he said smiling. 

“No I’m Eden.” 

“That maybe but your Rory to me.” he said smirking 

“Oh Sirius how did you know?” I said smiling 

“Book was my first tip off but then your eyes.” 


“Your eyes are clearer and your hair!” he said grabbing some of it. 

“Dyed it and ‘lost’ the contacts and ‘found’ my glasses.” I said using my fingers to quote the lying words. 

“Ha so what are you doing here?” 

“School.” I shrugged. “I have been wanting to go here ever since I got my letter but you know my job I couldn’t and so I talked my mom in letting me come here till winter break!” I said smiling 

“Well it is great to have you here and you must meet the Marauders!” he said pulling me up and dragging me over to his friends. 

“Nothing’s changed huh?” I said referring to how we were around each other, again we just kinda fit and it didn’t bother us that we were free. 

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” he smiled. 

“James.” he said pointing the boy I already knew from Lily’s rants, he smiled and I could see why he was so popular. 

“Remus.” now I could really agree with Bethany, he is cute, they actually summarized the guys pretty well, well except Sirius. 

“Guys this is Rory, Rory these are the Marauders, well Peter moved so he isn’t here but whatever.” 

“Eden, please call me Eden.” I said smiling 

“Well Eden seems like you got to be great friends with Lily Evans.” James said 

“Yeah she’s nice.” 

“James here likes her so much.” Remus said, I decided to play dumb and see what he really thought of her. 

“Oh you’re the one that bugs her, yeah I don’t think she likes that.” I said 

“What we’ve been telling him for the past four years!” Sirius said pulling me down onto the couch. 

“Wow long fancy, shouldn’t you just move on?” 

“Believe me I’ve tried but every time I think I’m over her she just has to go and do something to make me fall harder. I mean she could get me to do anything with her smile but I can’t help but be an idiot around her because she is just so perfect.” he paused for a moment then directed his next statement to Sirius. 

“Padfoot I see what you mean about being able to talk to her, this one.” he said pointing at me. I sent a confused, questioning look at him and he just shook it off. 

“You wanna know what I think? Well I’m gonna tell you whether you wanna hear it or not, you’re an idiot, and I’m telling ya this now. You should try to be her friend first then work up to boy friend, let her see what kinda guy you are when your relaxed and comfortable around her. Then she’ll see what she’s missing out on and you’ll already know that you get along.” I said and he thought about. 

“Well just try it slowly don’t get up in her face about it. Okay I am now tired so I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” I said standing and grabbing my forgotten book from the table. 

“Night Eden.” 

“Goodnight Rory.” Sirius yelled over them, I turned to glare at him and he gave an innocent look. 

“Sirius you will never be able to fool me with that innocent face, ‘cause your never innocent, are you?” 

“No he’s not.” Remus said for him. 

“Night.” I said shaking my head as I walked up the stairs. I laid in my bed and thought this was my first day at school and it was pretty good. I rolled over smiling and fell asleep. 

okay so how was the second chapter? It gets MUCH better soon, I promise. Things get really funny but i need to set the foundation and you all must read it, sorry.

PLEASE REVIEW! This is my first story and NEED feedback, no flamers though please! ~Cady

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My Marauder: Chapter 2


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