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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22: Watch Me As I Disappear.
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Chapter 22: Watch Me As I Disappear. 

Another amazing chapter banner by Overdose x3. Isn't she awesome?

“I have a kid, Prongs,” Sirius cried, “I have a kid!” James looked utterly shocked, not only because this new information, but also because Sirius’s eyes were watering, and never before had James seen that. Sirius seemed to notice that Remus was very quiet because he turned to him, “What?”

“I cannot believe that Kara did that,” Remus muttered bitterly. He had seen the fliers, and was pretty sure there wasn’t a single person in the school who hadn’t. Honestly, he was dying to go find Jamie and make sure that she was okay, but Sirius needed him more right now.

“You cannot believe that Kara did that,” James said slowly, “But you can believe that Sirius has a kid- OI! YOU KNEW!” As Remus looked up guilty, Sirius looked up shocked.

“Moony, you knew,” He croaked, as if he couldn’t believe it. Remus placed his head in his hands and whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

“If I didn’t have more important things to worry about,” Sirius said sharply, “I would be fuming. However the fact that I just found out I was a father, tell me what you know about her.”

“Her name is Lorelei Lily Smith. Her nickname is Rory, she was born on September 29th. Her godmother is Lily and her good father is Professor Dumbledore. She’s about twenty months old right now. And she looks like a female version of you, Padfoot. I’ve never seen someone resemble their parent so much.”

“Where is she?”


Jamie held the picture in her hands staring at it with such intensity she was almost glaring at it. Lily had silent tears streaming down her face, and Tyler punched a wall angrily.

“What now,” Lily whispered saying the same thing that everyone was thinking. Tyler opened his mouth to give the plan, just like he always did, but Jamie answered for him.

“I hide out until Graduation where I don’t talk to anyone, give my speech, and then leave,” She sighed, “No one, and I repeat NO ONE is to talk to Sirius. Okay?” Just then there was a knock on the portrait of Dumbledore. Tyler slowly walked over to it and there was Dumbledore, with three men behind him.

“Mr. Smith,” Dumbledore said with a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes, “Do you think I could come in for a moment?” Tyler nodded and stepped aside letting everyone in.

“Jamie, this is the school board. This is her,” Dumbledore said waving his hand as one of the men lifted a piece of paper which Jamie quickly recognized as one of the fliers.

“Well then, this simply cannot due Dumbledore,” One of the men said in a heavy French accent, “This girl can no longer be Valedictorian.”

“And why not, Samuel,” Dumbledore bit back, all of them momentarily forgetting that Jamie was right there crying. In a few moments her whole world had fallen apart. Lily quickly placed her arms around Jamie, and held her tight.

“Valedictorian is a role model,” Said the next man over who was rather large around the middle and balding. He twirled his mustache as he spoke in a calm manner. He was obviously the smartest of the group, “Parents would be filled with angry beyond belief is they knew we had a teenaged mother here, let alone that we made her Valedictorian.”

“Ms. Smith,” Professor Dumbledore said slowly, hoping his words would sink in with these by-the-book men, “Had the best grades. Ms. Smith wrote a magnificent speech, and Ms. Smith was approved by all of you. Ms. Smith has a daughter who I am sure will turn out just as bright as she is.”

“I’m sorry, Albus,” The second man continued, “Our decision is final Ms.” He glanced down at his papers, “Evans will have to take her place.” He turned to Jamie and acknowledged her for the first time, “I am sorry, Ms. Smith.”

“You’re heartless,” Jamie whispered as they all reached the portrait. They all stopped, yet none of them turned around, “You care more about the parents than the children that go here, and that’s your first of many mistakes.” Jamie stood and picked up Rory before walking over to them, “I won’t be participating in Graduation, and I will be leaving this school today, because honestly? Anything that you are apart of I never want to experience again.” And with that I opened the portrait for them, “Good day.” And then she closed it giving Dumbledore a hug as he left. Jamie slowly turned to face Lily who was crying again and Tyler, who was vivid.

“Any one up for packing,” Jamie said lightly picking up Rory. She noticed Tyler look slightly sad and quickly added, “I’m not participating in Graduation, so I shall leave tonight, and Tyler can stay here.”

“No, Jamie,” Tyler managed to give her a smile, “I’m leaving too.”

“Tyler,” Jamie said softly, “I want you to walk, and I want you to see Graduation. I want you to get your moment.” Tyler quickly stepped forward and hugged her.

“But I don’t want it any more, Jamie,” He whispered, “Not without you.” And with that he let go and went into his room to pack. Lily went with Jamie and helped her pack up Rory’s things, then her own. Jamie glanced up from a box to see Lily staring at her, Lily’s lower lip trembling.

“Aw, love, don’t cry,” Jamie whispered pulling Lily close, “It’s going to be ok.”

“Here I am crying while your life falls apart,” Lily sobbed, “What is wrong with me?”

“Lily,” Jamie laughed slightly, “My life isn’t falling apart. I have you, Tyler, and Rory holding it together for me. And I know you guys always will.”

“Remember,” Lily said laughing suddenly, “When you told me about Rory?” Jamie began to laugh too, thinking back to that day in February.

“Jamie,” Fifteen year old Lily Evans sighed, “I know you are heartbroken right now but try to cheer up a bit, please?”Jamie turned over to her stomach and groaned. Something smelt awful in this room.

“What is that smell,” Jamie said sitting up in her large t-shirt that was hiding her barely there but noticeable bump.

“Jamie,” Lily sighed, “For the forth time it’s nail polish remover. Now do you want your toes neon blue, or neon pink?” Jamie took a deep breath and sighed.

“Which one is more maternal?”

“Neon pink,” Lily said as if that was not weird at all. She quickly began to shake the nail polish up until she realized what Jamie said. The nail polish went flying from her hand, cracking against the wall, which was slowly turning pink.


“Lily, I’m pregnant,” Jamie said softly. Lily opened her mouth to say something but the dorm doors busted open letting a few other giggling girls in. Jamie and Lily remained ‘Indian style’ on Lily’s bed, their knees touching each other, and their eyes connected.


“You know they never did get that nail polish off the wall,” Lily giggled. Jamie laughed along with her and nudged her knee

“See, back then that was the Jamie that would fall apart. That Jamie was weak and immature. Now? I’m going to be okay.”


Remus pulled back Tyler’s curtain to reveal another curtain right behind the bed. He pulled that one back also showing a dark tunnel. Sirius waved his hand showing that Remus could go first. Sirius quickly followed him, and James brought up the rear. Remus finally reached the end, and with an uncertain glance backwards, he knocked on the door. There were footsteps coming towards them and Sirius could feel his breath beginning to shallow. The door creaked open reveling Lily, who’s face was tear streaked.

“Oh,” She laughed slightly, hugging James, “Thank god it is only you. I thought those horrible men were back…” She trailed off before noticing who was there. She forced out a very strained, “Hello, Sirius.” Sirius looked wildly around at the practically empty room.

“Where are they,” He said immediately, staring hard at Lily.

“Sirius,” She cried hugging herself, “She just left school and she isn’t coming back.” Without another word, Sirius sprinted out through another portrait, trying to catch them. Lily sat there and cried. James hugged her as she managed to sob out,

“How come it’s the ones that work the hardest that always have the bad twists of faith?”


Jamie walked with her head held high, and Rory on her hip. She boldly opened the doors the Great Hall, fully aware that everyone was a dinner. The hall became dead silent as she walked up the isle between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw table. She quickly reached the staff table where she turned to Dumbledore.

“Goodbye, Albus,” She whispered quietly, but was quite aware that everyone heard. He quickly walked around the table and hugged Jamie, careful not to hurt Rory in the process.

“Not goodbye, Jamie,” He whispered, “Just see you later.” Jamie bit back tears as she let go of the elderly man, and took Rory’s hand and made her wave to him. Jamie smiled towards her teachers, who were all looking at her quite proudly. Finally Jamie turned to face her classmates.

“Say goodbye, Rory,” She whispered quietly in her daughter’s ear, so no one else could hear. Suddenly Rory began to giggle and yelled as loud as her little lungs would let her,

“Bye-Bye!” And then she began to clap for herself. A few ‘awww’s were heard through out the crowd. Jamie quickly walked down the isle that she came from and exited through the doors, where Tyler was waiting outside.

“Ready?” He asked. Jamie looked around the Entrance Hall and nodded.

“This school has given me all it could,” She whispered, before following Tyler out the doors. Outside, in front of the carriage, two people were waiting for them.

“Regulus,” Jamie whispered, rushing forward to embrace him. Regulus hugged her back, and stroked Rory’s hair.

“I am so sorry, Jamie,” Regulus whispered, “For everything.” Jamie nodded, and exchanged her goodbyes with him quickly, explaining that she had to leave before Sirius reached her. Regulus nodded as Jamie turned to the next person.

“So this is who you have to be,” Colin said, nodding towards Rory. Jamie nodded, and said nothing else. Colin smiled and hugged her, “Goodbye for now, Jamie Smith.” Tyler helped Jamie into the carriage, and then hopped in himself. The carriage kicked off, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Regulus watched the carriage go before hearing a loud crash from behind him. There stood Sirius panting, the Entrance Hall’s doors ajar. Behind Sirius almost everyone who was having dinner in the Great Hall all rushed out to see the carriage leaving. Sirius stood a good ten feet away from his brother as he watched Jamie’s carriage disappear into the night.

A.N.: Hey all! Well that means that we have three chapters left. You guys have been the best reviewers in the world. I owe you all so much. Now here's the deal with the sequel: Most people said yes, there were a couple of unsures. And it made me think...maybe I shouldn't do a sequel. Maybe Jamie and Rory's story should end here. Well not here, but in this story. So that's what I decided: No sequel. I'm really sorry but I feel like the sequel would just be a let down. However I am thinking about a couple of one shots to go with. So if anyone would like to leave me their email in a review, or you could IM me on goodbyetoyou1212, I will send you an email about up coming stories of mine. 

I love you all, and I am sad that it's almost over. This was my first real story, and you each mean so much to me. I love you all! One person I would like to mention specfically (sp?) is Overdose x3. She was so amazing to me during this whole process by making so many wonderful chapter banners. Thanks, Courtney =D

Until next chapter!

They stood there for a moment just staring until Rory stuck her arms out towards Sirius.

“Daddy,” She cried, “Daddy, Daddy!” 

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