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Rise of the Mistress by Severus Supporter
Chapter 1 : The Invitation
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Chapter 1
The Invitations

Night had come, and he sat alone in his room pondering the days of his father’s great victory over the Dark Lord. Having completed his N.E.W.T.S. with an outstanding in all areas, because Aunt Hermoine’s mandatory tutoring. She informed him and Rose that they would not be receiving anything less then an outstanding considering James got a satisfactory in two areas; She is a little obsessive about things like that. His wrist had never hurt so much doing jinxes and charms for Defense Against the Dark Arts, his worst class. Albus began considering a position as an Auror at the Ministry of Magic. He had always wanted to follow in the steps of his father’s childhood ambition, but realized that his knowledge of the dark arts may not be up to the highest standards. How many years had come and gone from when his father had faced the Dark Lord alone, and no dark magic had come to the surface. There was really no need to be serious about it.

What had ever happened to his dad's Cousin Dudley, and the Dursley family? Had they moved to their safe place and decided to never return to the place of known magic. What had happened to Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, who knew of the magical world, but had chosen to live in ignorance? Where was the remainder of his family?

Albus was often the only one who wondered about the long forgotten family members. He remembered how unfairly and poorly treated his father had been, and often wondered if Dudley Dursley had changed his life, and his wrongful ways after the attack from the Dementors and being rescued by his cousin. Someday he would research them, and find out where they had gone and what their lives now held in store.

His thoughts were interrupted by the delivery of a letter from an unknown owl. He looked at the letter and the back was sealed with deep purple wax and the letter L stamped into it. Wondering who this could possibly from, he quickly opened the letter, and decided that he would need to daydream about his family tree some other time.

Within the walls of their room, Amy and Emma sat conversing about their beginning of high school. They were very excited to have completed middle high. They were happily chatting about what clothes they would buy during their annual back to school shopping spree, and how they were going to be dressed to impress this year.

All of the sudden, the strangest thing happened; they saw an owl fly past their window in the brightness of noon. Never before had they seen an owl, and let alone during the day. Thinking the poor animal must have been sick they ignored it as it flew past their window; then it began to peck at the window. They continued to ignore the strange behavior, but it sat there pecking away.

Finally, they decided to open the window. They owl released two letters into their hands, and then perched on the iron post of Amy’s bed. Intrigued that an owl would be delivering mail to them, the girls looked at the envelopes which were hand-written and sealed with a dark purple seal with the letter L embossed into the wax.
“Who doesn’t use a computer these days?” Emma asked outraged by the old fashioned style of communication. If it wasn’t new Emma wanted nothing to do with it. She placed her letter down on the desk and walked away.
Amy was amazed by the aged parchment and the almost quill written hand-writing on the outside of her envelope.

To Miss Amethyst Dursley
Shared Suite
Private Drive
Claremont, California

She opened her envelope and began to read the contents,

To Miss Amethyst Dursley,
It is at this time that you have reached your upper education years.
Lithgo Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry would like to invite you to attend our school. You have been selected for your natural abilities of witchcraft. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.
Principal and Professor
Maundeville Haggan

Amy did not know what to say with regards to this strange letter. Thinking that it was merely a form of joke created by someone to tease her for her peculiar behavior, she put the letter away. Amy and her sister had often been made fun of because they always seemed to know what the other one was thinking without talking. School friends always found that the two of them were the most dangerous when they were not speaking.

Their ability to mentally converse was constantly thought to just be a “twin thing”. They knew that twins often spoke about being able to know when the other was in danger or needed help, and they just thought that it was true.

There were times that they had thought they had heard other people’s voices when they were upset or angry, but they never dwelled on it.

Seeing the excitement and interest on Amy’s face, Emma decided to opened her letter, and read similar words to her sisters. She looked up from the letter and asked Amy of the contents of her letter. They began to discuss the possibility that a true school of witchcraft could exist, and decided to show the peculiar letters to their father. Father had always given them whatever they wanted, but had often shied away when there was a mention of magic. He did not allow them to play games which talked of witches or wizards, but the girls decided to show him the letters.

Amy who was usually in good graces with the family decided to speak first to her daddikins as he was known to the girls.
“Daddikins, you look wonderful today. Your diet must be working.” she said blushing as she spoke to her father.

Dudley looked up from his paperwork and viewed his two daughters. He knew that when they were working together as a team that he was in for some sort of underlying plan. When they began a sentence with his nickname, it usually meant that they wanted a new gift, money, or a shopping spree.

He saw that they had an odd sparkle in their eyes, and slowly began to speak “What is it now girls? Have you decided you want a Happy 14th birthday instead of a Sweet 16? Is there an elaborate plan to spend your poor Daddy’s money?”

The girls looked at one another, and Emma spoke “ Daddikins, we came to speak to you about some strange mail we received today.”

Emma took her letter and showed directed it toward her father. At the sight of the aged looking envelope, and the scripted handwritten address, he paled and looked away. He turned his large frame away from the girls, and started shaking.

“Where may I ask did you receive that letter?” he asked his voice quaking at just the sight of the product. “We live in modern day America, and there is no store I know of that would sell such old disgusting-looking paper.”

The girls look at one another wondering why their father would actually turn his back to them. Never did he do anything, but dote and treat them like they were everything to him. The center of his universe!

“Did you find my old diary, and have decided to pull a mean and elaborate joke on me!!!! 

He began to speak loudly toward them. When he turned around he was red faced and furious.
“Have you decided to take advantage of my weakness toward magic and decided that it is a good way to get whatever it is you are after?!” He spoke so abruptly the girls did not know how to respond.

Amy spoke first “Daddy we received these strange items from an owl. We wanted to show them to you to see if you had heard of any type of joke that someone would send these to us. We did not mean to upset or anger you”

The girls began mentally conversing with one another. 

“Why is he so upset?" Amy asked. 

“I don’t know, but it sounds like we need to read his diary. I wonder where it could be hidden” Emma responded.

“Get OUT!” they heard their father say. Completely taken back at these words the girls looked at him in amazement. “GET OUT OF MY OFFICE! LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU ARE CRUEL CHILDREN FOR USING SUCH THINGS AGAINST ME!” Dudley pushed his twin daughters out of the room, and closed the door. Only then did he wipe the sweat from his head, and sit down to cower at his desk.

Surely they must have read his diary where he head written down his memories of his strange cousin. Of course his parents had told him that everything about Harry Potter had been simply dreams and nightmares. They made him go to a counselor, who analyzed the dreams, and told him that the cousin “Harry Potter” was a figment of his imagination. His imaginary friend from his childhood and because of his anger for being an only child he had made him up. “Harry Potter” was the evil part of him, that wanted to magically do something about the hardships in his life, and that the “demators or demon” whatever they were called. Their kiss had been his way of shutting out a terrible accident, and his loss of time after the accident. It took two years of intense counseling four times a week for him to start to put the dreams and imaginations in the past. He knew those letters were a part of the dreams. That was when the imagination of Harry Potter his long lost cousin had started going wrong. His father and mother had told him that they were both only children and that everything he was seeing had been during coma after the bad accident, and he had dreamed everything.

The counselor had required him to begin writing the information down, and decided that the best way to rid him of these “memories” was to put them in a journal and then seal the journal so that he could not remember the information any longer. Now his girls must have found it, and read it so that they could torture him into doing something which would be insanely expensive. 

What to do?

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