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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater by noraxslytherin
Chapter 6 : Horcrux Horror
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CHPT.6 (Horcrux Horror)


I woke up, shaken, but I reminded myself it was just a dream.  Tom would never kill anyone…  At first, I remembered back to when I was younger and had a dream that left me waking up shaken just like now.  I saw that Mel fell down the stairs and broke her two legs, and it happened the next week.  No, this was just a dream!  I argued with myself.

Then I remembered I was mad at the whole Tom crowd, so I glared at the sleeping Lucretia and the sleeping Rebecca. They both looked elegant, even when they were asleep.  I tiptoed into the bathroom with my black robes for the day and surveyed the floor.  It was shining; the bathroom must clean itself.  I took a refreshing shower, got dressed, applied some eyeliner, combed my hair, and put my shoes on.  I grabbed my wand and made my way upstairs, to the Great Hall to get my schedule.  Once there, I sat down and grabbed some toast.  It scraped against my throat as it went down, so I washed it down with some apple juice.  

“Miss Ivory?  Your schedule.” Professor Dumbledore said from in front of me.  I looked up as he waved his wand and a schedule appeared in front of me.

“Double transfiguration this afternoon…” I said out loud, staring at the schedule in front of me.

“Ah, yes, you will see me soon, I daresay.” Professor Dumbledore said, smiling.  I smiled back at him and watched him go off.

I sat there, a skinny little nobody, staring at people until they stared back then I looked away.  It was a game I used to play with Mel when we were bored. 

“Good Morning.” I heard a rough voice from beside me.  I looked and instantly regretted it.  That creep, Rosier, was sitting next to me.  

“Hello.” I said stiffly, glaring down at the table.

“Your look…stunning in eyeliner.  Absolutely beautiful.” He said, offhandedly.  I got up, quite suddenly, and glared at him.  

"Never talk to me like that." I snapped.  Then before he could even say anything else, I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the Great Hall.

I was walking down to the dungeons when I bumped into someone and fell abruptly.  “Sorry!  I really am!  I am such a klutz!” I said quickly.

I looked up and to my horror; I was staring into the amused face of Tom.  Nat, Celsus, Lucretia, and Rebecca looked down, their faces expressionless.  I got up, shoved Tom aside, and continued on my way downstairs.  I looked back slightly, and I felt guilty inside as I saw Toms face change into hurt.  I just couldn’t bring myself to talk to them again.  After everything I said yesterday, they must think I was insane or something.  What was I supposed to do?  Go back to them, get on my knees and sob an apology?  No, that wasn’t me.  I smiled when I remembered how my mom said I got my stubbornness from my dad.  That must have been the only thing I inherited from him.  I finally got into my dormitory and grabbed my transfiguration books, a quill, an ink bottle, some parchment, and shoved them all in my messenger bag.  I carried along my wand incase I saw Rosier again.

I made my way upstairs, without bumping into anyone this time, when I realized I had no idea where the transfiguration room was.  I looked around for a Slytherin prefect, but none were here.  I rolled my eyes, annoyed at myself for not just asking anyone.  I walked up confidently to two older blonde Gryffindor girls.  They looked at me meanly, but curiously.

"Uh, I’m really sorry to interrupt, but I’m new here, and I was wondering if you could tell me where the transfiguration room is, please?” I asked them.  The two girls suddenly smiled.

“We thought you were here to call us mudbloods or something.  Well, we’re going to the charms room, which is near the transfiguration room.  Come along, we’ll show you.” the taller of the two said.

“Thank you so much.” I said, relieved.  They nodded and I followed them up a flight of stairs.  We went through two corridors and finally we were there.

“Here it is.” the shorter one said.  “By the way, I’m Kelly Anton.  This is my best friend, Anna Smithson.  We’re muggleborns.” 

“Pleasure to meet you.  I’m Isabelle Ivory, though I’d prefer Belle.  I’m a pureblood, but I really don’t care much for blood.” I said, shaking their hands.  They looked at each other.

“You don’t care about blood?  Belle, you must be the only Slytherin we know that would say such a thing.” Anna said.  I laughed.

“Well, we must get to charms.  We need to ask Professor Flitwick something.  We’ll see you later, Belle.” Kelly said, smiling.  I smiled too and nodded.  They left me standing awkwardly.

“You’re very early, Miss Ivory.” I heard someone say from behind me.  Professor Dumbledore was standing there when I turned around.

“Yes, well, I’m not exactly accustomed to the time frame yet, Professor Dumbledore.  Am I far too early?” I asked, nervously, staring at the ground as I talked.

“Well, no need to worry, Miss Ivory.   Class will begin in ten minutes.” Professor Dumbledore responded.  He motioned for me to follow him inside the classroom, and I did.  As soon as I got in, a question occurred to me.

“Professor Dumbledore, is there a chamber in this school?  A chamber that has huge and I mean gigantic, stone snakes and a huge bust of a guy in the front?” He stopped waving his wand at some mice, and abruptly turned to me with a shocked look on his face.

“Where did you hear this?” He said, with the same gentle voice I first heard, one that didn’t match his expression.

“I had a dream…a dream that three people were in the chamber.  Well, there was a girl with red hair lying on the ground, I think she was, she might have been, d-dead.  And I think T-Tom Riddle killed her.  And there was a kid with round glasses and a scar on his forehead, and he was battling with a gigantic snake, which was definitely a basilisk.” I said in one breath.  I knew he knew now that I was off my rocker.  But instead he just gazed at me with those twinkling blue eyes.

“I think you may be referring to the Chamber of Secrets.  It, as I last checked, is a myth.  So you need not worry.  Unless you had dreams that became true before?” He asked.  I wasn’t about to make him think I thought Tom was going to be a murder so I shook my head and kept my eyes down so he wouldn’t know I was a liar.

“Thanks anyway, Professor.” I mumbled, going to the seat in the back near the window and gazing out.  

I needed to think.  But no sooner had I sat down, than Ravenclaw and Slytherin fourth years poured in.  Of course, the Slytherin fourth years were Tom and his gang.  I quickly put my bag down on the seat next to me.  Tom stared at me warily then plopped down next to Rebecca in the front.  My veins felt like poison that I wanted to inject into Tom.  How dare he and his precious little followers’ not even attempt to talk to me?  Well, they could just forget about me talking to them firstLucretia looked back, then turned forward when she noticed me looking, and began whispering furiously to Nat.  I felt my cheeks burn, so I turned away and focused my attention on the stragglers who were making up excuses: Professor, I’m sorry my owl flew away with my essay and I needed to run after it! , Professor, the staircases kept changing and I got confused and walked into a boys levorotary, and that’s torture enough!

“Er…Hello, I’m Tyler Longbottom.  I was wondering if you had an extra quill?” Some rather round-faced, brown eyed kid asked me.  He was blushing and looking down as though it was embarrassing to lose your quill…or talk to me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Belle Ivory.  Um, yes, hold on.” I said, then grabbed my bag and rummaged through it.  Finally, I found a fancy green quill that my grandmother had bought me, and I disliked very much.  I gave it to Tyler who thanked me so much his face turned red.

“May I sit here?  No one else likes me much…” He said, his face falling.  “My best friend is Augusta Macmillan, but she’s in Gryffindor.”  

“Yes, of course you may sit here.  Oh, if you don’t mind me asking, are you a pureblood?” I asked.  Okay, where had that come from?  I NEVER ask people that.  Geez, I think Tom’s gangs’ ways are being implanted into my skull.

“Yes, I’m a pureblood.  So is Augusta.  But, we never care about blood purity anyway.” He said calmly, his round face slowly losing its blush.

“Yes, me either I suppose.” I murmured, more to myself than him.

Just then class had begun and Professor Dumbledore motioned for me to come forward.  What had I done?  I got up slowly and made my way to the front of the classroom, every pair of eyes on me.  Professor Dumbledore waved his wand and a box appeared in front of me.

“Please pass out a mouse to everyone, Miss Ivory.” Professor Dumbledore said.  I felt the anger come up again like a monster.  I wanted to grab the box and bewitch it to hit Dumbledore in the face, over and over.  But, of course, I did as I was told.  As I neared Tom’s table, I hurriedly placed mice down on the table and scurried off before he could open his mouth.  Finally, the torture was done as I slouched down in my seat.  The task was to transfigure our mice into needles.  I got my wand out and prepared to do it.

“Are you friends with Tom Riddle or something?” Tyler asked.  I turned towards him.

“Never in a million years, why?” I asked exhaustedly, trying to keep my mouse still.

“He put something in your pocket when you were near his table.” 

“WHAT?!” I whispered fiercely, my hand flying to my right pocket.  And there it was: a note.  I took it out and unfolded it, and there was some very neat handwriting.

Dear Belle,
Meet us in the Slytherin Common Room during lunch period.

I stared at the paper and felt someone’s eyes on me.  I looked up and Tom was watching me calmly, his mouse already turned into a shiny, perfect little needle.  I felt so angry right then that he would dare think I’d listen to him.  I got out my quill and wrote underneath:

 Don’t talk to me ever again.  I’d rather rip my soul into 7 horcruxes and hide them in hard to find places.

I felt a twinge of pride standing up to him, as I bewitched the note to fly straight towards him.  Professor Dumbledore was too busy helping some girl who had transfigured her mouse into a walking needle.  Tom caught it and opened it, read it with those gorgeous dark eyes, and his brow furrowed.  He looked confused.  He wrote back and bewitched it to me:

What’s a horcrux?   

I snorted at his nativity, ripped the parchment into pieces, got up, threw them into the rubbish bin, and sat down again.  Tom wasn’t even looking at me anymore, but I could feel the tension between us, thin as a…needle.

“Miss Ivory, do you need help transfiguring your mouse?” Professor Dumbledore asked me.  I jumped, startled, and shook my head.  I bent down and said the incantation.  My mouse turned into an overlarge needle.  I looked up at Professor Dumbledore, who chuckled.

“Well, nobody will be able to sew with that, but it is a needle.  Well done.” He said walking away.

“Well, it was a fat mouse.” I said, under my breath.  Next to me, Tyler Longbottom had conjured a perfect needle and was sitting there writing the initials ‘A.M.’ all over some parchment.  I smirked when he saw me looking and blushed.

“If you had a son, what would you name him?” Tyler asked me suddenly, after a few moments of silence.  

“Hmm…maybe something like Jayden or if I was feeling particularly nice I’d name him…Frank.” I said.  “Why, are you pregnant?”

He laughed, and patted his stomach.  “I guess it looks like it.  No, I’m just wondering…you know for future reference.”

“Ah, I see.  Lucky ‘A.M.’” I giggled.

“Belle, do you want to join me and Augusta for the Hogsmeade trip next weekend?” He asked.  I felt this was a privilege.  I smiled.

“Yes, I would love to, thanks.” 

Tyler smiled.  “Great!  I’m asking you because you’re fun to talk to.  I think you’d get along with Augusta.”  He looked truly excited.  

“Class is dismissed.  Please drop off your needles, mice, mousy needles, and sharp mice to my desk on the way out.  Homework tonight is to practice your mousy needlework.” Professor Dumbledore called, chuckling.  I gathered my stuff quickly, bid Tyler a goodbye and shot out of the classroom.  No sooner than I touched the staircase then I heard it.

“Belle, wait.” Tom said, resting his hand on my shoulder.  I turned around, anger seeping into my blood.

“LEAVE ME ALONE, DARNIT!” I said, pointing my wand at his chest.  

“Can you just explain to me what a horcrux is?” He said quietly.  He didn’t even seem to be wary of my wand.

“No, I can not.  It’s not something that you should be meddling in.  It’s very Dark Artsy.  Ask someone who cares, because I’m sure not gonna tell, much less explain, ANYTHING to you.  Have a great day.” I said in one breath, and then ran down the stairs before his piercing gaze numbed me.  They didn’t even try to stop me, but Tom seemed to be considering something.  

I had lunchtime now, but the thought of food grossed me out.  I felt hollow without friends, and most of all…lonely.  The common room sounded more inviting than the Great Hall, so that’s where I went too.  Of course, it was perfectly empty when I got there.  Feeling relieved, I went and sat in a green armchair in a hidden corner.  No sooner had I sat down before I drifted into a five minute nap, before I heard it.

“…and that’s what horcruxes are.  Someone could grow immortal like that.” Tom was saying.

“But…you need to murder.  And murder a good deal.  Besides, I don’t know why Professor Slughorn even told you this.” Lucretia said, softly.

“Slughorn thinks I’m just wondering out of curiosity.  He trusts to much, that fool.” Tom said; a smirk evident in his tone of voice.

I sat, pretending to be asleep, in the hidden corner, listening to them talk about murder as though it was easy.  Occasionally, Tom would laugh that high, cold laugh which made the hairs on my arm stand up.  They talked about Slughorn and Dumbledore.  How Slughorn is a crazy old fool and Dumbledore was a nosy git.  Then, the conversation changed to me.  Why must I always have to be hidden when people talk about me?

“I wonder why she didn’t tell us what horcruxes were…” Nat said.

“Easy.  She doesn’t like dark magic, the weirdo.  I don’t know why you’re so…attached to her, Tom.” Rebecca added on.  

“Becky, for the final time, think about it!  She’s from Salemandra, which is basically the darkest school around.  They teach their students every Dark Art by the time they graduate.  I want Belle to teach us, to show us every curse.  You see, she even informed us that there were such things as horcruxes.” Tom said, and he sounded happy.  I felt like hitting him.

“Don’t you think she’s a bit creepy for cutting, Tom?” Lucretia asked him.

“All the better for us; we have a new outlet for her suffering.  She has a motive to join us.” Tom laughed that horrific laugh.

“Only one problem, mate.  She doesn’t exactly like us…” Celsus said.

“Next weekend we’re going to Hogsmeade, are we not?  We can talk to her then; perhaps even show her what we’re capable of.” Tom answered.  

His tone sounded proud, and it scared me.  I dreaded next weekend all of a sudden.  What had I gotten myself into?  Sure, Tom was using me, but it wasn’t just simple using.  It was far more complicated.  Looking back, I’m sure I could have gotten up when I heard that and told them they were twisted.  But soon, after they left, I continued to sit there, staring at the dungeon walls.  I felt sick and I felt faint.  Slowly, I went to the empty dormitory, grabbed my Charms books and left.  I had ruined my chance to turn back just as I had ruined the skin on my wrists.

A/N: If you've read this far, it wouldnt hurt to fill out the box below this.  Just write one word if your in a hurry.  And I would just like to remind everyone that the reason Tom seems a bit OOC is because he's still only 14 and not a murderer...yet.  Well, leave a review and have a nice day!  :]


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