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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 10 : Confessions
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A/N: I am so sorry about the long wait on this fic guys! I'm having major writers block still and can't seem to write anything! This one is a little short, but i still like it, i think you will like it to!
Just before i let you get on with the story i just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone who is reviewing this fic, it's absolutly means the world to me! So thanks everyone *hugs*

1 week later … 

“Hurry up the trains about to leave!” shouted Hermione, shoving Diana towards the train. They were standing on platform 9 and 3/4 about to board the hogwarts express for the first day of school.

Diana rolled her eyes “Mum! It’s not going to leave just yet!” she sighed. That was when the whistle blew, a shrill sound that hurt Diana’s ears

“Hurry” shrieked Hermione, practically hysterical.

Diana rolled her eyes but started running towards the train, Matt and Jasmine running along besides her. Buy the time they reached the closest compartment they were all out of breath and the train was about to leave, stuffing their cases onto the train they jumped on, Matt just managing to grab onto the door handle before the train started moving. He swore and jumped into the train before it gathered enough speed, falling onto the floor. ‘Ouch” he muttered, rubbing his shin.

Diana chuckled “Here” she muttered, offering her hand to help him up. He looked up, surprise written on his face, nevertheless he reached up and grasped her hand firmly, using her added weight he tried to stand but the sudden movement of the train going around a bend caused Matt to loose his balance, he fell forward pulling Diana down with him. They both landed on the floor in a heap.

Jasmine, who was standing on the other side rolled her eyes. “Idiots” she muttered.

Diana looked at Matt lying next to her and gave a small smile. Matt grinned ruefully at her “Sorry” he muttered pulling himself to his feet, this time he held out his hand.

Diana eyed it in suspicion “You’re not going to fall on me again are you?” she asked mockingly, a smiled tugging at the courner of her mouth.  Jasmine snorted and glanced out the window.

Matt rolled his eyes “No” he muttered slightly annoyed. Diana chuckled as he pulled her up, this time with no mishaps. Just then the compartment door opened and a group of Griffindors entered chattering excitedly Matt dropped Diana’s hand as if he had just been burned,looking slightly embarrassed. Diana looked away tears threatening to fall but determined not to show him that she was upset.

“Matt!” one of the boys yelled “We’ve you been mate! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!” then he spotted Diana. His eyes narrowed “What are you doing here Malfoy” he spat the name as if it were an insult.

Diana sighed annoyed and turned to face the boy with narrowed eyes “None of you’re business!” she snapped at the jerk . She was still pissed that Matt was still ignoring her.

The guy stepped forward “Well get out then! We don’t want filthy Slytherins here!” he snapped, one of the girls giggled. Diana glared at him but she didn’t say anything, she didn’t really feel like getting into a fight now. She lifted her chin defiantly and pushed her way through the Gryffindors to the compartment door then she strode down the length of the train, wanting to put as much distance between herself and Matt’s stupid friends.

* * *

Matt watched Diana storm out of the compartment, his eyes followed her and as a result he wasn’t listening to what his friends were talking and laughing about “Hey Matt, Matt!” someone yelled.

Matt shook his head “Yeah, What!” he asked annoyed.

The other boy scowled “Have you even been listening?” he snapped.

Matt shook his head “No, hey sorry guys” he muttered “I have to go” and with that he walked out of the compartment, I have to see Diana and apologize he thought. 

Jasmine watched her brother go, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. Something’s going on there she though She glanced at the others "I...ah, need to go too" she told them softly.

The boy who had spoken before rolled his eyes fustrated "Whatever!" he snapped.

Jasmine smirked  and left the compartment, closing the door softly behind her. She could see her brother down the far end of the train, near the compartment that she knew the Slytherin's usually occupied. She scowled, I need to find out what's going on! she thought to herself before she set out after her brother.

* * *

Matt hurried along, dodging students and stepping over cats until he reached a compartment in the middle of the train that he new the Slytherin’s would be in. Taking a deep breath he pulled open the door.

About five Slytherin’s turned around in surprise, but when they saw Matt their eyes narrowed in anger. One of the girls stood up, her black hair cascading down her back, her eyes were hard as she glared at Matt in loathing “What are you doing here Potter” she snapped.

Matt was not intimidated “I need to talk to Diana. Is she here?” he asked softly, knowing that the absence of yelling would be surprising.

The dark haired girl blinked “What do you want!” she snapped

“Alice, it’s ok!” muttered Diana. She got up and stepped over someone’s legs to the door

“What do you want Matt?” she asked, annoyed, but curious.

Matt swallowed nervously “Can I talk to you, it about…” he racked his brain to come up with a good excuse “About this head’s thing” he finished lamely.

Diana raised her eyebrow not fooled for a second, “Alright” she murmured.

“Diana!” shouted Alice horrified, Diana turned to her friend and smiled “it’s ok really, we just need to organize schedules for the perfects” she lied.

One of the boys glared at Matt “Always a goody-two-shoes aren’t you Griffindor” he snapped, clearly not liking Diana having to go.

Matt smirked “That’s me!” he answered mockingly “Always good!” he’s eyes narrowed, “You coming” he asked Diana, turning and looking her in the eye. Diana nodded. 

* * *

Jasmine was kneeling outside the compartment door listening intently to the conversation within "You coming" she heard her brother snap. Shit! she thought. She jumped quickly to her feet and slipped inside the nearest compartment, closing the door quickly behind her.

"Hey" an annoyed forth year Ravenclaw shouted "Get your own compartment!"

"Shut up!" snapped Jasmine before quickly ducking out of sight as a shaddow walked past the door.

She let out the breath she had sucked in and slowly opened the door, peeking her head out she glanced around, catching sight of her brother and Diana a little way down the corridor. She breathed a sigh of relief and got to her feet. Easing herself through the narrow opening she stepped into the corridor. The compartment door slammed shut behind her, "little brats" she muttered before setting out after her brother. She was determined to find out what the hell was going on!

* * *

Matt turned and left the compartment he could hear Diana saying goodbye to her friends and stopped. The compartment door next to him suddenly slammed shut and he glanced in that direction before turning and finding Diana standing next to him, a smile on her face, he started walking.

Finally he found an empty compartment and stopped in front of it, he turned and Diana came up to stand besides him. Matt let Diana walk in first then he followed and softly closed the door behind him. She sat down and let out a small sigh “I have to talk to you” he whispered looking down at the floor and blushing slightly. He was suddenly nervous.

Diana was silent for a minute “This isn’t about the head’s is it?” she asked, though she already knew the answer.

“No” muttered Matt to the floor.

Diana nodded silently, “Go on” she muttered, “I’m listening” she was curious but nervous too and clasped her hands in front of her.

Matt looked up into her eyes, they were wide with curiosity. I need to tell her he thought to himself. He bit his lip and then opened his mouth “I really like you” he blurted.

* * *

Diana blinked in shock “What!” she asked, completely caught of guard. She hadn't expected that!

Matt looked down “Forget it” he muttered standing up “It’s nothing” he was embarrassed, Diana could tell his whole face was red. I have to stop him she though.
She moved towards him and grabbed his hand “Matt wait” she shouted. Matt stopped and turned to look at her, how can I make him see that I like him too! She thought desperately, I know…she leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips then she pulled back.

Matt was staring at her, his eyes wide. Clearly he was not expecting that. Diana chuckled at his response “I like you too” she whispered with a small nervous smile

Matt blinked again then the corners of his mouth slowly turned up into a grin“Really” he asked, disbelieving.

She nodded stepping closer “I’ve liked you since fifth year” she whispered.

Matt looked down into her pale blue eyes and swallowed nervously, he could tell he was blushing crimson. “Why” he asked curious raising his eyebrows.

Diana rolled her eyes “I just do” she answered simply “You’re funny, you don’t treat me any different just because of my dad and I know that you’re a good person” she looked down “and a good friend” Matt opened his mouth but Diana shook her head “Let me finish” she whispered and Matt closed his mouth. She bit her lip thinking of how to say what she felt “I know we haven’t exactly been nice to each other over the years but I was only mean because I knew that would get your attention, and I’ve always thought of you as my friend even though we don’t exactly get along and you’re in Griffindor and I’m in Slytherin” she finished in a rush.

Matt stared at her lost for words. Diana blushed and looked down embarrassed but Matt put his hand under her chin and slowly raised it so she could look into his eyes “I feel the same way “ he whispered softly. He kept hold of her chin and leaned forward slowly, Diana could feel her eyes widen slightly as he kissed her. His lips were firm but the kiss was soft and Diana closed her eyes, it was nice. Matt was still holding her chin and she felt his hands move down her neck, across her shoulders and down her arms, she shivered.

Slowly, reluctantly Matt drew back, his eyes were bright and he was smiling, Diana blushed and glared at him. Matt laughed. “So” he asked curiously raising his eyebrows again “What are we going to do now?”

Diana frowned “Are you asking me out Matt Potter?” she asked innocently smirking.

“Er…” muttered Matt

Diana smiled “Of course I’ll go out with you!” she chuckled as Matt breathed a sigh of relief. “But I’d like to take this slow” she told him, frowning slightly.

Matt nodded in agreement “Of course” he said, slightly relieved.

Diana smiled at him “Well” she said glancing out the window at the setting sun “I should probably go back to my friends now” she offered. Matt nodded “Yeah I probably should too, Jasmine will be worried” he said.

Diana started to open the door but then she stopped her hand frozen on the handle Matt bumped into her “Sorry” he muttered.

Diana shook her head indicating that she was fine “Matt” she whispered “I don’t think we should tell our parents about us”

Matt frowned in confusion “Why?” he asked

“Well, for one thing I don’t think my father would appreciate it if I went out with a Potter, and I don’t think you’re dad would like it very much considering he hates my dad” she told him

Matt frowned “I know they hate each other, but don’t you thinks that’s… well a little extreme!” he said in disbelief

Diana sighed “No! Trust me, they will not be happy about it!”

Matt sighed and rolled his eyes “Alright, fine! I won’t tell my parents!”

Diana smiled “thank you” she whispered kissing him on the cheek before opening the door and leaving the carriage. Matt sighed and walked out too, shutting the door behind him. Then he turned and headed of towards where his friends were, none of them noticed the fine length of rope trailing along the floor of the carriage from their compartment to the one across from them. It was a pair of extendable ears and at the end Jasmine was listening in rapt attention. Her eyes were narrowed in anger, we’ll see about that! 

A/N: This is probably one of my favorite chapters! It’s so cute! Please tell me what you think, feedback is always welcome *wink*

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