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A Dangerous Obsession by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1
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A Dangerous Obsession
Chapter 1

Lucia smirked the slightest bit as she dipped her quill into her ink and started away at the parchment in front of her. Running the pendent that hung from her neck back and forth on its sliver chain in an idle way, she bit at the end of her quill, trying to decide on a title. This was hardly a difficult essay for the girl, after all, she knew werewolves like the back of her hand.

The Werewolf, Not You're Average Animagus

She wrote at the top of her page, her letters neat and straight, even though she knew that by the time she finished the essay her writing would be reduced to scribbled letters and scratched out phrases and would have to be re-written. The girl sighed, pushing away a piece of mosey brown hair from her long bangs that had strayed out from behind her ear, letting the ink dry on her paper by taking a look around the quiet classroom. Most everyone was reading the chapter on werewolves in Dark Beast and How To Recognize Them. Of course, she had read that particular book over a dozen times by now, and could practically recite it word for word if ever asked to.

The word Werewolf, coming from the old English words 'wer' meaning man, and 'wulf' meaning wolf or beast, is a word used to describe a human who uncontrollably transforms into a form similar to a wolf during a full moon.

Lucia paused her quill, taking another moment to glance around the classroom, noticing that a few more quills had started writing. Sirius and James, who were sitting with each other, as they always were, three seats ahead of her, had put their heads down and were scrawling across their papers vigorously. Whether or not they were writing their essay was beyond the girl. Knowing those two, they were probably drawing crude doodles of Professor Gurgan, who was currently on the verge of sleep at the front of the room, his mouth wide open in a very unattractive way.

Sirius Black and James Potter, troublemakers if Lucia had ever set eyes on two. There were many things wrong with these two characters in Lucia's eyes. Firstly, is the fact that Sirius is more enthralled with pranks and joking around then woman, very much unlike the average sixteen-year-old boy. Of course, this comes as a great upset to the female population of Hogwarts. A dark haired, strong-featured boy, Lucia's friend Kail had been obsessed with him since third year, even though he had show mild interest in anyone, let alone her. Lucia dared a glanced to her side, where she found Kail hidden behind her book, blue eyes peeking over the top of the pages at the mentioned boy three seats ahead, just as Lucia assumed she would find her.

The other problem with the two was James, who was so enthralled with getting Lily Evans attention that he did whatever he could to bring notice to himself, meaning he joined in on (and often started) any pranks or jokes that his friend Sirius was involved with. James was an average boy, with annoyingly messy hair and round glasses that really did nothing for his face, who was surprisingly arrogant at times. This was strange considering you would think the number of times Lily had shut him down would have made him the slightest bit more humble.

This particular lack of interest in woman (or other women in James' case) was not necessarily Lucia's problem though, even though she would rather not hear her best friend complain for hours on end about why Sirius had yet to ask her out, like Lucia had already done numerous times. No, she could really care less if Sirius or James were dating or not. What she more cared about was the fact that Sirius, and is best friend, went to every extreme to push her buttons on a regular bases.

She watched Sirius (with a growing amount of annoyance) nudge his friend, point at whatever he had put on his paper, and they both cracked up in silent laughter, confirming to Lucia that they were not working very hard on their paper. Just like them. The girl found herself shaking her head the slightest bit, even though a smirk had found her lips.

A werewolf, when not transformed, can look like the average human.

Again, Lucia looked up from returning to her essay, feeling suddenly conscious of how many 'average' people were in the room, and sensing a nervous heat crawl up her neck. She cleared her throat quietly, pushing the anxiety that had flowed over her out of her head and put her pen back down onto the parchment.

She was distracted again though, looking out of the corner of her eye to the two boys to her side. Peter, a short, mosey haired boy, had whispered something to Remus, who was sitting next to him. Peter was quiet, nice, and a little awkward at times. He could be a little twitchy under pressure as well, but Lucia saw that as just part of his character. He really didn't like getting things wrong. She knew this because he had spent an entire Charms class asking her over and over to make sure he was moving his wand right when they had been paired for the day. It had actually started getting rather annoying, and when she had raised her voice to tell him that, yes, he was moving his wand correctly, he had coward away from her slightly. She was worried that he was still slightly nervous of her snapping at him again in the future.

Peter was pointing to his paper, and Remus took it for a moment, circled a few things and handed the parchment back to the boy. Remus was the smart one, and he had no doubt just told Peter a few things that he should check over about his essay. He gave a warm smile to the boy next to him before flicking his sandy hair out of his face and returning to his essay, which Lucia realized was already a few paragraphs long.

This fact seemed to kick the girl into gear, and she turned her eyes quickly back to her essay to resume her writing, only to hiss in annoyance under her breath. She was greeted by a big black spot on her parchment where she had set her quill tip and let it sit there while watching the two boys to her left. She frowned, trying to decide what to do with the now ruined parchment, when she heard someone beckoning her with a quiet 'pst'

"Here." She turned her head quickly, shaken slightly by the sudden sound, and being greeted by pale hand holding a crisp, new piece of parchment. Remus smiled and moved the paper slightly, as if in case she hadn't seen it yet. Lucia glanced at the parchment he held, then up at him, and back at the parchment before taking it tentatively.

"Thanks." She said, covering her ruined paper with the new, blank one, and returned quickly to writing again, not daring glance back at the boy for she felt her cheeks reddening in embarrassment. She wrote a few lines and heard someone clear their voice, turning her attention away from her paper yet again and towards the raised eyebrows of Kail, who had finally immerged from behind her book. Her blonde haired friend smirked, then leaned forward and scribbled something on a spare piece of paper.

You're actually going to use that. I'd save it. It'll be the closest you'll ever get to him with how bloody nervous he makes you

Lucia frowned and glared at the girl sitting next to her before writing her reply.

Don't be ridiculous. It's just a piece of parchment. And he doesn't make me nervous.

Kail had to hold back her giggle as she read the girl's reply, then taking her own quill to write again.

Says the blush on your face


"Hey Taylor! I'm sure that class was right up you're alley wasn't it? You are, after all, the walking encyclopedia about werewolves aren't you?" Lucia looked over her shoulder at the sound of her last name, but once she realized who was calling her she rolled her eyes in annoyance. Sirius had enjoyed taunting her about her 'unusually' obsession for two consecutive years now, and it was getting extremely old to her. But, apparently, to Sirius and James, it was like a new joke every time.

"Not just werewolves Sirius. Vampires, trolls, dragons, Dementors, Chimaeras, Acromantulas, Manticores, and Nundus." James corrected him; mocking the time that Kail had tried her best to back up Lucia in an argument between herself and the two boys by pointing out that it wasn't just werewolves she knew everything about. Lucia ignored the boys as they sniggered with each other, taking a glance at Kail to show her frustration with the girl for the fact that they were still holding that over her head, but Kail was too busy blushing as Sirius let his eyes trail up her. He had know about her liking him for a year now, after one of the Professor had stolen a note between Lucia and Kail and read it allowed to the class, and every since he used the fact that she was mildly obsessed with him to his advantage.

"It was actually. But I shouldn't brag, we'll find something that you're good at eventually too Black." She said, noticing Kail flick out of her trance as Sirius looked away from her and turned his attention back to Lucia. Kail looked mildly let down.

"And what would that be, a unit on how to push your button?" He asked, once again getting a laugh out of James. After this he pulled on her brown hair playfully, which was tied up in a loose ponytail at the nap of her neck, causing her head to jolt back the slightest bit at the tug, an annoyed look coming over her face in reply.

"No, although I will admit that you'd probably do fine in that department." She sent a glare his way; only make a smirk crawl onto his lips. She would wipe that smile off his face though.

"I was thinking more along the lines of the Dark Arts themselves. I'm sure growing up with you're family you learned all about Dark Magic. And hey, maybe you can bring you're parents in for show and tell, and we can all see what Death Eater's really look like." Perhaps she had taken their bantering a little too far. Then again, it wasn't like he hadn’t cross the line with her already, and if he was willing to dish it out he should be ready to take it.

His family was probably a sore subject though, and Lucia felt a guilt take over her after she had said what she did, but it was already too late because even only half way through that statement the cute little smirk that had been on Sirius' face had quickly melted into a look of loathe.

"What do you know about my family?" His voice had went from chipper to deathly serious, and Lucia felt her stomach twist nervously, but forced herself to keep her confidence, even though Kail had abandoned her by backing away from Sirius and her. She couldn't let him reduce her to 'I'm sorry Sirius' so quickly when he had brought her to tears before without an apology. The boy was now mere inches from her face, and she could see the lines of hate in his.

He wanted to know what she knew about his family? Well, it was obvious, considering the Black family was well known for being the Slytherin family, purebloods that saw themselves as superior beings and followed the Dark Lord like he was the pied piper to a bunch of rats. Narcissa and Bellatrix Black were the two leaders of Slytherin, and Sirius' own brother Regulus was rumored to already have his Dark Mark.

"Enough." Lucia let the word escape her lips in a precariously suggestive tone, as if daring him to deny what she knew, before going to leave. She was halted quickly when a firm hand grabbed her wrist and yanked it, pulling her with ease because of her small stature, causing her to coming back and bump against his chest, his hand holding her wrist between them so she stayed inches away from him.

"Let get this straight, I am not my parents' son, and you'd be smart to remember that." Sirius growled, nearly a whisper, but in a dangerous tone, something that reminded Lucia very much of her neighbors big black Labrador back home. Lucia stared him down with a firm face, her eyes flicking to the tight grip he had on her wrist in between them every now and then. She found her strong face faltering slightly when she realized how hard the grip was, and that he wasn't letting go when she tugged to try and get away. She let a little bit of nervousness show as she looked back into Sirius' gray eyes, and she knew he saw it, because his lips had tilted up the slightest bit.

Then, another hand came between them, gripping onto Sirius' wrist, causing the grip between them to become rather tangled.

"Common Sirius, give it up." Remus' voice was calm, convincing, but Lucia could see that he had a solid grip around the wrist of his friend, one that was threatening, completely opposite to the rest of his aura. The new hand took Sirius by surprise, but after his friends words his lips finally cracked into a grin again.

"Careful Moony. Don't want to fall for the werewolf girl. She might just turn you into one." Sirius said, letting his head fall back slightly to see James who was standing just a little behind him. James still had a grin on his face, and was shaking his head as if he couldn't get enough of the 'brilliance' of his friend.

Lucia caught Remus' grip tighten slightly on his friends wrist, and a pink tone coming to his cheeks, although she wasn't sure if it was from anger, or something else. This color seemed to satisfy Sirius, and he let go of Lucia's wrist, which she withdrew quickly.

"Common James, I think I saw Lily going to the Great Hall." He spoke to his friend as if none of the preceding had happened, and as he past Lucia and Kail, he once again gave the girl's blonde friend a once over, a smirk on his lips, causing her to blush madly. Lucia watched Remus and Peter follow, Peter with a paper in his hand and the end of a quill in his mouth, intent in thought as if he hadn't even realized anything that had just went on, and Remus, a nervous glance Lucia's way.

"Thanks for being a friend." Lucia said sarcastically to Kail as the boys were finally out of sight and they started walking back to the Gryffindor common room.

"You expected me to take a side against him?" she asked, as if this was absurd, and Lucia simply rolled her eyes. She was done trying to argue the point to Kail that, if Sirius wasn't already dating, he wouldn't be getting to her any time soon. He would very much rather torture her by flirting with her left and right then not asking her out. But of course, like all the other times Lucia had managed to point this out, Kail would argue about how good of a person he was, and the fight just wasn't worth it.

Of course, Kail wasn't an unusual case when it came to Sirius. If anything, it was Lucia who was unusual, because most girls fawned over Sirius like he was a god. Kail was simply regular, and part of the majority of the female population, while Lucia couldn't help but be different.

That's how it had always been though. People tend to be a little afraid of you when you spend your spare time reading up on dark creatures. They start wondering when you answer your fifth question about werewolves in a row in class, getting each one right with textbook precision. And they get really scared when people start spreading stuff around about you being a werewolf, or knowing one.

"You know Lucia, if you'd just get your head out of those beast books for once, maybe they'd leave you alone?" Kail commented after a while, as if she had heard her friend's angry thoughts, and Lucia sighed in reply. She knew this, of course she did, but she couldn't just stop reading the books.

It was the only way that she didn't have nightmares. When she read about them she learned how to protect herself, and that was what she wanted out of reading all about these dark creatures. She was looking for knowledge in protection. Something her mother didn't have.

"You know why I do it, I've told you a dozen times already, and you know why I can't stop." She replied, although making sure it was light in tone, for the fact that she knew Kail had made a very good point. If she weren't so obsessed with dark creatures, maybe she would have time to actually have a life, a boyfriend, and more then just one friend.

"You know them all off by heart now." Lucia wasn't sure where her friend was going with this, and it was like Kail hadn't exactly known where either, and she simply ended the thought there.

"So, that was pretty nice of Remus wasn't it?" The girl said in a more chipper voice a few second later, a new grin falling over her plump lips, taking pleasure in a conversation about a boy. Lucia shook her head slightly, knowing Kail all to well and knowing that any conversation that revolved around a boy would perk her up, even if she were on the edge of death.

Lucia was always jealous of her friend, and not only because she was so easily amused and defiantly a hundred times more confident with male attention. She was also about a thousand times pretty; therefore the girl actually did get male attention, and frequently. She looked a lot like Lucia's mother had, with her fair blonde hair, light skin and pink lips. Kail was really a natural beauty.

Lucia on the other hand hadn’t adopted anything from her mother over the years like her father had promised. She had grown from a plain child into a plain girl, nothing really changing except losing the baby fat in her cheeks and letting her hair grow into a slightly more adult hairstyle. Everything plain, not like her mother.

Lucia had to almost shake herself out of that though for a moment, having a sadness fall over her at the thought of her mother, then turned her attention back to reality. Back to the question she had just been asked. Remus.

"I guess." Lucia replied, her voice a little wary, nervous of what she knew was coming. Knowing Kail she would be attacked with question like 'do you think you should talk to him? Maybe we can set something up? Maybe we can talk to his friends to see if he really does like you? Maybe...'

"I think he likes you." She shot at Lucia, and the girl was surprised that it hadn't been the many questions that had been flying through her head. This had been a simply statement, something that rarely came from Kail, and yet it was still just as amusing as the hundreds of questions would have been. Lucia couldn't help but laugh, shaking her head slightly at her blonde friend.

"You're ridiculous. A boy glances at me and you think he's in love with me." Lucia claimed, getting a pout from Kail.

"That is not true. I would never say that a boy you barely knew was in love with you. But anyway, even if I do say it about everyone, that just means I'm going to be right eventually. And you can't deny that he's positively adorable." The girl said, her voice going offended at first, but quickly turning into chipper again as she got back on the subject of a boy liking her friend.

"He's like, a puppy dog." Kail added, taking a moment in between her words to emphasize her thinking, then letting a cute grin fall over her features as she finally decided the best way of describing Remus Lupin. Lucia laughed again.

"Well it doesn't matter if he's cutter then a box full of puppies, I told myself that I would avoid spending more time with Sirius then I have to." Lucia replied, and Kail let an eyebrow raise slightly.

"And what does Sirius have to do with Remus?" She asked, getting a bit of a snort from her company.

"Please. Those four are glued at the hip, you never seen one without the other three around somewhere." Lucia replied. Honestly, she wasn't sure how she would be able to stand dating someone of those four, just because she would have to spend so much time with them, and she had already made the conclusion that her time in class with them was far too much. Lucia remembered requesting a house change in forth year after Sirius had started howling at her like a werewolf between classes. That's how much she hated him.

"Is that just an excuse to avoid someone that might truly like you?" Kail asked, an eyebrow being raised again, stressing her suggestive tone. Lucia let her eyes roll.

"Oh Please Kail. It doesn't matter if it is an excuse or not, because he doesn't like me! Why would anyone like me, I'm the werewolf girl?" she said this, and her voice had sounded surprisingly hurt when it had come out. She cursed herself, annoyed that the bit of emotion had let itself slip through, but Kail replied with a sympathetic look.

"I betcha a werewolf would like you! Want me to hook you up with a werewolf!" Kail had said this after another moment of deep thought, her eyes brightening up at the suggestion, but laughing soon after, knowing this would not go over well with Lucia, which it didn't.

"Don't even joke. Anyway, I'm going to go to the library to finish this essay up, then maybe read over Werewolf or Crywolf?, all this talk about werewolves has got me nervous." Lucia said with a sigh, hitching her bag back up onto her shoulder slightly as she walked with the girl.

"Lucia! It's not like a werewolf is going to pop out and kill you while you're walking down the bloody hall. It's still only the afternoon dear." Kail said, nearly exasperated as Lucia turned to head down a different hall, directing to the library.

"One of these days that'll happen, and you'll be sorry you said that." Lucia called back to the girl, giving a wave and receiving one in return, then turning and continuing to the library. She couldn't help but think how inviting that black armchair by the window in the corner of the library was sounding.

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