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She Paints Me Blue by lennyXartiste
Chapter 13 : Makeovers And A Hug
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A/N: So. I feel horrible. I haven't updated in so long!! I'm extremely sorry. I've been really busy and with sharing my mom's computer I've had almost no time to write. But now I'm finally updating. It's a pretty short chapter but I PROMISE the next one will be LONG LONG LONG. Okay? Okay.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is still J.K Rowling's.
* * * * *

Hermione had fallen asleep the previous night in tears after witnessing Ron and Lavender making out in a crimson Gryffindor armchair. When she awoke, the first thing she saw was Jayla bent over a small black book, scribbling into it madly. She noticed that Jayla's eyes were a tad red, like she had been crying. Judging by the silence, except for Jayla's quill, Amy and Lavender were still asleep. Hermione hoped she wouldn't have to talk to, or look at, Lavender Brown anytime soon.

"Good morning Jayla, " she said, breaking the silence.

Jayla jumped about a foot in the air and bounced off her bed, onto the floor. "Holy shit! You scared me, " she exclaimed. She got up and sat down on the end of Hermione's bed. "Um.. are you feeling okay? Ron told me you two had a fight, and I know you're upset... " She shot a sidelong glance at Lavender.

"Oh, Ron told you that, did he?" Hermione felt anger well up in her chest.

"I think he was upset too, to be quite honest, Hermione."

Hermione laughed coldly. "I don't see how... isn't he happy with Lavender?" She gave the girl sleeping across the room a murderous look.

"He doesn't want you to be angry at him! You're his friend! You should probably talk to him about it... he obviously doesn't know how upset you are - "

"If he can't work it out himself, I'm nto going to tell him! I think I've made it quite clear!" Hermione sniffed.

"What are you shouting about?" Came Amy's voice from across the room.

"Ron, " Jayla told her.

Amy rolled her eyes. "Oh. Hermione, he's a boy. You can't excpecymuch in the feelings department. He can't tell how you feel. Besides, Lavender's just a fling. Don't give up on him yet."

Hermione sighed deeply. "Okay... but I don't see anyone else with guy problems like mine!"

Jayla got up and headed towards the bathroom, thankful and relieved that Draco was nothing like Ron when it came to girls.

* * * * *

"Pass me the Cheery-Owls, someone."

Jayla passed Amy the box of cereal and looked down at the Slytherin table, her eyes trying to locate a certain silvery blonde head. Draco was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Hermione was staring at Lavender and Ron, who were sitting where she usually sat, with Harry Potter and Parvati Patil. She had chosen instead to stay with Jayal and Amy. Jayla saw Ron look up and catch Hermione's eye, who quickly looked away and frowned.

Jayla and Amy gave her sympathetic smiles, then exchanged a meaningful glance that obviously meant, poor dear!

Then the Great Hall was filled with owls, sweeping in through the huge windows and delivering mail. There were more than usual, because it was the weekend, Sunday. Two envelopes and a newspaper fell onto Hermione's toast; one envelope and a small package fell on Amy's lap; and a medium sized box landed beside Jayla's tiny serving of oatmeal. Glancing at the writing on the box, Jayla knew it was from her dad. Which was a surprise.

Jayla looked up again, towards the Slytherin table, and smiled when she saw Draco. A few envelopes and a box had been delivered to him. Jayla watched him smile as his eyes glazed over the box. Then his eyes were focused on one of the envelopes, and his expression changed completely. Jayla had never seen him look so hateful - not even at Ron or Harry - he looked like he wanted to use all three unforgiveable curses on that one letter. It was quite disturbing.

Amy had followed Jayla's eyes and she looked at Draco. "Merlin, he looks pissed!"

Jayla nodded. "I wonder who the letter's from, " she said at the exact same time as Amy. They both laughed.

Hermione was still staring at Ron sadly. Jayla thought for a moment, then decided it was time to pay Hermione back for listening to her so well that time in the library. "Listen, Hermione... You need a girly day. You know? Me and Amy will spend one with you."

Amy grinned at Jayla and winked. She clearly agreed. Hermione, however, went from looking sad to apprehensive.

"I don't want you two to waste a whole day with me... It's okay, I'll just - "

Amy slapped her hand over Hermione's mouth. "Say no more! We're doing it all, whether you like it or not. Hair, makeup, nails - "

"Hey!" Jayla exclaimed. She had just ripped open the box from her dad which revealed lots of makeup and nail polish. "My dad's sent us the tools for the job!"

* * * * *

"Shit, " Draco hissed under his breath. Just when he thought things were going to be okay, just when he was starting to feel okay, his father had sent him a letter. Draco quickly shoved it into his bag and out of sight with the usual treats from his mother and a few other letters he didn't bother to look at. He began to eat his eggs again and tried to tune out the sound of of Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle's heated conversation about Quidditch, something he really didn't want to think about. He was bloody sick of Harry Potter always beating him at it.

He snuck a look at Jayla, who was talking to her blonde best friend - Amy, he thought. She was sitting across from granger, who was looking quite pissed off at something.

Draco tried to turn his attention back to Jayla but Amy caught his eye. She tilted her head in the direction of Jayla and winked. then she laughed and turned back to her breakfast. Before Draco had time to be embarrassed, Blaise was talking to him.

"What are you staring at, Malfoy? Or should I say, who?" His voice sounded like he was teasing, but Draco knew he was taking advantage of one of the rare moments when Draco was feeling vulnerable. he was in no mood to be teased or taken advantage of, so he ignored his friend and shoved the rest of his toast in his mouth while he stood up and walked away.

Casually (but quickly) he made his way towards the entrance hall, where Jayla, Amy, and Granger happened to be heading. He chewed and swallowed his toast as fast as he could, then tapped Jayla on the shoulder just as she reached the base of the stairs that led up to Gryffindor tower.

She jumped slightly and spun around, but when she saw him she smiled.

"We'll meet you in our dorm, " said Amy loudly, as she led Granger up the stairs by the arm. Draco waited until everyone else had gone away, so that he and Jayla could be alone. She noticed what he was doing and her eyes seemed to sparkle slightly.

"Do you want to go for a walk or something, " Draco asked her, nodding his head in the direction of the front doors. He sounded strangley desperate, not care-free, as he had imagined in his head.

Jayla grimaced. "Oh - I'm really sorry - I'd love to - but I promised to spend the day with Amy and Hermione! I'm so sorry!"

Draco nodded. At least Jayla sounded genuinley sorry. "That's okay, " he told her. "I've got an essay to write, and letters to answer, and things..." Now he just sounded pathetic. He was VERY thankful that they were alone.

Jayla gave him a small smile. "I'm really sorry Draco. Hermione is having some boy trouble so Amy and I want to cheer her up."

"Oh, is it Weasley?"

Jayla nearly dropped the box from her dad in surprise. "Is it that obvious?"

Draco laughed. "Well, yes. Jayla, I think Wealey is the only one who's blind enough not to see it. Or stupid enough to ignore it."

Jayla smiled at him again. A smile so warm and affectionate that it made Draco's insides squirm. Somehow, he felt guilty. He was sure the letter from his father was burning a hole through his bag, filled with lectures about muggleborns. He adjusted his tie and looked away awkwardly.

"I'd better go, " Jayla told him. "But we don't have detention tonight. I'll see you in Miss Jackie's class tomorrow."

Draco was startled. "We don't have detention?"

"Yeah, Hermione told me that Dumbledore told her to tell me. And she said that Blaise had been told to tell you. Didn't he?"

"No, " said Draco sourly.

"I guess it just slipped his mind, " Jayla said reassuringly. "So I'll see you tomorrow?" She moved towards him ever so slightly, unsure if he needed a hug or something.

"Yeah, " Draco said, his mind still full of hatred towards Blaise.

"So... bye, then." Jayla made like she was going to move away, but then changed her mind and leaned back towards him. She quickly threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him quickly, then turned and ran up the stairs without another word. Draco just stood there, surprised by how warm he felt.

Now he had a completely free day and not even detention with Jayla to look forward to. And he knew he wasn't going to enjoy any of that time at all.

A/N: So... I'd appreciate any reviews, even though I don't deserve them. Blame the summertime!

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