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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 8 : Lovey Dovey
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do not own anything that you recognize. JKR owns anything you know.

It took Tyler a few moments before he realized what he was doing, and he guiltily stopped Lindsey from kissing him. She realized what she had done, and blushed while guilt was evident in her eyes. The two quickly stood and separated. The rest of the group was now vividly aware of the situation, waiting for Lily, or even James, to explode.

Lily blinked stupidly at her two friends, then slowly comprehended the situation. She didn’t know whether she should be mad or happy. She became guilty as she remembered that both her friends had huge crushes on the other, but refused to admit it. Lily decided for a compromise.

“Lily, I’m sorry! I…” Tyler started apologizing at the same time Lindsey did. They kept blubbering, and Lily soon got annoyed.

“Hey! Quiet already! I’ll forgive you, but on one condition.” Lily smirked, and her friends gave each other nervous glances, “You have to admit your true feelings for each other.” Everyone stared at her, a bit surprised at her daring.

“Well, err, I, err…” Lindsey attempted to say something, but couldn’t get it out. Tyler looked at her blushing face, and knew it was all up to him. He gently grabbed her by the shoulders, and turned her to face him. He had a confident glint in his eyes, and everyone knew he was about to spill his heart.

“Lindsey, I have had a huge crush on you since third year. As I’ve gotten older and more mature, my crush has grown to affection, and from there to love. Lindsey, I love you.” Tyler’s confident glint disappeared to be replaced with a soft loving gaze. Lindsey’s eyes welled up, and smiled softly.
“I love you, too.” Lindsey choked out as tears began to gall freely from her eyes. As Tyler wiped them away, Lily ushered the boys down the path to the school.

Two new couples in one day.” Lily sighed. She stared in the distance dreamily, imagining what it would be like to find her true love, as cheesy as it sounds.

You’re going to let them get away with that, so easily?” James suddenly asked. Lily looked over at him, and saw that he looked pretty mad. She was surprised that she had waited to long to speak.

“Well, yes.” Lily uncomfortably confirmed, “You see, I knew that they both had huge crushes on each other, and I still went out with him.”

“Why did he ask you out, then?” James asked fiercely.

“Probably because he didn’t think Lindsey liked him, and wouldn’t be able to handle it if she said no.” Lily explained.

“Oh, then why did he go through so much for your birthday?” James still wouldn’t give up.

“I’m one of his closest friends, and I had just turned seventeen. Besides, I was his girlfriend at the time.” Lily answered, “The necklace wasn’t even bought, he told me it had been one of his sister’s. He decided to give it to me because I mean a lot to him, but he realized I’m like a sister to him.” Lily stared blankly at James for a moment before she burst into laughter. The boys were completely confused as the waited for her to calm down.

“I can’t believe I forgot!” Lily cried, “Tyler and I broke up yesterday! He told me all about his feelings towards me and Lindsey. We didn’t get around to telling anyone because of how busy yesterday was! It all turned out alright because I told him I felt the same about him.”

“You broke up, and forgot to tell us?” James slowly registered as Lily nodded. “Well, that’s OK, then. We won’t have to get mad at anyone for that kiss. But, why did Tyler apologize?”

“He must’ve forgotten about the break-up, too.” Lily giggled. The boys just stared at her, then continued walking while shaking their heads. Lily followed after them, and was soon in the Head’s Dorm.

“Get a room!” Sirius joked when they walked inside. Kara and Kyle were kissing on the couch, and pulled away upon their arrival. That solved any question anyone had been wondering about them.

“How long did it take to get in that position?” Alive teased, earning a blush from Kara and a smirk from Kyle. Ever but Lily laughed, but she did try to hide a smile as they sat in the chairs around the two.

“Where are Lindsey and Tyler?” Kara asked after realizing the two were missing. The group sniggered, know exactly where they were. Kara and Kyle had a good idea of their situation before Lily briefed them on it. Their reaction was a lot like James, accusing him of cheating on Lily. Bye the time the duo turned up, the group was laughing at a joke that Sirius told.

“Have fun?” Kyle teased his best mate. Tyler laughed and asked him the same about Kara. The group spent the rest of the day joking and enjoying themselves.

Disclaimer: How did you like it? PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!! I want to know if you like how everything turned out!! Hope the wait was worth it! ^_^

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