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Dusty Dungeons by Box_Of_Souls
Chapter 1 : Dusty Dungeons
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A/N: I can't believe it , I actually listened to all of those reviews and managed to plonk myself down and write something! Its very quick, not quite my usual style, quite blunt.

Its your  typical D/Hr  kiss scene.... But you can never have enough of those...

Dusty Dungeons

What the hell happened last night? 

Dishes and kissing. 

Oh God. 

It was a mistake, nothing more. 

No, better yet it was a sacrifice made in the name of S.P.E.W.

Next time he made a move like she'd have to smash a plate over his head.

Yes, that was it. 

Unfortunately there were no plates in the dungeons… 

The image of Draco covered in squirrel entrails flitted briefly but enjoyably into her head. 

It was still his fault. 

If he hadn’t abused that elf then they wouldn’t have had a detention, and if they hadn’t had a detention then they wouldn’t have kissed and if they hadn’t kissed then they wouldn’t be in detention again, because they would have finished all their work the night before! 

 And of course it was his fault that she had actually enjoyed his kiss!

Yes! All Malfoy’s fault.

It didn’t help that he was smirking at her all through breakfast.

He even had the nerve to insert a sausage into his mouth, suck on it and then pull it out, repeating the process until she became so flustered that she knocked over Ron’s pumpkin juice, moments later Peeves glided into the hall chanting;

“Weasley wet his wiener!”

All in all Hermione came out of breakfast thoroughly red faced praying to Merlin that one of the statues “accidentally” fell on Malfoy.

Unfortunately this didn’t end up happening and Hermione had to endure an entire day of smug looks and embarrassing taunts, none of course which Harry or Ron understood. 

She really did regret kissing Malfoy, a feeling, which she was certain Malfoy, shared but hid adequately by getting under her skin in such an infuriating manner.

6 o’clock came around much sooner than Hermione would have liked.

Snape certainly wasn’t going to be as nice as the elves. The hour went by quickly and Hermione became almost glad of Snape’s presence, all that Malfoy could do was scowl at her.

Of course she thought the whole thing went very well, that is of course until she was halfway to Gryffindor tower and realised that she’d left her wand Snape’s desk.

“Fuck, shit, bother, crap, shit, shit!”

She calmly made her way back to the dungeons, knocking over two tapestries on the way.

She knocked tentatively on Snape’s door. “Enter.”

She entered quietly, hoping to Merlin that Snape didn’t really turn into a vampire at night. 

“Did you want another detention Granger? Enjoyed it that much?”

She scowled politely. “No, I just left my wand.”

“No wands were left on my desk Granger, now I suggest you get back to your common room before I do give you another detention, as you and your arrogant friends seem to enjoy them so much.”

As soon as she had escaped the dungeons one thought raced in her head.


She wanted to storm to the Slytherin common rooms straight away but that certainly wasn’t a good idea; especially without a wand.

Don't do anything too rash Hermione....

I'm going to kill him....

There was a chuckle from behind her and she spun around. There was that despicable boy, that stupid idiot boy and in his hand was Hermione’s wand.

“Give it back.” She demanded through clenched teeth.

“Maybe tomorrow.”

Don't act rash...



Don't act...

She lunged at him, grappled for her wand, poked him in the eye with her elbow, got a smack to the ribs and suddenly found herself with her hands behind her back and Malfoy breathing angrily down her neck.

“Your insane Granger. Anyone ever told you that?”

“Insanity comes with the whole genius thing. Give me back my wand or I’ll-”

 “Hex me?”

She growled and struggled to free herself, all she succeeded in doing was smashing the top of her head quite painfully into Malfoy’s chin.

He grunted in pain held her even tighter.

‘Calm down Mudblood.”

“Give me my wand.”

“Give me a kiss.”

“Not unless you-” She stopped utterly nonplussed.

“You what?”

“Give me a kiss and I’ll give you your wand.”


“Good then I’ll be keeping this.”


He grinned and pushed her away.

“Mudbloods like you don’t deserve wands anyway.”

She clenched and unclenched her teeth.

Don't act rash...

“Ever heard of the Mudblood game football?”

Don't act rash...

He looked taken aback. “They make balls out of feet? That’s repulsive. You Mudbloods are sick.”

Don’t act rash…

“You imbecile it’s called that because they kick the ball.”

“I much prefer Quidditch. Goodnight Mudfuck.”

Don't act...

In a moment she’d tackled him to the ground. Quite impressive considering he was twice her size. Of course the element of complete surprise did help….

Malfoy’s muffled voice came from beneath her.

“My god Granger, when you get psychical…”

“Aha.” Hermione sat up on top of him, wielding her wand triumphantly. She smiled evilly and pointed it at his throat. “Do you realise how lucky we are that no one has caught us out of bed yet?” her voice lowered, “Well, unlucky for you…”

“Right,” before she could blink he had his wand at her throat. She gulped. He smiled lazily, “We seem to be at a bit of a truce.”

She sighed. “So it would seem.”

Hermione dismounted Malfoy, stood up and brushed herself off awkwardly.

Malfoy got up, cleared his throat and then without warning grabbed her collar and pressed his lips against hers.

She grunted, pushed him away, wiped her mouth and then without warning pushed him against the wall and began kissing him fiercely.

Malfoy responded eagerly, his hands roaming her back. He tasted strangely and yet pleasantly, like broom polish and pancakes.

He grabbed her hips and spun them around so that he gained dominance. Hermione nipped his lip and shoved him back ward, he smirked into her mouth, nipped her lip and spun them mid kiss so that she ended up sprawled across the banister at the top of the stairs.

The prospect of falling only added to exhilaration and she began to rub herself hungrily against Malfoy. He groaned his approval and began to ravish her neck with kisses, hoping to leave a lovely Malfoy mark in their absence.

Hermione exhaled noisily and tangled her hands in his hair. The pair moved back for better leverage and they become a tangle of limbs…

As they fell ungracefully down the small flight of stairs.

Hermione lay there and groaned, realising that, that had been the most violent kissing session she’d ever had and that she’d rather enjoyed it and…

What the fuck?

Her brain decided to go back on standby as Malfoy rolled on top her, straddling her waist and resuming his mind-blowing kisses.

“Merlin Malfoy, didn’t that fall break your nuts?”

“No, but you can still kiss them better if you like…”

Hermione smiled mischievously as Draco began to pur.

“Meowing for me now are we Granger?”

“You’re the one that’s-” Her eyes popped open. She shoved Malfoy off and he landed on the floor with a soft bump. “Mrs. Norris!”

They both scrambled up and without so much as a word bolted to the end of the corridor.

After a good distance had been put between themselves and the wretched cat, Malfoy stopped abruptly, catching his breath and clutching his apparently bruised shoulder.

“Your….” He rasped, panting between every word. “Insane, Granger, anyone …ever...told you that?”

“ I will go insane if you land us another bloody detention, Ferret-breath!”

The two turned down opposite corridors. 

“I wouldn’t dream of it…”


A/N: Read it? Review it! Reckon I could continue it? Do I dare? Reviews inspired this one.... you never know....

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Dusty Dungeons: Dusty Dungeons


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