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Finally Going Home by SeverusSnapeisMINE2008
Chapter 21 : SURPRISE! AGAIN!
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AN: I loved the reviews that I got for last chapter! It brings tears to my eyes. (Not really, but why ruin a good moment?) Anyways, here is chapter 21. In this chapter I will be borrowing the names Lord and Lady Hex, the credit goes to Saerry Snape. (Her stories are on fanfiction (dot) net.

Chapter 21: SURPRISE! (AGAIN!)

"So, you're saying that you brewed one of the most dangerous potions known to wizard kind, brought your mother back, and you didn't even tell us?!?!" Hermione said after Harry had told them what he had done. They were in the common room, which was almost empty. Mark Evans was sitting at a table nearby doing his History of Magic homework. He looked up at the mention of Harry brewing a potion.

"Harry, I thought you hated Potions." Mark said, standing and walking over to where they were. Harry shrugged.

"Well I did, but that was when my father had to hate me." Harry told him.

"Oh, so you brought your mum back from the dead?" At Harry's nod, he continued. "Is there anything you can't do?" Mark asked in an awed voice that made Harry blush.

"Of course, I can't pass any of my classes without the help of my friends. I can't do a lot of things." Harry said.

"Well, can you help me with my History of Magic homework?" Harry nodded, excused himself from his friends, and walked over to Mark's work place. Harry didn't know why but he felt some sort of connection with the eleven year old. He knew it was crazy but, it was like, like they were family. He made a mental note to ask his mum about it.

"So, Mark, how did your parents think of you being a wizard?" Harry asked him, curious.

"Mum was a little freaked out, and Dad was so proud. Apparently, he had a sister who went to this school, but she died. He won't tell me her name though, says it's too painful." Mark replied absently shuffling through his History text book. Harry nodded. There was definitely a connection between them, Harry was sure of it.

"Yeah, I imagine that is hard to talk about." Harry said, helping Mark find the correct passage for one of the Goblin Rebellions.

"Thanks Harry! I might be able to pass History of Magic now!" Mark exclaimed. Harry smiled, and ruffled his hair. "Well, I will see you later Harry. I have to go meet my friends." He said, and he walked off. Harry waved bye to him, and walked back over to his friends. Well, over to Hermione seeing as how Ron was lipped locked with Lavender Brown.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Hermione asked. Harry shrugged, took her hand, and pulled her up.

"Let's go down to my father's office, so you can meet my mother." Harry said, and he led her to the dungeons.

When they got there, Harry knocked on the door. No answer so he knocked harder. Finally he heard his father.

"Who is it?" Severus's voice came from inside. Harry rolled his eyes; you would think that Severus would be able to tell when he was there.

"It is your favorite son of all time, who brought your favorite future daughter-in-law of all time." He said, grinning at Hermione, who was giggling. They could hear sounds from inside of the room, and muffled talking.

"Come in." Severus said, and Harry and Hermione walked in, surprised to see Lily hiding under the covers of Severus’ bed. Harry immediately backed up and scowled.

"Can't you do that another time? I've never even met you and you're already..." Harry couldn't come up with a good reason for them not to be doing what they had been doing. He finally looked at his father and noticed that he was wrapped in something that looked like a combination of a bathrobe and a sheet. In his mind, all he could think was Ewwwww!

"Sorry, dear" said Lily. "Why don't you and your beautiful friend wait outside for a minute or two and then we'll call you in when we're ready." They left as quickly as they possibly could, not looking back.

"Well that was a good first impression, dontcha think, Mione?" She laughed half-heartedly at his joke. Harry knew that she was thinking of what an awkward moment that was. They suddenly heard a girly scream come from inside Severus' room.

"MUM? MUM, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Harry screamed, worried about what might have happened.

The door suddenly swung forward and there stood a (fully dressed) Lily Evans, looking as beautiful as ever. She was beaming, her eyes wide and smile big.

"I'm perfectly fine, Harry. No, I'm better than fine. LOOK! JUST LOOK AT THIS!" she stuck out her left hand and to his great pleasure, Harry saw a little diamond ring on her finger. He hugged her excitedly.

"CONGRATS MUM AND DAD!" he said, leaping into Severus' arms. Severus didn't know how to react, so he gently patted his son on the back. He realized that Harry actually accepted the fact that he was indeed his father. Tears welled up inside Severus' eyes and he burst out crying. Happy tears, of course. Lily quickly rushed over to comfort him, kissing him as she caressed his back.

Harry, and Hermione decided to wait outside for them, it being very awkward for them to see Severus Snape, Potions Master, and most hated Professor at Hogwarts to cry. It was understandable of course.

"This is so exciting! I have my parents here with me, and I have a wonderful girlfriend, I can honestly say that I am happy with my life right now," Harry told Hermione, who smiled at him. "You look pretty when you smile." He told her, and he pulled her into a warm embrace, and giving her a kiss on her lips. They didn't notice Lily and Severus in the doorway.

"Oh, and you yell at us for doing indecent things, and yet here you are kissing your girlfriend for the whole world to see." Lily said, sarcastically, but there was a smile on her face. Harry, and Hermione quickly broke apart, each felt their faces go red while they let out nervous giggles.

"Kissing isn't nearly as bad as what you two were doing." Harry said, sticking his tongue out. Severus walked behind him, and smacked him lightly upside the head, grinning. "Ow, what was that for? I haven't, err I mean, have not done anything wrong. Yet." he said the last part so that only Hermione could hear him.

"Yeah, but I need to get it in advance, just in case you do decide to do something wrong." Severus replied. "Okay, enough of this, lets get to the Headmasters office, Miss Granger, you are welcome to come if you wish." He said. Hermione nodded, and they started walking towards Dumbledore's office.

Five minutes later they were in front of the door. Harry knocked and they all walked in after hearing the headmaster say “Enterâ€. When they walked in they saw that Fudge was sitting at Dumbledore's desk.

"Ah, Harry, Professor Dumbledore told me that you had brewed the La Mort Renversae Potions and brought your mother back from the dead,"
Fudge said, with a forced smile on his face. Harry glared at him. As far as he was concerned, Fudge could go to hell. "You will understand of course that I find that a tad hard to believe. You are not very good in Potions." At this Severus strode forward.

"I would appreciate it Minister if you would leave my son's abilities out of this. It is beside the point. The point of this meeting is to get Lily Evans off the Dead list." Severus snarled as Fudge backed up in surprise.

"Your son! Harry Potter is not your son, he is the son of James Potter." He said, clearly outraged.

"I have told you, Cornelius, that we have proof that Harry is, in fact, the son of Severus and Lily, not James and Lily." (A/N2: screams with triumph sorry bout that, you lot just go back to your reading ;D)Dumbledore said. Fudge began sputtering.

"Fine, then, Miss Evans, would you agree to take Veritaserum to prove that you really are who you say you are?" He asked, in a strained voice. Lily showed the same glare, down to the exact shade of green, as her son's.

"Of course, but I'm taking some of Severus's. I don't trust you, not after what you put my son through last year." She said, curtly. Fudge nodded, and motioned for Severus to give her some. After giving Lily three drops of the Potion, Fudge began questioning her.

"What is your full name?"

"Lily Marie Evans-Potter soon to be Snape"

"What are your parents' names?"

"Sarah Anne Evans and Robert Jacob Evans"

"When is your birthday?"

"December 15th"

Fudge began turning red, it was clear that he had to admit that this was really Lily Evans. "Fine. You are who you say you are. I will get to work on getting you off the dead list." He said brusquely, he turned on his heel, and left the office. Harry gave a breath of relief, as Severus gave Lily the antidote.

"Thank God that that's over." Harry said. Hermione gave a small nod.

"Well, Lily, I must say that it is a pleasure to have you back," Dumbledore said, as he opened a drawer and extracted a wand from inside of it. He handed it to Lily, who took it eagerly and thanked him. "Now, let's go down to the Great Hall." He said, and he motioned them out into the door. "By the way, congratulations on your engagement." He added, smiling.

"Thank you, Headmaster." Lily and Severus said, smiling, and holding hands.

Hermione and Harry gave each other a secret smile. They were both happy, and nothing could change that. "Severus, do you think it's time to reintroduce everyone to Lord and Lady Hex?" She asked mischievously. Severus smirked, and nodded; Lily smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I wonder if I can go back to my old job as an Unspeakable." Lily mused.

"You were an Unspeakable? And what're Lord, and Lady Hex?" Harry asked, bewildered.

"Of course, I wanted to be the Charms teacher, should Flitwick ever retire, but it never happened. And you will find out soon." She said.

"I don't think that would be a good idea, Lily. With Voldemort at large, he'll probably come after you. You, Severus, and Harry are on his most wanted list." Dumbledore said gravely. "As for teaching Charms, Filius was asking me about finding a replacement so he could retire and spend much needed time with his family." He added, as they walked into the Great Hall. Harry, and Hermione made their way to the Gryffindor table, and sat down across from Lavender, and Ron, who was giving them a 'Where Were You?' look.

Severus, Lily, and Dumbledore made their way to the Head table. Lily sat next to Severus. Dumbledore remained standing, however.

"Ladies, and Gentlemen, I have great pleasure in reintroducing Lily Evans-Potter, soon to be Snape back amongst the living. By some strange occurrence, she was resurrected, and I assure you that it has been proven this is the real Lily Evans. And on some more happy news, Severus, and Lily are engaged to be married!" He told them all. Everyone stared horror-struck. Then BUZZ! Everyone started screaming profanity again. Harry rolled his eyes, and smiled at his parents, who smiled back.

AN: So how was that, I need to know, I had some wonderful help from my beta/co-writer Diandra, and I am happy with her help. Well don't forget to REVIEW.

A/N2: Lolz, I did nothing. Well, I wrote about 3 paragraphs, but the rest is all by Sev. She's amazing; leave her a review!

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